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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 11, 2009 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> johnny: a very, very pleasant good afternoon. we are at nationals park. johnny holliday sitting in for bob carpenter this afternoon along with the dibster, rob dibble. several fans anticipating getting one of these runs home to tie it. maybe two to take the lead in the bottom of the 8th inning, bases loaded. they have gone to the bullpen again. nick nas set came in last --
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masset came if last night. -- in last night. >> rob: ryan zimmerman has hit into 11 double-plays this season. 4th most in the major league. he has to change his approach. nick masset thinking double-play to get out of this inning right here. you have to know that situationally coming up to the plate, he is going to be trying to get me to ground the ball somewhere. you have to try not to do that. >> johnny: hernandez at third. guzman at second. gonzalez at first. good look at their reliever, nick masset. nowhere to put zimmerman with one away in the 8th. he jumps out in the count 0-1. nationals all-time leader in runs and hits and doubles and homers and rbis in games played. and a chance to do some serious damage with a base hit here.
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outfield shaded just a little to the right. here's zimmerman. outside. nick masset hasn't given up a run since april 24th. only given up one hit his last three games he has appeared in. >> rob: oh. >> johnny: two balls and a strike. >> rob: you got the guy you want to have up there. adam dunn on the deck and then dukes. one's got to come threw right here. at least or at worst a fly ball
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deep to the outfield. tie the game up. >> johnny: check swing. he did not go through. the count is 3-1. >> rob: this side angle here on the fastball. >> johnny: masset's walked only one batter his last 9 innings out of the bullpen. 3-1 to zimmerman. 2-1 ballgame. bottom of the 8th. bags are full. grounded to short. they throw to second, back to first it got away! and a runner scores. >> rob: and the nationals have taken the lead! boy, were we due for that one. >> johnny: you are not kidding.
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hernandez from third scores. guzman comes in to score. and the nationals have got a one-run lead. >> rob: wow. this is a slow roller right here that they try to turn an unbelievable double-play. sometimes you are trying to do too much right there. great take-out at 2nd base by cristian guzman. that was just wonderfully done. cristian scored. >> johnny: guzman scores, hernandez scores. >> rob: that was gonzalez at second. once again getting it done. these young guys. wonderful base hit on an offspeed pitch by herrera. >> johnny: the runs by guzman, gonzalez and the nationals have a lead of 3-2. long time coming. now, they have got to hold it.
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adam dunn looking for his first base hit. 0-3 for the afternoon. nationals have 8 hits in this ballgame and only 3 runs to show for it. >> rob: this is a defining moment. alberto gonzalez taking out phillips and then the flow gets by gonzalez over at 1st base. all the way into the dugout. two runs come in, instead of one. nationals are up 3-2 here. >> johnny: in the bottom of the 8 th. wide, wide stance at the plate for dunn. catches the outside corner for a strike. >> rob: 5-5 in the pinch hitting
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role. that at-bat to take out second. he got sent down for a month did wondering for him. >> paid off. >> rob: yep. >> johnny: 1-2 delivery. adam dunn, zimmerman down at 1st base. >> rob: and you have got to get sent down johnny, they will say the same thing. so, that is just about going down there and working on stuff. sometimes guys need at an tuesday adjustment. but -- at anty -- attitude adjustment. but alberto shortened up his swing and he's down everything. >> johnny: grounded line-drive to left field. keeps it alive. on this day we have been covering the bases today with
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adam. cal ripken, sr. all stars. log on to ripkens senior college nationals with a 3-2 lead in the last of the 8th. and they are still alive. dukes fouls it off to the left. zimmerman at second. dunn at first. fisher goes one inning and gives up one hit. nick masset now on the mound.
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>> rob: you just see how important it is to go 6 or 7 strong innings. owings can't get it done again. three runs here between the 6th and 8th inning. dusty baker can't keep putting out cordero and rhodes and weathers every night. late break on the outer half to elijah. >> johnny: it is nice not to have to see weathers or cordero or rhodes in this game. >> rob: i'm sure dusty was saying i have got to rest these guys occasionally. i can't run them out there every night. that formula for no more complete games at the major league level going to take its toll eventually on bullpens. >> johnny: on the road this year, the reds started the season 13-5. but since then, they are 4-8. they are 2-0 on this road trip.
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and the 1-2 delivery. and dukes evens up the count at 2 balls and two strikes. 2-2 with two outs and two on and two in. in the bottom of the 8th. masset delivers and he strikes out elijah dukes. pounds the bat in frustration. we go to the top of the 9th and the nationals have come back to take a 3-2 lead over cincinnati.
