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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 19, 2009 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> bob: no score. bard, harris for the nationals coming up. bring your family to the game on sundays. you can purchase a right field terrace. lower reserve seat eerd either side of the ballpark. with each a hot dog, brink and chips. autographs and after the game, kids run the bases. 888-632-nats or it will be father's day here
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sunday. here's josh bard. josh's numbers steadily on the rise lately. in the month of june, he's played nine games. in that time, he's 8-25 batting .320. he's always been known as a solid hitting catcher. way out of that one. >> rob: to finish up with bob boone, one of the reasons i had him on the radio to talk about aaron boone since it's father's day this weekend. >> bob: how is he doing? >> rob: he's doing wonderfully and had successful heart surgery n about a week, he can do almost anything. he can resume regular activities. he's doing cardiovascular work
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right now. he's doing great. >> bob: aaron visited the nationals clubhouse in arizona and looked great. we could tell he lost some weight. he said he was going to take a while to get his strength back. he is still hopeful of playing major league baseball again. we hope he does. if he doesn't, rob, that guy is going to be one of the best coaches or managers you could ever sign up for a ball club. >> rob: i just think it's amazing that they found the heart valve problem in college and he played his entire major league career with that problem until they had to fix it. >> bob: josh bard on a changeup way out ahead. scott rolen always one of the best arms in baseball. that's the first out, bottom of the second. >> rob: let's see how a 6'6", 220-pound guy does it from the side. you see that little swoop to get into that balance point. throws the ball. then he falls towards third base. remember, i talked about this. make sure you finish. throw it to the catcher. nice balance right there.
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he opens up the front hip thre.s go. then, he falls off towards the right side. >> bob: here is willie harris who made the play of the year in the outfield last night. >> rob: you see all that momentum. if you're a hitter and all of a sudden he pulls the string on an 80-mile-per-hour changeup and you're thinking it's a 92- mile-per-hour fastball, it's hard to lay off. remember pete shairk? >> bob: mets, yeah. >> rob: tallet reminds me of pete shairk. >> bob: yeah, similar build. >> rob: yeah, or a john smiley. >> bob: they list him at 6'6", 220. he tries that front door breaker again. willie took up and in. 1-2. >> rob: he really gets down the front of the mound too with that little hop at the mend end. he's bringing everything
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towards the hitter. >> bob: a little three-hopper out to aaron hill. we've got a good pitching matchup shaping up here early in this game between jordan zimmermann who just turned 23 and brian tallet who has been around a while. he's 31. >> rob: i thought he was 33. 31? >> bob: he'll be 3 # in september. >> rob: right, born in '77. >> bob: actually, born in baton rouge, but grew up lifts lives outside of oklahoma city. here is anderson hernandez batting .263 overall. tallet cannot wait to get this inning over with so he can step in for his third career at-bat here leading off the third.
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with everything rolled together in interleague, rob, it was so embarrassing the way the american league pitchers kept out hitting the guys in our league the last couple of years. at least now the national leaguers have the lead in that department. >> bob: maybe they're working hard for -- >> rob: maybe they're work hard for those interleague at-bats. i know when we were in tampa bay -- i was watching the tampa bay hitters take batting practice. i thought a little strange. they're taking batting practice at home. usually you do it on the road. i thought they have interleague coming up they have against us. once thence -- once they have to go to a national league park, they have to hit. they'll hit this weekend. i think they're playing the mets, aren't they? >> bob: that sounds right and the red sox will be hitting -- their pitchers will be hitting here next tuesday, wednesday, thursday. >> rob: talked to carlos pena, the first baseman of the rays, he kind of chuckled and said
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all our pitchers think they can hit intoit do ours. jordan zimmermann is 0-15. >> rob: he said what i usually say. yeah, everybody can hit at 5:00. can you hit at 7:05. bp pitching throwing it about 60 at 5:00 in the afternoon. and telling you what's coming too. >> bob: that's a chopper that hits in or near the plate and that will do it for the nats. anderson hernandez, base hit. got the pitcher out of the way. we go top three, no score. ♪ ♪ (tucci) more bars in more places. at&t. the best coverage worldwide. get the blackberry bold for $199.99
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after mail-in-rebate. only from at&t.
