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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 12, 2009 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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serve our most medically and financially needy residents. and this is very important because some of the nation's most health disparity trends are in the territories. for example, the u.s. virgin islands has the second highest aids case rate in the nation. and on guam, our health care provider shortages are so severe that often residents of moscow off island to get the care they need to manage their conditions. and so the health equity and accountability act of 2009 will accomplish what so many previous health bills failed to do. to remember the u.s. territory and to include the thoughtful provisions that will improve the health, the health care and thus wellness and lives of all americans, including those who do not live on the mainland. that truly is what health equity is all about and it is precisely why i am so honored to be here
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with my colleagues from the tri-caucus standing in unison and in support of this legislation that we feel strongly should be included in the health reform bill. this bill also includes comprehensive measures to ensure cultural and linguistic competence in health care. and this is what my colleague congressman will address. so i introduced her. >> good morning, everyone. i'm congresswoman, chair of the congressional hispanic caucus and i am pleased to be here today with my truck caucus colleagues. i'm proud to join them as a regional cosponsor of the health equity and accountability act of 2009. as my colleagues before me mentioned, our nation is engaging in a debate on reforming our broken health care system. as that debate has progressed,
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it has two addressing the cultural disparities that exist in our system. believe me, a comprehensive health care reform bill without the aspects that we are discussing here today will be set for failure. the key component to our health care system are the health care professionals who make up the workforce. out efforts must include strong recruitment, training, hiring and retention of health professionals from all racial and ethnic backgrounds across all health and health care related divisions including research and health care executives. creating and expanding a diverse it all began in 1997. in his 13th season, joen mauer opposite field.
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mauer power. 13th home run of the season that. ties a career high. check this out, first and thirdc one out. fly ball to right. looks like a sacrifice fly hit by mauer, but milton >> one out. >> there's only one out. >> whoa. you know, just... it was aand situation where it was a kind-hearted situation. >> he was trying to helpt knowh somebody out. >> it turned out to be a disaster. lou, he's so confused. and this is boo.score an >> you're paraphrasing. >> dad, why are you booing? >> he threw the ball in the stands, sparky. >> sparky, that's pretty cool. >> i'm very tight with cub nation. >> who are you, kreskin? >> twins win 7-4, mauer's 13th, kubel's tenth. randy wells, shortest start and most earned runls allowed in his career, four earned run, 3.2
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innings pitched. the cubs are now at .500. kevin slowey struck out ten cubs. he's 9-2, he'll be at the all-star game i bet. >> let's play golf. phil mickelson, round two of the st. jude classic in memphis, tennessee. mickelson got off to a great start today on the front nine. birdie there. went out in 32. birdied two of the par threes. here on the back nine he would bogey, give one shot back. john daly, remember sponsors' exemption. he played well today. his pga tour suspension is over. on the 17th, this is the second shot, morgan, so it if goes in, it would be two. >> coming right at it. >> two-hopper. former florida gator. and i'm guessing he does curls,
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maybe some tricep pushdowns. the. brian gay is your leader. >> you know a lot. >> left to right and he drains it. then all the thunder boomers came in. jim having a field day down there at the weather shelter. >> done for the day. that's it. seek shelter. let's head downtown and get some chicken wings and beer and watch the hockey game. that's what they're all going to do tonight in memphis. so phil mickelson, four under through 15. get up tomorrow, play 16, 17, 18, and then tee it up and play his third round weather permitting. >> there's john daly at even par and ryan gay your leader at ten under par. >> right now lebron is sick. kobe bryant is on the verge of
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winning a championship. that makes kobe, you know, takes him further away from lebron in terms of the best player in basketball. and he can't get in that discussion of the guys who have won the most championships. >> for somebody in our field to conclude, well, they just haven't been there, poppycock. cut me a break. it's the 110th game of the orlando magic's freakin' season. if the orlando magic make one were to plays and win the basketball game last night, where is the angst in the post-game press conference, might it be in kobe bryant's 11-31 performance? >> lamar odom, i'm sure you are all abused the candy thing blew up into the giant story it has. what's your comfort food after a good game, after a bad game? >> what do i like to eat? i like to eat peanut butter and jelly. >> is that after a win or after a loss? >> period.