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 >> johnny: time to see if te veteran, joe big time l -- beimel can close it down. eimel -- beimel can close it down. the next dollar off day is monday, june 15th. come see the fut stars of your washington nationals. call 703-590-2311 or log on to potomac josh bard will be catching joe beimel. man in acta making moves in the
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top of the 9th. ronnie belliard at 1st base. the nats in an enviable position to get this win and get some momentum going to florida. 3-2 they lead. joe beimel this year pitched well his last 7 games. he will face jay bruce. a breaking ball in for a strike. grounder back. zimmerman cuts it off to belliard. one down. >> rob: nice job by ryan zimmerman. >> johnny: just makes them and makes them, doesn't he rob. >> rob: what did i say after he airmailed that ball earlier in the game that a run came in on.
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he has been stellar ever since. as a pitcher, you have to forget the one error and think about the 9 he makes out of 10. he has made some amazing plays right there on bruce. another one on phillips. >> johnny: that is the first out here in the 9th. beimel to face alex gonzalez. breaking ball. inside for a ball. >> rob: and give him a lot of credit on zimmerman's hustle down the 1st base line even though gonzalez took out fi phillips. if he wasn't -- took out phillips. >> johnny: drifting back is guzman calling off willingham and willingham calling off guzman and makes the catch. >> rob: that is the right play. cristian has to keep coming and so he called off willingham. >> johnny: nats xtra post game coming up in just a couple of minutes. hopefully they will be talking
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about a nationals win tonight. 3-2 they lead with two outs in the top of the 9th. beimel has retired jay bruce and alex gonzalez and will face the 1st baseman, adam rosales. >> rob: nice. josh bard behind home plate. he wanted that pitch low and beimel hit his spot perfectly. >> johnny: beimel going scoreless in 17 of his 24 appearances overall. the veteran left-hander, breaking ball for a strike. fans on their feet. >> rob: and also give nieves and bard credit. they have been flip-flopping after finding out flores is done for the year and doing a great job as catchers. >> johnny: the 1-1 to rosales. breaking ball just inside. had a notion, didn't he.
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beimel born in st. mary's, pennsylvania. 31 years of age. and the count is 2-1. beimel delivers. swing and a fly to right. kearns should have it. ballgame is over! the nationals have won. they snap their three-game losing streak. they come from behind to do it and the final is 3-2 over cincinnati. >> rob: well, johnny, we stole one there and that is just what the doctor ordered. wonderful job by the pitching staff. john lannan, the bullpen and then scratching and clawing in the last three innings to get three runs. >> johnny: it is nice to see the guys standing there bumping fists together. joe beimel hands shake from bard. nats win it 3-2. you salt-wash everything and let it breeze dry. knit, delicate, permanent press...
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the ocean doesn't care. so grab your bag. (tucci) count on the nation's fastest 3g network. at&t >> byron: welcome back.
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the washington nationals e back to defeat the cincinnati reds. they finally get one on get away day as they head off to tampa bay and puts smiles on the faces of everybody. >> ray: everybody. >> byron: byron kerr with ray knight. we are getting ready for nats xtra minutes away. >> ray: it was a fielder's choice that gets the win. important contact. phillips tried to and had to chance. the great thing was the lead-off pinch hit by harris and another pinch hit by hernandez to get it started. >> byron: in the 9th, joe beimel got the job done. debbi taylor is stand by with him right now. >> debbi: thank you. the bullpen has been fantastic the last 17 games. your third save overall. e.r.a. under 3. and your first save here as a national. >> we have kind of turned it around from where we were earlier in the year. got some new guys in here. everybody has been pitching well. and for our team to come back like they did today and get a
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win, you want to go out there and throw a scoreless inninging and help them. >> debbi: this team clawed and scratched its way to a win. you didn't give up. the 8th inninging the way the guys were out there, what did you think of that? >> it is the same thing we did last night. we had that long rain delay. bottom of the 9th come back out and score some runs to tie it. and it is the same thing today. we just went out and kept fighting and scored some runs. >> debbi: finally, joe, what did you think of john lannan? he has only given up one earned run. >> he is the ace. he has been pitching great. he goes out there and atacts -- attacks the strike oern. >> -- zone. >> debbi: thank you. >> byron: the game 3 hours 9 minutes. 19,000 plus on hands to see the game. i'm johnny holliday, our final score is the nationals three and the reds two. be with us tomorrow night the nats open up in tampa.
