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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 16, 2009 8:30pm-9:00pm EDT

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to get out. well, not that robert andino because he's been playing well. he's a guy in this order that you look at and putz put the circle around. >> gary: from pelfrey's opec perspective. 2-0 delivery on the way. he fawldz behind 3-0 on the number nine hitter. >> jim: all bets are off if you walk andino to get to brian roberts. >> gary: there's roberts waiting, hoping. >> jim: you think he doesn't want to atone for that error back in the fourth inning. >> gary: 3-0 count. andino, he'll be taking and does. fastball in there. >> jim: you would actually think he would be taking here. only two extra-base hits all year long. even though the averages come up, he's played a terrific shortstop. >> gary: really smoothed out his plays we were talking about earlier. three ball, one strike count. runners on first and second base. he draws the wahl walk to load the bases. so, having no one coming into
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the inning, he walks two here in this inning and that will bring up dan warthen the pitching coach to have a word with his starter. base loaded two down and roberts coming up. pelfrey has taken the mets pretty deep in ballgames that he has started. he's good at getting some innings under his belt at least five in 10-11 starts he's made this season. he's working here in the fifth inning. it's not as though he hasn't gone deep into ballgames. he goes deep in this day and age. >> jim: he kind of certainly has the stuff to do that. the sinker being the most important pitch. he's not in the roy halladay class he doesn't comantd ball. he doesn't have the experience that roy has. >> gary: so, roberts up.
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reimold -- reimold, wieters and andino. roberts is 2-6 with the base loaded including one double and seven rbi's coming in base loaded situations. 0-1 delivery on the way. roberts takes it. 1-1. pelfrey has given up only singles and only two of those. 1-1 delivery on the way. almost looks like he's aiming a little bit there as the count goes to 2-1. >> jim: i thought that about maybe two hitters ago. we talked about everything is going really smoothly until something changes in the base -- and the base on balls has been the difference in this. it has create add situation
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where with one swing orioles can get back in the garrett. >> gary: 2-1 delivery opt way -- on the way. that's the one roberts wanted. he turns away in disgust. count goes to 2-2. brian felt he had a pitch there he could do something with. >> jim: that at that ball was thrown well because it had a lot of late sink on it. >> gary: mets lead it 4-0. bathe bases load. two ball, two strike count with two down. pelfrey's delivery and roberts goes down swinging! foul tipped held on to by schneider. no runs, one hit, no errors. three are left on base. it remains 4-0, mets.
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>> jim: take a look at our summary. fourth inning, both pitchers come in. the error and really good at- bats. four base hits and a sacrifice fly off jeremy guthrie. thej then orioles trying to get back in the game in the fifth. mike pelfrey, pretty good breaking ball. looked like the orioles had a chance, but he strikes out brian roberts. >> gary: and church will lead it off here for the mets. ryan church has singled, brought in a run and scored. rbi's have gone to wright and church, murphy and brian schneider for the mets. that one to left field.
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reimold with a long run and it will end up in the seats in any event and a two strike count on ryan church. orioles-mets will be meeting for two more. tomorrow, it will be koji uehara, 2-4 against tim redding who is 0-2 for the mets. jason berken thursday night 1-3 against luis hernandez who is 5--- livan hernandez who is 5- 1. the three-game set and then the o's off to philadelphia for friday, saturday and sunday. big cut and i don't think he hit it. he's going to go to first. it will be a strikeout on church, but he'll reach first base. it is a pass ball that will allow him to get there. so, the leadoff man on again. >> jim: take a look. great angle right here. ball just gets under matt
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wieters' glove. right there, ryan church is going to look back. a little breaking ball. matt doesn't catch it. it goes through his legs. he's looking for it. by that time, ryan church down to first base. >> gary: third consecutive inning and three in the game that the leadoff man has been on for the mets. guthrie not getting a lost breaks here in this one and a 1- 0 count on gary sheffield. sheffield has singled and struck out the designated hitter for the mets hitting at .273, sevenhome runs, 23 rbi's. he's really had a very solid season for the mets after a tremendous struggle last year for the detroit tigers. >> jim: i was talking to himbefore the game. i said do you like the national league a little better. he said, yeah, because he hated the deght designated hitter. -- designated hitter. he didn't feel comfortable doing it. he should be comfortable doing it. he's come off shoulder