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>> bob: on to the top of th third inning. nats have outhit the blue jays 2-1. it's time to look at everything last night. >> rob: they were laying out for everything with the leather and then see the assist from austin kearns at second base, willie harris laying out diving on that warning track. anderson hernandez, cristian guzman, ryan zimmerman from his knees. >> bob: i had one guy in new york last night say willie harris' landing was the best one in that town since sully sullivanen burger on the hudson river. >> rob: sully, i'm in his fan club. >> bob: i think everyone s you're an official member? >> rob: yeah, there's a fan club on face bacon. >> bob: nice. you and sullivan -- on
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facebook? >> bob: nice. you and sully type. it will be top of the order now. marco scutaro and then aaron hill. look at that. first-pitch strikes to all nine hitters so far. no nationals pitcher has done that this year. >> rob: those are some of the stats maybe we hold off until the ninth inning. >> bob: did we jinx him? >> rob: no, if he throws a ball right here, steve mccatty is going to come up here and smack somebody. >> bob: he'll have to go to the truck. >> rob: it's 10-10. now it's ok. now we can talk about it all you want. >> bob: i know. i hate friday night brawls in the booth. we've had too many of them. >> rob: yeah, you and charlie fighting over hot dogs. it's ugly. >> bob: he's off this inning. what do you expect? i don't know how you do two innings at a time. that must be exhausting. here is scutaro who bounced back to the pitcher first time
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up. that's a good fastball when you're ahead just moving off the plate. a tradition of innovation, firestone. most starts by national league rookies. shairon martis is right up there with 13 with are karakma of atlanta. a line drive. anderson hernandez, yeah, you hit it near that kid, he'll catch t he's proven that. again, i ducked into manny's office after the ballgame last night, we chatted for a minute about what anderson hernandez did early in that game last night, rob. when he made those two plays, that sent a message to craig stammen i don't have to be afraid to let this lineup with all these stars hit the ball. >> rob: absolutely. it gives you confidence that if you make a mistake rand somebody hits the heck out it have like say a-rod in the seventh inning, somebody will
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be there to pick it up and catch t if you make an error, you're on the other side to pick them up. that's what teamwork is all about. wrarz, -- willie harris, that was one of the best catches i've ever seen. >> bob: yeah, aaron hill struck out first time up. with a little investigative reporting, debbi, i assume that was shaving cream and not whip keep last night. >> debbi: it was shaving cream. i told the guys you need to invest in whip cream because it will not sting the young pitcher's eyes. >> rob: that is a time-honored tradition. it's shaving cream pies. >> debbi: come on. use ready whip. >> rob: i would love ready whip. you know those shaving cream bombs you get right in the face when you're playing. >> bob: here is aaron hill. >> rob: we have to do the three man lift for you. >> bob: zimmerman has a shot here! safe on a close play. >> rob: have you seen the three- man lift?
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ok. it's a prank. all right. >> bob: i've seen that. >> rob: here is this swinging bunt right here by aaron hill off the glove of zimmerman and -- zimmermann and then zimmerman comes in and almost picks him up. >> bob: that's a play guzman probably would have made had the ball been missed. pitchers, you talk about this all the time, rob. the instinct is anything you can reach, get it. >> rob: exactly. >> bob: vernon wells the hitter. i suppose in today's day and age, we would have to use low sugar or low fat whip cream. maybe it's better to stay with the bashasol. >> rob: what if the guy is lacktoes intolerant? >> bob: you could kill him. let's stick with the shaving cream. >> rob: you throw the shaving cream in their face. they hate it. >> bob: they'll tray that -- trade that for that first major league win. >> rob: that's the male bonding process. that means you're becoming part of the group.
