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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 17, 2009 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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and ran home. top of the seventh now.úú÷÷ coming up on "o's xtra, the orioles seek to rebound following last night's loss to the mets. three errors in the game hurting the orioles chances. luke scott and the birds looking to draw even. scott is red-hot at the plate. koji uehara takes the mound, it's game two of the three game series. it's you, it's me, it's rick, it's aubrey huff. good evening, everyone. it's "o's xtra" presented by at&t. it is an overcast, damp night at camden yards, but we will
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have an on time start as the orioles and mets get set it play the second game of this three-game series, the orioles looking to bounce back from last night's 6-4 defeat. a big crowd filing in here at camden yards. welcome in, everybody. rick, looking back on last night's game, it was all about the errors. if you commit three errors in the game, you really can't expect to win. >> you have to say jeremy guthrie did a good job for four innings, then the hitting came late, but by that time the defense did not supported jeremy enough to really hold up enough for him. i thought we were going to get a real good effort after him, but he gave up four hits, and that pretty much did him in for the night. they scored four runs. >> let's look back on the game highlights. it's a scoreless game after a lead-off walk. here is beltran, double play ball to brian roberts, but he
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boots it. >> you don't see this happen very often. every now and then when you're trying to turn that double play, you take your eye off the ball just a hair too soon. >> so the next batter with two on and none out, david wright, he delivers a base hit to left field. >> he comes in and he shows a pretty good swing right here. good low fastball. this is what puts the first run on the board for the mets. >> mets went on to score four runs in that fourth inning, so it's 4-0 new york. here's nick markakis, breaks the long home run drought. >> 22 games without a home run. he gets ahold of this one. full extension, connects up on the flag court. >> now, the orioles rallied in the 9th, two in, two on. francisco rodriguez against adam jones. >> k-rod lets it fly, that's exactly what happened. strikeout there to adam jones to finish the game. >> so pelfrey got the win, guthrie the loss, rodriguez the
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save, markakis the home run. look at the note, the orioles now 2-6 when committing two or more errors in a game. twice this year they've committed three errors in a game and they have lost both those games. the talk in the o's clubhouse was about the errors. >> those things are going to happen. those guys are playing hard, they're giving us 100%. that's not going to make any errors, but again, yes, anytime also that you give teams like that extra outs, they are going to take advantage of that. they are a lot of good hitters and those kind of things happen. it's just part of the game. >> obviously the error changed momentum with the game a little bit. >> not as well as i should have. i think for the way that the team picks up all of us, you know, throughout the season, throughout my couple years here, tonight i didn't execute pitches following that play,
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and they built off the momentum and i didn't do my job sufficiently well and they got away with four runs and the lead. >> that's a play that if you catch it, it's a great play, if you don't, you catch it maybe 50% of the time and you're running hard as you can down the line and you're looking up behind you. it's not routine by any means. brian was playing more up the middle with david wright hitting. it was just one of those plays where you just 50/50, you catch it, you catch it, you don't, you don't. >> he couldn't hold on onto the ball. the mets eventually win by a final of 6-4. after guthrie left the game, three relievers came on including alberto castillo who faced two left- handed batters and gave up hits to both. >> in the last 13 games the orioles bullpen has been a strength of the team, but within the bullpen there is a glaring weakness and there has been all year, that's at the
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role of left-handed specialist. we remember back on june 4, jamie walker was released because he can not get left- handed batters out and that was his job. it appears his successor alberto castillo is struggling to do the same. we saw that last night. alberto has pitched in four games here with the orioles, he's faced seven left-handed batters and out of those seven, four have reached base successfully. three of them have hit home runs off of him. so it's obviously becoming a recurrent problem within the bullpen. today dave trembley was asked whether or not the left-handed specialist is an important role? >> ets important. you have to have that ability to match up, plus you have to force the other guy into making a move. and if you don't force him into making a move, he's got to know that you've got that bullet, i mean, it's a strategic thing. i'll be real honest with you, there's times when you put a left-hander in there and get a
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left-hander out, it doesn't happen once, you're okay with it. it doesn't happen twice, the red light goes on. three times, you start going, hey, maybe you got to start putting guys in and play the game as if you don't have a left-handed guy. and that's honest. >> so trembley is saying at some point you've just got to go with the best guy that's going oh get that batter out. but he also said he does not want to play without a left- handed specialist. but as far as alberto castillo is concerned, it's very interested, left-handed batters are hitting .429 against him, while righties are 0-3 against him. >> last night he allows two hits, one of those runners scored. but still let them get on base. the mets in a tight game when it's 6-4. we'll get a look at the starting lineups as we continue "o's xtra" from camden yards. 
