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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 14, 2009 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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scratching his head, beside himself. >> scratching and shaking. >> 16-45 now the nationals record. 6-23 on the road. washington 4, 9, 0. wheeler gets the win. villone takes the loss. he's 3-3. gonzalez had two runs batted in. how about kapler, three home runs his last three games, two against the nationals. aybar, tampa bay pinch hit rbi. he got the one off the 3rd base bag. the result is a 5-4 loss as they get out of tampa, head to new york against the yankees waiting for something good to start to happen for the ball club. >> we had four runs early off
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of shields. four doubles. you mentioned dukes, a couple of doubles. gone shall a double. detwiler threw the ball extremely well today. he walked five. three of the five scored. in one situation, he got two quick outs, then walked gross. kapler hits a close line shot. it's part of the ball park where it's the only place you could have possibly hit it to be a home run. the wall is only four foot high. we keep looking for excuses. these things keep coming up that are unyou shall. >> it gets to become beyond belief. you sit back waiting for something to happen and it does. >> it's getting to be laughable
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that it's something crazy everyday happens. they squeezed, it was successful. we had guys covering. the deal with the bullpen, you've got a stadium there, your bullpen coach, all kinds of people down there. the bullpen catchers can't get out of the way. willie harris runs over those guys. >> you can't leave it to the tampa bay kid clear out. i'm not sure he said that. we'll go to bob carpenter and rob dibble. how about the offensive side, the stick of gonzalez? >> by the way, johnny, we're pretty sure the kid said yikes not get out of the way. detwiler, and a lot of other
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young guys on display here. gonzalez is one of them. this is the future of the franchise. he sticks out the bat, hit it to right. he crushes this into the left center field. when a young kid like that can contribute three rbis in the game, you know these young kids are really special. you have anderson. >> every ball club needs a willie harris to move around. he was outstanding before the bad luck ball hit the bag. >> great player right there early in the ballgame: right here he starts a great double play. what a feed. you're never playing 3rd base. he's throwing these balls like he's been there for years.
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willie harris gets a bad break here. they get the go ahead winning run. that's pretty much everything going on for the nationals. they come to the ball park yesterday and learn that josh willingham's brother dies in a car wreck. it's been one thing after another. >> i know ray played at the old stadium. our young players cannot go in there tuesday and be intimidated by that place. >> bob and rob, have a safe trip. we'll talk to you tuesday. bob and rob set off to the yankees stadium. let's take a look today and see what happened with detwiler's performance. good enough to win a ballgame. >> he gave up five walks.
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he was effective early on. 93 miles per hour to burrell. 92 to gross. 92 to navarro. then throwing the changeup, breaks his back. b.j. upton singles to center. steals second are 2nd. nick beat the ball to 2nd. no throw. this guy is electric. hitting .211 coming in and doing all that. in the 4th, fly ball to center field. kapler singles over gonzalez as he tags up there. kapler not only hit the home run, he was out of baseball a year ago. he came back and managed in the minor leagues. hernandez gets over there.
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that plays the tying run. in the 6th, pena pops to willy at 3rd. looks like the inning went smoothly. on 5 pitch, he walks gross and clothes line on a fastball. actually a changeup as i see the 83 miles per hour there. ground ball to 3rd, 5-3. ross putting up good numbers, didn't strike out anybody. he came in as they talked about the walks. he loses a little concentration. he's got really good control. he kind of hits the spots where he walks people. you've got to throw more strikes. i don't know how he gets in and out of rhythm. he'll be retiring 10 out of 12
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hitters and then walks two in a row. >> we'll be back with nats postgame. 5-4 rays win it despite alberto gonzalez driving in two runs. ♪
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(announcer) the nation's fastest 3g network. another reason why twice as many smartphone users have chosen at&t. get the blackberry bold for $199.99 after mail-in rebate. only from at&t. tampa bay with the 5-4 win today. we have your postgame on masn brought to you by verizon. over 100 hd channels. in the 2nd inning, came up with the run. >> pretty good at bats put together early. elijah got it started off in the inning. out to right field for a double. ball bounced out of the ball park. nice job by patterson. gonzalez flipped one out there
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to right. duke scores. bard hits ball out there line out. hernandez hits one. you don't make the first or last out at 3rd 3rd. after dunn singled, dukes doubled to score both points. bard doubles as he jerks one hard off big james. we were up 4-0 at that time. >> bard has been swinging the bat good hasn't he? >> he has. he's been known no swing the bat well. >> nobody had more than two hits. johnson did. dukes had a couple. zimmermann the dh role goes
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0-3. willie harris 0-4 with a couple of groundouts. sometimes the little things pay off big time in major league baseball. we'll see today a couple of instances where the little things did pay off defensively as well as offensively. >> you remember we haven't had people covering at times. hernandez getting to 1st to get the out. nick goes on a short fastball going on the first move, getting down there, beating the throw. that's what tough do in baseball baseball. he's gone. he's safe at 2nd. that sets up rbi situation. detwiler whirls and throws here not showing any signs of being a rookie as he makes the right
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play. you mentioned he had to preplan that play. >> a couple of weird plays developing. one is the pop down into the nationals bullpen. the other is the ball hitting the 3rd base bat. >> it was weird. here's a pop up down into the bullpen. the catchers aren't aware of anything. a little cut block there as one of our catchers can't get out of the way. the ball hit down the line, right there. willy has it squared up. that's what happens when you're playing poorly and things aren't going your way. it continues to just rain bad happenings. >> let's look at the nationals bullpen today.
