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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 14, 2009 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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great batting eye. 2-1. >> rob: in the two week stretch of inner league play, a lot of pitchers he hasn't traced an awful lot here. >> bob: by the way, we're heading for yankees stadium. they're having a little fun now. 5th inning, yankees 15-0. >> rob: that's not fun for the mets. >> bob: guess who the starter was? santana. he's not liking that. >> bob: johnson stays. two outs. 3:00 on a sunday afternoon. where else would you rather be at the ball park or here with us on masn. good crowd at tropicana field
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in st. petersburg. dukes 2-2 with a pair of doubles and two runs scored stepping in a place where he first played and not far from where he grew up. >> rob: elijah has nailed two shots off today. >> bob: evidently the problems elijah was having with the fans in left field last night, some of what they were saying was getting personal and family related. elijah didn't like it. fans have been harassing opposing ballplayers for 100 years, but there's a point where it goes too far. >> bob: he's done damage today.
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that's the best way to shut them down. swing and a miss, 2-1. in on dukes' hands. shields started this inning with 59 pitches. he's nearing 80. [cheering and applause] and a big breaking ball. elijah dukes strikes out. nationals strand their third runner of the day. 4 life 2 half way through. thro) - it's on. - oh, it's on, all right. - it's on. - totally on. 2 -- 4-2 half way through. .
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nationals baseball on mas brought to you by southwest airlines. book your next trip on timely hitting here sunday in st. petersburg. rob dibble you just hope this was the one bad inning ross detwiler will have and he'll get it together here in the 5th. >> rob: this is one of the better offenses in baseball. you know what, ross detwiler will have to battle better pitches in the major leagues. james shields is no different. he's allowed 4 runs through 5 innings and gone 6 innings in 11 of his 13 starts coming into today: ross detwiler has to keep battling the best offense
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in the american league. >> he's given up four hits. >> bob: there's the pitch he doesn't finish. it's three feet outside. top of the order, b.j. upton. you'd lover to keep this man and -- love to keep this man and his speed off the base. right now, ross is having a hard time spotting his fastball. >> rob: he's really, throughout his career, going to have to repeat his deliveries. >> bob: base hit. b.j. upton has hit his way aboard. [cheering and applause] you're always one pitch from getting out of an inning. right there, great job rolling a double play. out of the inning. once again, great turn.
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willie harris to hernandez. johnson has to visualize that before you throw it. that's what will make him a great major league pitcher, mechanics will help also. >> bob: upton leaning towards 2 2nd 2 2nd. detwiler throws another pitch way, way outside. he needs to start getting ahead of hitters again. strike to ball ratio not that good 34-33 to his first three innings. broken bat. should be two. perfect relay by detwiler. he threw the ball with authority to hernandez. that made the rest of it very easy. >> rob: he had a bat explosion. wow. watch this right here. this is just power on a weak bat. that bat explodes in his hands,
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sets up a 1, 4, 3 double play. >> bob: i love the fact detwiler did not wait to make his throw. he did it with authority. >> rob: that was perfect by the young detwiler. >> bob: two out, bases empty. >> rob: his mound presence is fantastic for a kid his age. that was by all reports, when i saw him the first time in string training, when he gets guys on base, he gets upset and aggravated. she's shown none of that since the minor leagues. >> bob: just turned 23 in march. changeup outside to longoria. going into another day of inner league play. the national league and american league split equally
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yesterday. the first 70 games of inner league play. joe maddon's rays 4-1. they beat the marlins 4-3. now the first two in this series against the nats. fly ball to right for corey patterson. after the leadoff base hit t, -- hit, the double play is huge. @? 