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tonight's game time wea presented by train. overcast skies, as you see. the rain has left the area. 64 degrees, another breezy night, east southeast at 10 miles per hour. that humidity is on the rise, 86%. we will have an on time start. let's get a look at the mets line-up. new york won last night, 6-4. jerry manuel sends the same line-up out tonight. cora, martinez and beltran. beltran has won three gold gloves, four all-star teams.
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carlos beltran, switch hitter, he has power. >> here's a guy, for the last three years, he's put up some huge numbers with the mets. 41 home runs, 31 -- 33 home runs, 27 home runs. the average on the road, you just don't ever expect it to be as good as he is. all right .369 batting average on the road. fourth in doubles, the guy's got 29 extra-base hit games in a row. it's just unbelievable what he does. on the road a 22 game hitting streak. >> and a switch hitter in the middle of the line-up, certainly an advantage for the new york mets. birds looking to draw even in the series. roberts, jones and markakis up top. huff will be followed by mora, scott will dh, reimold in left field, wieters will catch. andino at shortstop. the orioles getting a bump last night from luke scott who
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continued his hitting streak. >> what i really like about luke scott, everybody knows he's a very streaky hitter. when he's hot he just powers the ball everywhere, but those streaks are starting to cut down quite a bit. he's hitting .375. 6 for 16. he's hit .33 since he's come back off the disabled list and that's what really counts. he's 21 for 63 with nine home runs. he's now starting to show a lot of consistency. you don't really have to worry about that week and a half, two weeks that he seemed to have taken off in the past where somebody just makes him look funny on one at-bat. he's really showing a lot of maturity and a lot of patience at home plate, getting a lot more walks than he ever has in the past before. that's really starting to pay off for the o's. >> when you -- what does that tell you when you look at a hitter, you look and he's walked seven times over the last four games in addition to the hits.
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>> what it tells me is these, the guys, streaky hitters are guess hitters. guys that look for a fastball and a fastball count, they don't get it and it really messes up their mind. all the reaction time really slows down. right now what you see out of luke scott is he's being patient, he's waiting for his pitches. he's letting the pitcher get deep in a lot of counts. you kind of know getting ahead in the count, 2-0, hitting counts like that, you know what to look for. you're going to get a fastball in those situations. one thing i really like to see, is when he's in trouble, he's starting to take the breaking ball the opposite way. he's waiting on the breaking ball. >> middle game of the three game series, it's interleague baseball here at camden yards on adam jones bobblehead night. tim redding the former national on the mound for the mets, still looking for his first win
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orioles and mets tonigh it is wired wednesday. gary and jim will chat with manager dave trembley as they do each and every wednesday, tonight they'll also talk with oscar salazar, that's tonight. tonight koji uehara goes to the mound looking for his third win of the year. it's his second start since coming off the disabled list. the manager was asked about pitch counts and what he'll be looking for as he watches koji during the game. >> i think koji's not alone in this. i think most pitchers, the biggest indicator that you see the other team, their hitters. their hitters will tell you.
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koji is a guy who pitches to contact, but he's also a guy that is a master of deception and upsetting the hitters timing. when he gets swings and misses, when he gets guys out in front and he speeds them up, then he slows them down, then he speeds them up, when he has them late, i think that's when you know he's on his game. and i think that the truest indicator of that is watch their hitters. they'll let you know. just like the hitters will let you know when a guthrie or a bergesen or any guy who pitches when they're losing it. when the timing is not disrupted and they're fouling the fastball straight back to the screen and they're squaring everything up, it's time to say, hey, have you seen enough? and you get somebody else in there. >> koji off the disabled list last thursday against seattle, he went five innings. >> it's really hard to believe, koji has pitched so well here at camden yards. one of the things he has no
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comps at home. no free passes which means no walks. hard to believe you can't get a lot of wins when you don't walk anybody. 29 innings with less than 3 walks. he's only got two walks here at home. four no decisions and four losses in his last eight starts. that's what we really got to get koji on track and get back in that win column because we're really wasting a lot of good efforts out there. >> on the other side, it's the right-hander tim redding former national going for the mets. >> almost number one but maybe not a good way. he's got the highest e.r.a. of any starting pitcher with 100-plus innings. he's second in the major leagues, not the highest. but he is good in the first inning. in the first inning the opposition's b.a. against him is .158. they'd sure like to see him go seven or eight innings like
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that. >> he's only faced the orioles once in his career. that ended up being a no decision. what's the rick dempsey key to the game? >> you've got to be in the lead after six innings. the orioles so far this year, it's been amazing, have an mazing record when they're in the lead after six innings, they're 21-2, their record. when they're not in the lead after six innings, it's 2 and 30 which is the worst in all of major league baseball. i do everything i could possibly do to get that lead in the 6th, even if it was squeezing the guy home from third. >> when you have a pitcher on the mound, redding, most of the earned runs have come in two starts. what you want to do is try to get a lead on him so you could play that type of game where you get the add-on runs. >> make him pitch from the stretch. they can't stop the running game. they start to change everything around, so that's a key tonight, too, is to try to get guys out there on the bases who
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can steal bases. >> when we come back on "o's xtra," it's a family affair in the orioles organization. there's the b on the write and his son steven.
