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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 16, 2009 10:30pm-11:00pm EDT

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triple-a debut. he allowed five home runs. three home runs hurt his outing as louisville beat the tie 6- 46789 there is the bowie 3-2. conception with the home run. keys on the road in winston- salem loses. the catcher for the keys continues to pound the baseball. 2-2 with a double and rbi for can a will he be joseph. lakewood at home against delmarva. 6-5, wealthy with a another triple and a couple of rbi's. here is scores around interleague play. yankees at home beat the nationalities 5-3. red sox had had a big inning and beat the florida marlins 8-2. they're in the 10th inning in philadelphia. blue jays-phillies are tied at3- 3. in colorado, tampa bay leading the rockies. milwaukee and cleveland, brewers have a 7-3 lead. they're in the sixth inning in st. louis with the cardinals leading the tigers by a score of 11-1. right here, mets win it by a final of 6-4. jeremy
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mets get the other jeremy guthrie took the loss. guthrie did pitch 6 1/3 innings, but goes down defeat. into the orioles clubhouse we go for the oriole right-hander. >> pulled the ball very well. was limiting the pitches up in the zone. yeah, things were -- i felt like i was able to throw the ball and even innings after that got refocused and did much better. >> in your last start -- you had said in your last start a couple days you felt you were in a funk feeling out of whack. did you feel that was pass you? >> absolutely. ball coming out of my hands. made adjustments on the slider. felt that was a better pitch with the exception of the one to sheffield left up in the
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zone. it was coming out much, much better. fastball overall was ex coups cuted very well for me tonight as well. >> so, guthrie takes the loss. he goes 6 1/3, middle game of a three-game series tomorrow. here is the pitching matchup. >> koji uehara looking for a better effort than his last one against the mariners. he gave up four runs on seven hits. he'll be looking for his third win of the season. again, he'll be up against tim redding struggling all seasoning lon -- season long 06789-2 on the year with a 6.18 e.r.a. he's looking for his first win of the year. >> a lot -- a lot to join us for tomorrow. al, steve will be here for "o's xtra" on the pregame show as we highlight a future oriole. steven bumbry. just signed by the orioles and then the matchup tim redding against koji uehara. get out to have the ballpark tomorrow. it is adam jones bobblehead night. for more on the game, 105.7fm, more on for jim, i'm rick.
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we're out of time! we'll see you tomorrow. boston lager continues to be a very special beer. six weeks after jim started the business it took the best beer in america award. nobody had tried an american beer that had that kind of flavor. twenty years off, jim is still obsessed with boston lager. sam adams lager continues to win medals all over the world. that's pretty cool.
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scores two. mets take a 6-2 lead would that be enough? we know how this mets bullpen operates. we've got drama, bottom nine, two on, two outs. francisco rodriguez able to get adam jones, the former mariner great gets nothing against k r rod. by a final count of 6-4. 11 games, pelfrey with his first win since may 7. baltimore has lost 9 of 12. >> well, the tigers and cardinals have played three times in world series history. most recently, 2006, where in game 5 justin verlander's throwing error led to a pair of unearned runs. st. louis went on to win game 5, 4-2. they won the series 4-1. on this night, they pounded verlander. five earned runs, eight hits, over four innings. cardinals leading 11-2.
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albert pujols smacked a solo home run. his 23rd of the season. his major league leading 23rd home run this season. five homers now in the last five games. >> how about the dodgers? one of the most amazing classic fall moments. out of the clubhouse and up to the game-winning two run shot to give the dodgers a 5-4 win. >> bringing in the a's and dodgers. top two, we are scoreless. majors best, l.a. going to win three straight against the american league for the first time since 2006. >> the '# 8 worlditted the anaheim angels against the san francisco giants. first and only tie, of the fall classic. it will actually win games for
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the first ever world title. right now the angels with the 1-0 lead as they play in the bottom of the second inning. juan rivera, the r.b.i. double in the first inning. 17 ribs for rivera in his last 15 games. s. >> tiger woods, gearing up for another run at the u.s. open title at bethpage black. tom ron nawldy, earlier today. with tiger woods, 4-2 to now. overall, it's the shots are slightly different. but again, we have more rain coming in. what hole plays most differently to you now? >> well, 7 plays different.
