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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 12, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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hour reset. it is near a three and a half hour ballgame here in the top of the 9th inning. guzman and johnson, rays lead it here on masn 2. byron kerr, johnny halladay, ray knight, straight ahead on nats extra. >> do you know johnny holiday is like dr. johnny fever. >> rob: oh, yeah, thanks for telling me. >> bob: no, in fact, johnny reportedly has appeared at the elementary school of everybody on their crew during their lifetime. johnny and captain dane were huge [ laughter ]. >> bob: guzman totally leaving his strike zone and his comfort area.
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hits it hard. he have sap longoria right there, two outs. and the nats have one out to work with and, ironically, it's nick johnson who made the error that led to the kapler homerun. verizon fios notice xtra is next with-ony and ray. lots of things to talk about in this one. unfortunately, two errors that gave the rays two runs might be two of the most important things they talk about. here is nick johnson, 1-for-4, breaking ball outside. j p howell in he is sons essence, trying to save -- in essence trying to save this game for himself much he is the
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pitcher of record here. 1 ball, 1 strike to nick. they have a right hander up in case they get to ryan zimmerman. that's jason isringhausen. >> rob: tampa bay. >> bob: nationals down to their last strike. i'm not sure how nick got his bat out to reach that thing. tampa bay trying to get back over .500 tonight. after last night's game, they have 100 games left and they are trying to go 32-32.
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>> rob: the old pitch track. >> bob: 2-2 to nick, out to short. brignac has it and the devil rays win it in a gift wrapped 4- 2 game. nats defense hurting them again tonight. rob and i are back with more before we send you on to nats xtra. @ welcome to chili's. something new is on the grill. try chili's new fire-grilled quesadillas,
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starting at just $6.99. like our bacon-ranch chicken quesadilla, flame-grilled tortillas layered with all white meat chicken, applewood smoked bacon, jack cheese, and ranch dressing. they're crispy on the outside, melted to perfection on the inside. you've never tasted quesadillas like this before. new fire-grilled quesadillas, starting at just $6.99. only at chili's. . >> johnny: hi, of course,
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johnny holiday along with ray knight. another way to lose a game, unfortunately on a pop towel that johnson could not get to. and then a follow-up homerun. >> ray: it's like going to the ballpark and trying to learn the ballpark. that's why you go there -- that's a play that should have been made. we'll come back in a minute. let's sent accepted you right back to st. petersburg. >> bob: thank you,-ony holiday, frustrating loss for the nats. they are now 16-43 on the year, 1-33 in interleague play. visit for all the news on the nats. stay tuned now for nats xtra post game with johnny and ray coming up right now and from
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the booth. it's disappointing. . >> rob: tampa bay with a run in the bottom of the inning. they win it 4-3 on gabe kapler's homerun. johnny holiday and ray knight. happy you are joining us here i the. everyone hurts but this one really hurts. >> ray: yeah, they are all hurting. they are all hurting, everybody. you just can't figure out how we find a way to lose. it seems to be defense, you know. our pitching has gotten better. we only had four hits after the 2nd inning, johnny but, still, play solidly. the defense was decent. one play at home, bad call.