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injuries. a lot of guys who are 40 think they can play in the outfield, weapon you play in the american league and you're just a dh, that ball right off the mask of matt wieters, you don't ever get to redeem yourself with a good play. you're not in the game as much. it takes a lot of getting used to. he was uncomfortable doing it. [ indiscernible ] >> jim: that's another factor too. >> gary: he really wants to play every day:he can't do that every day with the knee he's got. he doesn't anymore. jerry manuel will have to reassess as manuel as he put it how i use sheffield once i get back into national leaguement for now as a dh, just fine. pitch will be taken inside. sheffield has passed eddy murray into sole possession of 24th place all-time on the home run list. he's also moving up the rbi list 25th all time in rbi's. 2-2 delivery on the way. sheffield will take it inside and another 3-2 count. >> jim: there was an article earlier in the year that the
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acquisition of k-rod and other people on the ball club will toughen him up. santana another one of the guys, second year with the team. >> gary: runner goes. it is popped up in the infield. mora. he's got it. there's one away. church will go back to first base. on sunday, july 12th, you can come to oriole park for the debut of 2110 eutaw street. it's an area in the right center field bleachers that will be named for rick and adam's uniform numbers. for $21, fans will receive a ticket and receive a limited edition t-shirt for nick and adam. this will take place july 12. for awful you who are markakis and jones fans, we hope you'll get out sunday, july 12th. 888-848-bird for the reserve seats at 2110 eutaw street there in the bleacher seats out
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there. right there 2110. 0-1 count. guthrie, ball moving hard inside. daniel murphy, big sac fly in the fourth inning. one down, runner on at first base. a one ball, one strike count. guthrie up to 97 pitches. we are in the sixth inning. 1-1 delivery on the way. ground ball to short. andino to roberts. no runs, no hits, no errors and nobody left on base. we go to the bottom half of the sixth inning with the mets on top. 
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>> amber: welcome back, everybody. time to check in on the minor league minor league. i think everyone saw this one coming. the draft pick has been promoted from double-a bowy. he will pitch tomorrow night for the bay sox. orioles have been busy signing some of -- some of their draft picks from the 2009 draft. they signed 11 picks including bumbr y's son including mikeflacco. the top three picks that they took will probably take longer to get them signed. we'll keep you updated on that. gary? >> gary: the sliding begins as top agents like to try to get
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those top picks signed. top picks are always the toughest to sign. orioles can't wait a lot longer as pelfrey shutting them down. they left the bases load -- loaded in the fifth inning. jones, daix and huff due up. pelfrey gets it in on the inside corner. coming into today's play, the american league has the advantage in interleague play this year. they have won 46 and lost 40. jones will take outside. runs scored, the american league .411. the national league, .351. vearks about 3/4 of a point hider for the national league than the american league. as you might expect, the american league has outhomered the national league 115-82. fouled off. it hasn't been a lost disparity over the years in the
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interleague games. it's been pretty close. >> jim: it really has. i think you should have to gear up and depend on your scouting report. i thought years ago when the orioles would go to the national league, they were more of a national league type of ball club. >> gary: shatteredback bat by jones it will be a base hit. -- shattered bat by jones. it will be a base hit. you deserve major league service. go to stub hub, official fan to fan marketplace of the orioles. upcoming, mets for two. we'll have those games for you and then at philadelphia for the friday, saturday night games and the sunday matinee game. >> jim: no disrespect to any national league teams, but if you play in the american league east and you're an underdog, it is nice to get out of that division and play teams that are still very good. philadelphia, we looked at that schedule right there where orioles will be next week. they're the world champs. mets have all kind of injuries.
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they're not the red sox or the yankees. >> gary: no. no, there's no question i don't think anymore that the eastern division of the american league, that's the tough one to compete in. tampa bay made it tougher with a run and improvement they had last year. there's nothing wrong withtoronto's pitching if they can stay healthy. it's very tough. very tough division. nick markakis, leadoff man on. orioles have just three hits, all singles off pelfrey. trying to get something going now in the sixth inning as pelfrey has retired the leadoff man in the previous five innings. it's the first time orioles have been able to get somebody on to try to kick it off. >> jim: his pitch count in the 90s at 93. nobody up in the bullpen. >> gary: markakis takes it to right field. that is back. that is way back at the wall! good-bye, home run! nick markakis! a two rbi shot for the orioles and they cut the lead in half.