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ballpark. we have al bunbury, and his son steven, he's signed, he's sealed and delivered and he's now officially in aberdeen. you have to be very proud your son not only has the talent, but was drafted now as a professional baseball player. are you happy you went in the 11th round and he went in the 12th? >> no, not necessarily. >> what was it like, obviously you knew steven had talent. what was it like when you realized he had a legitimate chance to get drafted. >> well, i think the main thing was during the course of the season, there was several clubs that had spoken to us and talked to us about his ability and they spoken very highly of him. of course i'd always seen that before they told me that, so i wasn't surprised, but i was very happy when the orioles called his name. >> my son, i have a son that got drafted, too, he told me
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after his playing days were over that there was a lot of pressure on him at that time it play up to the reputation of his father. you have to play up to the reputation of a guy who was one of the best lead-off hitters in the game, what's that like? >> i think that's going to be on my back a little longer than if i'd gone someplace else. i just try and think about the pleasure of playing the game. i try to not worry too much about the pressure coming from the outside. >> what is your style of game compared to your dad's? he was a tremendous base stealer. you don't steal as many bases. doesn't mean you're not fast. what is your style compared to your dad? >> like you said, i'm not as fast as him, but i can cover some ground out in the outfield, so i'm pretty good defensively out there, i think he'll be the first one to tell you that i got a little more pop than him, i'm a little stronger and bigger. so i can possibly hit the long ball. he wasn't too much of a home
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run hitter. >> if i could ask, you know, what kind of advice are you going to give him leaving for his first season of major league -- professional baseball? >> it all tends to change. when you become a professional, you know, and everybody's competing more so for the job than for position. that it gets very tough. he may have thought he had it tough at virginia tech, but it gets even tougher now. >> you came up through delaney valley, the school there. is all your friends, everybody kind of excited about you being an or joel? -- oriole? >> yes, definitely. the first couple of hours on draft day, i just got calls off the hook from all my friends congratulating me. they're all excited. and they all are looking forward to coming up to aberdeen making the short trip up there and seeing me play. >> that's got to be a real bonus, because i guess you could live at home. it's not that far to aberdeen.
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>> we could charge him rent, too. >> that's okay. but in a round about way it also might be a detriment, because now everybody's going to be around and you have to settle in as a professional baseball player with the mild distraction of being the local guy? >> yeah, that's true. that's going to be part of the game learning how to handle distrackses and people being around and asking for tickets and being around and wanting to come see you play, but that's going to be one of the things i'm going to learn real quick that i have to do what's best for me and my friends and family still there, but i've got just play my game and keep my head on my shoulders. >> steven, do you kind of compare yourself a little bit now to adam jones and reimold and guys like that that are here already? >> i can definitely see myself in their shoes in the next couple years out here, beautiful park patrolling the outfield like them. >> now, there's no timetable obviously. that will be determined by how well you play, and prospects tell him when they're ready by
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their performance. b, you were drafted at 68, made your debut late in 72. what have you toll steven about just being patient and remembering that they notice. look at reimold, last year the entire year in double-a, didn't make the team, go down to triple-a, show us what you can do. what have you told steven about that process where what you can't control, don't worry about? >> i think he's become very aware of that. he had a difficult time at virginia tech that last year for a little bit and he was concerned about things he couldn't control. so we talked about, hey, you just play the way you can play, go out there and play hard every day and you do well, people will notice and you'll get recognized. don't worry about the things you can't control. >> you know, you may be living at home and playing in aberdeen so you don't get that opportunity to get away from home and kind of deal with that. one of your biggest problems is going to be, that your father is too close to you.
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>> come on, i already told him that i wouldn't come to see him as much as i saw him at tech. >> you can sneak in down the left-field line. >> you mentioned you don't have the speed of your dad. can you beat him now? >> i'm sure i could, absolutely. >> he can beat me now. in fact, that's the question i get asked the most when people hear that he plays baseball. they say does he run like you? i say, no, he doesn't, but he does everything else better than me. >> what do you have to offer the orioles right now? >> i think i can play a great defensive outfield, i can cover big territory out here, maybe with the big wall in right i can put a couple of balls off the wall. >> steven, congratulations, good luck with aberdeen. >> thank you. >> it's game time. it's the orioles and the mets, second game of a three-game series. 
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