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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 12, 2009 10:30pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> rob: oh, oh. boy, josh gets it a lot. >> bob: josh willingham hit by five pitches this year to lead the team. >> rob: real speed. so you think you can play in the big leagues? first, you have to get over that fear of 90 by your head. >> bob: willingham was hit -- that's a breaking ball hit foul, outside third. they are the florida version of the nats and orioles. they play each other every year home and home. >> >> bob: look at what. >> rob: look at what the marlins did last year, won 84 game with 22 million. they evaluated a lot of their minor league system and when they made the juan pierre trade, they got a lot of players from the cubs. that's another way that the indians, rays, marlins have to
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do business. >> bob: that's a slider just a little bit high. 2-1. joe beimel. >> rob: joe b. >> bob: first save in two years yesterday. >> rob: joe b-eimel. >> bob: the bullpen set up if the nats can take the lead here. willingham seeing a fastball he thought he could lift. and the count's even 2-2. >> rob: last pitch after an elevated breaking ball. an elevated fastball. probably going to go way down and away. willingham lifting the ball short left center. that will not score the run. carl crawford on the run.
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gonzalez taking about five stems and came back. two outs. it will be up to willie harris. by the way, willie harris had dropped his bat in the on deck circle and he was running to home plate to serve as a possible traffic cop or base coach for alberto gonzalez. sew the rays will go to the left hander here. j. p. howell has been running up. a runner at third, two outs in the 8th in a tie game here at the trop. times the bills i used to. and they're getting in the way of things i'd like to do. with the money bar, i can move my money around instantly, so when there's more bills than usual, it's no problem. and i use the wish list to put any extra money aside for anything i want. being in control of my money feels good.
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i will now return you to your program and unfortunately for some of you, to cable. yeah! wait, what? . >> bob:  tied ballgame, wil harris coming up. craig stammen, a real battle, 90 pitches in 5 1/3 and matt garza threw 104 pitches. the nats got hmm out before he could finish 6 innings. willie harris, 0-for-3 matching up with j p howell. >> rob: the third. >> bob: willie harris is 1-for-
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his last 14. alberto gonzalez running for adam dunn, still at third with two outs. a little bit up and in, 2-1. almost looked like a backup breaking ball. >> rob: he overthrew that. >> trying to hit that right- hand corner there, look at him coming over the top of the strike zone, pulling at that thing down a little more. looked like he slapped it into left. >> bob: carl crawford playing real shallow in left field. that's a running fastball that probably started off the plate
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and then came back to the outside corner, 2-2. that's an emergency hack by willie harris. >> rob: staying alive, baby. >> bob: josh bard, if it goes any further. a lot of cow bells making noise here on a friday night. 2-2 to willie harris.
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he tried that same fastball again and missed outside. here. >> rob: here is the pitch coming up, 2-2 pitch, trying to go way off the plate. it's not even close. come on, don't beg. >> bob: willie harris takes one high. runners at the corners with two outs. quite an at-bat by willie harris. and now a switch hitter in the catcher, josh bard. let's see what josh has done from the right side. he is 2-for-12 but does have an rbi. usually, when you call for a right handed catcher, you have
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wil nieves. >> rob: give willie harris here credit. >> bob: i think the struggles of austin kearns might be the reason why manny did not make a move. bard will foul it away, right side. i think of austin cannes swinging the bat well, it's almost automatic that he pinch hits there. so first and third, two outs. long top of the 8th here. in a ballgame that's already over 3 hours old. bard will get under it and fly to center. the nationals strand two runners. they have left eight in the ballgame and it stays 3-3 into the bottom of the 8th. you don't do laundry at the beach. you salt-wash everything and let it breeze dry.
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10:41 pm the nats bullpen will need to continue to be good here. here is ron villone he was 5th in the national league here with opponents batting average. it's still early, but ron villone coming to this ball club might be the bullpen find of the year or at least one of them in the national league. >> rob: getting mcdougal. and they have a couple more guys down in the minor league. >> bob: i mean, who has been better than this guy? ron villone has been around for
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a while when the nats went to citi field. >> rob: here is matt grizzo. >> bob: villone keeps the ball away from the right handed batter ben zobrist. >> rob: you why julian tavarez -- you had julian tavarez in st. louis. >> bob: and -- the fan is wrong. you are right. i know had you a fan hounding you on that. t-a-v-a-r-z. >> rob congratulations on your 50th win. >> bob: he joins a select group of relief pitchers.
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how about this group, trevor hoffman, are another rhodes, mariano rivera, those are the guys with 50 wins active. and julian told me he also found out from a friend of his down in the caribbeans that he is now second all time in caribbean series wins to jose lima. he had no idea. >> rob: lima time. he was telling me a story about his 7-year-old son in the playoffs. on a day off, he will fly down there to be with him, watch his game. >> bob: villone trying to come in through the side door there, just missing. the count is full to ben zobrist. ron villone, one intentional walk. if you take that away, he has had a few walks, 8 of them in 24 innings but he has been pretty unhittable. that ball goes straight up does
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not hit any girders or rings and josh bard is there to grab it. we are with you tomorrow night at 7:05 even though the game starts at 6:08. jordan zimmerman will again try to win his third. his he will bow is fine. he will take on andy son nanstine with a 6.70 e.r.a. we will have our usual even r menu of post--game programming on nats xtra. pat burrell 0-for-2 with a walk. now, some of you may know who stay up in the wee hours -- and there is gabe cab kapler to
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hit for gabe gross. now, you know that we replay the game. so rob and i will be doing the play i'm i remember the big satellite dishes? >> bob: yes. >> rob: you used to be able to get the live feed, no sound but the live feed of ball games. >> bob: we used to call that the back hall, right out of the ballpark. >> rob: but occasionally, you know, when you did get the feet and the sound, you could hear what the guys are saying in between innings. >> bob: you don't want to hear that. >> rob: i did. >> bob: we had a situation like that in st. louis and i was on cable down in oklahoma. i used to say hi to my kid during the commercials because they didn't cover the commercials. >> rob: how nice. >> bob: dad will be home at 8 0-0 tonight, after a day game. >> rob: how is your daughter doing at camp? >> bob: great.