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and 8 was a new front tee. we're going to be using. nine's way different with that big bunker. we were hitting 3 wood over the top of it last time we played. now we're hitting driver. hopefully we can get past where we can see it. obviously a new green at 14. and the finish is always stout. >> you put so much work in developing a strategy to manage the course. how would you describe the preparation heading in this time? >> it's been good. i hit the ball well at memorial which helps. and my practice sessions at home have been very good. i've hit the ball well up here. so i'm just looking forward to getting a little more fine tuned tomorrow. getting it dialed in just a little better. doing a little more work on the greens, and hopefully i'll be ready come thursday morning. >> how do you measure your game from when you first returned to match play to now? >> night and day. night and day. i was limited to what i can do. i was hoping. i wasn't sure if i could make it around 18 holes. i hadn't walked yet. my first walking of 18 holes was in a practice round that week.
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so it was a lot of ifs. right now, my leg feels great. it's explosive again. all the different things that i've been doing to try to get it better. it's starting to get better each and every day. just when i think it can't get any better, it's getting better. >> what would it feel like to make your way around the course using your driver and not necessarily a cane? >> boy, you're not lying, huh? last year was certainly interesting. it was a long week last year. sometimes it felt even longer, going 91. i'm lucky everything worked out going the way it did. but probably it was the best thing for me to have the surgery. get it done, get it healed up and be ready for this year. >> add a little more loft to the driver, what's behind that decision? >> i don't get the ball in the air like i used to. when i first came out here, i was a 6.5 degree driver, and now i'm up to 10 now.
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so, you know, i'm not looking forward to when i get to the 40s. >> the old man's trying to go for his 15th major title. back to you. >> well, woods attempting to match the record for most u.s. open championships. he's targeting his fourth american title this week at bethpage black. tiger edged rocco mediate last year at torrey pines. he won at bethpage in 2002, and pebble beach in 2000. >> when it comes to plaxico burress, giants coach tom coughlin says that train has left the station. coming up, what new receiving targets are pulling into the meadowlands? plus, jay cutler wanted out. he was shipped to chicago. now the broncos top receiver wants out of mile high. why denver may not be willing to make that deal.
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it's going to go foul and into the >> season on the brink for both southern miss and north caroli north carolina. that's star dustin. acly. number two pick of the seattle mariners. first inning, back up the box, bunting comes around to score. carolina up 1-0. acklee says he models his game after pete rose. >> i'll take that a. >> charlie hustle. >> spoken like a mariners fan. he hit .421 with 22 homers, 73 rbis during the regular season. came close to those numbers in this game alone. 5 for 6. three runs batted in. carolina eliminates southern miss 11-4. final game in the coaching career of eagles long time coach, palmer. well, texas and arizona state won their opening round game in the college world series. texas trailed 6-0. in the fourth inning, that's
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cameron roth. cutting the lead in half. later in the inning, texas down 6-4, belting one through the right side of the infield. pair of runs come around. longhorns tied up at 6. same score in the 7th. ruff, second of the game. 10 unanswered runs for texas in this game. but we also know that this isn't about that. it's about a company that's most of the about a company looking for an undisclosed take ten years ago to deny coverage for a brain tumor today. the practice of the private insurance market have less to do with the consumer and a lot to do with company profits. as we move forward with health care reform we have to put an end to practices to discourage haitians from seeking out care, insurance coverage should be a pathway, not a barrier to care. mr. chairman, i look forward to
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working with you to improve care coverage, refocus attention on patient, and again, i thank the witnesses for being here today and i yield back. >> thank you. mr. braley for an opening statement. >> thank you, mr. chairman. this is an important hearing and i'd like to start by talking about the concept we are here to discuss because the term post-claims underwriting is an oxymoron. insurance companies are structured in a different departments to get the have an underwriting department and claims department and the underwriting department is supposed to do pre-issuance risk assessment to determine whether an individual policy is worth the company investing in that person as a health care and risk. the claims department is designed to respond, to request for coverage after a policy has been issued. so the very theory that we are
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here to talk about today isn't even supposed to exist in a rational health care delivery system. and it wouldn't exist if we had a rational health care delivery system. but when you read news stories where the ceo of one private health insurance company is sitting on stock options valued at $1.6 billion, it shouldn't come as a shock to any of us that we are sitting here today reading these were stories of patients that have been caught up in an inefficient and sustainable private health system. and ms. raddatz, i wish every claims examiner and every insurance company who gets engaged in post-claims underwriting determinations had to go through what you went through and the other witnesses here today because one of the most profound experiences i've had in my life is spending a
