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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 19, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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.. i don't think that express saint -- expressing support for deferment or expressing outrage in the violence is meddling in
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the iranian process. >> do you thank you could clarify as far as health care trade-off, when you did say that willing to reduce its tests and health care benefits subsidies, are you in any way also including health care tax benefits and subsidies? >> i am sorry. >> are you in l.a. you weigh willing to consider reducing tax care benefits? >> well, we have done this like 15 times and i think the president spoke pretty clearly to this in that interview that i discuss a minute ago. on financial regulation earlier. >> let's go back to the inspector general issue, senator grassley has issued two letters yesterday and he has been pushing the americorps issue but he issued to lenders to the
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local treasury department and international trade commission regarding their inspector general. could someone infer is that a trend in which the administration? >> if they inverted it would be an incorrect inferences. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> happy father's day. >> happy father's day to all of you guys. >> yesterday canadian prime minister stephen harper took questions from members of the house of commons and the last question time before summer recess. members focused on the economy with unemployment insurance and jobs been the dominant issues. earlier this week the conservative party and the main opposition party, the liberals, agreed to a deal that would preserve the conservatives minority government temporarily. this is 45 minutes.
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♪ >> the honorable leader of the opposition. [applause] >> mr. speaker, the acetone crisis isn't just a health care issue, it is about leadership. the government has not shown canadians that it has a plan to deal with the crisis. canadians need to know what is in the current and projected isotope shortfall which patients will get treatment and which will not and who will pay the skyrocketing cost of medical isotopes. of the prime minister promised canadians a plan, this plan should be public, where is it? [applause]
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>> the prime minister. >> mr. speaker, this issue is of great concern to all of us on all sides of the house and the garment has been clear the minister of health and officials have been working with their provincial calaveras to ensure the health care system response to this, they have been doing very good and the dedicated work in this regard, the minister of natural resources and her officials have been working with isotope providers around the world. they know she returns this morning from a meeting in toronto and the government has been clear with canada which has an independent responsibility for the operation of a reactor that our priority is to see that reactor up and running as soon as possible and we will continue work on all of these fronts kidnapped the honorable leader of the opposition. [applause] >> mr. speaker, we are in the fifth week of this crisis and in the fourth year of a government that has seen to shutdowns of isotope production on their watch. the dutch reactor on which hopes
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rest will be shut down for repairs this summer. cancer tests are being canceled, countries, hospitals can't get isotopes. this issue is simple -- when will the government stop improvising and provide canadians with a plan that is transparent and public incredible? [applause] >> the honorable prime minister. >> the medical isotopes is one of great concern to us and is one of great concerns giving people all over the world and that is the message i delivered this morning to the international committee dealing with security and supply issues in the world. i delivered a call to action for the international community to have a maintenance schedule to be coordinated so that we can minimize the the shortage as much as possible. mr. speaker, we are working together to make sure the world has a medical isotopes that it needs.
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[applause] >> the honorable leader of the opposition and. >> [speaking french] mr. speaker, there is a world shortage of isotopes. diagnostic tests have been canceled, they are starting to see patients and the price of isotopes are skyrocketing. hospitals in patients already paying the price for this, what is the government doing to remedy the situation? and other words where is a republican transparent plan to correct the situation? [applause] >> the honorable minister of natural resources. >> mr. speaker, in the short term we are doing some very clear things. we have indicated to the atomic energy we're specifically that their number one priority is to make sure that that reactor is up and running, healthy and stable lee putting people in canada producing medical isotopes. number two, we have called upon our friends in the world to step
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up to the play just as we have stepped up to the plate in order to make sure we have secure supplies of medical isotopes going forward and third of mr. speaker, we are working with the community in order to get the information to the medical community with respect to how much isotopes are available at any given time. [applause] >> the honorable member. >> mr. speaker, the european union and in response to president obama recently agreed to release of guantanamo prisons but the canadian d'avenant is refusing to the return its own citizens saying that this has to do with the accords with respect the wish of a parliament and the rule of law and bring this man,. [applause] >> the honorable parliamentary secretary to the minister of
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foreign affairs. >> i haven't in answer this question on the occasions, the other positions have not changed and so my part of this is we are all waiting for the review the president's obama has requested to be conducted and we await the outcome. thank you, mr. speaker. [applause] >> mr. speaker, there is another abandon canadian citizen and this by the federal courts severe abuse, this government continues to violate his rights by refusing to bring him home. the government has had two weeks to read a judgment that is unequivocal in the findings of fact and conclusions of law. every day it wastes is the continued violation of this man's right. does the derrin plan on appealing the court's decision well delay justice at his expense or will it he the court's order and immediately return him home to canada? [applause] >> the honorable minister of justice.