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in fact, we didn't make the play. once again, you know, we are digging our own graves. we didn't drive in a run from third again, as dunn doubled -- had the chance into we had the chance. >> ray: that's the difference in the ballgame. you look at these errors that we make but we forget about just the non-production of guys in the order. when you have a runner on third base just sitting over there and we always used to say, duck on the pond, duck on the pond. and, you know, duck on the pond, you flush him. you are supposed to be able to knock him down and put him in your sacs. and we don't steam to be able to do that. >> johnny: you talk about errors. it was a run that won the ballgame. kapler's pop-up in the final defining moment of the game. nick johnson kind of overran it, tried to come back. >> ray: nice pitch by villone. nick goes over there, just
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reaches back and starts to drift here, gets too far on the ball. you saw earlier -- and we'll see on tape, kapler just hits the ball, he is so strong, out away from him, pulls it into that left field fenced area. he pinch hit there for gross. gross had gotten the bad hop single by nick johnson earlier in the game to play what was then the tying run back in the 6th inning. johnny has a couple of bad hop doubles, dropped ball, homerun with a pinch hitter, just crazy things happening to the nationals. >> bob: and the line score tonight, 4-8-0 for the rays and 3-8-2 for the nationals. howell is now 2-2. ron villone who pitched so well in relief gets tagged with the loss. he is now 3-2. kapler, a pinch hit homerun, his second. he had his first on monday
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again the yankees. he had his best year as a homerun hitter when he came up with texas when he hit 17. very opportunistic minute for him to connect i i when you hit a pop-up between first base and the stands, you are pretty much dragging your bat back to the rack and all of a sudden, they drop it and that's jaws new life. it's like getting oxygen pumped into you when you already have been drowned. >> bob: tonight, craig stammen looking for his first career win. let's go out to bob carpenter and rob dibble. he gave the nats a pretty good effort. >> bob: this is the most unhittable we have seen craig stammen so far. rob, this a great line-up. they lead baseball in runs. he fared quite quell against this line-up tonight. >> rob: a lot of this line-up
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helped this team go to the world series last year. so in his fifth start, craig stammen was pretty good. he was striking guys out once he got his confidence, did a great job, keeping them off balance, changing eye levels. you said this the other night, we said, we are that close to going being a really good team. one missed foul ball here and thins like that. bottom line is the nationals are playing a much better baseball and they gave a heck of an effort tonight against one of the best teams in the al. >> bob: that's a shame that the defense keeps hurting the ball club. i don't know if you have seen a sustained streak of problems like the nats have had. it's june 12th. it's time to start catching the ball. this defense has been a problem for too long this year. >> ray: almost every day, bobby, i thought that we were going to come out of it but it
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has been atrocious. it has been atrocious. it's nobody's -- nobody's been able to escape it. nick, normally so reliable over there but, gosh, it's just -- it's something that you can't plan for it. you are supposed to catch the baseball. it's just that simple. you can work on that part of your game and you can get better. diction, from what you saw from stammen, right there on the horizon, what are you thinking, buddy, about what the move may be? >> >> rob: i really like what i see. it will be tough to take any of these guys out of the roster and maybe if you do out of the rotation, you might put one of them in the bullpen. they have earned that right to stay up here. almost every guy to a man in that rotation have pitched their butt off. john lannan has had an amazing record. you look at craig stammen, even if he does go down to the minor
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league, that's not that big of a deal. he has earned a spot here in the pitching rotation. when you shut down the best offense in the american league, you have shown everybody that you can hit here. >> johnny: mr. dibble, mr. carpenter, great to have you back with us. we'll give it another shot tomorrow night and we'll join you about 7:05 in progress. he is checking his watch. it won't be that long. down in tropicana field. doggone it, 4-3 the loss tonight. the nationals now have lost 21 games on the road, only 16-43. bob hit the nail right on the head. it's about time now, june 12th, people get together, the hitting, the pitching and defense. >> ray: it's time. you see a lot of things coming together, johnny. we are still losing, no excuse for that. i don't care if you lose by 100 runs or 1 run, that's still a loss but we have been in every
