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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 16, 2009 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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one for a strike. a strowk strikeout victim -- a strikeout victim his first time up. shesmd sheffield has played here at -- sheffield has played here at camden yards. you see his numbers in interleague this season. he's way up there with the mets this year. fouled back. at camden yards he's had a .282 average. he has hit six home runs in this ballpark, and has 234 rbi's here. >> jim: now 18 total against the oriole( wright again -- right again at 40, a little more aggressive. e's swinging inside right there. >> gary: 0-2 count. sheffield is going to get a base hit the other way! coming to third, david wright. he'll stay there. the bases are loaded as markakis gets it back in. they were playing sheffield the other way to pull and he put it into right field. >> jim: gary, at jerem guthrie said is that boy, you've got to relax. he said it's not about relaxes.
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--relaxing. it's about executing. he strikes him out first time. took that high slider. ve how many times have we seen over the years drives the ball the other way. >> jim: now a real battle. murphy stands in. he. >> gary: now a real battle. murphy stl nobody out. two runs in. bases are loaded. rick kranitz has already had one visit here this inning to meet with guthrie. murphy a 1-0 count will have to wait. hes. e seen sam up the difference between here yes, there's an error, base on balls and the quality of pitches have stopped a little >> gary: that e down low tonight's leaderboard presented by firestone innovation. runner in scoring position leaders. orioles at ls.
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th third are the mets at .279ston and detroit. 2-0 deliry fouled away by murphy. 2-1. infield stays back for the double play. the left-hander mark hendrickson in the bullpen for the o's. jeremy guthrie trying to battle through a tough inning. 2-1 delivery on the way. that will be fouled off the other way. guthrie coming off a loss in seattle. he went six innings. gave up four runs on six hits in that ballgame. the team has lost his last three starts that jeremy has been on the mound. two balls, two strike count. bases loaded delivery. murphy again fouls it away. >> jim: jeremy figuring where can i get him to pop-up or strike out. still 2-0. >> gary: get that double play.
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it will be a 3-0 game. here is the 2-2 to murphy. belts it to right field. markakis back. he's got it. runner tagging is wright. also moving over to third is church. it will be an rbi sac fly for murphy and a 3-0 lead for the mets. >> jim: think about daniel murphy's -- right there, ball one. close pitch just runs out of the strike zone. there's the 2-0 pitch. 2-2. 2-2. then he finally after seeing four straight fastballs, pretty good swing for the sacrifice fly. >> gary: and a big play to get church over as well from second to third. double play is still in order here with one away. brian schneider after a walk his first time up. rbi picked up by murphy. his 20th. three runs on the inning. off-speed pitch going to be fouled off at the plate by
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brian schneider, the catcher. so, a walk and an error that started the inning. both of those runs have scored. one unearned run in the inning so far. the rest will be determined by how the rest of the inning goes. 0-1, church at third, sheffield at first. up the middle. a base hit. schneider gets the single. church will score. four runs in in the inning and a 4-0 lead. >> jim: take another look. we talked about execution. wieters glove outside. ball stays up. jeremy just can't get the glove down. we talk about trying to turn a double play. very difficult because this ball is hit so sharply right through his legs. >> gary: only the sixth rbi for brian schneider on the season. the eighth player to hit for the mets here in the fourth
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inning is the number nine hitter luis castillo. castillo ground out his first time up. first and second. still only one away. guthrie came in with a .394 e.r.a. at home. that one lashed down the line. that will be misplayed but only slightly. >> jim: i think the only way she could have really misplayed it right at her. she played that perfectly. >> gary: two on, one out. 1-1 delivery. >> jim: you're seeing how many balls in this inning and again to his credit talking about jeremy, he did make a great to pitch get a double play. how many balls have we seen in the middle of the plate. it's not about velocity. this inning has been about location and some pretty good hitting by the mets.