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in. >> mr. speaker, the government will comply with a court order. >> and the honorable member. [applause] >> the honorable member, mr. speaker, the first meeting of this on a liberal conservative group, the prime minister has decided rather the liberal leader will not insist on an and the 360 hours a day eligibility. if the liberal leader is conceding on everything. , the very beginning there were various essential measures come a real reform of the di system
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which seems to have been set aside. >> the right honorable prime minister. a. >> mr. speaker, this government has already extended eia benefits by five weeks. in the bloc voted against it. mr. speaker, we have seen eligibility brolin, going up in every region, we have increased funds for who work sharing and for training in the block and voted against both. is huge and looking to his future, that's very good news for his fans. what about this year's wimbledon. that opens the doors for this british hope andy murray. >> murray is the number three player in the world and what a great opportunity for him because he was slated in nadal's section of the draw. but if he gets to the final
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roger federer will probably be there. he's on a high. he's got the french open title and all four grand slams title title. >> he'll be the top seed and he could overtake pete sampras' remarkable record. >> gentlemen, thank you, and a reminder. complete coverage of wimbledon begins monday, 7:00 a.m. eastern on espn2. coming up here, cliff lee coming off a three-hit complete game shutout sunday. heading to the friendly confines. also, the lakers just celebrated their 159 title overall. can the front office keep that team together? hear what one laker is saying. plaxico burress still looking to hook up with a team before the season begins. and chad ochocinco is busy this off-season, tweeting about the media covering him.
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why eric allen says this is a great tool for players.
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>> afternoon baseball, just one game this afternoon. they're in the bottom of the
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eighth at wrigley field. indians lead the cubs 7-4. martinez, a shot. cliff went seven innings, gave up three earned runs. indians lead 7-4 in the eighth. he didn't say he was retiring but glavine says he'll not pitch in the major lowings this year. he had been pitching in the minor leagues before being released by the braves earlier in month. the opportunities seem to be limited around the major leagues. sending this text message to waga tv in atlanta -- i'm not going to pitch and for now he'll be a full time bad -- dad. ordonez benched in detroit. manager jim leyland says he's tried everything.
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he's homer less in 38 straight games. prior to this year ordonez was a big hero in detroit. 2006, had that walk-off game winning shot in game four of the league championship series. the following year he led baseball, batting .363. he's been selected to a pair of all-star games since coming to detroit. speaking of the tigers the club extending jim leyland's contract through 2011. he was in the last year of his deal. he's 64 years old. it's his fourth year in detroit. led the tigers to that pennant in 2006. >> chad ochocinco, big thursday, feeling pretty good about his team this season at minicamp. he was a full participant. he said despite last season, he thinks this team this season is
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playoff bound. >> it's going to be a great year. we're going to the playoff. i look at us on paper -- paper don't mean anything. i look at us in practice -- it don't mean anything, but the progress, i see it. i can come out on a limb and say what we're going to do because i've done it before and it's happened. >> gatorade cooler talk. nfl analyst eric allen. you heard your man. the bengals are making the playoffs. what do you think of mr. ochocinco's predictions? >> chad is a phenomenal football player. a guy on the brink of being one of the most dominant receivers in the league until a couple of years about -- ago. defensively they finished 12th and they added some pieces to the puzzle on that side of the ball. but offensively, that's a combination they have to work. those two guys have to get together and make it happen. he has to go back to the chad ochocinco of 2005, 2006 when he was really making it happen.
