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year. here is the 2-1 delivery. wigginton takes it. strike, 2-2. >> jim: that pitch could have gone either way. >> gary: now he's really got to protect after this is a called strike. >> jim: just off the plate a smidgen. mets get the call. >> gary: two ball, two strike count. bases loaded. wigginton will foul it away. that was headed to that same location. >> jim: once jel jeff kellogg calls that pitch, it was very close, the strike, the last thing ty wigginton wants to do is get caught with a bat on his showed her in a 2-2 count with the bases loaded. , so the home plate umpire, for his friends throughout, it's not a reflection once you call that pitch, you automatically make the hitter expand it a little bit.
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>> jim: mora, scott and reimold on bey base for the o's here in the ninth. 2-2 again to wigginton. wow. there's a tough pitch to take. wigginton wasn't going to turn around. 3-2. >> jim: if he called him out, you would have seen a lost people because this ball is well off the plate outside. that ball called a strike. brian schneider brings it back. watch him try to frame him. a little late movement. i'll catch it and move it four inches right to the corner. >> gary: so, rodriguez and wigginton bat toll a three ball, two strike count. 3-2 delivery. wigginton swings and did he go? no, a bases-loaded walk! the orioles make it 6-3 and still just one out! mora scores. >> jim: that got razor shine, one of the mets coaches all the way out on the field.
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you take a look for yourself. ielt i'll tell you. either way right there. i think the orioles got a little bit of a break. tim timmons i got rbi for woig. now he'll pinch-run at first base felix pie. it's a 6-3 ballgame. pie representing the potential tying run. two walks in the inning by rodriguez and here is brian roberts with a bases loaded and 0-4 for brian roberts. rodriguez delivers. slider. nasty bite is in there for a strike. >> jim: how about the 3-2 breaking ball. you really cannot throw a better breaking ball. that was the one you'd like to obviously throw when the count is not 3-2. brian not a lot of success off of rodriguez.
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nine lifetime answers -- at- bats, a couple of hits. >> gary: 0-1 count the delivery to him. brian towards second base. castillo hayes got it. cora will have nowhere to go. run scores. they get the force out on pie as luke scott will cross and the orioles make it a 6-4 ballgame. roberts on the fielder's choice. now runners on at first and third, but there are two down. >> jim: yeah, at this point mets are trading outs for runs. the guy that they're concerned about is brian roberts. now, here we go. the ability to steal a base. you also have a guy that can hit a home run at the plate. i can't imagine he's going to run. >> gary: no, no. you can't take that chance. >> jim: we'll see. >> gary: not when you have jones and markakis coming up. >> jim: no, you wouldn't think so. >> gary: adam jones has singled, 1-4 in the ballgame.
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6-4 game. rodriguez, jones. a big cut. >> jim: you're at the point of the game now where you don't need the home run. obviously, a home run wins it for the orioles. a double up the gap and the outfield for the mets playing very deep. there's your fastball throaz throws it right by adam. >> gary: you got rodriguez where you want a closer. he's over 20 pitches. you can get most closers over 20, you generally get a better chance. good pitch down and away andcount goes to 0-2. >> jim: this is just nasty, nasty stuff. you talked about sharp breaking ball. obviously, adam having trouble picking it up out of his hands. of course, so does the rest of the baseball. >> gary: an 0-2 count. rodriguez after his 17th save. it will be 17-18 if he can get it. the orioles have rallied in the
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bottom of the ninth with two runs on the board to make it a 6-4 game f they don't come back, they'll look back on how the defense let them down in this game because it will be the difference three unearned runs. runners on first and third, two away. everybody up. here is the 0-2. roberts goes. outside. he'll get second base. no chance on that pitch for any kind of throw. so, brian roberts the potential tying run is on at second with a stolen base. >> jim: what he made sure of, gary, was not to get picked o'- - picked off. again, perfect pitch to run on. a little breaking ball that schneider had to catch blocked. >> gary: brian gets his 14th stolen base. >> jim: a base hit ties it up most likely. >> gary: two down, they're
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running. one ball, two strike count on jones. rodriguez ready. the 1-2 delivery. swung on and missed. strikes him out and he gets the save. the mets get a 6-4 win in this ballgame. there's your final line 6-11-0. 4-7-3. pelfrey wins it 5-2. guthrie takes the loss. he is 4-7 and rodriguez gets the save. game two coming up tomorrow. uehara will take the mound against tim redding. our coverage masn 26:30, "o's xtra" presented by at&t followed by the game at 7:00. for jim palmer and amber theoharis, i'm gary thorne. thanks, everybody, for being with us. tonight's telecast has been a
