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it is not possible to understand what is happening in the middle east today. now the radicals are people like osama bin laden. mahmoud ahmadinejad the, the ayatollah khamenei, the leaders of hezbollah, hamas, you know when talking about ..
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they want to kill every, every christian, every can do, every atheists, every agnostic and every apostate muslim, that is every muslim that does not agreed to be as radical as they are, they have to kill all of them or convert them to islam. and they are not willing to settle for anything less. this is what makes them so dangerous. how do you you negotiate with, how do you successfully deter a bridge game or a movement that believes they have been chosen by god to bring about the end of the world? how do you do that? it is not as though the iranian
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leadership and others aren't willing to sit down and chat. because this buys them time to acquire or build the weapons they need to bring about the end of the world. view left understand and i go through this in the book but to give you a whiff, mahmoud ahmadinejad was born into a poor but devoutly religious shia muslim family in central iran. now, he was not particularly distinguished toward dynamic person throughout the islamic revolution in 1979, wasn't a major general during the iran/iraq war and he really does not seem to pop up on the radar screen much at all and suddenly becoming a great military leader, intelligence official, political leader. he gets his doctorate in traffic management. i don't know exactly how bad traffic is out here or how it is in tehran but it must be hellish in tehran, to get a doctorate in
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it for crying out loud. when he ran for mayor of iran or tehran, the capitol city he ran on preparing the way for the coming of the islamic messiah and taking the trash out. i am not kidding. you will see that he called himself the little street sweeper. that was his claim to fame. i will get the garbage taking care of, the traffic in the garbage and will prepare the way for the messiah because we can't have traffic and garbage in the mistreats when the messiah comes, apparently. when he decided in april 2005 to run for the presidency of the country of iran, there bruneau reporters that showed up at his press conference. the first poll put him at 2.8% support. even mike candidates had higher numbers than that. [laughter] see what i am saying? two months later, he was the president of the country.
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how that happened i described in the book but you have to understand from his perspective, he believes he has been chosen like allah, to be john the baptist, to prepare the way for the coming of the islamic messiah and nothing is going to stop him short of a miracle of god and that is what we need to be praying four, a miracle of god. that is the radicals. now the reformers i go into an entire section in the book. these are muslims but they say yes, yes, islam is the answer but violence, jihad, holy war is not the way. they say we need more freedom, we need more openness, we need to protect human rights, civil-rights. we even need democracy. i go into the book and it is really interesting. i'm not going to spend a lot of time here because i want to talk about the third movement, the revivalist but you should note for example that the grandson of the ayatollah khamenei several
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years ago came to washington d.c. and gave a speech that received almost no media coverage but i quote get in the book because he renounced his grandfathers' revolution. he said the islamic revolution was eating the children of iran and he called for america to overthrow the leaders of iran and bring about a democratic revolution. these are the forces inside iran today, the grandson of khamenei has renounced the radicalism of his grandfathers' revolution and these forces are building, not just and iran but in iraq, in afghanistan, in morocco, in jordan, in turkey there are reformers rising up and pushing back against the radicals. they need to be encouraged. i am an evangelical christian. i don't believe in and the islamic theology but if i had to choose between a radical muslim and a reformer i'm going with
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the reformer, but that is just me. you have the radicals, you have got the reformers and you have this movement called the revival is. that is what i call them. here is what they say. they say islam is not the answer. jihad is not the way. jesus is the way and the truth and the life and no one comes to the father except through him. [applause] i had the. the of traveling three times into iraq over the past year and into afghanistan, egypt and criss-crossing to the muslim world. i didn't go into iran. i'd been invited into iran however my friend said, you might have a problem getting out. so they have advised me not to go but we have very dear friends and iran and i interviewed more than 40 top christian leaders through various means, including meeting many of them outside of
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their country but what is interesting is they say not only is islam not the answer, jihad not the way, jesus is the way the only play for the muslim world some of forward is to step back in our history they say, before islam and revived what we once had, first century new testament, biblical christianity. these are muslims who are converting away from islam because there renouncing islam. an example of how muslims are leading islam and becoming followers of jesus christ by the millions. norm muslims, the more muslims have renounced islam and come to faith and jesus christ as the only way of salvation. in the past 30 years than in the last 14 centuries. [applause]
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and with that, more ex muslims will be celebrating easter, the death and resurrection of jesus christ of this year than at any other time in human history. [applause] and iran, more than 1 million muslims have converted and become followers of jesus christ since 1979. it in egypt there are more than 2.5 million followers of jesus christ. in pakistan there are more than 2.5 million followers of jesus christ. in sudan there are more than 5 million followers of jesus christ including 1 million who have just become followers since the year 2000. god loves the muslim people and he is drawing them back to himself. [applause] not every country has millions of muslims coming to christ. some it is thousands, some it is tens of thousands, but the dynamic is extraordinary and
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this is bible prophecy coming true as well. this is all happening as the bible said. and matthew, chapter four, verse 14 win jesus lips all the things you should watch for as evidence he is coming back, wars, rumors of wars, revolutions, earthquakes, famines, persecutions, the trials, he says in matthew 24, verse 14 this gospel of the kingdom, this good news that god will forgive you know matter who you are from whatever religious background, from whatever ethnic background, this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the last days he says, in the whole world as a testimony to all the nation's, and then the end shall come. this is what is happening. look at the difference between new testament eschatology and sharia islamic eschatology.
