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congress and lobbyists is -- is -- brings these things about, my friends. $504 million in unrequested funding for seven c-130 cargo aircraft. in testimony on may 14, 2009, secretary gates said: we have over 200c-130's in the air national guard uncommitted and available for use for any kind of domestic need. i have a great deal of unused capacity in the c-130 fleet. so we are going to spend $504 million more for seven, c-130 america cheese cargo aircraft and more for operations and programs. the funding added by the house majority and agreed to in conference will offset the $3.2 billion reduction recently made
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by the congress to the base budget request. $49 million in unrequested funding for hurricane damage repairs to the mississippi army ammunition plant. this funding was added even though the army advised the managers of this bill that there are no storm-related repairs required at the plant! so we are auto going to spend $49 million to repair a plant that doesn't need to be repaired. and that no valid military requirement exists for the funding. $186 million is provided above the president's request for lightweight missiles for the corps of engineers anmarinescord in the 2009 or 2010 marine corps funding. the marines corps doesn't need it. the department of defense says it's not needed but we are going to spend $186 million
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additionally for howitzers build in the state of miss. $150 million is included for aircraft wing kits and installations. the air force base in my state of arizona and additional wing kits would be welcomed. the additional funds were not requested by the administration and i oppose this $150 million. it end runs the defense base realignment brac process by prohibiting the secretary of defense from carrying out a 2005 decision to discontinue the armed forces institution of pathology. i was very disappointed that the house democrats succeeded in their efforts to strip from the supplemental spending bill the detainee photo provision offered by senators lieberman and graham. this provision would support the president's efforts to bar the release of past defeign lo tableee abuse and protect the
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troops from inevitable recrimination the photos insight. releasing the photographs does not supply new information of the issue of detainee abuse but exposes evidence ofallied past wrongdoing and put our fighting men and women in greater danger. that's not my view. it's one of our leading military commanders including general petraeus and ray odierno. both have stated the release of the images could endanger the lives of u.s. soldiers. and make our counterinsurgency efforts in iraq and afghanistan more difficult. that's why i commend the leadership demonstrated by senators lieberman and graham, beth of whom have steadfastly demanded this crucial provision be addressed now by congress. the efforts culminated in the passage by unanimous consent of stand-alone legislation to help prevent the release of the damaging images. so there's other troubling
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aspects of detainee policy included in this supplemental bill. provisions in this bill attempt to address detainee policy in a piecemeal way that fails to constitute a comprehensive plan for what to do with detainees at guantanamo and those suspects capture off the battlefield and afghanistan and does not include $80 million requested by president obama to close guantanamo. this is a serious rebuke by congress. and reflects a bipartisan backlash against the idea of announcing a date for guantanamo while failing to provide a plan for what comes next. well, as i said at the beginning of my remarks, madam president, i ask unanimous consent the supplemental earmarks and unrequested congressional add-ons be made part of the record at this time. the presiding officer: without objection, so ordered. mr. mccain: so in what the american people believe was a time of change, the american people now should know that it's
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business as usual. a combination of lobbyists, industry, campaign contributions, unnecessary spending is continuing completely out-of-control. this was a piece of legislation that was supposed to fund the wars in iraq and afghanistan. so now we add billions of dollars to things like cash for clunkers, unneeded and unnecessary and unwanted military equipment that are made in certain powerful members of congresses home state. it's not good. sooner other later, the american people will demand it comes to an end. i yield the floor. the presiding officer: the senator from california. mrs. boxer: madam president, i
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just want to be heard briefly. we just heard senator mccain attack this bill that's before us that primarily funds two wars and takes care of our wounded warriors, invests in new hospitals for them to be treated for their brain injuries, helps them with their child care, and singly starts us on the path of bringing our troops home from iraq -- something that president obama promised to do and changes our focus in afghanistan which has really been very scattered and focuses us on routing out the taliban who really make it possible for al qaeda to thrive. so this bill protects the american people. now, i've been very clear.