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masn presentation.   well, mets go hom tonight in the other three-game interleague series as they hold on and beat the orioles by the final of 6-4. birds with a rally in the bottom of the ninth inning getting the tying run to second baseadam jones closes it out. rick, the difference in the game as gary thorne just mentioned, three unearned runs when you make three errors in a game against a very good team and mets are contenders in the n. l. east, it's difficult to come back. orioles tried. came up short. >> it just sikhs seems like jeremy guthrie has a lot of bad luck these days. he'll make a bad pitch orsomebody will get on base with a base hit and the defense just kind of collapses on him a little bit. he just no luck at all in interleague play. he came in to interleague play giving up a 1.08 e.r.a. but still only two wins in
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eight starts. tonight with his ninth start. he doesn't get a win tonight. it was one of those kind of games that teetered on the defense. >> orioles have been swinging the bats very well and very good approaches in the ninth inning working a couple of wawms walks one with the bases loaded. they came up short as the mets hold on and twin 6-4. let's look at the highlights from tonight's game. top of the fourth u-one out, one on for the mets. looks like a sure double play ball. brian roberts boots it. nobody out. everybody safe. that start big inning for the mets. >> this is one of those defining moments, but it's a defining moment for the mets that. really opens the glood gates for the mets later in this inning. >> next batter in fact is david wright. rbi single puts the mets on the board. >> david wright with a shot into left field. that scores their first run right here. jeremy guthrie goes on a little bit later to give up a few more hits. david wright was right there to contend his 10-game hitting streak. >> bottom of the sixth, here is nick markakis. that made -- hadn't hit a home
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run since may 21. he goes deep. a two-run shot. awful suss, -- sudden, a 4-2 game. >> good to see nick markakis finally getting ahold of one. it's been a long dry spell for him. he puts his eighth up on the flag court. >> base loaded, two out, wright the pop-up down the first-base line. huff gets there can't handle t an error and two runs score. >> a lost bad defense costs the orioles too many runs. two runs score on this pop-up down the right-field line that aubrey huff can't handle. >> here is adam jones against francisco rodriguez. jones at the plate representing the winning run and swings for strike three. francisco rodriguez alouded -- allowed a couple of inherited runners to score holds on and gets the save. pelfrey gets the win. he's 5-2. guthrie takes the loss. guthrie now 4-7. he has one win over his last six starts and rodriguez works the ninth inning after the two men guilty on and he picks up his 17th save. orioles two-game winning streak is halted and the mets get the opener of this three-game
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series. let's go back to the masn broadcast booth and welcome back in jim palmer. jim, jeremy guthrie pretty good in this game. he couldn't survive the one inning and it seemed like once that error was made, he was over the plate four hits in the inning and couldn't stop the bleed eeg couldn't. i think there's a tendency a lot of times either your catcher comes out and talks to you. we know matt wieters sinexperienced. he's not going to do that. probably something deal as he gets more maturity and more experience in the big leagues. a lot of times what you got to do is step off the mound. what i noticed is if you can look at jeremy guthrie's face, he's starting to grit his teeth. again, he was very good tonight. he probably had his best slider early on in the game. in the fourth inning, leadoff walk. makes good pitch. there's going to be a 4-6-3 double play. all of a sudden, the a series of bad pitches. hanging slider to wright. high fastball to church. hang slider to sheffield. you can see every ball up in the middle of the plate. right here after trying to get murphy out trying to strike him out, he threw him four or five
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straight fastballs and the ball through his leg from brian schneiderment again, a sires of bad pitches. you know n-reality, defense could have helped him out. there are the numbers of the hits and the earned runs. again, not a bad outing to. me, it was actually an improvement. i think what happens is he gets a little witt of trouble. you know, rick, you know this as well as do i. what did mike flanagan used to say? a lost times when you get trouble, you have to try easier. i think jeremy is one of these high-effort guys. he has marvelous ability but knees -- needs to throw 1-2-3 inning down when he gets in trouble. he had trouble doing that. hurt by the defense big time you look back over the last three games that the orioles had played before the off day. they were really putting together some are pretty good rallies. they had a nice, little like 41 hits in those three ballgames. tonight, it looked like they would come through with these late-inning rallies. they did it last year. this year they're coming up that one hit short when they need it the most. >> you know, pelfrey was