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tavarez came in as well as villone and beimel. >> our bullpen looks pretty good. the bullpen, we keep talking about young pitchers keeping us in the game giving us a chance to win. their bullpen retired 15 of our last 16 hitters. the only man to get on base was hernandez with a walk. >> i think somebody else had a tough day today. santana with the mets. nationals fly to start a series tuesday night at yankees stadium. jimmy, it's on. - it's on. - oh, yeah, it's on. affirmative, it's on. announcer: southwest airlines announces new service out of bwi airport,
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the game in the 7th. desmond 2-5 with a double. a stolen base. how about harrisburg, 4-3. the carolina league coming up later on. our good friend matt chick co didn't get touched at all, four innings. has no strike outs and a 6-0 lead. trevor resigned a contract. gets a nice bonus for signing. >> one of the guys that matt really liked, followed him five years. he was drafted late in the 10 10th round. he's a big, strong, 94 miles
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per hour sinker. there was arm tendon trouble they shot away from. >> let's go back to tropicana and st. petersburg talking about today's perform with our starter, detwiler. >> we can't take away how good this kid battled. he was hurt by the walks especially, the two leading off the inning and the one with two outs against the lefty. he pitched very well. i'm proud of him. that's a lesson he'll learn with the two outs. >> even with the strike outs and walk, he stayed in the game and gave you a chance to win?
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>> yeah. he gave us a good chance to win. this is a kid fresh out of aa and really competed for us out there. you take away the walks, this is a lesson he'll learn. that's good for him. >> he had a tough time commanding his fastball. he barely threw over 50% for strikes. that really got him in trouble. most ofwalks were fastballs. he couldn't get them to the zone. >> willie harris, trying to go out there. what do you think when you see those kinds of plays? >> you can't control those kinds of things. the ball going out there, the ball hitting the bag. it could have gone either way. it was more important what
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proceeded than complaining about breaks. >> gonzalez got good hits early on. he did good. he came up with huge rbis. too bad we couldn't win the ballgame for him. >> what do they show and does he deserve to stay around? >> he had pitched very well for us. i thought today was a good start for him considering the ball club he was faced with. we like him. he has pitched a lot better than a lot of people were expecting. >> are you surprised of adam dunn now? do you think he's having trouble in the batting condition? >> batters go through that. he's scuffling a little bit. he leads our team in home runs
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and rbis. he's going to have to snap out of it. >> final resist 5-4. tampa bay wins it. they sweep the series. the mets against the yankees today. bottom of the 2nd, 2-0 yankees yankees. day monday gets thrown out at 2 2nd on that play. yankees take an early 4-0 lead. yankees start a terrific inning. two-run homer number 10. yankees had scored 9 in the 4 4th, santana 3 innings pitched. they win 15-0. they're 20-12 at yankees stadium. >> you're going to have to win 8 or 10 runs to win a ballgame it looks like. they're starting to be more
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offensive on the road too. >> we'll see if martis can get the nationals back on track when he takes the mound tuesday night. ray and i will be back in just a moment. ... and one place only: golden, colorado. it's followed one tradition: use the best high-country barley... and only rocky mountain water. and it's been brewed under one motto: never compromise. now maybe this means we're a little set in our ways. but we know a few guys who will drink to that. coors. the banquet beer. how far can you see? at pnc, taking the long view is how we help you take the right path. even to change it when conditions demand. keeping you on the road to achieving your goals. it's something we've been doing for over 150 years. let our strength and stability be the basis for yours.
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pnc. leading the way.
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nats extra postgame. detwiler still looking for the elusive major league victory. he told the media moments ago, his problem today was the release point. >> i didn't make the adjustment when i needed to. >> what did you see when you were facing him? >> i didn't execute my pitch there. you see what happens. >> good thing is you kept the team in the game and got the six innings full.
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manny talked about the fastball. did you feel like it didn't go where you wanted it to? >> i think i could have gone deeper in the game if i would have thrown more strikes early. >> was it comforting to know you could keep things steady when you didn't have your best stuff in command? >> yeah, definitely. i was getting ground balls until later in the game. >> were you surpriseed to see the line drive go out? >> no. i gave him the pitch where he wanted it. that's what happens when you throw to a team like? >> how were the other pitcher, how were they doing? seem like they were doing fine? >> the changeup was good. if i executed a pitch, that inning is over. >> the final was 5-4 tampa bay. they win another series. they have the best home record
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in major league baseball since may 15th. they're 15-4 at home. >> tough time playing in that ball park. we proved that. that's their home field. probably the biggest home field advantage of any ball park in the league. >> the ball team heads up to new york. martis against sabathia tuesday night. >> he's walking too many people. he's got 28 strikeouts. he's kept us in ballgames. his slider was so solid in his last outing. his fastball was at 93. he's getting better. cc sabathia, the man with all the money. 449 innings pitched the last two years. five start t last five 7 innings plus. earned run average up a bit.
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he's going to always be really tough with the clangup -- change up and slider. >> he's gone less than 7 only twice. >> he's the number one guy. he expects that many innings. >> home runs galore flying out of this ball park. >> that's what everybody is saying, any ball in the air keeps on going. >> happy sunday night. thanks for joining us everybody. see you tuesday night on masn hd. like owning a home. watching our children grow. and retiring with confidence. so whatever you're looking forward to, m&t bank is here to help you get there. m&t bank. understanding what's important.
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