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month at a pediatric oncology unit at the university of iowa hospitals and clinics. when i was in the big brothers big sisters program and my little brother was diagnosed with acute large celled lymphoma and spent the day watching patients with no hair, ivies in their arm or chest going into a port, walking around taking care of each other much better than our health care takes water of patients in their time of need, and it's a slander on the names of the health care professionals who do everything they can to help keep patients like your brother, like my little brother alive when we don't give them the support they need after they have invested their hard-earned dollars paying premiums to health care insurance company returns their back on the patient on their hour of need.
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and that is why i strong supporter of the health insurance option and proud mike colleagues on this committee, chris murphy and peter welch joined me introducing to get health insurance patience a public health insurance option with no discrimination so we don't have to go through these nightmares any more. with that, i yield back to get >> thank you. that concludes the opening statement of all members. one of the witnesses had to step out a moment so let's stand in recess for just five minutes and we will come back in five minutes. everyone had a chance to stretch your legs and we will be in recess five minutes. this hearing will come back to order. as i stated before, we had a brief recess. that concludes the opening statements by members of the subcommittee and now i would
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like to call upon the first panel of witnesses. in the first panel we have robyn beaton, policyholder from texas. ms. peggy raddatz who is the sister welcome all of you thank you for coming. is the policy to tackle testimony under oath. please be advised you have the right under the rules of the house to be advised by counsel during your testimony. do you wish to be represented during your testimony? you are all shaking your head snow coal debate okay. i ask you to rise and raise your right hand to take the oath. ms. beaton, if you want to sit there that's okay. do you swear or affirm the testimony you're about to give to be the truth, the whole truth
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and nothing but the truth in the matter pending before this committee? let the record reflect the witness is replied in the affirmative. they are now under oath and we will hear a five minute opening statement from each of you. ms. beaton, would you like to start first -- he would like to be last? ms. horton, would you like to be first? will you pull the microphone first and there should be a button, pull the microphone for word. it doesn't pick up as well as it should. >> can you hear me now? >> i can hear you. >> good morning, ladies and gentlemen i want to start by thanking the kennedy for the opportunity this morning. i am pleased the congress decided to take a look at rescission so it can understand how damaging this practice has been to so many people across the country. when blue cross canceled my coverage i had no idea what recession meant but now after my life has been turned upside down the past four years of come to understand what a despicable
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practice it is. insurance companies require due to fill out an application that is confusing and they don't do anything to make sure you understood the questions or supplied all the information they need to decide whether they want to ensure you or not they just accept you and your premium checks. it's after you see the doctor everything changes. when your doctor's filed claims the insurance company starts looking for reasons not to pay them. did for medical records and compare what the fight to the information you put on the application. it's called post-claims underwriting and in california where i live its illegal but in jurors ignore the law and when they find a discrepancy or omission davies and the policy and refuse to pay any medical bills. even for routine treatment or treatment they previously authorized. lacrosse decision to raise and my insurance was devastating to my husband and me and i consider myself one of the lucky ones. as the lead plaintiff in a class-action lawsuit against lacrosse i represent 6,000
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californians who are all stripped of their insurance by blue cross. you can't imagine how horrifying some of those stories are. blue cross recent and some of these patients after going heart surgery or cancer. some were left with hundreds of thousands of unpaid medical bills. one thing we had in common, we were left to somehow stayed healthy after blue cross walked blue cross and 2005 because my parents raised me to believe that health insurance was an absolute necessity that should never be taken for granted. i work in the film industry in los angeles california we're in a plant is generally temporary and down on a free-lance basis. so for me and others in the industry individual coverage is a necessity. at times i applied i just left a temporary staffing agency for sony pictures to work on a specific movie when i made the move i had to give the stability of my group health care plan.