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working on a no hitter going in until markakis got his base hit in the fourth inning. he walked three in a row and then the big pitch of the night at that point was getting brian roberts out on a 3-2 breaking ball. then, the next inning you get three or four guys on in a row and get the markakis home run. he threw a changeup in the middle of the plate. nick hit it over the right center field fence. then, you have the double play from melvin mora. again, orioles had a chance against the starting pitcher to get back in the game early on. then, later in the ballgame, of course, jerry manuel with the mets brings in and matches up people. of course, when they brought parnell in, if this is a closer game, you don't get parnell. you get rodriguez. i tell you. i think wade pretty good sampling of why he's 17-18 and why he had 62 saves last year. he has electric stuff. >> jim, this was another situation where the orioles couldn't put all the facets of the game together. we talked about it on sunday. that day they did. today, pitching was pretty good. hitting twlats at times. that's certainly enough. the defense really three errors
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and that without a doubt affected the starting pitching. it's very difficult when you have good teams and merts a conned ten -- contender extra base runners and extra house. >> -- outs. >> you're right. that's the problem. when orioles change those little things is when they'll become a winning ball club. again, what you'd like to do is when you go back to the fifth inning, if they had done what they had done not on saturday night in the seventh inning are what they did all day sunday which is get that key hit. again, you just can't do it when you want to. i think we've got to give a little credit to mike pelfrey. he had the one bad inning. this was a sinkerballer. he went to his strength. mets played defensively a lot better behind him. then, their manager who is used to playing without the full deck. they had 11 guys on their disabled list. he kind of sequenced his way through the latter innings. just a couple mistakes against a good ball club. mets considering all the injuries are a lot better third baseman team than people give them credit for. they're four games over .500. most teams really would have folded the tent. they're all about good defense,
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timely hitting. they got that tonight. you know what? going to their bullpen, the best bullpen in the national league, we saw all the facets the orioles self-destructed. that's a difference sometimes between wing and losing. >> you mentioned bullpen there. that's the one difference with this team. they have a guy they went out and paid big money for francisco rodriguez even though he allowed the two inherited runners to score, he did his jobment orioles never tied the game. >> yeah, but it's not only that. they went out and got sean green. he came in and gave them inning 2/3 of nothing -- 1 2/3 inning of nothing but ground balls. they have a left-hand specialist feliciano. he brings him in to matchup against markakis and huff. he strikes thyme him out f this is a closer game, you would have gone to a guy that's now 18-19 or 17-18, rodriguez. the only blown save he has all year long after having 62 last year is a pop fly that castillo should have caught on friday night. so, this guy has outstanding stuff. you know what? to me, he could have gone to a lot of other teams. he ends up signing with the mets. one of the biggest deficiencies
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they have had over the last couple of years has been able to close out games. they don't have that problem anymore. >> jim, we appreciate the insight. thank you very much. we'll see you back out here tomorrow night. >> you got it, guys. >> jim palmer joining us from the masn broadcast booth levels get being a leak -- we're not going to get a look at the at anld t player of the game because dave trembley is coming n this is post-game media conference by verizon wireless. let's head inside to the skip ear started the game and pitched very well. only, tonight is the kind of game that more times than not you're going to win. you know, we didn't because we didn't do enough things right. that's part of the game. i mean, it's not -- it's not like it hasn't happened before to anybody in this game and it did tonight. you know, we gave them too many outs and they capitalized on them. i like the way he started out.