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coverage starting a 7:00. this has been a presentation of masn. stay tuned now for nats xtra post game coming up right now.  >> byron: it isy crowd heading for the excites as the nationals get a victory over the cincinnati reds, the final 3-2 at nationals park with a big comeback in the late innings to get it going after two frustrating losses. byron kerr and ray knight with you with the post game. boy. very nice. their 11th come from behind win of the year. only the 4th time in 35 games when they are trailing after 7 to get a victory. let's get a lot more of those going, ray. >> ray: a lot of things happened. we mentioned the two pinch hits
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to start the inning. tremendous slide by gonzalez to break up the double-play. the contact charge is all you have to do -- which is all you have to do sometimes. >> byron: let's break down that inning. it starts with a guy to the lower half of the order. willie harris making the big play. >> ray: manny pulling the string. he gets a hard line-drive this it to right field. and hernandez comes up, gets a base hit. and a failed bunt attempt. this is more about them making a great play. it wasn't down the line. blooper to right field. wasn't able to score. we held up making sure the ball wasn't caught. the run scores there. hernandez and here it comes. guzman for the third run to put us ahead. and beimel slams the door. >> byron: there's the line score. the nationals win it 3-2 with
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nine hits. they left 14 on but when i know you get the win, it makes it that much sweeter. herrera the loss and beimel his first save as a washington nationals. the numbers there. we will break down the 8th inning. it is a lot of things that happened on that one play. zimmerman really hustling and gonzalez making a great slide into 2nd base. >> ray: you have to do as we have said a million times the little things in a game and we haven't done it. getting the bunts down, driving in runs. but tonight although we had 12 guys left on base, if you finally get it done and we finally got it done. dusty baker making some decisions and switches. putting pitchers in to get matchups and we were better than they were today.
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again it was a matter of great pitching by john lannan. how about the way he pitches. it is so tough to go out there every day. he did the same thing last year when it seemed in his last outing he had the least run support of anybody in the game of baseball and still not getting much run support. he pitched a great game. tavarez comes in and two great innings. pitching has righted itself. get the offense rolling. defense was pretty solid. >> byron: we will head out to rob dibble in the booth who called the game. rob, the bullpen has certainly done a great job and they come through in the clutch. >> rob: the whole team has been playing very well. i was listening to what you said after last night's game about these are some very well played games. it will come down to these one-run contests and the bullpen has picked it up. julian tavarez has not pitched a
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lot lately. wonderful today going after the reds in the middle of their line-up. he turned it over to joe beimel in the top of the 9th ining to get the save. a wonderfully played ballgame. john lannan like you said, great job. turns it over to the bullpen. doesn't get any better than that. winning against a very tough defensive team that like you said some well bunted balls. they are throwing guys out at third. to beat them at their own game, very well played. >> byron: rob, got a question for you, some people might have thought mike macdougal would be the call there. how much confidence does it show to go with beimel in that? >> rob: they got about three or four closers in the bullpen. really macdougal has been pitching a lot. been getting a lot of work. joe beimel who has been throwing the ball as well, it doesn't matter. whoever can get the final 27th out, that is what manny acta needs. >> byron: thank you.
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rob dibble up in the booth calling the game. ray, the victory at 3-2 breaks a losing skid there. but the offense ultimately has to make a play because the pitchers set it up and they got the clutch play to get it done. >> ray: well as don sutton said for 3 years here, it is the pitcher's job to keep you from losing and it is the offense's job to win ballgames. our pitchers are keeping us from losing because they are keeping us in every ballgame. it is just the offense has been a little short. today, we didn't have the five hits through the 6th inning. we end up with 9. but three runs. we have been averaging 5 coming into the last 10 or 12 days. but the offense will pick back up. it is just the way baseball is. hills and valleys. >> byron: john lannan is a steady performer. to come complete game against the mets. another quality start against the reds. >> ray: res throwing the ball so
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-- he is throwing the ball so well. he comes up with the big been there. base hit to left field. gonzalez seemed to be the only guy that actually was on. zimm airmails that ball. two on, one out, gonzalez swinging the bat well. scores gomes there and a base on balls to phillips. gomes pops. and that is one thing i have seen john do more and more lately, elevate the fastball after going down. hernandez, 6-3 ground ball. nice play by guzman. willingham makes the play off bruce's bat. gonzalez flies to centerfield. he went one, two, three there in the 6th and third. surrounded by that one tough inning. nobody hit the ball hard. he ends up going 6 innings.
7:57 pm
gives up one earned run. another quality outing. you mentioned we talked about last your. 21 quality starts last year and now he is back on that train. earned run average over his last 7 starts is 2.50. that is outstanding. >> byron: 88 pitches. very economical. the nationals pretty pumped up over this victory. we will have more from manna acta and the boy -- manny acta and the boys. ryan zimmerman high-fiving his boys. they prepare to head of to tampa bay. smiles in the dugout for the nationals. welcome to chili's. something new is on the grill. try chili's new fire-grilled quesadillas, starting at just $6.99. like our bacon-ranch chicken quesadilla, flame-grilled tortillas layered with all white meat chicken, applewood smoked bacon, jack cheese, and ranch dressing. they're crispy on the outside, melted to perfection on the inside. you've never tasted quesadillas like this before. new fire-grilled quesadillas, starting at just $6.99.
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