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game. the whole week that we were down there at nationals park, every one of the game, we were in there except for one or two. when that's the case, there is always going to be a small play, a bunt, not getting the guy from third base, not catching a ball you should catch, a bad hop. that's how you have to put people away. anything else after that. >> bob: matt garza, his e.r.a. in the 1st inning of ball games this year, 0.75. tonight, the nats scored three runs, four hits in that 1st inning. take a look at that. >> ray: he came out and was -- struggled a little bitterliy. guzman singled. hard line drive to right field on a pitch that was up. adam dunn, 0-for-2 pitch, he was not able to do the putaway pitch. dunner drives in an rbi, scores
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guzman. duke gapped it, scored two runs. just like, that johnny, you would say, just like that, we are up 3-0. bottom of the 1st. stammen is showing you how he works. b. j. upton, sit him down as rob dibble would say, get down, boy. crawford, ground ball to second base, nice little sinker. he gets longoria on a nice play by craig as he ?airs the ball. and that's the way he pitched, you know. they didn't do anything with him. they didn't hit him hard. he walked a couple of guys but overall, he was throwing the ball extremely well. look at how our owe bone ends outscored us in that 1st inning. go ahead and talk to me about it, johnny. >> johnny: thank you, fox. 42-35 the opponents outscoring nats in the 1st inning but not tonight. nats 6-13 when scoring in the first. >> ray: that lace to sleep
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that old theory if you score first, you're going to win most of the ball games, doesn't it? >> bob: it does, you would think so but we will continue. we'll it out for a moment and try to rationallize and see what we can figure out what the heck happened and what to look forward to tomorrow night and talk more about craig stammen when we come back with nats xtra post game. ♪
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. >> bob: nafertsz xtra post game brought to you by verizon fios. over 160 hd channel. this is fios, this is big. >> johnny: 4-3. tampa bay takes the first of three. keep in mind tomorrow night, the second game of the three- game series in tropicana, first pitch at about 6:08. because of major league blackout regulation, we'll join the game already in progress at 7:05 here on manz 2. follow the game at masn you talked about craig stammen.
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i think bob and rob touch on this. he deserves a much better fate. he is getting better every outing. he will continue to get better. pretty strong outing against this ball club. >> he put in about 27, 28 innings, johnny and four of those innings have been bad. the rest have been solid. he gave up the five runs the other night in the 1st inning. 1-2-3 in the 1st. then he walks zobrist who immediately steals second base. we have to do something about running the runners on. he walks burrell, gross and then strikes out. and he was aible to do that. a line drive to right field. this throw is just a rocket. i don't know what happened. we have this thing in slow motion. we didn't get a runner at first base. the throw beat them about 8 to 10 feet. the third inning, b. j. upton singled to right. what happened, he immediately steals second base. carl crawford is then hit by a pitch.
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you are saying these two guys are going to run? yep, you are exactly right as crawford gets hit and b. j. then takes off for third. this ball ends up out there in left field. the run scores and makes it 3- 2. throwing error by bard out there to left field. then he gets longoria and peqa, the 3, 4, hitters, striking them both out. that's what i like about the kid. he is not bothered by adversity. he gets a pop-up -- actual lit sequence is a fastball, sinker away, sinker away, good morning, good afternoon, good night as he strikes out crawford. then longoria, out, line drive to right field. ground ball, first base, peqa, zobrist singles. and he takes him out of the ballgame. actually longoria made the last out with 6th. that was in the 7th into that's a pretty good line when you look at what he did. 5 1/3, only two hits and two of
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the runs unearned. >> ray: very good line for this young kid that's just his fifth major league start. the impressive thing about him, he has something that, you know, it's tough to find. it's his aability to respond to pressure and when you are in trouble, when bad things happen behind you, a lot of people lose their concentration and that's when you see the double, single, homerun. i have seen him every time this year that he has been in situations where there wasn't a play made behind him, he has come back and taken into his own hands and been able to make pitches and get people out. >> when were you -- were you looking at when you were manager of a ball club how a young pitcher responded after facing adversity, maybe facing a homerun or a wild pitch and how he bounced back. >> absolutely, sparky anderson taught me that he was pretty much my mentor, davey johnson a