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he said before the game that i thought the key was for him to get out of the first inning. his rhythm was real quick. you know, early in the game. you know, we came up a little short. i had a real good feeling in the ninth inning we would come back and get it especially when we had the bases loaded and nobody out. you felt like maybe it would turn back in our favor. you know, k-rod made big pitches and got out of t that's just the game right there. >> dave, concern you at all how jeremy reacted to the first adversity in the game? [ indiscernible ] >> i'd rather have him keep throwing strikes than walk people. i can tell you that. you know, i don't think he gave in one bitment i think he kept throwing strikes. you know, his velocity was good. he didn't slow himself down. i thought he kept pichs
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pitching like he did at the -- pitching like he did at the beginning of the game. [ indiscernible ] >> easier play for brian because of the angle or huff thinks he can catch it all the way you go that way? >> i think with wright hitting, if you -- if you can if you look where b-rob is playing, he's shade sod far over second base a ball that's hit higher than the ball that was hit is probably with brian's speed he can probably get there and camp under it. to our disadvantage, the ball wasn't really hit high enough. he's shade all way over. he's almost behind second base with wright up. [ indiscernible ] >> the conversation with the umpires, were you viezed how -- surprised how animated it got? >> i'm not surprised he gets animated. those things are part of the game. i thought it was important in that part of the game to keep melvin in the game u don't want to lose a guy that early.
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>> was the -- [ indiscernible ] >> i thought the ball hit the bat is what i thought. jeff said he thought he swung and then it hit the bat. i said we can agree to disagree. [ indiscernible ] >> you know, that's just something that didn't happen for us. obviously, if we do it over again, we're going to make that -- we're going to make that 99% of the time. i just look at that as part of the game. it's not something that -- it's an oversight or anything. it just happens. those things happen. >> kind of still going the way that reimold in left field and -- looks like he could have doaf for that thing -- dove for that thing -- >> i haven't seen it. you guys get a better look at
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it from up there. it's just unfortunate that the mistakes that we made cost us some runs. that's all. we had some very good at-bats. reimold had some great at-bats tonight working the count fouling them off not chasingpitches. i mean, the things that are obvious, everybody can see them. i hate to dwell on them. they are things that are veryobvious. the game -- you know, jeremy kept us in the game. he kept us in the game. the game could have -- you used term snowball. the game could have snowballed and been totally out of hand. it didn't. we kept it within our grasp from getting back in it. you know, we had them go to their bullpen. they had -- as soon as it got to a save situation, they went to their guy. we made them earn it after we gave them some -- we gave them some runs and some extra
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chances. all right? >> well, manager dave trembley following the mets 6-4 win as new york gets the other of this three-game series. let's get a look at the at&t player of the game as voted on by the fans tonight. nick markakis holds off david wright. markakis, 54%. nick had a two-run home run. wright, 44%. alex cora gets 2%. nick markakis is your at&t player of the game. well, tonight here at oriole park, mets go home winners as they beat the orioles 6-4 in the other this have three-game series. samuel adams summer ale is a flavorful wheat beer. it has a very nice spice note. it has a little lemon zest and a historic brewing spice called grains of paradise. it's citrusy, lemony. sam adams summer ale.
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it just totally reminds you of summer, yeah.