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so i immediately sought individual health care coverage. when i applied for coverage with blue cross i wanted to make sure i did everything correctly to make sure there would be no problems. i felt of the application to the best of my ability evin dewitt was long and confusing. i wrote down everything i could remember including hypothyroidism, a condition i've had since i was 18 and i listed the contact information for my doctor and turned in the application to my broker. she told me everything looked good and sent it to blue cross and they accepted my application doctor for a checkup and i had routine blood work performed and the doctor's office sent the bill to blue cross. i received a letter shortly after birds singing they wanted all of my medical records from both my doctor and gynecologists. i consented having nothing to hide. a couple of months later in june of 05i received a letter from blue cross stating they were
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rescinded by insurance because i didn't disclose i had taken a job and because of a regular ministration. i had taken that is in the previous year but was no longer taking it rifle out the application. my doctor prescribed it hoping i would lose weight but it did not. i stopped the medication when i saw it wasn't working. in the recession letter blue cross said they would never accept me if they knew i had paulen sestak ovaries. this is the first i heard about this condition. i later learned that it is a diagnosis of exclusion and difficult to prove. doctors often proceed on suspicions of a person having it without actually having proven it. this is what happened in my case. the doctor suspected i might have pcos and then prescribed the medicine for weight management. i never knew what she broke down in the notes because she never told me. after my decision i had two of
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my doctors write a letter to blue cross telling them but they didn't care they wrote back they were of holding their decision to rescind. after being rescinded i showed my application to my sister and her husband, both radiologists to ask what i could have done long filling out the application. they felt the application was worded in such a way to be purposely confusing and asked the same question in multiple ways to trick people. i'm a college graduate and no dummy and still couldn't make sense of their tricky application to be the worst part about the recession is i had been unable to get insurance anywhere else. i applied for individual insurance through blue shield but on the application they ask if the applicant has ever had insurance rescinded. when they learned i had they informed me they would not accept me for coverage. every insurance company asks if you pat health care coverage rescinded. the rest of my life i will never be able to get individual coverage again because of blue cross. as someone who works in the industry that relies on
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individual coverage plans this is a big deal. since my rescission live had to take jobs i do not want and put my career on hold to ensure i can find of insurance. fortunately after my husband and i got married i was able to gain coverage through his company's group plan however if he ever loses his job or i don't have employment with a company that offers group health insurance i might have to go without. as i mentioned before i consider myself one of the lucky bonds. i don't have outstanding medical bills and i am relatively healthy in fact i was able to pay my doctors back for the blood work blue cross refused to pay but many people who've been rescinded are far less fortunate and as the lead plaintiff against blue cross i feel the obligation to speak for them as well. what blue cross has done is wrong and they must not be permitted to get away with it.
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americans need health care reform. as my experience shows owning an insurance policy doesn't necessarily equal access to health care. if insurance companies are not prevented from canceling or restricting coverage insurance policies are not worth the paper they are printed on. insurance companies are making profits by collecting premiums in exchange for the promises to be there when people need them. make them keep their promise. thank you. >> thank you, ms. horton. ms. raddatz, would you like to give your opening statement -- and thank you for being here. >> thank you very much, mr. chairman. thank you to all the members of the committee for your kind words and wonderful statements. my name is peggy raddatz and i am appearing today to testify on behalf of my brother. my brother abbas e-business owner of a restaurant she ran with his wife. he purchased a health insurance policy in august


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