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here's our cooler's light cam. >> rob: gonzalez trying to go first of third. we're going to freeze it. now the zoom freeze is going to show you where the left leg goes by the bag. his right foot is tagged by evan longoria. very nice. coolers' light showing you how if he had slid to the bag, he would have been safe. >> bob: brought to you fbi -- to you by the world's most refreshing beer. top 6, patterson, gonzalez and bard for the nats. patterson has pulled the ball grounding out to 1st. he advanced a runner from 2nd
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to 3rd in the 2nd. he scored on the gonzalez base hit. he checks that one. it's cut off by pena, one out. >> rob: good reaction by the left-handed throwing 1st baseman. >> bob: how about alberto gonzalez day at that time -- day at the ball park? >> rob: he gets better and better. there's a double that will bring in two runs. dukes and dunn. what a day for the kids. three of the four runs, he's driven. >> bob: first pitch swinging pops up to short. two down. [cheering and applause] gonzalez interesting, he only
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hit 1.73 last year with the yankees in 28 games before they sent him down. 250 at berry. july 31st they got him. he came up and hit .347 for the nats. here's josh bard with two great swings. one that stung the rays for a base hit rbi. bard's batting average on the steady rise. he's getting more confidence. he's the one guy i see walking around the tunnels downstairs with rick eckstein more than anybody else. he's spending a lot of time
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with our hitting coach. >> bob: broke his bat. lines out softly to 2nd. nats go quickly in the top of the 6th. detwiler quickly back to work with pena leading off. papa's in the house! how about some papa john pizza! ( cheering ) papa's got something for every taste. the meats-- loaded with 5 real meats. or our tuscan six cheese. your choice-- just $10.99 each for a large. ( chanting ) papa john's! the meats or tuscan six cheese-- $10.99 each. group shouting: better ingredients! better pizza! papa john's! whoo!
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this is corey patterson o the washington nationals. thanks to our united states army that protects and defends orofacial everyday.
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>> bob: we head to the 6th with the nationals leading the rays 4-2. he worked for the salem angels back in 92. who was his manager? joe maddon, manager of the tampa bay rays. a writer was talking about him and how bad he was. maddon came by and said you are not allowed to come back us anymore this season. at the end of the season, they faced them again in the championship. they beat bedford. >> rob: nice story. pay back. that means be nice to your coaches on the way up. some day you could be working for them or against them. that's a great story.
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we'd have to do a dick stewart comparison at 1st base. those guys make some of the best managers and gms though. >> bob: i'm learning a lot from mike everyday. he's teaching me evaluation in scouting. you never know. could be working on the strasburg deal now. >> rob: i'd hate to pay his cell phone bill. >> bob: 2-2 to pena who's had a hit, walk, and scored. a little
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pop up right in the infield. that's the 3rd baseman willie harris. that's a big hitter retired in soft fashion. let's talk about the turn around which the pitchers have engineered here lately. era is down more than a run. the home runs are down. the opponents batting average is down. especially the way they're hit being men on base. >> it's unfortunate we don't have the same offense. they're getting more quality starts out of the younger guys. they're learning every start. >> bob: other than a 7-0 loss to the mets last sunday, the nats have been up every game. gonzalez is out there. he was having a hard time
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seeing the ball up into the the opaque colored roof. it is a day game. the roof is brighter than at night. alberto did good staying with it. >> rob: alberto does a great job trying to pick up a white ball with an almost white roof. >> bob: i don't think that the person that designed this field had any clue about baseball. >> bob: gabe gross 0-2. this building has hosted ncaa final fours. they thought onlily it might be the home of the white sox or
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giants. >> rob: i hope that jim calhoun, the head coach of the huskies is okay. he collapsed after a bike race yesterday. >> bob: used to play hockey in here, the thunder dome for the lightning. a swing and a miss as detwiler slips buy gabe gross. bases empty, two out, 2-1 count. >> rob: it's that stare. he wants a piece of gross right there. >> bob: 3-1. can't walk this guy. the greatest hitter with the greatest hitter on deck. home run walk rbi single in his
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three plate appearances. they walked him. fifth walk of the day by ross detwiler. toll the nats on our iphone or ipod touch or both. live audio broadcasts. visit on your iphone or ipod touch and you can purchase. you can take rob dibble with you everywhere you go. we'll feed him. >> bob: there's a good fastball for a strike. >> rob: nice. right at the knees. how do you like that? detwiler, 91 pitches. they pulled zimmermann last night with 92 pitches. this would be the end of the
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line. ross detwiler feeds to give it everything he's got and finish off. what would go down as a quality start, zimmermann on your left. those two gave up 3 earned runs in more than 10 innings in this series friday and saturday. down the line. that ball leaves the ball park. that's the cheapest home run you can get here. over about five foot fence, kapler has hurt the nationals again. oh those walks! [cheering and applause] >> rob: i'm thinking one hopper against the wall, ground rule double, the thing sneaks out of here. he throws a breaking ball down and in. kapler gets lucky again. he hits a 335-foot home run down the left field line.
