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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 17, 2009 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> gary: day game today, th angels beat san francisco 4-3. as lincecum started the ballgame and lost it. he gave up four runs, eight hits over eight innings. gibson got the win for the angels in relief. ishikawa -- ishikawa had the only home run. >> jim: lincecum doesn't lose very often. >> gary: strike taken by luke scott, designated hitter. five game hit streak for luke. those numbers tend to get lost a bit in the shuffle, but those are tremendous numbers. he continues as dh's in the
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american league. he's third in average, third in rbi's and first in dh home runs. >> jim: and he's nine behind the home run total last year when he had problems with the achilles tendon in his back foot. i just realize, seems to me a different stance this year, a healthier luke scott. second year with terry crowley, and he's learned the lead. he can hit the fastball. >> gary: that will be inside. tim redding on the mound for the mets. redding has actually faced the orioles before, but way back when he pitched for houston in 03. and he was nondecisioned in the ballgame that he started and went four innings in. a whole different time and place. and scott with a big cut is the first strikeout victim. >> jim: dan came on last year when jerry manuel became the
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manager and has done a terrific job, and that's the cut fastball that he has worked with tim redding. so it just gives you extra movement. watch this ball kind of veer in. you think it's going to stay in the middle of the plate, just keeps coming at the left-hand hitter. break your hands over your knee and go. >> gary: nolan hitting at .281, three doubles and seven homers. had an 0 for 2 in the opener last night. 1-0 pitch is going to be put in the air and foul. speaking of last night, there's a young lady named lane celebrating a birthday, we're continuing to today from her real birthday yesterday. tim is our director, lane is his daughter. so happy birthday lane, and i apologize that i didn't get it
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in last night, but birthdays should be extended so we'll continue the celebration today. >> jim: no older really. maybe a day, but the number's the same. >> gary: the father has advised us that there will be no additional presents despite our attempt to continue the day. fastball is taken inside. that is foul back. the count will stay at 2-2. orioles in this home stand have won three and lost four. the game tonight and tomorrow, the final two ballgames of the home stand. then they're on to philadelphia for a weekend series for three. way outside, slider away. another 3-2 count. >> jim: the one thing about nolan reimold, i had heard about him for years.
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i never realized he had this kind of plate discipline. >> gary: he's on again. >> jim: he can hit the ball out, he can hit it to right, he can hit it to left. if you hang a breaking ball, a lot of young hitters, they duck the hanging breaking ball. he airs it out which is what yogi berra said one year. he said, they're ducking pitches that got me into the hall of fame. nolan reimold has that old- fashioned, you hang it up there, i'm going to hit it hard somewhere. >> jim: wieters will take the ball in the air to left field, it is on the warning track, it is at the wall, and good-bye home run, numero uno, matt wieters.
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>> jim: i guess that answers our question whether the ball carries. he hit it high, again, it's only about 360 out there. not a bad pitch, but he just goes out and covers the outside corner, gets it in the air. right here martinez is going to go back and back and back. first row souvenir. >> gary: fans already want a curtain call. koji uehara mighty happy he got it and how about that fan. here's andino. and the orioles back on top 3- 1. first career home run by matt wieters, and if you're the fan that caught that, you're darn right you're excited. i don't know if matt will get that back or not. probably at this point he
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doesn't care. andino over the screen. redding doesn't give up the home run very often. he's only surrendered two prior to that one. so the third off the mets starter. >> jim: that's the 49th home run the orioles have hit at home this year. >> gary: there's the man that caught the baseball. you saw how excited he was when he got it. he still is. he'll be smiling like that for about a week. and a strike three called. >> jim: that home run traveled 366 feet. i gave up enough of them to know, it doesn't matter if they go 366 or 319, they get over the wall, they're gone. >> gary: that takes a load off matt wieters. >> jim: he still hasn't gotten
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a hit with a runner in scoring position, now we know, when they're on first, they're in scoring position. >> gary: he's probably going it take the ball down and get something from matt wieters after the game. brian roberts up. >> jim: tim redding said, i don't know if this is a good idea. strike out the first batter, walk the next, give up a home run. >> gary: brian flied out to left. 0 for his last 6 here in the first two games of this three game set. a fastball will be taken up high. the count will go to 2-1. >> jim: that really gets your attention if matt wieters hits a pitch that is a pretty good pitch. it was on the outside part of the plate. all of a sudden he takes it the other way.
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>> gary: koji uehara staked a two-run lead now, 3-1. orioles have the lead for the second time in the ballgame. luis castillo batting in the number nine spot will take the pitch for a strike. the speedster has done a good job getting on base in the bottom of the order. he was 1 for 4 in the ballgame last night, and quickly a two- strike count. >> jim: he lost 17 pounds last year, probably the lowest batting average in recent history in his fourth year. they won 89 games last year. he's got to be healthy, he's got to steal some bases.