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>> gary: 1-2 delivery. castillo a-ground ball towards short. andino, there's one. toss it is over and they get the double play. four runs score on four hits, two errors and a walk. mets take a 4-0 lead. (crowd cheers) (music plays)
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witness a piece of golf history. the travelers championship. june 22nd through 28th. >> amber: game-used basebal from the 2009 season will now be on sale beginning in the sixth inning of each game located inside investigate c at the orioles reach community
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beach on the lower conn course. price start at $30. all proceeds benefit the orioles charitable fownl fowlkes. -- foundation. every home game baseball from the 2009 season sometimes even from that day' guys -- day's game will be for sale. stop by the orioles reem reach community booth to pickup a special momento and help the memorial foundation. >> gary: great cause. cloudy night but unseasonably cool. 68 degrees at gametime. orioles will have to battle back as they're down 4-0 bottom of the fourth inning. orioles have yet to have a base runner as pelfrey has strikeout one. brian roberts grounded out his first time up. roberts will take that to left field. martinez makes the running catch. the wind will knock down some of these balls tonight. it seems -- it feels like it's blowing in. it's blowing into the booth here behind home plate even
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though it's swirling. >> jim: the flags look like they're coming this way. so much swirling with the warehouse and some of the new buildings in the area. >> gary: very come night and not wuch those nights where the ball is -- and not one of those nights where the ball is likely to carry particularly well. here is adam jones who popped out his first time up in the ballgame. >> jim: on top of the scoreboard, wherever the birds -- wherever the noses are facing, that's the way the wind is blowing. >> gary: trouble is they're always pointing in two different directions. >> jim: yeah, they can't get their act to the out there. now they kind of spinning around and swirling up there on top of the scoreboard. >> gary: that is a strike on the outside corner. now they've changed the rule here. in the runs in that fourth inning, there were four runs, three earned runs. they announced two there. you see the birds on the scoreboard. >> jim: yeah, they're pointing. they're having a conversation. i don't know what they're
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doing. >> gary: if that tells you which way the wind is blowing, we're in trouble. that flag is always right because it's way up on top of th tower in downtown baltimore. fouled off. >> jim: you're right. when we go to texas, the wind -- they always say down there when the wind is blowing in, it's actually blowing out. i think fenway park is a little bit like that because some of the ballparks have the big backdrops and they've added like in fenway park the way they did the 406 club the wind actually comes in and then swirls out. >> gary: 1-2 delivery to jones. slider away. pelfrey takes the count to two balls, two strikes. >> jim: think of an ice cream cone when you talk about swirls. >> gary: that's what you're thinking about tonight? >> jim: know, just -- it's gone. >> gary: it's gone now. >> jim: my mind was swirling. >> gary: 2-2, chopped foul at the plate. it will stay that way at 2-2. it's all right to have an ice cream on a summer night.
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>> jim: this is -- >> gary: this isn't a summer -- >> jim: no, it is but it isn't. >> gary: it is by date but not by temperature or by feel. jones trying to get it going here. >> jim: "usa today", he writes sports columns, it is cold. goirts not that bad. 2-2 to first base. murphy will take it to the bag. >> jim: well defense again to ground balls. ball hit pretty sharply. one thing about adam jones, watch him go out and cover that outside corner. the ball in the middle of the plate. talk about sinkerballer. there's another ground ball. >> gary: pelfrey is getting work -- has got it working here much like that youngster has it working. got my mojo. here is nick markakis. a ground ball to him. nick markakis grounded out his
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first time up. nick on the home stand, 6-24. he's had a couple of doubles, two runs scored. orioles are 3-3 so far in this home stand with these three games to be played against the mets before they move on to philadelphia with interleague play continuing in one of the band boxes of baseball. one ball, one strike count. markakis to left field. that takes care of the no hitter. martinez over to get it. the first hit off pelfrey comes with two down in the fourth inning. >> jim: mike pelfrey finally gets a ball up in the strike zone. nick markakis notorious to hit the ball to left field especially if you throw him fastballs. that's exactly what he does. >> gary: so, aubrey huff will stand in. the five home runs pelfrey has given have all been hit by left- handers. left-handers hitting with .299.
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.270 by right-handers. and a discussion here as pelfrey wanted brian schneider to come out. aubrey huff with a three-game hit streak. 2-5 and an rbi in the ballgame on sunday against atlanta to continue the streak. orioles could use a big inning or the long ball here to pull themselves back into the game. pitch on the outside corner for a strike. >> jim: we all know very, very few pitchers, hitters go up there and try to hit a home run and never hit them. what they try do is hope he elevates the ball, drive it somewhere. of course, with aubrey's power, 32 of them last year. >> gary: towering ball to right field. it's back near the wall. church is there and he's got it. aubrey huff gave it a try. no runs, one hit, no errors and one left on base. mets lead it 4-0. 
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>> gary: orioles waibl on - baseball on masn brought to you by southwest airlines. book your next trip at and by acura. acura advance. with jim palmer and amber theoharis here on this breezy evening here at camden yards. mets have the lead. 4-4-0, 0-1-2 for the orioles with one unearned run on the board.