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>> period. >> i just love peanut butter and jelly. [laughing] >> just some of the sounds of espn radio across the nation, and for more we welcome in our "aircheck" crew for tonight, marc silverman from espn radio 1,000 in chicago, anita marks of 105.7 the fan in baltimore, and freddie coleman of espn radio national. now, the lakers took a 3-1 lead in the nba finals last night. this series has really been matter of a few plays here or there. it could have been a lakers' sweep, or the magic could possibly up 3-1. start there. anita, what's the main reason the magic are not in control of this series? >> i know, maybe they're not eating enough candy. i don't know, let's ask lamar odom, beyond, that i think a few things that are really evident right off the bat, number one, they're not able to get the ball to dwight howard in the post. you got to let superman shine, and they have not been able to allow him to do his thing. he's been totally out of his element the entire series because they can't get the ball to him in the paint. number two, turnovers.
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19 turnovers yesterday, 20 two games ago. you just can't win a championship turning the ball over that much, and last but not least, free throws. dwight howard misses eight free throws last night and you're up by three. 11 seconds left. as long as you make one, it doesn't matter if derek fisher hits a three pointer, and you still got the ball with a few seconds left. game is yours. series is tied up at 2-2. i have to really disagree with stan van gundy. he came out post-game press conference and said veteran leadership and experimenting, being on this stage, in an nba championship game, knowing how to really... that jugular is exposed, they're up by 12 at the half. seven with a few minutes left in the game. you have to go for it. this orlando magic team has not been able to do that, and last but not least, going with jameer nelson in the fourth quarter. rafer alston is what got you there. he's in. they control the perimeter. i just don't understand stan's decision to do that.
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and i'm a big stan van gundy fan. i covered him, but i question veteran leadership and not going with rafer alston amongst the other things that i said. >> anita, you're one of five fans of stan van gundy. >> i'm one of the five. i admit it. >> you're one of the five. you laid it out there very well. i'm going to go with lack of execution on the orlando magic's part in every facet of the game. usually you look at the lakers and say they're a better team, but the lakers haven't played better this series. kobe bryant hasn't finished like we've expected him to finish. the lakers have had holes. there have been kinks in the armour. but the orlando magic just haven't taken advantage. courtney lee, if he executes and makes that layup, it's a tough play, it looks easier on tv, but you got to finish in that game. the free throws, the lack of defense on derek fisher, smoke the situation. guard that three-point line. the lack of a good shot late. pietrus, what are you thinking about? get the ball to hedo turkoglu.
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he was so good down the stretch in the fourth quarter. yes, at the very least this should be 2-2, maybe evenhe >> jndo with a series lead, freddie. >> put hit the way, you said about the orlando magic and you and anita have been bashing the magic for good reason, but give credit to the lakers, when the orlando magic have made mistakes, the lakers have been able to capitalize. lee doesn't make the shot, the lakers win that and take the 2-0 lead. the orlando magic don't make free throws down the stretch, especially when dwight howard had a chance to put this game away if he makes one of those two free throws. they have a four-point lead. we're not talking about derek fisher sending this game into overtime. the lakers learned a lot from last year because they were the orlando magic to the boston celtics/los angeles lakers. when they made mistakes, the celtics made them pay in the nba finals. game four of the series last year, lakers up by 25 points mid way through the second quarters, and boston made them turn over the basketball. the lakers made mistakes.
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they wind up winning the series. the lakers are doing to the magic, what the celtics did to them last year, yet the magic blew it last night, no question about it, but great team, championship team, make you pay for your mistakes. we saw that from the lakers in game two as well as game four. >> anita, have we seen the magic shrink from the big moment while the lakers have embraced it? >> in watching this series, to me it seems like it's a lot easier for the lakers to score than the magic. it seems like the magic have to work so hard when you know that the lakers, the ball's in kobe's hand and they're driving or they're down. you get that feeling. that anxiety isn't there if you're a laker fan. you know kobe will deliver. i just feel that this series unfortunately, as you said, as you said when we started the segment, there's just a few key plays. court any lee, if he would have made that alley oop layup, think we'd be sitting here having a totally different conversation. i just don't think the veteran leadership is there. they don't know how to close. they don't know how to close out
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a game and win it. i think that's the biggest problem with the orlando magic. but stan van gundy disagrees with me. and he probably knows better than me, right? >> kobe hasn't closed, though. that's the thing. kobe missed free throws himself. >> jeff fisher has been there. >> kobe has been brutal. kobe has been bad these last couple games. >> but jeff fisher has been there. lamar odom has been there. his supporting cast hasn't stepped up. >> he can be there all he wants, but if he's not playing well, experience doesn't matter. it was open for the magic. kobe hasn't been himself. he's tired after the olympics, after the griexd of the season, after the whole playoff run. the magic just haven't taken advantage. >> but also kobe bryant has been able to help his team elevate their game because they clearly understand that he can do it by himself, but he tonight need. to trevor ariza has a big third quarter, lamar odom, pau gasol, derek fisher, even jordan farmar. we have not seen that from the orlando magic.