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seven steals out of nine attempts. >> gary: he's a switch hitter. .254 left-handed. slash-time hipper. tried to punch it and fouls it back to the screen. he has a 16 game hit streak going against the orioles that goes back to the year 2000. the highest batting average against the orioles since that season. offerman 408 against the 80s and castillo .405. that's not many at-bats in interleague play. nevertheless, the 16-game hit streak over nine years. uehara, 2-2. >> jim: it's unbelievable. this is our scouting court, how
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shallow jones is playing and reimold in left field. this is where apparently they think. i think this is fine when you are not the 3-2. 3-2 you have to take a couple steps back. >> gary: got him. >> jim: terrific pitch right there. the run, first run came on a, just a 2-0 count. so all of a sudden he gets ahead, 2-2. pinpoints that outside corner. nicely presented by matt wieters. >> gary: one away. he's retired all three lead-off batters so far. back to the top of the order, here is alex cora. lined out to second base his first time up. in the lead-off spot, he, too, has some decent speed. fouls that one off.
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uehara gets ahead on the count, two strikes. >> jim: he plays terrific shortstop. as we talked about last night, he's just a, learned it in boston, a great utility player. he can play second, he can play shortstop, can play just about anywhere. >> gary: he will foul it back. >> jim: i asked sandy alomar, jr., sandy alomar, sr. is the bench coach, sandly alomar, jr., i said tell me about matt wieters. he said i'll tell you what, some of the softest hands i have seen. he said, maybe get a little bit wider, he said, dennis martinez told me one time, get the legs out. i want to see a shoulder, i want to see a knee. make sure you get the glove up. it's not easy being 6'5" and catching. i think what i like about it is
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he does get down. for a big guy, he really is able to give you a low target. >> gary: a chopper right off the plate that is foul. it will stay at 2-2. uehara is really moving along in this game. one of the things we've talked about with wieters behind the plate is would these pitchers, wieters believes in a very fast base. he likes to keep guys going. that will be fouled away. so he gives, gets down quickly, gives the sign quickly, and tries to get a pitcher in a rhythm that he can stay in, inning after inning. and he's very conscious of doing that with the staff. here's the 2-2. and right off the end of the bat foul. that's a great protection swing there by cora. >> jim: alex cora doesn't have a whole lot of at-bats.
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reyes is their regular shortstop. he's been out for almost three weeks. >> gary: there you see cora trying to slow this thing down a little bit. >> jim: most guys will rap both of their gloves in between pitches. >> gary: he's got a base hit. so a single for cora in the lead-off spot. martinez coming up. adam jones, nick markakis are both in the running for the all- star game. you can vote for your favorite orioles at the all-star game suddenly closing in. >> jim: is it ever. >> gary: that will be foul back. martinez, a strikeout victim.
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his first time up. orioles up 3-1. each team's got three hits in the ballgame. koji uehara getting his first start against the mets. quick toss over to get cora back to the bag. >> jim: he actually has stolen and attempted six steals, five of them successfully. the mets do lead the national league in stolen bases. come in with 64 of them. situational hitting. the new ballpark, citi field huge. jerry manuel, he understands, he said, if we're going to win, we're going to have to situational hit. >> gary: that one behind the plate. >> jim: especially when you lose delgado with 39 home runs. we talked about his hip injury. i talked to the trainer, he said he's actually doing quite
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well. when you get to be in your late 30s, it's difficult to project that a guy will be back on a certain day. >> gary: another one fouled back. there will be no play. this is a 20-year-old out of the dominican republic who is only in his fourth professional season. a .282 hitter in the minors coming in this season. so a very young player getting a chance early because of injuries with the big club. martinez has had only 42 at- bats and it's only his 13th game since being recalled from triple-a. >> gary: that one in the air.
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it will be jones coming over. he's got it. two down here in the third inning. >> jim: a pretty good swing, but splitter just moved enough where he couldn't center it. and you know that it's, koji doesn't have a lot of those easy innings. a lot of splitters, trying to get them out in front. the problem has been maybe the 6th inning where they've seen it the third time through the order and the hitters have made some adjustments. >> gary: give him a cushion to throw more strikes. beltran flied out to center field his first time up in the ballgame. our leader board tonight is presented by firestone, a tradition of innovation. david wright is at the top of the pile in the national
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league. runner going, left field, coming on reimold, not going oh get it, but a great stop and will hold him to a sing 'em. boy f. that had gotten by, that would have been a whole lot of trouble. it will an base hit. >> jim: i think once he commits himself, he has no choice. he thinks he might get there, and coming hard. then right there, the ball just tailing away. he's able to come up with it. outstanding play. not only does he get to it, he keeps beltran who, what, fourth in doubles in the national league with 20 at first base. so now you have yourself a force play. >> gary: four hits on the board for the mets. they have the corners covered, two down, and david wright at the plate. he popped out his first time up. wright coming in with an 11-
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game hit streak. you see the home run totals as the power, has increased. he was going for a long ball right there. >> jim: he popped him up, up and in the first time. again, i think wright when you're a .309 lifetime hitter and you can hit for power, you can hit for doubles, you can spray it all over the field, it becomes one of those pitchers meetings. >> gary: there it is again. wright hitting .351 with runners in scoring position. >> jim: he's done about everything. >> gary: just like that, got him. uehara gets the k. two in the inning, four in the game. . - it's on. - it's on. - ( music playing throughout ) - it's on. - oh, it's on, all right. - it's on. - totally on.