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night tomorrow night. welcome back in jim hunter, rick dempsey. it's "o's xtra" presented by verizon fios. one good sign in this loss is nick markakis finally got the elusive home run he had been looking for since may 21. his two-run shot at the time made it 4-2. really nice to scenic break the home run drought and rbi drought. >> you have to go back to the new york yankee series when the orioles played in new york. this is when markakis hit that last home run. pretty good shot to almost straightaway center field at yankee stadium. it's been like 22 games until nick markakis walked up there tonight. he gets ahold of this one for base hit first. this is his second at-bat of the ballgame. then, later on in the game, wow, there it is. the shot we've been looking for. hopefully, this will be the swing that gets markakis back on top of his game. a little bit of confidence. full extension. beautiful swing. we all watch it goes into the -- go into the flag court. this cuts the lead in half for the mets. orioles at this point in time 4- 2. >> so, markakis hits the home
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run. he goes 2-4, a couple of rins. -- rbi's. he gone 21 consecutive games without a home run. also 14 consecutive games without an rbi. he takes care of both of those streaks on one swing of the bat. he has a multiagency as well -- at game as well as the mets hold on to win it by a win of 6- 4. we'll go back to the strikeout call that dave trembley was asked about. as we watch this video, pay particular attention to jeff kellogg the home plate umpire. as melvin swings, watch his arms. he signals foul ball. >> he does. the ball runs in on melvin. he's trying to do everything he can to turn the opposite way. most hitters tush their -- turn their shoulders into it let the ball hit him. melvin tries to turn away. the ball hits his hand and the bat at the same time. the umpire sees all hand. as the swing went around as we saw the swing, it's an automatic out if you swing at a ball and it hits any part of your body at the same time. >> what was interesting about that is if he saw all hand, why
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did the umpire put his hands up to sinning signal foul ball unless it was one of the base umpires that said wait a minute i saw it hit his hand. >> more like almost a time-out call i would have to say at the same time because it really wasn't much of a foul ball. yes, he did kind of indicate foul ball at the time, but i think really what he was trying to do was just stop the play. >> mets win it 6-4. birds two- game winning streak comes to an end as new york gets the other of the -- other of the three- game series. new york w-11 bathe base hits. orioles with three errors. 
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well, mets win it by  final of 6-4 to grab the opener this have three-game interleague series. you see the three errors on the tail end of that line score leading to three unearned runs. into the orioles clubhouse we go. amber standing by with coach juan samuel. >> juan, whenever you lose a game by two runs, you always look back at moments in the game and you add up those two runs and look at the fielding errors today.
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aubrey's cost two runs. brian's cost two runs. looking back over, you pinpoint those as turning points in the game? >> well, you know, those things are going g to happen. those guys are out there playing giving us 100%. we're the ones on the bench that's not going to make any errors. again, yes, anytime also that you give teams like that extra outs, they are going to take advantage of that. there are a lost good, good hitters and those kind of things that happen. it's just part of the game. >> is it also odd to see you don't see brian make errors very much on a double play ball. >> no, no, i mean, it was just one of those unfortunate situations. he's human. those things happen. >> going after -- going over aubrey's err ror, he looked determined to get that ball n that situation, could that have been brian's ball too? >> brian is playing up the middle. brian is playing to pull. he's not going to get there. it's just a matter of where
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everybody is playing. it was just hit in a perfect spot. >> overalthough look back at this game, just missed opportunities? >> oh, yes, oh, yes. we did have chances there late. facing the closer, so he came in and did a good job, you know. that's why the guy makes the big bucks. he made some good pitches. we had some good swings. this game was just not meant for us. >> you get another shot tomorrow, right? >> exactly. >> beauty of baseball. thanks a lot, up with a. >> thank you. >> thank you very much, amber, with juan samuel. we go to bowie where john mariotti had another fine outing. seven innings to pick up the earned run. walk three, struck out one. 12 more ground ball outs for john mariotti. the sinkerballer work very well at double-a as he picks up another win. 2-4 since being promoted to the bowie bay sox. here is a look at the minor league scores as bowie beats


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