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lull bit. sparky anderson said, you can tell the metle of a young man when he goes out there and everything goes wrong and he does not lose his composure and he is still able to make his pitches. craig stammen has been able to do that. his numbers have not that impressive because he has given up five runs in the 1st inning but he shouldshut them down after that although he gave up a couple of hits, he was about gassed, 90 pitches. he was go bassed. he had done his job. >> johnny: tampa bay does lead the american league in homeruns, runs scored, runs per game. it goes on and on and on. there were some interesting plays in this ballgame. i'm going to show you a couple of them right now going back to the 22nd inning. >> ray: this play right here, rocket to right field. we will show you this play in slow motion as dukethrows home but zobrist, i believe, is out. that's one of the plate where he is out there a tag on him and his foot is now just coming
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down on the plate. we get to that see that real slow. joe west didn't. but josh has got to drop his knee right there in front of home plate. then the ground ball, he makes the play, nick picks up the ball. that ball is down to right field and a couple of runs are going to score. nick, ball gets caught up in the rafters somewhere and he lose it is, puts his glove over his head and the ball hits about three feet behind him. then the nick johnson situation. he gets over there, hustling, look, one time, finds the warning track, backs up and just misses the ball right off the heel of his glove. i know it's very tough to see in the metrodome which was the toughest part for me to see the ball n i would lose the ball there on a ball going up. you can't take your eye off the ball. you have to look up and keep your eye on the ball the whole way. when he looked down to find that fence and looked back up, he could not find that baseball. i did that in the metrodome once and never happened again because you can't find it all
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those rafters and that steel. it just blends in with the color of the baseball into that's a wild finish at tropicana. 4-3 tampa bay. kapler's homerun in the 8th inning after nick johnson overran a pop foul giving him one more shot. you think this game was wild? we'll show you highlights of a wild game at yankee stadium against the mets. c playing thr) - it's on. - oh, it's on, all right. - it's on. - totally on. jimmy, it's on. - it's on. - oh, yeah, it's on. affirmative, it's on. announcer: southwest airlines announces new service out of bwi airport, with three daily nonstop flights to new york laguardia for just 49 dollars one-way starting june 28th. grab your bag. it's on. - ( ding ) - book now at for the next minute, i'm gonna show you what it's like to have verizon fios. these are your widgets, they let you put whatever you're watching down here, while you check out local traffic,
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into welcome back. nats xtra post game. taking a look at the nationals farm club. how about garrett mike huckabee, outpitching john smoltz. >> ray: base on ball, seven strikeouts, just two hits for the big right hander. >> johnny: and mr. maxwell in syracuse, 1-for-3. they take 2. scores identical, 4-1, 4-1. hairs burg, six homeruns. that's the final in haggerstown with a 5-3 win over delmarva. >> the haggerstown bullpen had
11:26 pm
a pretty good night tonight. and frederick potomac, 4-1 over spreadic and 10-39 final in the second game. potomac, 7 runs certified. >> pretty good night. >> johnny: and homerun number 5 for -- meats and yankees, bottom of the 6th, mets up. matsui with a shot. yankees lead it. game tied at 7. david wright doubles to center off mariano rivera. carlos beltran of the mets scores. the mets take a one-run lead. the mets are celebrating. hold on. bottom of the 9th. two on, two out. alex rodriguez pops up. he says, i got t he drops it. both runners score. the yankees win 9-8. how about
11:27 pm
that? braves and orioles tonight, top of the 5th. this ballgame is tied at 2 and brian mccannn sing tolls center, newly acquired nate mclouth scores. just like our game in tampa, a 4-3 ballgame. how about the yankees and mets? >> you know what my father used to tell me what to do? son, you better split in that glove make that ball stick in there. i didn't see the back of that glove. >> johnny: taking a look at the nationals bullpen. thee guys came out of that bullpen. joe beimel is scoreless in the 8th inning. >> ray: again, bullpen pretty solid. certainly villone deserved more than what he got and the bullpen continues to hold down the opposition and, hey, nothing wrong with our
11:28 pm
pitching. they have given up under two runs a game. >> johnny: tomorrow night, the game start at 6 0-0. the first pitch for you here on masn because of major league baseball restrictions. we'll pick it up at about 7:05 in progress. joord zimmerman tomorrow and andy sonnanstine. we'll break down the two pitchers right after this. and one place only: golden, colorado. it's followed one tradition: use the best high-country barley... and only rocky mountain water. and it's been brewed under one motto: never compromise. now maybe this means we're a little set in our ways. but we know a few guys who will drink to that. coors. the banquet beer.
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