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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 17, 2009 8:30pm-9:00pm EDT

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on 2110 utah street. reserve your seats. right out there between the two of them. here is jones, he has walked and scored. he came in on the huff single. two of the three walks surrende come around to score. >> jim: did he get away with a slider that ended up in the middle of the plate ther talk about reimold adam just aired it out. whenyou're red-hot, you don't missthis picé.ñ% he doesn't quite centeit. >> gary: that one in the air right center field, not deep. church is there. @obviouly edn getting th fly ball outs. fly ball pitcher here at least for this ballgame. and a very busy centerfielder. a quick count, i think that's five put-outs now. that have been had in the outfield. and most of them have come
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recent vintage. beltran has been real busy in center field. he's hauled in four of them. here's nick markakis, two down, nobody on. markakis has two singles in the ballgame. he's gone four for six so far in these two games. the slider will miss inside for a ball. >> jim: got about as low as .283 and that average up 10 points. i mean i look at him, i was talking to mike pelfrey, i said, markakis is one of those guys, he's kind of like pete rose or he's like, especially like brett, carew, where you decide, okay, do i want to give him a single to left or do i want to speed up the bat. something he did right there with the change-up and maybe a possible home run ball. >> gary: nick markakis has indeed got the bat going again.
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>> jim: this is the same pitch that he hit off pelfrey for the home run last night. so, again, put down. one of the keys to hitting. then the bat head gets speeded up. so markakis gets his fifth three hit ballgame. and his 21st multihit game. and, again, the orioles looking for that big two out hit which aubrey huff will try and find. he's got a single and an rbi. markakis goes, not if time. stolen base. well, we had dave trembley on, he talked about the green light. that nick markakis gets. he thinks he's got a jump. >> jim: i think one of the things they talked about, juan samuel said, hey, we're going steal more bases. so the time, slow to the plate, schneider actually throws year in and year out throws well. though he's coming off the d.l.
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with back problems. >> gary: pitch will miss. aubrey huff. the orioles get a chance now with a big run out there with two down. markakis with good speed and the benefit of taking off on contact with two away if aubrey huff can put one where they're not. there's that breaking ball again that doesn't, stays up and away. >> jim: anytime you steal a base, there were games when i pitched where it seemed like every time you'd go out there that inning, there would be a guy in scoring position. it really reflects not on your pitch count, because there's the same amount of witches, but the difficulty right here, and we can see it, who are you going to pick to, mora or huff, and they pick pitching to mora. it's just the degree of difficulty and the importance of every pitch when had he get runners in scoring position, especially when you're already one run down.
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just magnifies it and makes it that much more difficult to pitch. >> jim: now melvin mora will come on, mora has hit into a double play and flied out. melvin does have a five-game hit streak going. they have been mostly singles. as he has hit safely in 14 of the last 17 ballgames. the long ball has deserted melvin. he did get out of the rbi funk. for the orioles this season, two out rbi's initially they found a lot of them. that has dropped down a bit. orioles .241 with runners in scoring position and two away. it had been up around the .280 mark. mora will try and get one here. markakis on for the single, he's at second, huff on at first. orioles up by just one.
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a very light drizzle continues to fall, but the clouds are just ripping on by. >> jim: and they really put a shift on melvin mora. >> gary: grounded towards the middle and he's got a base hit. markakis will score, huff at second gets back and the orioles have a 4-2 lead on a two out rbi base hit. >> jim: melvin has done a nice job of hitting the ball all over the field. this is the 14th hit up the middle and 11 to right. the infield has been speeded up a little bit here at camden yards. that ball gets lou the infield easily. >> gary: that is very big run. >> jim: they chose to pitch around huff once the count got to 2-0. you're just trying to play your percentages.
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jerry manuel just making the gamble, and it doesn't pay off. >> gary: 17 rbi's from melvin mora on the season. scott with the big cut on the off speed delivery. luke has struck out and flied out to center field in the ballgame. scott hitting at .311 on the year. orioles could use the extra- base hit right here with a couple on. popped him up. second base. and the fans getting on castillo.