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ahmadinejad and the islamic leaders of iran say the way to hasten, to speed up the coming of the messiah is to kill tens of millions of people. jesus tells us that if you want the messiah to come you need to tell the good news of his death and resurrection, of this salvation to all nations not just democratic nations, not just capitalist nations, to dangerous nations, to didley nations, to reach out to every person in every country that they might hear the truth and receive christ and try to save them by the millions in the power of the holy spirit and then jesus said he will come. and this is what is happening. [applause] as you go through the new book, i tell stories of people who have come to faith in jesus christ. they are extraordinary stories of people i had the opportunity to meet with personally and i report these stories. many of them have never been
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told in the west at all. i think of father zachariah. father zachariah is an egyptian catholic priest who has been exiled from his country. he is watched by 50 million muslims a day on satellite television. i called him the rush limbaugh of the revivalists. he is funny, but he is provocative, his controversial. he, every day on television deconstructs. he takes apart the koran for survivors, chapter by chapter. and he explains where it is wrong and then he preaches the gospel and tells people, read the new testament for yourself, read the bible, then on friday seedcakes call-ins. people call in and they are screaming. not all of them but some of them are apoplectic. there was a $60 million bounty on father's zachariah's head.
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just to put that into perspective, the united states has a $25 million bounty on the head of osama bin laden tso you get a perspective of how much radical muslims want to kill this man because thousands of people, thousands of muslims are coming to faith in jesus christ every week through his ministry. this afternoon-- amen, yeah, amen, hello. [applause] i hope you will stay for this afternoon session and those of you watching by web, that you continue to stay here because during the q&a portion we are going to show a video message from zachariah. he is excited about what we are doing here and he's got an amazing message to deliver for us. there is another guy i want to mention. he is the billy graham of iran. in 1979 he and his wife for mayor radical muslims on the streets of iran.
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and in 1979 with millions of other muslims, they were shouting death to america, death to america. a little time passed and he thought maybe not death to america quite yet. we would like to go to graduate school in southern california. [laughter] the promised land. so, amazingly they got visas, got accepted to school and they came and then they started going through culture shock and whether shot in food shock. they felt disoriented. their marriage started breaking up and then his wife thought, met some christian wimmer who invited her to go to church. and she became a follower of jesus christ. her husband was not that happy with her. as a radical american, that to america kind of guy. but he thought, she is nicer
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now. maybe i ought to go visit this church and find out what the heck is going on. so she goes-- he goes and becomes a follower of jesus christ. [applause] and, he now has a television ministry, and satellite ministry where he broadcast the gospel and prime-time television at 10:00 in the eye ran in farsi, the native language. he is preaching to 79 million muslims a night on primetime television. he is the sean hannity-- [applause] of the revivalists. god is taking radical muslims and bringing them into the kingdom. he is taking nominal muslims, he is taking about muslims and bringing them into the kingdom to the gospel of jesus christ. just as the bible said they would.