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>> gary: orioles have a 3-1 lead, dave trembley joining us from the dugout live. for you and matt wieters, it's got to be nice to get number one out of the way, isn't it? >> that's one less question i've got to answer. i can tell you that. i'm sure it's nice for him, for the team, great for the fans, and the guy's going to have a great career. that's one he'll long remember, i'm sure. >> do you have a formula on how you're going to use him? >> i said i'm going catch him
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five days a week. i'm going to split it up. zaun's done a nice job for us, so i've got to get him in there a couple days a week. i'm going to try to do the best i can with wieters. let him compete. let him get some success, but also i'm not here to overload him. >> nolan reimold, did you manage him in the minor leagues? >> i had him a couple of years in the instruction league. >> was he always as disciplined as he is now? >> he was. he doesn't chase a lot of bad pitches. the bad pitch he always chased early was the bad slider, the bad breaking ball. you can see tonight most teams what they dry is they try oh get him to chase up. he's such a very good low ball hitter. he's had a couple of tremendous at-bats. working the count, gets two
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counts, fouls them off, he's been a real nice addition to our team. >> what were you thinking when he short hopped that ball? >> i was yelling from the dugout, don't dive, don't dive, keep it in front of you. >> he made a nice play. >> yeah, he did. he's done -- t-bone's done a nice job with him. we bring him out early, especially the first game of the series, and t-bone will take him through the line-up hitter by hitter and show him basically where the positioning is. >> john shelby you're looking at. markakis singled his first time up. that one ripped into right field. >> there's another question i don't have to answer for a while either about somebody asked me about necky. nicky's going to hit 20 home runs and have 100 rbi's when it's all said and done. the guy has balance, uses the
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whole field. >> he's got like now 25 hits to left, 26 hits up the middle and 27 to right. we always talk about players. i got to imagine he's one of those guys you really don't have to worry about too much. >> i talk to him when i think maybe he's pressing like everybody else, he's human, but nick markakis, i know the term is overused a lot, but nick's a very special guy. he's unassuming, he doesn't get all caught up into a lot of things, he just likes to play. >> aubrey huff had a single and an rbi his first time up. each team four hits now. >> you guys got my sign so i can't give any signs. i told juan before he get on here, we kind of got some verbal things. >> so you have verbal things going. >> we won't give away the home run sign. >> i'd love to see one right over that at&t sign, believe me. i'd sleep a whole lot better tonight. >> how are you sleeping?
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>>in little bit extra on the fastball. >> yeah, i think he looks like he's got a little bit more life to his fastball. i think the cool weather, he likes it. i think it plays to his advantage. he's had six days in between. i think he's feeling stronger. let's remember, he missed over two weeks before he pitched again. this is his second time through. e game d ore a lot of n runs. t e gnand-run orsteal sign on. >> it's my leg. one leg up means he's going, the other leg up means he's not going. i just switched legs because maybe sandy alomar has my sign. i'm telling you the truth. >> i believe you.
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and he's not going. and the pitch is taken inside for a ball. skip, i've asked you this before. interleague play, you like interleague play. >> i think anything that promotes the betterment of the game is great for the players and great for the fans. just palmer was fortunate enough as i hope some day a lot of these guys are fortunate enough to play in postseason, so i think it's just really a neat thing for baseball to be able to do it. get the best against the best. guys get it play guys they don't very often. the fly ball out by huff, two away. markakis goes back to first base. that will bring melvin mora up. >> should we let you give some signs? >> i gave one, did you see my leg up? you saw nicky go. >> now i got to stop it. i'm hoping melvin hits a gaper, nick scores from first.
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>> two down here. mora will take it outside. just explain that, skip, one last question, what you said about mora. the sequence you're looking for here with melvin at the plate. >> he's going to get a breaking ball at some point in time. if he gets it, i would expect he's going to bought hurting on it. and that would be a great time for nicky to run. there it is. >> nick's got the green light down there in these situations? >> well, he did, but i just took it off. because back-to-back pitches redding is usually the slide step. sandly alomar is over in that dugout, sandy and i were with the cubs all those years in the minor leagues, so i learned a lot of these things from him. >> skipper joining us here with mora at the plate. that was the one he wanted. >> i was talking to you


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