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>> and he was really chad johnson. what do you think about his prediction? >> i think because they're playing in the same division as the super bowl champion and other quality football teams i don't think they'll make the playoffs. i think they'll be a 7-9 team, but that's a huge bump up from where they finished last year. >> chad made his prediction a few hours later on "nfl live." mike golic said the bengals were going to have a hard time making it to the playoffs and young chad had an exception. which brings us to our tweet of the day -- ochocinco explaining why he uses twitter to express himself. >> i just wanted to address it. now to have a way to reach out to all the sportscasters in the media world this, twitter
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thing, i'm really loving is, just letting them know how i feel sometimes. it's outright ridiculous. he has the world at my hand by working at espn but i also have the world at my hand now by being able to tweet. he can say how he feels and i can say how i feel. the first thing that came to my mind, i've been doing all this training so why not let's fight? >> he's smiling too. i don't think he wants to fight golic. >> i don't know. golic's been on my team and he's a lover, no the a fighter. >> how do you see twitter, facebook affecting a player's relationship? >> it kind of levels the playing field for some of these football players. not all of them. i don't want the third-string guard on twitter but these guys have a great opportunity to level the playing field. it makes it convenient to core
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respond back and forth with other guys. i would rather him tweet than do this stuff. if he's tweeting it's quick and he can go on with his workout. the most important thing is how convenient and easy it is and how fast you can get your information. in you can be on twilighter and then on espn after that if you want. you have to be a player, not just any bum. i would ramp see the fight, but keep it nice. >> would you have done that on twit summer and -- twitter? >> no, i would have been too busy, running the sand dunes and the ocean. i didn't have time for that. but now i might pick it up. >> still ahead, donte' stallworth facing jail time. hear why michael smith says the nfl came down so hard on him. the heat won't start redoing their roster until they know if
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dwyane wade sticks around. pat riley said he had a proposal ready for him. lamar odom says he wants to stay with the champs. the power forward is an unrichted freeing. that's a problem with trevor aariza also in the same situation. he averaged 14 boards nine points a game. >> i know i can play and i know i can help any team that i play on. you sit here today, it seems like it just went by so fast. you know, from not making the playoffs to winning the championship, now being an unrestricted free agent with the opportunity to leave. feels a little surreal, as a champion as well. hopefully embling will work out and i get to stay hope. >> he brings up a good point.
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she getting paid. >> 14.1, that's paid. >> let's get paid again. with kobe on board, lakers don't need odom to score as much. but look at the points and what they did in the playoffs. odom made quite a difference in making them a championship team. coming up on "sportscenter" -- how do you like my role now? what's keeping pedro from pitching in the majors again? mark martin showing the young guns a thing or two. see how he's doing snag m.j., the robert, brett favre couldn't. only one way to make "sportscenter" and it's not good. not good top 10 on "sportscenter" soon. come on. come on. come on. there for you... ( car starts )
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>> back on "sportscenter." jay harris, brian kenny. top stories right now. tiger woods today at the u.s. open finishing his round but not the way he would have like. he was one over through six. ended up shooting four over 74 today. checking your scores. mike weir looking for his ninth pga tour win. he's up top. defending champion tiger woods 10 shots back. no player has ever come back from 10 shots back to win the u.s. open. continuing corge of the second and third round to have the u.s. open saturday, tomorrow, on the espn family of networks.
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"sportscenter" live from 7:00 a.m. eastern. we'll bring you continuing coverage. 8:00 a.m. "sportscenter" from bethpage black. live updates on espn news starting at 7:30 a.m. latest on the tickets from thursday's rainout. the usga saying tickets can can be used for any playoff, including monday. if none, they'll be eligible for a 50% refund. >> pedro martinez has made it plain that he wants to get back out and play and pitch this season but teams with ballinging at his normal pay level. he did pitch well in the world baseball classic this spring. red sox came up with a rain-shortened loss to the mar lins. the home team makes the final determination if the game will be played. some to have red sox players


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