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i've said i want to see this afghanistan policy work. i said i'm going to give it this year for that to happen. and i hope it does happen. because we were attacked by al qaeda. we were attacked by osama bin laden. we were attacked because al qaeda had sanctuary in afghanistan, and instead of going into afghanistan the way we should have, we shortchanged that mission that i voted to go into and turned around and went into iraq and we had president obama with his constant focus on iraq lead us to a very dark period, very dark period in our history, where we lost thousands of our soldiers, thousands more are wounded, and you all know the story of the torture and all the rest that accompanied this and led us to a place where america has lost its standing in the world. this president inherited two
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wars -- yes -- he's trying to end one and refocus another. and he inherited the worst recession since the great depression. i call it the great recession. and he also has to cope with threats from north korea, iran, from pirates on the open seas, instability in pakistan and then on top of it all he's facing and we are facing a health threat from the swine flu so he comes to us with an emergency spending bill. do i like everything in this bill? i do not. this is about a compromise. i do not like everything in this bill. but to tear down the attempt of what we're trying to do here which is to begin moving our
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troops out of iraq, refocus our effort in afghanistan, focus on the wounded warriors, focus on global aids reduction, focus on the world recession. that's another thing we're doing here. i think it has to be done. i would much rather do it all in the normal budget process. that's why president obama has said this is the last war supplemental we will have. and i compliment him on that. president bush did it year after year after year, madam president. and this president says this is the last time, and i take him at his word. so i think it's important, instead of being so terribly negative, to at least give a balanced view here. many of the funds in this bill for afghanistan will go to help the women and the children of
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afghanistan. it's very hard for me to understand how anyone could oppose that. we have women who have acid thrown their face if they don't obey their husbands or they take off a face covering. we have children being stoned -- girls on their way to school -- and it seems to me we ought to give it a chance before we leave these women high and dry. i, for one, cannot do that. now, again, i have said, we have to do this right and we have to do it quickly, because i am not going to give my vote to an open checkbook for another war. but i believe this administration gets it. i believe they are training the troops in afghanistan. i believe they are working to build a civil society there. at the end of the day we can't
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be the policemen of the year, madam president. we have to make sure the people we are helping want to be helped and want to run their own societies. and that is our hope in iraq, finally. and that is our hope in afghanistan. so as i look around and i look around the world and i look around this world and i see the pain and suffering in this country, this recession, we have to understand we're in a global economy. that's why the president wantd those i.m.f. funds so we can divert a depression out there in the world. there's peacekeeping funds here in this bill. none who is following what is happening in africa, whether did is darfur or the congo, understand the brutality that is going on. we need to help end the brow talt, particularly -- and i know
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my colleague in the chair knows this -- the brutality against the women where in these countries, rape is used as a tool of war and rape is used as a tool of ethnic calendaring. we cannot allow -- ethic cleansing. weannot allow that to happen. it is an obligation we have as the leader of the free world. i guess i want to say to my colleague from arizona i totally understand his frustration with spending. and i have to trillion him this democratic congress is going to wrap its arms around spending. we did it before under president clinton. we had horrible deficits that president clinton inherited from the other george bush and we got our act in order. we had pay as you go. we're going to do that with this president. but let me tell you, this president has been in office from january to february, march, april, may, june -- five months. we have averted economic
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disaster. and we have a foreign policy on the right track. we have an election in lebanon. the lebanese people elected the pro western government. we have other things happening and the world today. that indicates people hear, now, and in very high-tech ways they are learning that freedom is valuable. but it doesn't come to us free. so, yes, i don't like everything in this bill. i could go through my list, too. each one of us would write a different bill. but i'll tell you what i like less: the loss of jobs, the threat of the swine flu, the threat of aids, the threat of world instability, the spread of weapons. so i say we should vote for this
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bill, as flawed as it is, sending a clear message to our president that we agree with him, this should be the last war supplemental, let's do these things on budget, let's go back to pay-go, let's wrap our arms around fiscal responsibility the we we did in the 1990's. let me remind my colleagues on the other side of the aisle who are ranting and raving about deficits, that under their president we had the most outrageous deficits, the most outrageous debt. we democrats under bill clinton got a balanced budget in place. and we had a surplus, not a deficit, we had a surplus and then we had the debt down and it was going to be eliminated and george bush came in, he started this war in iraq, a war with an open checkbook, no end in site, no checks and balances on it, and tax breaks to the people who earn $1 million or more.
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and it drove us into the ground. and that's what brought us to this january. within our in the president took all of this on his shoulders and shared the burden with the democratic progress. and i think we have averted the rest of it. we have a long way to go. i think this supplemental will help us get the rest of the way. because coming at us is paying paying. coming at us is fiscal responsibility. coming at sauce challenge. we're going to have to make those difficult choices. that's bun of the reasons we want to take care of health care and energy, because at the end of the day those will help our economy. so the challenges are great, and there's plenty of stuff in this bill i don't like. but i think overall this bill moves us in the right direction in terms of helping our men and women in uniform, helping our
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national security, helping our public health, helping the global recession, and moving us toward a better day. so i will support this bill, and i thank you very much, madam chair. i yield the floor, and i note the absence of a quorum. the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll. quorum call:
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