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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 13, 2009 9:30pm-10:00pm EDT

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>> stop it. >> now back peddling -- he dropped the ball! >> yankies win. >> i hugged jeet and said, what just happened? i couldn't believe it. >> oh my goodness! he dropped the ball. >> i broke my bat in frustration. in baseball, you never know. >> i have to make it up late. >> everyone's dropped a ball before. it's good for us, bad for them. >> we have enough time to overcome it. >> we are lucky. that's the bottom line. >> what's up? we welcome you to our house.
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alongside kevin connors, i am the coach. almost 23 hours after that happened, people still scratching their head over what happened in the bronx friday. >> the daily news called it the great train robbbb advantage a-rod admit, i have never seen that before. >> baseball had never seen this before, three fernandos in thehe start. >> a-rod popped one up.scong. this one far enough to get out of park.ard one behind reggie jackson for 11th all time. gary cheffield off andy petit. petit admitted, my last four what, starts, i feel it's been a realt battle.ent chris >> career home run number 506.
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six behind mel ops. petit allowed 11 hits in five inning, five runs. his counterpart second career start with the mets scattered four hits and two runs. jerry manual on bouncing back. >> do you sense a lingering hangover, or had they already turned the page? >> i sensed there was an urgency to play well. i think -- obviously, the way the game ended last night and we all know to a man how -- how difficult it's been for luis, and for the man, they felt an urgency to play well. this is a part of growth for him.
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when i saw him this morning, i said, hey, you are the first guy i'm looking for. i was happy to see him. he smiled and said, you sure? >> yeah, i'm glad to see you this morning. >> he said, you know, forget about it. today is a new game. be ready. >> you know me. >> updating things from filly. red socks put up a five spot in the first. they have had a rain delay and restarted the game. jason bay breaks a nine game homerless drought. the fillies three errors in thed not good baseball. >> roy holiday day to day after pulling his groin friday night.
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cody ross, rocked a grand slam in the 8th inning, today a pair of doubles, batting 34 # over the last 20 games. marlins nine and two all time in toronto, 16 and 4 all time over the jays period.le. >> cardinals and the indians, top six, pool house again and. again.ring it's gone. his 22 on the year. cardinals win 3-1. this was his 27th multihome run game. his last four games, 7 for 16, four home runs, six rbis
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following a slump in the previous four games. >> meantime this time tomorrow night, the lakers and magic tangle in the nba finals. players refer to it as another game. that's hardly the case in this case. one win could change the legacies of kobe and phil. >> for kobe bryant, game four wasn't exactly vintage kobe. he missed 20 shots but still ended up with 24 points. i'm mark jones. welcome back to espn continuing coverage from the am way arena in orlando. guys, kobe bryant on the brink of his fourth nba title. the big picture, if he's successful in his quest, what does it mean for his legacy? >> in my view, his legacy is
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intact. if he wins one more championship, in my book, it doesn't boost him any further. in my mind, kobe bryant is one of the best players of his era. he came out of high school, done tremedly well in a big market, and for the most part stayed out of trouble. in my mine, he doesn't leap any further on the depth chart. >> he may not have had too much to gain, but there was a tremed amount for kobe bryant to lose. that would mean three finals in which he didn't grab the larry o'brien trophy. when you compare that to michael jordan, he wouldn't have allowed that to happen. kobe's best can be better than michael jordan's best, but also his worst the worst. now he can stop the losing
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streak. that says, you can't take anything away from him. you look at what he's accomplished. what do you mean his worst worst? >> some of the shots he hit at the end of games, michael not capable of making those shots. michael wouldn't get in the position to have to make those tough shots either. i don't think michael would have a 20 miss game in his final performance. >> kobe had a benefit of a blueprint for success. michael jordan set that tone. kobe's mannerisms and the way he's conducting himself on the basketball court, that was set. >> i don't know how much is set for phil jackson because he is a
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unique coach to hand out books for player that is play for thim. he is on the cusp of his 10th nba title. what would it mean to his legacy? >> same for kobe bryant. it doesn't change it. >> i couldn't be a rooky. i think veterans respond to phil jackson in a great way. he thinks out of the box. the book giving, understanding guys on a personal level. not a lot of people think phil jackson is a great coach, but in my opinion he is because he understands how to manage humungous ego-s. >> also, you take the bulls and laker's team and he hadn't had the dominant player.
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it's an unconventional way the way he won his first six championships in chicago. the second group had a different cast. you had kobe and shaq and now this kobe led team in 2009. the variety of ways he's been able to win, and done it in an unconventional way. he's not a part of the coaching fraternity. >> if you play for phil jackson, you have to learn to meditate or you don't make the traveling squad, right? >> we'll see how they make out sunday at 7:30 eastern time, game five. will the magic keep their season alive? and this reminder, espn your place for complete coverage of
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game five. phil jackson, dwight van gund di following game five. >> jim calhoun has been hospitalized after he collapsed in a 50-mile charity bicycle ride when he fell and broke five ribs. he was told he fainted due dehydration before the fall. >> he is scheduled to be released on sunday. >> still to come, they are dancing in the streets of
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>> early this morning, hockey's most coveted piece of steel arrived in the city. it's the third cup title in franchise history, first since 1992. champs, penguins win third cup in thriller. >> espn will broadcast the victory parade, monday at 1:30 p.m. >> pressure now on the pirates coach. pittsburg the first city to have the stanley cup after 52 years.
