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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 13, 2009 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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hi, everybody. rairks the problems continue for this ball club, cannot hold the lead. >> we can't hold a lead. bergmann came if there and just got his doors blown off. offense again, only mustered three hits after the fifth inning. >> we will talk about tonight's ballgame, the home runs given up by jason, a tough outing, how the nationals had the lead, couldn't hold it. we'll look ahead to tomorrow's finale of the three-game series. >> bob: thank you, johnny holliday. the rays win it 8-3, outhitting the nats 12-7. join us tomorrow, masn 2, nats and rays conclude the series. we'll go with "nats xtra" at 1:00 pm. 
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time nor "nats xtra" post- game, brought to you by verizon fios. i'm johnny holliday. happy to have you joining us tonight. we knew the tampa bay scored a loft runs. in fact, they lead the american league in runs scored. we did not understand until we've seen them play, ray, these last couple of nights how explosive this ball club is, if you give them the opportunity, they can take advantage of it. >> they've got a great combination of good hitters in the middle of the line-up with power, then at top of the line- up with upton and crawford. they have so many opportunities with runners in scoring position, without having to bat those guys around and really make a lot of advancement because of their tremendous speed at the top of the line-
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up. >> they have scored 362 runs this season. and six of those came, or seven of those came tonight in our defining moment in the sixth inning for tampa bay. >> yeah, zimmermann pitched extremely well going five innings. here he comes, a little blooper to left field, the first hit of the series for longoria. then the bunt base hit as their number four hitter. zobrist just jumps all over a fastball down and in. really that's the ballgame. put it away real quick with us not scoring a lot of runs. fastball, bunt, bloop, see you. >> the nats had a 2-run lead in the fourth inning, the rays put seven on the board. seven of their eight coming that inning. they've averaged one error every ballgame this year.
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sonnanstine gets the win, bergmann takes the loss, a rough seventh inning for jason. ryan zimmerman one for four, his 12th homer of the season. pena three for four with a home run, the 20th of the year. tampa bay takes another series. they've taken the first two from the nationals. the margin of error is not very big for this ball club. >> our margin of error is zilch, nada. we can't play a full ballgame without having something happen that just makes us all say, oh, what's going on here? a couple of ground balls, ground ball to nick early in the game error. didn't really hurt us there. but we talk about how good our bullpen's going and how our pitching is going, but the one constant is over the last nine games we've scored 20 runs.
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and one game we scored seven. in five games out of the last nine we've scored two or less. it's just about not having offense. your pitchers cannot be under that kind of pressure every day that they go out and put a two or three spot on the board and expect to win. and our starters have been. >> when you look at last night, they got off to a 3-0 lead and couldn't hold it. tonight they get off to a 1-0 lead as we'll show you later on in the show. let's go back to tropicana field and bob and rob are standing by much a couple of bright spots in this ballgame was the pitching of jordan zimmermann and the hitting the anderson hernandez. >> we saw both of them do some good things tonight. i know, rob, a couple of weeks ago when every night it was 8-7 or 9-6, we were looking forward to some games where the nationals might waste some good pitching. they've done that because the offense has slowed down, but i think we're seeing the start of something good with these young pitchers.
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>> but this is still the major leagues. you can't just win innings and portions of baseball games. there's got to be more focus, more concentration and execution, more than just a couple of guys every night. jordan zimmermann was amazing tonight. he was on top of his game. see the off speed right there. then he just blows away zobrist, then just no chance for gabe gross right there. another change-up for longoria. this is your future. he's got 10 starts at the major league level. check it out. batting average against .220. they're getting it done but not getting a lot of offensive support. >> the wins have not come. it takes a little offensive support to help as well. and anderson hernandez, do you visualize him as some day being a player who can lead off and be effective in that number one
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spot? >> absolutely. he can steal bases, he can get on base. that's what a lead-off guy's all b maybe get a double. this was the first at-bat of the game. he pulls it by the pitcher. great bunt to get on base there. second time, he tries to do like a slap hit. third time up he's going hit a double off the left center field wall. he's got all the tools, the speed, he can play defense, great arms. that's an anderson hernandez, he can go both ways, offense, defense. >> and these days for the nats, you don't have a veteran pitching staff, so you're not sure when you come to the ballpark every day what exactly is going to happen. ross detweiller tomorrow. i guess we'll wait and see and see how things shape up tomorrow afternoon. >> enjoy that concert. we'll see you guys tomorrow. >> o. yeah. we're rappers, baby. >> i understand that.