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it is 4-2. >> jim: you want to mess around with breaking balls. something off-speed. that's a hang changeup. with one swing of the bat, it's a soft single by jones. watch this changeup. middle in. nick again see the bat head up. x-mo, bat head to the ball. talk about the baltimore didn't seem to be carrying. the right field didn't have a -- didn't have a problem. two quick runs to get back in the game. >> gary: a big time shot in the arm by markakis. sixth home run given up by pelfrey all to left-handers. markakis gets his eighth. an rbi 41 and 42 qoit. >> jim: gets the best bullpen in the national league up. >> gary: now aubrey huff. [ indiscernible ] >> jim: excuse me. david wright is going to come over. they need time. kind of a little delay here.
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i'm sure somebody told them -- him go talk to him. >> gary: we mentioned earlier for pelfrey, he's now given up. that's just the 25th home run that he has surrender since 2006 covering 56 starts. the fewest in the majors. >> jim: still has not given up a home run to a reasoned batter. >> gary: huff chases one up and away a two ball, one strike count. the orioles get back in it by delivering the long ball. it is the 68th home run the orioles have hit this season. >> jim: part of this equation is that jeremy guthrie had the one tough inning. the error didn't help. he shuts them down. all of a sudden, orioles think we're back in this game. can we get to their bullpen and pelfrey to get them out of the game. we'll see what happens. >> gary: count will go full
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again. three balls, two strikes. orioles get the extra-base hit and get the one they needed most, the long ball. >> jim: this will be the 100th pitch. >> gary: huff will step out. nobody out here in the sixth. 3-2 delivery on the way. aubrey huff grounds it towards center field and he's got a base hit! castillo was playing him to pull and could not get to it on his right side so, three up, three on for the o's. >> jim: yeaf yeah, you have a center fielder going to his left. doesn't want to walk anybody. can't get it as it goes into center field. >> gary: the orioles threatening a big inning. melvin mora. moompl has struck out and grounded out -- melvin mora has struck out and grounded out.
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>> jim: because you take the bunt, wright playing about a step behind the bag. easier to think by him. >> gary: and moves in another step on the pitch. >> jim: yeah, david kept look in the dugout to see where do you want me to play. even though melvin bunted the last time or attempted to t- does cause your defense to make some adjustments. talk about a guy that won a couple of gold gloves. >> gary: david wright trying to adjust to mora. mora trying to stay out of that double play ground ball situation. and there is the double play ground ball. cora, castillo, murphy. two down. >> jim: the old reliable. part of the scouting report. the sinkerballer. when he's been good tonight, he's been able to get the grounderment exactly what he needed the orioles didn't need. >> gary: so, melvin mora grounding into the double play.
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that will clean the bases with two runs in and now two down and luke scott. luke has flied to left, flied to right. pelfrey's pitch is ripped towards the corner and it is a foul ball by just that much. he didn't miss that fair pole by a whole lot. >> jim: look at our x-mo swing. a breaking ball by mike pelfrey. after the bat, there it is. a left-handed hitter. you hit it down in the corner, it's going to hook. that's what that did. >> gary: that one will go towards the corner as well. that will be another foul ball into that small space between the line and the stands in right. >> jim: if you went back and looked at all the pitches, he
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really tried to pitch luke scott in tonight. >> gary: as long as they're foul balls. >> jim: you're right. because -- again, one of the great dialogues used to be when kevin millar used to go back to fenway park and -- fenway pawk and talk to curt chilg schilling and it's going to be real simple. i'll throw you two foul balls up and in. let you yank them foul. kurt could command his stuff and they were in off the plate. you can't hit them fair. if you do, you'll break your bat. >> gary: 0-2 delivery. way up high and away. 1-2. orioles bullpen, danys baez. orioles are in this. first game of three. guthrie a little offensive help here in the inning to make it a 4-2 lead for the mets and scott will take the pitch down low and a two ball, two strike count from pelfrey. pelfrey does a lot of wondering out there. he always comes off the mound
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entirely to get the ball back. obviously tonight if you're going to put your hand to your mouth, it's got to be done off the mound so he does that. then, walks around, gets back upon the first base side. 2-2 delivery. fouls that one off. took a little off that pitch. stays at 2-2. >> jim: think about it. the only other way to get moisture and it's the way i learned from davy leonard who was my roommate when i first got into the minor leagues is wipe the brim of your hat, towel it off and you always have moisture by just going -- if you want to go to your mouth, you have to walk off the mound. it's one of those nights where there's not a lost moisture. >> gary: 2-2. just missed outside. a three ball, two strike count. >> jim: you don't tell anybody you're doing that. you get the whole brim the same color whether it's orange or -- i got did you have a sharp belt buckle too? >> jim: no, i could never figure that one out. thought about it. >> gary: tried it. three up, two downt count down.