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last city to do so detroit in 1954. >> bottom of the third, joe mall er. joe nathan runs second to third. >> flies out to right. shut out the cubs 2-0. twins now two and 0 at wrigley. the cubs shut out for the second time in 88 all time enter league home games, both times by the twins. twins continue to struggle losing four straight now. >> a little less juice to the other serious between pittsburg and detroit. >> this is freddie sanchez didnt hitting 194 in his last eight
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games. that right there is a grand salami. 9-3 pirates win. what a quote from jack wilson. if we can come out of it in good shape, there's a lot of confidence in the second half. >> the brewers snapped a four in game losing streak against thew white sox friday. carlos with his buddies playingb a joke on him. of >> base hit, #-0 white sox just like that. from t how about jose demoted to the miner league, didn't like it. he's pitching well now. >> con trer as returning from
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his demotion. >> all right, still to come, john daily back after a six month suspension. he made the cut -- so did his pants. >> the upset of the college world series that has them talking from fullerton to fayetteville. we have highlights on the way. so much for jake peavy's no trade cliouap
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rham rsentivnd as al tet decau rtner, greiconknow, areherinkf e eedom that weave k amand toe i e the north carolina. >> moving day at the saint jude classic, john daily wearing those pants for round three. >> they are comfortable. >> i hope so. they ain't fashionable.
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>> bogies for three well off the lead. >> phil mickelson, started on the back nine. bunker to bunker, bogies one of three in the round. >> the birdie on the par three second straight birdie. eightth hole, another birdie opportunity. >> that one good as well. >> mickelson four under through three rounds. everyone chasing brian gay. gay holds the one shot lead over molder. >> the lpg championship. michelle wii on the par three seven. wii hole in one. lindsey wright, third shot on
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da capo prez is one of the imprints of the perseus books groups and elicited is vice president at da capo press. ms. warren what are some of titles coming up? >> we have a wonderful biography of james monroe by washington, d.c. writer marlo james r. merkel the last founding father because he truly was one of the last founding fathers of the nation. >> why another biography on james monroe? >> this is more complete than the others. new information has been found through old archives and letters and records and we are finding there is a lot of patriotic interest out there so we want to be able to continue to feed the
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market >> what else do you have coming out? >> a biography of a amalia earmarks and there is a movie coming out with hilary swank and richard gere coming this fall that will be bringing the book to coincide with that. >> how old is that? >> several years at least a decade but we are giving a new cover and rolling it back out. >> who is dominique lapierre? >> book we are doing is called a rainbow in the night and it covers the apartheid period and the turmoil the country went through to become the nation it is today. >> what kind of books you look for at da capo? >> we focus on fiction primarily to readers. it's a lot of military history for collis, general history, a little politics and current events and a lot of pop culture
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to mix it up a little bit, music and music history. >> speaking of pop culture what is this book? >> this is called goodbye 20th century, dave ridley reviewed in hardcover and we brought out the paperback edition. >> what is it about? >> it is about the band and the grunge music movement. >> lissa warren is president of da capo press. i had no desire and that was the condition which i agreed to take this. >> coming up next, booktv presents "after words," an hourlong program where we invite a guest host interview authors. this week nevada elementary schoolteacher tierney cahill discusses her book "ms. cahill for congress" the story of her and probable campaign for u.s. representative on a dare from her sixth grade students. with only $7,000 in campaign staff of 12-year-olds, she won the 2000 democratic primary and
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nevada's second district. she discusses her book with district of columbia delegate eleanor holmes norton. >> host: welcome to c-span cahill welcome to washington. >> guest: think you so much. >> host: this is the book, "ms. cahill for congress," and the subtitle, one phyllis teacher, her sixth grade class and the election that changed their lives forever. let me ask the obvious question. ms. cahill, how does a divorced mother with three children, no house, two bedrooms, one bath, how did you figure that out, apartment, two or three jobs, one cocktail waitress and where you sometimes get helm or galt
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home mabey 2:00, 4:00, who's counting, in the morning, extra curricular activities for students -- how does such a woman beside to run for of all things congress? not the school board or the city council but the congress? >> guest: right. well, actually, the students asked me to run for president first but i wasn't old enough. so, then we had to look for something else. >> host: you could have went down to senator. >> guest: we did. we marched through. we talk to the supreme court because i couldn't run for that and then they wanted segment protect and speaker of the house and they marched right on down. yes, they did. >> host: finally got to the bottom, those of us in the house of representatives. >> guest: they felt it needed to be something important and that was a federal race, they wanted it


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