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ludacris getting set to perform. that's can the game started tonight at 6:00. because of a concert later on. that's why we couldn't pick up the game until after 7:00. >> that might be why their attendance doubled tonight. >> one thing i think we do know, is these guys have terrific talent and terrific potential, and it is going to take a little time to finally get where every time they step on the mound it's going to be a successful outing. >> well, you don't have success unless the other part of the equation cooperates. that's defense and hitting. i couldn't be more happy than i am about the way that our young pitchers have pitched. especially the last four weeks. since detweiller has been up here and stammen. you've seen good outing after good outing go to waste because we're not able to put runs on the board. we continue that struggle. after that we really never
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threatened offensively. >> when you take a look tonight as we will at jordan zimmermann's night. he got in a little bit of trouble the first two batters in the first inning. then strikes out three rays swinging. >> slider, curveball, then a great change-up as he's starting to use that change-up. breaking ball there. a little double play hit into by hernandez. then 94-mile an hour fastball that was called a ball, 86 down, 2-0 comes back. umpire squeezes him here, we saw that on the pitch track and gets him on an 88-mile an hour change-up. pena then homers to deep right on a fastball that was down and in. that's no-man's land for anybody. even if it is 93 miles an hour. but he comes back and gets
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zobrist looking. then the double play by attempted double play as we get the fielder's choice there. then pick off at second base. crawford grounds out 4-3. so we went five innings, just had 92 pitches. i'm sure the reason he was taken out was he did have a little elbow stiffness and soreness and he missed seven days. no need to push a guy that can an franchise type player in a situation like that this early in his career. >> as we look at the line there for jordan zimmermann. one run, two walks, six strikeouts, right there for strikes. good outing tonight for jordan zimmermann. the other zimmerman got the nationals on the board early. we'll talk about ryan after this.
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welcome back, everybody. "nats xtra" brought to you in part by verizon fios. 8-3 the final tonight. tampa bay has taken the first two games of the three-game set. defending american league champions, got to the world series before the philies got them in five. >> real solid defense, good starting pitching, good bullpen, more speed than anybody. how many stolen bases? >> 103 right now. and the next closest team would be 67. >> rob: that's the angels. >> the angels. that just shows you when these guys get on, it's got to drive pitchers nuts. had five last night. >> two tonight, seven came in with whatever. but they've got more speed at the top of the line than
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anybody with crawford and become upton. upton hitting .211. every time he gets on, he has a threat to steal. they're stealing over 85% of the bases a day attempt. so they're just always down there on second base for those big bats. >> this ball club, our ball club had a lead tonight, a lead in the first inning thanks to one swing of the bat. a pretty good shot from ryan zimmerman. that's home run number 12 for him this year. >> fastball down, just jumped all over it after two quick outs for sonnanstine. then hernandez sweet little drag bunt there. one of my favorite plays. >> guzman then singles to right field. johnson then walks. here's where we could break the game open. zimmermann swinging at a bad ball down. fortunately they weren't able to turn the double play. it wasn't hit hard enough.
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hernandez doubles in the 8th to left center field, drove that ball extremely well out there. i haven't seen that kind of power going that way. johnson singles to right. we weren't trying to score there. when you're up that many runs, you just kind of line it back, fire it back to the cut-off man. longoria as he loses the handle of the ball. then adam dunn, ground ball and double play. maybe 6-5-3 as they were playing the shift over. failing to do what we need to do in the third and the 8th. >> only batter to get more than one hit in the ballgame hernandez you see with the double. scored a couple of runs, got two hits. dukes had one as did ryan zimmerman, nick johnson and cristian guzman. it seems like when we get a couple of guys on in scoring position, all of a sudden the
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hits around coming through as they were for quite some time. >> you must get a good ball to hit. we seem to tighten up in those situations, that come out of our concentration mode and swing at balls that are pitchers pitches and hit ground balls or weak fly balls. we see this every day. either pop-ups or shallow outfield that can't score from third, or weak ground ball double plays on sinking balls that are out of the strike zone. it's just a matter of application. >> we talked about 13 stolen bases for tampa bay. when b.j. upton gets in the base pads, crawford as well, upton got on, eventually we got him out at second base. >> actually right there is the
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steal. he's so easy. then we do the daylight play, almost get him from the second baseman. a little more safe. i was going say jordan zimmermann being a guy that's so aware of everything going on on the field. which keeps the guy close. after he steals second, second time, almost had him. great release and throw by nieves. we turn and get him easily. it's just the daylight play as a shortstop moves in behind him and just nips him right there. right in front of the corner of the bag. see you, out. >> who is making the call on that play. catcher? >> it could be directed from the catcher, it could be directed from the dugout or it can just be guzman flashing his hand. when the pitcher cease daylight, he throws and it's a timing play. >> because that timing was perfect. >> i imagine it was just a daylight play showing the