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this is the fulfillment of bible prophecy. what other bible prophecy i want to know, and of course there are many and we will be talking about war through the day but joel chapter 2, verses 28332, the bible says that it will come about in the last days, the word says i will pour out my spirit to all mankind and your sons will prophesy, and your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions and it will come about that whoever calls on the name of the lord will be delivered. this is how the apostle paul came to faith, as the persecutor and some might argue as the terrorists, it as a religious zealot he was headed to damascus in he recalled he saw a vision of jesus christ on the road to damascus. someone did not sit down with him and share the for spiritual laws. jesus came to him and said hey, or persecuting me. not geldof.
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just decided, saw you are going to follow me. you are going to suffer but you are going to be used by god to reach millions of people. you are going to write half the new testament. the bible says in the last days god is going to pour out his holy spirit. this is what is happening. as a document in the book millions and millions of muslims are saying these dreams and visions. last year i had the opportunity to go into iraq, my first time there and i happen to meet a young pastor been we are going to to a joshua humanitarian project, handing out backpacks with school supplies and copies of the new testament in arabic and in kurdish and the copies of the jesus film in arabic and kurdish at the invitation of a muslim school, muslim principal, muslim teacher, muslim kids. they said yes, we would like you to come and tell us about jesus. this is the new iraq, by the
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way. [applause] god is moving powerfully in iraq. i am with this festering he has organized this trip and we are driving through all these checkpoints to get to there, and i say to him, how did you become a pastor in iraq? it has got to be an interesting story. were you raised in a christian home? he said, no. he said i was the commander of a radical islamic jihad-- really? get out of the car. [applause] he said, but one day, one of the disciples that i trained in machine guns, all kinds of terrorism, one of my disciples he said came to me and he said, master, you will not believe what happened. somebody in my office tried to handout bibles, and new testaments to everyone in the office. i cursed them, i said no, this
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is not right and i get the bibles and i burned them but i saved one for you. [laughter] now, master i want you to read the new testament, tell us what is wrong. how can we confound the questions? how can we defeat them? you read it, you tell me. he said yes, that is very good my son. he fully intended to do this. he sits down, starts with the book of matthew. he reads things like love your neighbor, love your enemy, blessed are the pure in heart. he goes to the new testament and its de'jon 3:16, for god so loved the world that he gave his one and only the gotten son, jesus christ that it webber believes in him and his death and resurrection shall not perish, die in hell forever endeavor endeavor but still have eternal life. [applause]
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and his pastor, he was not a pastor then, this radical jihad commander is done. he told me i did not know what i was reading. i was convinced i would see lie after lie. this did not read however like the words of man. ake red, as the word of god but the problem was, the next day his disciple came in said, what you have my master? there is much in there to study. you go back, i will give back to you. this keeps happening day after day. this guy is studying the scriptures verse by verse, line by line, chapter by chapter and he does not know what to do. after a few days is disciple comes. i will give back to you. finally in a which unable to sleep one night, he cries out to god. he says ala, ems zalmay are you the god of the koran are are you the god of the bible? and that night, he did fall
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asleep and he told me that he had a dream and industry and he was standing on the side of the road and he realized it was a parade. there were people lined up on both sides cheering and men on horses were coming up the road. as they approach you realize these for profits. this was abraham, this was noaa, these were the profits coming up the road and every time one of them pass people would cheer, as did he. he kept waiting to see mohammed face to face. this great honor and mohammed never showed. he was not in this line of profits. the last person coming was riding on a donkey. shrouded in a white robe. [applause] and he said, he just said i could not believe i was saying that but i shouted out, are you jesus? and the man pulled back his
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shroud and smiled and nodded and he said, this man said i was flooded with a love and a hope and a joy and a ps i had never experienced in my entire life and i knew at that moment that god had answered my prayer. he told me mohammed was not the profit, that jesus christ was the only way of salvation and he woke up with great joy. [applause] he also woke up realizing his pillowcase and the sheets were soaked. more time had passed then he realized. he had been sobbing with repentance because of the murders thoughts in his heart. the next day i asked him if i could filmed this for this new interview with him for this new film, and he agreed and it will be in the new film. after we were finished he said joel comment you are a very lucky man.