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dwight howard is supposed to be the leader. outside of rafer alston in game three, a lot of guys have not been able to elevate their game. someone please get rashard lewis off the milk carton. outside of game two that's where he's been. kobe hasn't had a great series, but others players have elevated, one of the reason the lakers up are 3-1. >> let's move to our next topic. michael vick officially released by the falcons today. he's still officially suspended from the nfl. in regards to football, what should the next move be? >> well, the next move is allowing mike vick to go to a training camp with someone. mike vick, no time like the present. i understand he's not been out of jail long, but he's lost years off his career, years off of his life. as soon as he's available to go to a training camp, i say go for it. let tony dungy advice him. let him get his life back together. his life thus far has been all about football. that's all this guy knows.
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maybe he can turn it around off the field by going back ontd the field and playing football once again. are there any teams out there who want him? that's the big question. but if goodell gives him the green light, why wait? go back right now. restart your career. see if you can recapture anything here. >> the reason he has to do that is because he brought this on himself if he really cared enough acted football, if he cared about his legacy in professional football, he would not have been a leader of a dogfighting ring or part of the conspiracy. >> it would be common sense he shouldn't have done that. >> it should be called uncommon sense because if more people had it, we'd have less problems in the sports world and outside world. michael vick, i love his game, always loved his game, but he didn't make a mistake, he made a bad choice, a terrible choice, and if i'm roger goodell, i would say, you need enough time to be a better human being, and i don't think he should be back on the football field. i don't think he should be reinstated until 2010. i think he deserves a second
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chance. i don't know if he earned it, but he deserves it. but to put him back on the football field only out of jail three months, i don't know if that's in the best interest in the life of michael vick. >> i'm going to come to michael vick's defense. just know this is a really hard challenge for me because i'm probably the biggest dog lover. lyive in baltimore, and i send my dogs back down to south florida for the winter, just to let you know what a big dog lover i am. this has been a very challenging ordeal for me because in society, i think our biggest problem is when convicts come out of jail, no one wants the hire them, so what happens? they go back on the streets and they steal, get into drugs. he has paid his debt to society. he's served his time. he deserves the right to go out and work again. i think roger goodell needs to sit down and talk to michael vick and give him an opportunity to be reinstated and come back and play in the nfl. mark, i think you make an excellent point. i think the bigger picture here is what team will take a risk on michael vick? that's going to be the bigger story here, but you know, this guy has paid his debt, and i
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used to be the biggest michael vick fan. i used to defend him day in and day out. i thought morrow was the reason why you didn't see the best of michael vick in atlanta, and it's really hard for me, but fair is fair. he's paid his debt. it's time for him to come back out and live life in society. he should be able to go out and get a job. i think he should be reinstated. not to mention, he's broke. july 2nd he has to go back to court and have a court hearing with a bankruptcy judge, and the guy wants him to put down $750 to $1 million cold hard cash right off the bat. >> whose fault is that, anita? that's his fault. whose fault is that? >> granted, but he needs money. $10 an hour construction job isn't going to fit the bill. he's a great football player. no matter what, love 'em, hate 'em, despise him, he's probably one of the best athletes to ever play in the nfl. >> good athlete, not a great football player. >> this is his right. he should be reinstated and he
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should be able to play again. it's really hard for me because really, i mean, it's been challenging for me. if you're a dog lover, you don't want to see him get another chance at life, but it's only fair. >> all right. obviously lots of attention will be paid to what roger goodell does. the clock has caught us. we want to thank our "aircheck" guests. marc silverman from espn radio 1,000 in chicago. anita marks, 105.7 the fan in baltimore, and freddie coleman of espn radio national. everybody have a great weekend. >> you got it. >> u2 favorite song "one." >> all right. coming up, top stories on the way. more on michael vick. we'll hear from the nfl live crouton vick news handed down today.