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glove, getting close. making a good throw and getting him out. >> tough night for the nationals bullpen. the nationals had a lead. he only lasted five batters in this ballgame. no innings credited for jason. four hits, five earned runs and home runs flying out of the ballpark. >> the ugliest line i've seen all year from our bullpen. forget early in the year. but eight hits, seven runs? mercy. >> zobrist the three-run homer and gross a two-run homer. seven runs had scored in that sixth inning. time for the stay in the game hold of the day. the nationals single season holds leader for the last five years. just as those relievers get the nationals in the game, you can stay in the game in the game with just for member hair
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let's take a look and see what the national farm clubs did tonight. justin maxwell homers fort second consecutive night. >> he's swinging the bat. home runs come in bunches. >> that game in the 7th inning. redding harrisburg in the 8th, they are tied at 1-1. potomac and frederick are in the 8th inning, it's a 3-3 ballgame. her rare row, you like him. >> everybody does. he's right at .280. supposed to be our best offensive prospect at 19 years old in the organization. >> then a final, delmarva beats
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hagerstown 9-7. the second game is in progress. >> sad news to report with josh willingham's brother john, lost his life in an automobile accident last night in alabama. our condolences to the entire willingham family. josh left the ball club today to go down this morning to be with his family and just tragic news. manny acta, bob carpenter and rob dibble were talking about it. you can imagine, if you as a manager had to go through something like this during your days, how absolutely torn apart the entire organization is. >> johnny, there's i did have it a couple of times, when members of our family, someone close to them passed, one of our players passed, in spring training, a minor league player. words just aren't enough to express the sadness and the
9:22 pm
condolences and you know the pain that a little 27-year-old young man is just ripped from us. adenhart gone, and josh, such a sensitive guy, we've seen him so many times with his little son rocco and close family. just terrible. >> manny acta a few minutes ago kind of puts things in perspective when you think about baseball and how fragile life is. let's go back down to tropicana field, manny acta was talking about this loss tonight, talking in particular about that inning that 7th inning against the nationals. >> yeah, it was a huge inning for them. obviously we didn't make very good pitches there and they took advantage of it and had the big inning. usually you win or lose the ballgame in one inning. >> you look back to the friday game, similar situation, after five you guys were swinging. why did you decide to take jordan out? >> well, he's had 92 pitches. he wasn't going to go more than
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95. because of his arm fatigue and we got to take care of this kid. he threw a lot of pitches. he struck out six guys, they made him throw a lot of pitches. that was it for him. that was good. >> can you talk about the third inning when you had the bases loaded? >> that was a key for us. i thought that was an inning where we would have scored more runs. bases loaded, heart of our order and we couldn't do much. just go one run. we felt we had andy there on the ropes but we couldn't deliver the knockout punch. >> he looked good. he threw well. it's too bad he had to have all those pitches in five innings. that's what you get with strikeout guys. it takes minimum three pitches to strike out a guy and they took a lot of pitches, too. wore him down a little bit. just run up his pitch count too much. >> when pena gets that push bunt down the line there, he gets on and the home run comes, how deflating of a back-to-back
9:24 pm
sequence was that? >> well, the most deflating thing was not being able to finish off the first hitter which was longoria. he made good pitches on him the first two, then he wasn't able to finish him off. hung a breaking ball. >> was it just one of those nights where jason didn't have it? >> yeah, he didn't make good pitches at all. he hung those braking balls and left fastballs over the plate and they really hit him. >> especially on such an emotional day. it's a pretty tough saturday for you guys. >> it was, but i don't think this is the first time that a team goes through emotions like this. and the guys were ready play. we just couldn't execute when we had to. >> seven run sixth inning, the difference in the ballgame. we'll take a break and come back and continue with more. hey. don't move. ÷÷ú for the next minute,
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welcome back, everybody. job any holliday along with ray knight. let's take you right back to tampa bay inside that nationals clubhouse. jason bergmann asked about what he was throwing that the rays were teague off on in that sixth inning. >> they were all sinkers. the hits. lock gora pulled a slider. i threw a couple good sliders to him. thought i had a good read on him, and how he was swinging at them. i wanted to keep throwing it. the home runs were sinkers and the pitch where i wasn't on top of it today. something where i really need to get through the ball and power through it. and i kind of let up on it just a little bit to make sure it was a strike, and i've been pitching real as gregively of
9:28 pm
late. i really wanted to mick a strike instead of making a good pitch and it hurt me. >> it was one of those things where you tried somehow to adjust once you realized the sinker itself wasn't working or you were hoping it would come together there? >> well, lately i've been throwing a ball getting through it, throwing the ball effectively. i didn't have a great sinker today and it just, like i said, i just tried to throw a strike instead of a good pitch and i think i made a mistake in this. >> jason, a stand up guy talking about what went wrong as far as he's concerned and everything he threw up there, tampa bay just took shots at. >> when the sinker doesn't sink, it's a straight 91, 92- mile an hour fastball. >> how about tomorrow. it's going to be detweiller against james shields of the rays. >> yeah, big game james is a guy they love down there, 14 wins, ross another of our great young prospects. just getting better every outing. >> so the nats will try once
9:29 pm
again on sunday to snap this rays four game winning streak. thanks for joining us. see you tomorrow, 1:00 on masn 2.


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