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i said, i believe i am blessed by god. why do you say that though? he said if i had met you in 1993 i would have killed you in sally, but now you are my brother in jesus and he gave me this great big bear hug. [applause] i want to close in a moment, but i want to tell you i have met men like texada, men like this fester, men like warmness and women whose lives have been changed. they were once they being the jewish people, hating the american people, hating fellow muslims to did not believe what they believe in god reach genned and change them. this is the god we have, this is the god we serve. this is the god of the bible and my question is if god wants to change the life of a radical muslim what you think he wants to do in your life? if god wants to give hope, peace and joy to a muslim what you
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think he wants to do in your life? if god is willing to forgive completely the sense of a radical muslim terrorists, a sniper, don't you think he is willing to forgive your sins? win labavitch what is happening in the world, all the things that jesus said would be evidence of the last days, and we look at what is happening in our newspapers and our world today, i have a message. i want to close with a message from believers and a message to unbelievers. if you are a follower of jesus christ and you are here in this arena or are watching or listening to my voice and you see these signs and you see how they are corresponding to events that are really happening, if you are planning any major sins in your life right now, could i encourage you to postpone those where maybe just cancel them out right? [laughter] this is not a good time to be
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goofing around. this is not a good time to be doing something, watching something, reading something, listening to something, spending time with someone or something for which you will be ashamed when jesus comes back. the apostle john says that so gently in first john, chapter 2, verse 28. now little children abide in him, in jesus, so that when he appears we may have confidence and not shrink away from him in shame at his coming. we need to live a life of repentance. we need to live a life of holiness, we need to live a life of loving their neighbors and enemies in the name of jesus because we will see him and we may see him sooner than most people realize. i am asking, are you ready to see him? in a moment i am going to give you an opportunity to come forward in rededicate your life to jesus. i want you to do that. i want you to consider that. because that was not a good time
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to be having a lot on their records. we want a clean slate when jesus comes and he is calling you back. if you don't know jesus christ, if you have never invited him into your heart, i am going to invite you in a moment to do that. for god so loved the world, the whole world. he loved jews, he loved gentiles, he loved indians, he loved palestinians come he loves radical muslims, he loved every single person on this planet and that is why he sent jesus christ to die on the cross, to rise again, to adopt this, to forgive us and i'm asking you today, not to think about inside the revolution, not to think about any of the books you have heard here. i am asking you to respond to the book of the number one best-selling author in all of mankind, the bible. god is calling you to follow him
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and the question is, will you respond? [applause] incheon, chapter 1, verse 12, we read, as many as receive him, jesus christ to him he gave the right to become children of god even to those who believe in this thing. i am going to call the bands to come up and we are going to give you an opportunity to receive jesus christ. i'm going to rescue to come forward publicly. i have the opportunity to be in the billy graham crusade at syracuse university back in 1988 in billy graham said, i am going to call you fourth publicly. why am i going to ask you to come forward publicly? it is not easy. it is hard to stand before your friends and come forward. why am i asking you to do this? jesus died on the cross for you publicly. and jesus said in matthew,
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chapter 10-- this is billy graham talking and he knows. jesus said, therefore whoever confesses me before men, i will confess and before my father, who is in heaven by whoever denies me before men, i will also define him before my father who is in heaven. this is a holy moment. this is not about book sales. this is not about a conference. this is not about the outside world, nuclear warheads, radical warhead-- i am saying if you are listening to anything we have said, you know that jesus christ may be coming soon. i don't know when. he did not tell us when. i don't want you to be standing before him in judgement. i want you to be standing before him with forgiveness and i would like you to come forward, whether you are rededicating your life for coming to christ for the first time and i'm going
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to pray with you. we are going to have opportunities for you to meet with counselors afterwards during lunch, kit the bible, and know how to walk with jesus christ. this is not a good time to be ignoring gods cullen your life. i don't know where you are in your own heart, but i ask you to come and stand before the cross of jesus christ today and we will pray. ♪ [applause] ♪ >> joel rosenberg is the founder and president of the joshua
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fund, a nonprofit organization that provides aid to victims of war and terrorism. mr. rosenberg has worked as a communications strategist for rush limbaugh, steve forbes, a ton sharansky in benjamin netanyahu. he is the author of a bestselling novel, the last jihad, the last days in the ezekiel option. for more information about joel rosenberg visit joel >> i had no desire to do it and that was the condition in which i agree to take this on. >> coming up next booktv presents after words, an hourlong program where we invite guest host to interview authors. this week, nevada elementary school teacher tierney cahill discusses her book, "ms. cahill for congress" one fearless teacher, her sixth-grade class, and the election that changed their lives forever on a dare from our sixth grade students. with only $7,000 in a campaign


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