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>> rob: a little old to be going to camp, isn't she? >> bob: she is a counselor. >> rob: oh, she is a counselor. oh, yeah. >> bob: and the 1-2 delivery. high in the air, deep left center. willie harris has room. >> rob: no money out there. >> bob: nobody has been able to reach the fence tonight. how about the nhl, the pittsburgh penguins beat the red wings tonight to win the stanley cup, their first since '92. but the detroit tigers beat the pittsburgh pirates 3-1. >> rob: i think that's very little consolation in detroit, michigan, tonight. byron kerr is feeding us a you will this info. >> bob: he is a font of information. gabe kapler for the rays, pinch
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hitting here. in that role, he is 0-for-3. he is hitting .173. the nationals last saw gabe kapler in the last year or two, including last season when he was a milwaukee brewer. he hit .301 for the brewers last year in 96 games. >> rob: didn't gabe kapler go to japan for a year or a couple of months and then come back? he didn't like the japanese league and came back. >> bob: yeah. >> rob: i think he was with the red sox or something. >> bob: he was with the red sox 2003-2006 on a part-time basis he was the manager of their a ball team when he didn't play in 2007. he went to greenville and managed and went 58-81. you would think -- plenty of room and he overran it. nick does that on occasion. he overruns the ball and it
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comes back in fair territory. >> rob: he played with the yamayuri giants but it wasn't for that long. >> bob: this play has to be made. >> rob: it is a play to be made. this place is tough to look at. a lot of girders. >> bob: they have given nick johnson his 6th error of the year for prolonging this at-bat. and gabe kapler goes to left field. are you kidding me? a foul ball dropped and a pinch hit homerun. ron villone and the nats were out of the inning and now rays
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are in a position to win the game. >> rob: look at the pain from ron villone after this pitch. >> rob: villone in and gabe kapler just swinging on it. >> bob: boy, that is a crusher. how many times have the nationals given their opponents extra outs this year. that's an unearned run because of the error. so the nats have given up two unearned runs of the of the four tampa bay has scored tonight. dioner navarro, the catcher. now you look at the 9th and the
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nats will have hernandez, guzman. >> bob: that's why managers say they can wait for the bats. they cannot wait for the gloves. when the gloves betray you, the results are almost immediate, right in your face. breaking ball stays outside.
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>> rob: villone knowing how important it is to get out of this inning. he has a one-run lead right there. >> bob: that ball is jacked into the corner. that will one hop and go out for a ground rule double. here comes manny acta. joe beimel is ready. ron villone deserved better but the error followed by the homer and he could be the loser. that's why we lowered over a thousand prices. and carry powerful tools from dewalt, milwaukee, ridgid, and more. so you spend less,
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. >> bob: gabe kapler becomes the latest bad guy after he hits a homerun against the nats after a dropped pop fly. reid brignac 1-for-2, with a groundout, a walk and a single
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against joe beimel. >> bob: big breaking ball and reid brignac was hitting like a guy who has hit 12 homeruns, not 0. at second base, dioner navarro, the catcher. the rays lead 4-3 here, bottom 8. hits even at 8. ballgame
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started with the nats scoring three runs after five batters had stepped to the plate. now, they are down a run in the 8th inning and a foul ball off the bat of reid brignac. >> rob: well, on nats xtra a couple of night going, ray knight made a great point that the nats are now in almost every game, playing a more exciting game, much more exciting to watch. >> bob: that's true. >> rob: this is a team that went to the world series last year. you have them up one run, in the 8th. you have done a pretty good job. >> bob: you know, when you are in tight ball games, you have to keep doing all the basic
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things and that includes catching the ball. >> rob: that's true. >> bob: your point is well taken. this is a lot better than getting beaten 12-6 or 11-3. these are competitive ball games and the nats are right in them. beimel with a fastball in there and brignac just stands there and watches it. for the second time tonight, the rays get an unearned run on a homer of of all things. 
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. >> bob: nationals baseball brought to you by southwest and by honda. you can depend on honda for great leases and low financing. the washington nationals play for the first time ever. gabe kapler stay to play into right field. the drive of the game came in the bottom of the 8th inning. gabe kapler hit that ball about 350 to straight away left field. top of the 9th. j p howell, the left hander. anderson hernandez is 1-for-3 and he takes one upstairs. herndz from the right side of the plate this year.
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8-for-31, a .258 average. respecting his speed, evan longoria plays even with the bag at third as does carlos peqa, 120 feet across from him. >> rob: any way you can right here, get on base. that will push the bunt by the pitcher, lefty falling towards first and righty towards first. >> bob: this will be an interesting pitch. that will be a two-hopper right after the shortstop brignac. ,


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