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jeremy guthrie back up. cora the leadoff batter the only met not to hit in the fourth inning. he has popped out and flied to center field. cora, martinez and beltran and the pitch will be taken for a strike. guthrie will try and set it will down. if he's going to go much deeper into the this ballgame, obviously he's got to try to get this pitch count a little under control. he's gone maybe two so far. >> jim: yeah, they won't let you throw more than -- what, bergesen threw 112. he got 1 runs on sunday. -- 11 runs on sunday. >> gary: cora up the middle has a base hit. so, leadoff man on here in the fifth inning. adam jones and nick markakis are both in the running for a starting position for the all- star game. you can vote at you can vote orange and save green by voting for your birds the maximum 25 times, you'll receive a free upper reserve seat to any nonprime o's game
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after the break. vote early, vote often. complete details, fernando martinez, towering pop- up right side. markakis coming in. roberts out. markakis. they got that straightened out as the other day they had one almost exactly the same place near the triangle that dropped in because nick hadn't called brian o they talked about that and got it straightened out. >> jim: what did nick markakis -- dave trembley, the orioles skipper told nolan reimold pretend nobody is in front of you. that's what happened saturday night. it's a real good swing by fernando martinez. nick just kind of assumed that brian roberts -- i'm sure they did have a talk. you know what? you go for it. if you can get it, take it. it's an easier angle. you can see brian trying to get out of the way it. -- the way. it did expedite rich hill's
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leaving the game earlier on saturday night. no doubt about that even though he was a little erratic. >> gary: hit in the air to center field. adam jones off the bat of carlos beltran. he's retired on the fly ball out and there are two down with cora going back to first base. two away. now david wright again. >> jim: yeah, he made an awfully good adjustment. struck out the first time. it wasn't he hit a slider the last time into left field. it was a -- it wasn't a horrible pitch. just looked -- looked like maybe this is why he has a lifetime average at .307 309 and he's leading the league in hitting because he makes awfully good adjustments. >> gary: he does that. two down here. wright, shattered bat. pops it up behind second. andino is there. whenever you get wright, it's a big out. no runs, one hit, one left object base from the innerharbor across to a famous
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>> gary: 4-5-0 for the mets 0-1-2 for the orioles as guthrie settles in and gets the side out. now it's about the orioles bats. last thing orioles want to see after what they went through for five days is any kind of -- they want to continue what happened against atlanta in the last two. >> jim: you're right. i think everybody talked about it says i got the game. that's a long, long time ago. good pitching does stop good hitting. doesn't mean you can't score runs. the way pelfrey is throwing the ball tonight, you're going to have good at-bats. obviously, brian roberts drops a ground ball. could have been a double play. would have been two quick outs in the fourth inning. again, the mets came back and had some great quality at-bats against jeremy guthrie throwing in the mid-90s. orioles will have to do that again to pelfrey. maybe it will be a walk. maybe it will be a looping base hit. plawp maybe you'll get a home run. bottom line, it doesn't appear he'll give them like you saw atlanta do on some occasion a lost base runners. >> gary: don't forget he does
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not give up home runs f you're going to get runs against pelfrey, they're probably going to have to come from picking up multiple base hits in the same inning. good at-bats, maybe lay a bunt down. just get on and try to get things moving against him and try to get back in the stretch. melvin mora, way to get off. that ball will go to second base. easily played. castillo gets it over. mora is retired. one away. right now, pelfrey has had the orioles just pounding the ball into the ground here. he's really piling up those ground ball outs. mora down for the second time 0- 2. pelfrey has walked none. strikeout one in the ballgame. luke scott one of the few fly ball outs flied out it lofld -- to left field in his only at- bat. there have been only been four fly ball outs in the game. the one strikeout. the rest have been on the ground. >> jim: pnc scouting report turned out to be pretty on purpose. amaze thing to me is here we are in the fifth inning.
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he has used -- pitching coach dan warthen says he has three other complementary pitches. tonight his best pitch is his sinker. he knows that. amazing to me he's yet to throw any other pitches for his strike. his sinker is that good. >> gary: if it's working, stay with it until somebody finds a way to hit it. they haven't yet. 0-1 inside to scott. a little shift put on with luke up there as cora moves over almost behind second base. back up to second baseman, castillo. not obviously the pull it. 1-1 delivery taken down low. >> jim: mike pelfrey trying, list tongue his scouting report. scott a better fastball hitter. that's what he hit almost to the base of the wall in left field. he's been trying to use his other pitches. at the end of the day, his sinker has been so good he's still been able to get out. >> gary: two fwawl ball, one strike count on scott.
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he goes after one up high. bangs himself -- about to bang himself on the bat but he doesn't. >> jim: he wasn't happy with that either. he slapped his -- yeah, he's trying to slap a sinker. you can see the target. moving down and in, ball up and away. he threw it well enough to get it by luke. >> gary: 2-2 delivery to scott. ground ball to first. that will be in foul territory. >> jim: just imagine if you're playing if you're one of the mets defenders tonight. this guy is putting the ball on the ground. he has had some deep counts. you've got to figure it's going to be hit on the ground. at least there's a chance of that. you're on your toes. >> gary: pelfrey, two ball, two strike count. he has it in cruise control for the moment. luke scott will lift it the other way. it will go foul. >> jim: you know what happens when you get into these zones.