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>> gary: koji uehara is out there now with a chance to be a winner. it's been eight games since he last won, picking up four losses, four no decisions in those eight. but tonight jimmy leaves with a chance to be a winner. >> jim: he was magnificent. scattered the seven hits, only two earned runs, didn't walk anybody. 34 innings with only two base on balls. he made them hit him. it's nice to hand the ball to
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brian bass, as good as he has been, to make it very simple. over his last 10 appearances, 23 innings, so he's been a work horse. 1.17 e.r.a. >> gary: and he will go to work. and the pitch is taken outside. brian -- ryan church, double, sing is he will, run scored. the rbi's for the mets have gone to murphy on an rbi base hit and schneider on a sac fly. pitch will miss down low. each team has left five on base and the mets have actually outhit the orioles in the ballgame 7-6. bass will work to church, sheffield and murphy here in the top half of the sixth inning. hard hit, roberts. oodles of time the way that ball was stung. church is retired. brian bass has become the go-to
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guy in the bullpen. 43 innings, 44 hits, only a .262 average against him. that 4-1 mark and a 3.53 e.r.a. >> jim: he came in relief of adam eaton on a sunday afternoon, gave up four home runs, wind blowing out. he had to make some adjustments. he certainly did that. is trying to stay more closed, gets his arm up, i think 93 to 95, pretty good sink. 2-0 on the first two guys. such a feel, you come in, and you've got yourself a few run lead. he's been pretty automatic. but it's not automatic. >> gary: sheffield will look to drive one right here with nobody on. he reached on a fielder's choice and scored in the fourth. and has been a strikeout
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victim. big numbers lifetime against the orioles. bass comes in, he was taking all the way. the count will go to 3-1 on sheffield. gary sheffield, among the many categories he's moved up in the base on ball categories. >> jim: he doesn't strike out much, he hits a lot of home runs. he's 25th on rbi's. he can just flat out hit. >> gary: and is scary to watch if you're standing on the mound. that one in the gap to left center field. that is way back and another good-bye home run. gary sheffield, and it is a one
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run game again. >> jim: i don't think you want to throw him six straight fastballs. brian bass fell behind, two-run lead, doesn't want to walk him. this is 507 and it got out of here in a hurry. he gives him toughness, he gives him the home run bat. he's a gamer. >> gary: gary sheffield trying to move in on mel ott who is 24 on the list of the home run mark. sheffield gets his 19th against the orioles. he's had the 13th most home runs against the orioles. of the 30 teams he's had home runs against. daniel murphy, and he takes the pitch for a strike. and we are back to a one run ballgame again.
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>> jim: was that ball hit hard. >> gary: that's a hef field kind of homer there. that is one of the numbers that is very high for brian and just reasons that jimmy talked about, that's eight home runs that have been given up in 44 innings pitched. >> jim: the arm seems a little low. the arm slot dictates what you're going to do. murphy having a terrific night. >> gary: the bottom of the order, he's 3 for 3 with an rbi. the mets get the potential tying run on with only one away in the sixth inning. >> jim: if you drop your arm, rick cran sits going to come out because he helped brian make the adjustment. the ball's a little flatter. so you don't throw strikes. the stuff isn't quite as electric. every hitter he's faced, he's been behind. they're looking fastball and he's been in fastball counts.
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so far they've been able to take advantage of it. >> gary: we have a couple of notes brought to mind by chef feel's home run. we're going to follow along with them. joe mauer, mauer went four for four last night, has hit well over .400 here since getting off the dl. it's the highest average by a player with 150 at-bats in 15 years. can he be the next .400 hitter. to go along with that, can albert pujols win the triple crown in the that is league? right now he's 8th in average, wright is the leader. pujols leads in homers by one and he's third in rbi's, only five behind prince fielder, the leader. it would be interesting to follow that and it would really be something if you had a guy, the first guy to hit .400 since williams and the first guy to win the triple crown since yaz
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did it in the same year and they both have a chance of getting that done. ground ball up the middle. that's going to be a base hit. jones will hold the runner at second. so bass struggling here in the sixth inning. there have been four mets up, a ground ball out, a homer and two singles. >> jim: all balls have been hit sharply. it's one of those nights where it looks like the arm's just down a little bit. when you get behind hitters and you become somewhat predictable, very difficult sometimes to get them out. it's great to have four pitches, but you have to make the hitter think that you have at least more than one that you can get over, and that hasn't been the case so far for brian. >> gary: castillo has been a strikeout victim, and hit into a fielder's choice. very tough to double up, with
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the speed that he has. especially batting left-handed. two on, one down. orioles with a one run lead. he took a wave on that one. left-hander, mark hendrickson in the bullpen. >> jim: baez pitched last night. has yet to pitch in back-to- back games. matt albers, of course he pitched an inning last night. castillo was also in last night's game. >> gary: mets have kept the pressure on throughout in this game. koji uehara with a two run, seven hits over five. castillo takes it, a little further away and he wouldn't go after it. >> jim: jerry manuel very patient. his bullpen is still not up
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tonight. they are an awfully good bullpen. 3.18 e.r.a., the first in the national league. >> gary: castillo, the reaction on the mound by bass. >> jim: it just ran outside. when you drop your arm, the ball runs more laterally. you can see him just getting under it a little bit. just one of those nights where he hasn't been able to find his release point. >> gary: matt wieters got up and gave the infield sign. you have runners at second and third, only one away. will jerry manuel put them in motion here? possibly not because castillo is not somebody you're going to likely double up even on a ground ball. >> jim: of course he makes a lot of contact. >> gary: fouled away.