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delivery to scott. he walked him. pelfrey close to the end. he got that double play and enormously important double play. he's now surrender three walks in the ballgame and keeps the sixth inning alive. >> jim: he's made two really huge pitches. one to strikeout. brian roberts to get out of the fifth. then, the double play ball to mora. until then, he was lights out. >> gary: jerry manuel takes the big hop to the third-base line and makes his to the mound. that will be it. the walk to scott will send the mets to their bullpen. green will come on to do thepitching. orioles will get the potential tying run to the plate in the person of nolan reimold. two runs in on the markakis homer here in the sixth. it's made it a 4-2 game.
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>> gary: this copyrighted telecast presented by authority of the orioles may not be reproduced or retransmitted and accounts and descriptions of the game may not be disseminated without express written consent of the orioles. so, on the bench, mike pelfrey with a chance to win his fifth game against two losses depending on the what the bullpen does for him and 30- year-old sean green out of the beautiful state and area of louisville, kentucky, comes on to do the pichtion. >> jim: he retired 27-37 and none scored in the last 12 1/3
8:56 pm
innings. you get butts -- j.j. putz coming over. he's out with bone spurs. he had his elbow. he came over to seattle. sean green last year before the all-star game was lights out. e.r.a. under three runs a game. then the overuse not a very good 8.65 e.r.a. they're hoping that if they use him properly, apparently that's been the case. he's very tough. hard thrower. very distinctive. he has a sinker. he's 6'6". he's all arms and legs -- arms and legs. >> gary: he's from kentucky and went to the university of louisville and the first cardinal to reach the major leagues from their college baseball program. 0-1 count. runner at first. reimold up. off-speed pitch in for a strike. reimold has a walk. he's grounded out. orioles with two down trying to keep the inning going. the markakis home run accounting for the orioles two runs on the board here in this
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inning. green from the third base side. that one in the air to left field. an atom ball there. martinez there for the out. orioles will settle for a couple of runs on three hits. they leave a base runner on, but have made it had a 4-2 ballgame. put a refreshing spin on your summer. ♪ bud light lime. superior drinkability. ♪ ultimate refreshment. a splash of 100% natural lime flavor. one taste and you'll find, the summer state of mind. bud light lime. ♪ i think it's the same. ♪ introducing the next iphone.
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it's the iphone you love, now with video. just one of the amazing new features on the iphone 3g s. the fastest, most powerful iphone yet. >> gary: on thursday, you can spend your lunch hour with orioles reach and nolan reimold at the espn zone in the inner harbor. he'll be on hand from noon to 1:00 signing autographs saying
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hello and will be there with the o's radio broadcaster joe answer gel noon to 1:00. for more details g-to nolan reimold. jeremy guthrie, the orioles starter two walks, four strikeouts gets the first pitch on the ground and schneider will be retired. he is 1-2 in the ballgame now. one away, seventh inning. >> jim: check out the 91 miles per hour. again, it's not about velocity. it's about making good pitches. sinker down and away rolls over. one pitch, one out. that's really what pitching late in the ballgame is all about. can you make quality pitches? you don't have to overthrow. you allow your natural stuff. i think there's a tendz tendency sometimes jeremy more ray did a -- more radar gun con husband is. he can throw good pitches. i always thought the harder you try to throw th


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