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>> welcome back to espnews. once again michael vick released today by the falcons, and they did call michael vick before the news was delivered and told him in person first that he would be released and they had apparently a very cordial conversation and it went very well as he seeks a new starts. most rushing yards by a quarterback in a single season. you can see only michael vick has ever broken the 1,000-yard plateau. as you can see, he has three of the top five since 1970 as a rushing quarterback. with more on michael vick, nfl . live.>> movon >> welcome into nfl live. movinu trey wingo with mark schlereth . and marcellus wiley.on u movchapter is closed for michael vick.on u he's no longep.r the property on the atlanta falcons. now he's on the open market.on u what can he bring right away, u mark, if someone swoops in andgn takes him the next couple of>> n weeks? >> athleticism.>> m you know that the guy is a greau
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athlete. he can be one of those guys right now that's all the wage, the wildcat offense. he can become your wildcat quarterback, a backup running back, a slot receiver. he can give you so many different things, maybe a punt runner because of his athleticism. the other thing you have to understand, on game day, on sunday, he's got a 45-man dress roster. now all of a sudden you say, we're not going to dress our third quarterback, we're going to get an extra linebacker on the field because michael vick can play that third quarterback. he gives you a lot of options on ovinay, not only easy to >> mmilate that offense, give him three or four plays, but up. also what you can do in regards m to manipulating your roster. mi >> i mean, i think teams areovgn fantasizing about michael vick and his athinletic skills and h. >> diversity on the up. at the same time, which teamg on will dare to show that interest? >> that's the problem right here. when you see michael vick, you can put him at various position, punt runner, kick runner, wildcat quarterback. that's scary for a defense to see that coming, so michael vick
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is going to present a lot of options to a ball club that right now they don't presently have. his skill set is second to none. >> mnd as far as that wild back quarterback, right now running >> ms are running that. you put michael vick in there,> he can throw it better than any running back in the league. m >> it will create a lot ofovg on headaches. >> those are the things he'llonu bring to the field.on u >>inl also bring a lot of things away from the field.on u movlus, how will you handle that?in >> i think that's why it's goin to be a waiting game.>> movon you'll try to bring him in as close as you can to producing on the football field. don't bring him in, in june because you'll have two more months of naysayers and petitioners and people protesting outside your facility. you bring him in when he can win that crowd and fan base over. you bring michael vick in at the latest available moment. the next week he's on the movonu football field scoring points,p. changing the up. >>ovin a sudden his favorables go on >>ovino question about it. you look at michael vick. he's become the poster child, >> m the face of dogfighting in thism nation.g on he really to me, i mean, i
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didn't>> k mnow anything about >> dogfighting until this happened. then all of a sudden you read and you learn about it and see all the things. so there will be plenty of people that don't want michael vick ever to be reinstated in this league. that's going to be one of those franchise things that you'll have to be very strong, have a strong constitution to do that. i think there's probably goingo. move only three or four teams >> mg ill be willing to take that chance. >> some timetable references for m you.onp. he's under house arrest until m >>in 20th, finishing up the sentence for federal dog mg on u fighting charges, but he can be m >> mg up at any time. remember, pacman jones was up. traded while he was suspended by v commissioner goodell from the>>n nfl.>> we still don't know what the>> n commissioner will do. movinn doov whatever you want with michael vick.ovin it's just matter of whether org. >> mg onr goodell will let him moving he deal after you make that move.on movon u nfl live monday through friday, 4:00 eastern right here on espn. >> thanks, guys. straight ahead. penguins and red wings will state for a stanley cup final tonight at the joe in
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>> welcome back to espnews. john buccigross, mark morgan. trent green has retired from nfl. he's had enough. he wants to be a broadcaster. look out, morgan. he's coming from your job. >> oh, boy. >> i would start thinking about a new career. >> at least you gave me a heads up. >> that's what i'm here for. >> patrick ewing agrees to an extension with the magic. he's an assistant coach on the team, not a player. channing crowder calls for a truce with jets' head coach rex ryan. morgan, i am not calling for my
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truce with you, so you can just forget about it. >> our war of words continues? we'll have more of that after this quick break. meanwhile, our top stories on the way. after a stirring comeback, the lakers one win away from an nba title. plus michael vick has been released by the falcons. ♪ (guy) you know, the beer you choose says a lot about you. you want friendly, but not pretentious.
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