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it looks like we're going to play the rest of this ballgame in intermittent showers. >> jim: i heard all kinds of things, 60% chance for rain after 9:00. of course if you're the umpire, you just don't want the field to become unplayable. well t. just ran off the corner again. he's been so good. that ball, it looks like a strike. but it's outside. and it just ran again laterally because of his arm position tonight. he's been so good. you close your front side, the arm gets up. if it opens a little early and you have nights like that, it drops down. >> gary: with cora coming up, hendrickson will be coming in. 
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>> gary: more saving, more doing. that's the power of home depot.
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a problem era -- area for the orioles. left-handers out of the bullpen. dave trembley said before the game today. not real confident. to the point of almost forgetting about lefty, righty match-ups. and just looking at who may be best. >> jim: hendrickson started the -- hendrickson came in, last time he pitched, friday night he did give up the home run to a right-hander. but not great numbers. .298, lefties against him. but the only lefty all year long you've really been able to rely on is your closer. he's been lights out. sherrill, lefties are 3 for 29. everybody else has been a little bit of a struggle. >> gary: cora's up, bases
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loaded. orioles lead by one. mets threatening. the breaking ball will miss outside. on at third base, murphy who delivered a single. after the home run by sheffield. schneider followed with his own single at second. the walk to castillo who is on at first. bass worked only a third of an inning. gave up a home run, three hits. taken for a strike. the count goes to 2-1. >> jim: huff in at first. if there's a sharp ground ball, i imagine he'll come home with a one run lead. >> gary: orioles trying to protect it a bit here in the sixth inning. >> jim: a couple at-bats for cora with one hit against hendrickson lifetime. >> gary: nowhere to put him. and the count will go to 3-1 on cora. >> jim: there's also nobody up behind him in the bullpen.
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>> gary: cora's walked 15 times while striking out only 12 times. some 90-plus at-bats. got that one in, just challenged him with it. >> jim: there are times in a game, that was one of them, when you're mark hendrickson, you have to say, i have no place to put him, got to throw it to the middle. and a pretty good pitch to hit. fouled it back. >> gary: put it in the strike zone and hope. it's fouled off by cora. >> jim: mark does have the big curveball. he's got a little bit of a slurment probably his best off- speed pitch is his change-up. every pitch, all five of them have been fastballs. that's what happens. we saw brian bass get caught in
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that situation because he didn't command anything else. >> gary: cora will ask for the time-out. >> jim: see that number. >> gary: very peasht hitter. >> jim: look at him choking up. he's down on the bat a little bit. >> gary: the outfield is in and over. much the way they play castillo, only a few steps deeper. cora takes it and the game's tied on a bases loaded walk. so murphy will score. cora will be credited with the rbi. and that will drive a manager nutso. >> jim: looks like matt albers will get up and start tossing. beltran who is on deck is a switch hitter. >> gary: back-to-back walks by the bullpen.
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one by bass, one by hendrickson. it is a 4-4 ballgame. the bases will remain loaded. fernando tatis is coming on as the pinch-hitter. tatis will pinch-hit in the second spot for the 20-year-old martinez. tatis has been getting time at second. fernando tatis can take some blistering cuts. he does not get cheated at the plate. amazingly to me this year, he has struck out only nine times and drawn as many walks as he has struck out. >> jim: and he played for the orioles for a brief time. last year he was the national league comeback player of the year. he had a terrific year for the mets. this year because of the injury to delgado, he's had to play
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first base. i watched him last week. remember, the situational hitting drills. hit the ball the other way. jerry manuel and howard johnson, they almost tell you, hey, you've got to be a situational hitter. >> gary: here's a situation. fernando tatis, he's already had one grand slam this year. hendrickson has the sacks loaded here, only one away. and a tie ballgame. schneider is the lead runner now. in the dirt, wieters with the stop. as he did with cora, hendrickson falls behind on the count 2-0. dave trembley talking about the lefties in the bullpen before the game, he said you get three
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strikes when you're out there and you're brought in to get left-handers out. he said right now we're at two strikes. ground ball towards second base, there's one, relay, they get the double play! 
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>> tonight at adam jones bobblehead night. this orioles fan won the adam jones bobblehead night v.i.p. experience contest. he had the chance to watch batting practice from the field. george also got great seats for tonight's game behind home plate. check out for the next contest for your chance to enjoy a night at orioles park like never before. >> gary: well, battling on here in this one is tim redding the starting pitcher. he's still in the ballgame. fernando tatis goes into left field for martinez, that's who he hit for. reimold's ground ball, david wright up, and does not get him. an infield hit. rye mole beats tout, a lead-off single. ji


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