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that's when you're living right. he had not homered in 34 straight game this is year. he had three home runs in the last three games. >> bob: two against the nats. now they're tied. young pitchers have been learning this lesson for decades and decades. well detwiler is done for the day. his team will have to score in the 7th for him to be the winner now. - it's on. - ( music playing throughout ) - it's on. - oh, it's on, all right. - it's on. - totally on. jimmy, it's on. - it's on. - oh, yeah, it's on. affirmative, it's on. announcer: southwest airlines announces new service out of bwi airport, with three daily nonstop flights to new york laguardia for just 49 dollars one-way starting june 28th.
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today's telecast celebrating the birthday of u.s. army on masn brought to you by dyncorp, navy federal credit can union, panasonic computers. there they are the tampa bay rays. pretty friendly. we go to the top of the 7th with gabe kapler having hurt the nats again. who is this guy on the line? elijah dukes has had a good
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day. gonzalez has had a good day. he will rue those walks no matter how the ballgame goes. the last three have scored. shields just threw his 86th pitch for ball one. 47 of detwiler's pitches were not strikes. >> bob: life in the big leagues for a young pitcher. >> rob: pretty much most of the day was outstanding for detwiler. this is a difficult lineup. he battled all day. >> bob: three double plays were great. >> rob: he happened to hit the bat of gabe kapler. >> bob: shields walks hernandez
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on four pitches. thank you very much. nationals have their second base runner since the 4th inning. >> rob: you're making your 6th career start in the major league level against the guy making his 99th 99th today. you've matched him. >> bob: that's shields' first walk this month over about 29 innings. >> rob: top of the order, willie harris. >> bob: runner goes, swing. we like it. in the american league, with the dh you can bat a speedy guy 9 9th, have your leadoff guy following him. why not roll the dice and get people moving around? you've got quality hitters coming up. andersen hernandez leads the
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ball club with five stolen bases. the nationals have stolen 19 bases this year, one more than the least running team in the league, milwaukee. coming in today same record as the 62 met, 16-44. the mets were 16-44 back in 1962 at this time. >> rob: little bit different though. we have scored 277 runs, given up 359. mets had scored 239, given up 350 runs as of yesterday. >> bob: the other difference, we have josh bard behind the plate. they had coleman. they had a bunch of washed up
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yankees, brooklyn dodgers dodgers and giants on the team. willie harris gets under that, hits that a long way to right center. over the shoulder catch. b.j. upton. [cheering and applause] that kid covers ground doesn't he? the other thing, if he gets to it, he catches it. >> rob: gabe kapler gets a two run home run. willie harris hits a ball 400 feet and has b.j. upton run it down. that's what happens in the major league level.
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the ball is crushed. that will be the last pitch of the day for james shields. [cheering and applause] nats with a runner on in the 7th. tie game. izon fios. these are your widgets, they let you put whatever you're watching down here, while you check out local traffic, weather, even your news up there. i've got a news flash you're out of mayo. how did you get in here? door was open. you'd have tons of ways for you to search for content: by actor, director, any word at all. what about chicken? chicken's fine. any word. no i mean do you have any chicken? i want to eat some chicken. one of the coolest things you can do with fios... stream your music and your photos from your computer to your tv. slideshows look and sound better than ever. and now is the best time to upgrade to fios all the time. want to tell them why? i do not. because you'll get up to $150 dollars back and over 100 hd channels when you upgrade to verizon fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v i will now return you to your program


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