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until somebody does something, there's no reason not to be confident that you're going to be sung saysful. again, you can take an extra- base hit, looping single. as you mentioned, somebody bunts the ball or you walk somebody and next guy hits a home run. >> gary: that one by scott taken in the air to right field. it is on the warning track. it will be handled by church. scott is retired. there are two down here if the fifth inning. the only orioles hit a single by nick markakis in the fourth -- fourth. >> jim: what kind of answer it -- at-bat did that take t took a perfect at-bat where he threw a fastball away and it went with it. it looks to me, we talked about the wind this is one of the nights where camden yards is going to play big. ball doesn't seem to be carrying. >> gary: nolan reimold will take the pitch inside for a ball there are two down. o's trying to disrupt this pattern that pelfrey has going right now. reimold on the fastball away fouls it off and juan ball, one
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strike count. nolan hitting 6-20 on the homestand. back inside. chop it foul. he ground out his first time up. the orioles errors that have been committed this season have seemingly been so costly they led the fleeing unearned runs surrender. there's one in this game. that was a big error in the fourth inning at least to this point on what looked like a double play and what cleared the bases. nobody out, there are two on with nobody out. from there, the nats got four runs. 2-2 delivery on the way. that is taken down low. reimold force a three ball, two strike count. >> jim: you go back to that inning. obviously, didn't want to walk the 20-year-old rookie. we tawkd talk about jeremy guthrie. he got beltran second in hitting in the national league to hit a potential double play
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ball. >> gary: 34-7b 2 delivery fouled -- 3-2 delivery fouled back. >> jim: the probable is you try to pickup -- pick youup your teammate. they're in the heart of your lineup not the first time through. masset that's where the mets made great adjustments. jeremy didn't make good pitches. >> gary: mets took advantage. >> jim: they really did. >> gary: they got four hits in the inning. they were all singles. 3-2 delivery on the way. reimold fouls it away. mets are interesting in that they are the teams, 75% of their runs are scored on plays, hits other than homers. 75% of their runs are not off home runs. swung on and foul tipped. the other teams, the dodgers kind of surprisingly are the number one team in that department followed by the pirates, giants, angels and the mets on the lowest percentage of runs that come from homers. >> jim: i think a lot of it has to do with jerry manuel again
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who took over for willie randolph anticipating that with a new ballpark because it's a pitcher's -- pitcher's park. you go back to the hitting drill the 80 breaking balls in a row where you have to hit it to the opposite field in about 6:00. that was designed they bring the machine on the road because situational hitting, hitting the ball the other way. advancing runners important to this ball club. >> gary: a good job by reimold to draw the walk here with two down. the first walk surrender by pelfrey in the game. that will give a shot to matt wieters who flied out to center first time up. kind of interesting on that let's, -- list, jirjs you have national league teams except one in the top five who scored most of their runs other than homers that. would be one of the teams that plays more like a national league team than maybe any other american league team, the angels. it's that brand of baseball
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you're talk about situational hitting ortmeier way. >> jim: having good teams. the national league even with reyes out in the national league in stolen base. that's the type of ball club they have to be. imagine when you talk about they've had 11 guys on the disabled list and they're still over .500. >> gary: yeah, and only four games off the lead. the count with two down, runner at first base. matt wieters strokes that one into left field. base hit. >> jim: there you go. stalked about at least allowing pelfrey to get you back into the game. base on balls and then right here pretty good pitch. first time i have seen matt wieters cover the outside corner hits the ball down the left-field line. a lot of balls to right field up the middle. terrific at-bat. >> gary: now orioles are going to look for that two-out rbi.
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robert andino lined out softly to short his first time up. andino will get a chance here for .333 with runners in scoring position. he hasn't had many chance. sliders outside pelfrey wants to end this -- end this right here and not turn this order over with brian roberts on deck. >> jim: the pitch he hit to shortstop was a slider. the sinker has been his best pitch. a pitch here, a slider for ball one. >> gary: 1-0 delivery taken down low. he falls behind 2-0. schneider will make his way to the mound. orioles with a chance they're with two away. trying to get something going. >> jim: pelfrey has been around third year as a starter. last year, record low e.r.a. 13 wins, 11 losses. brian schneider, veteran catcher out there because of all of a sudden you see maybe there's a little momentum going back to the orioles he doesn't make good pitch here. we talked about guys you


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