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anyway, the three-man lift where you get one guy, get two guys to lock down another guy intertwieng arms and legs and you start acting like you're gambling and bet that go this one, big, strong guy can lift the three guys. right when you say like the guy is going to lift him up, the rest of the team comes in with condiments, ketchup, mustard, mayo and nails the rookie in the middle. he's do i haveless, can't move. base hit by vernon wells. 2-2. three-man lift on vern orrin. >> bob: vernon wells is coming out of his funk 8-18 last. his batting average on its way over .250 now. >> rob: gets the fastball where he likes it. he drives it right up the dish. see, when you're trying to come out of a slump though, that's the way do you t you don't try to hit home runs. you try to hit singles. >> bob: this is dangerous with scott rolen stepping in. he flied to center with wells
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aboard back in the first. he has two men on now. now the hits as i mentioned are coming for rolen, but his power numbers still well down. only four homers this year. 276 in his career. he's 20 behind adam dunn, 13th year in the big leagues. 7 1/2 with the phillies. 4 1/2 st. louis in his second year with the blue jays. >> bob:'d well-publicized falling out with tony la russa that led to his departure with st. louis. >> rob: i thought it started with nick's uncle, larish. didn't he have -- larry bowa? didn't he have problems with the phillies -- >> bob: i don't know, but i know he had problems complaining one year. >> rob: didn't he have a bad shoulder? >> bob: ran into choy playing
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first base. as rob would say, we've got a guy there. >> rob: that's three. >> bob: i like it. dukes didn't realize that was the third out. that's ok. inning is over. here comes guzman who had two multihit games in new york. nick johnson walked his first time tonight and then the face of the franchise. sometimes the best way to get closer... is to get as far away from it all as possible. don't let erectile dysfunction get in the way. ♪ viva viagra! viagra, america's most prescribed ed treatment, can help you enjoy... a more satisfying sexual experience. ready to talk to your doctor? find out how at ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. don't take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain... as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects may include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision.
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to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting... more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away... if you experience a sudden decrease in vision or hearing. 20 million men have had the "viagra conversation." ask your doctor if viagra is right for you. ♪ viagra! >> bob: those young guys are clapping for some of their army
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heroes -- heroes from walter reed here at the ballgame like thefer they are every night. hope you're having a great night. no score, bottom of the third. guzman, johnson, zimmerman for the -- zimmermann for the nats. some of our great guys fromwalter reed army hospital on georgia avenue. >> rob: i saw a few more of those gentlemen at yankee stadium while we were up there. >> bob: there's cristian guzman. rolen even with the bag at third. guzman jacks one to left and then over to get it lind. cristian guzman has hit the ball in the air twice. get your red on. get a grand slam flex plan. pick four games, get one free. five games to choose from. get a free game. it's that easy. 888-632-nats or here is nick johnson. walked his first time.
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 >> bob: right now, averaging 15 pitches per inning. jordan zimmermann is averaging 20. that didn't feel too good. nick got his foot with that one. the count is 0-2. >> rob: we talked about that with craig stammen that kind of overworking a little witt. -- a little bit. here is the foul ball on the x- mo right off the foot. right off the top. that's going to leave a mark. our x-mo camera, 500 frames per second to give you that wonderful shot of he hit the ball off his big toe. >> bob: that's pretty impressive when your name is
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embroidered on your shoes. nick is a stylish guy and he has a base hit. he's on for the second consecutive time. 10 games in a row and 18-20 last now, nick johnson has visited with marquis grissom over there at first base. >> rob: you scenic stay on this ball, head down, boom. didn't try to do too much. you hit down on the ball and make a lot more contact and hit drive lines -- line drives around and help to upper. frank robinson, frawmpl hall of famer. standing by the dugout having a chitchat. nick comes over to pickup his glove. frank says slick, huh? he looks down. it has slicked embroidered on his glove. frank robinson was like, slick, ok. >> bob: that's nick's nickname. >> rob: it is. >> bob: pitchers have different names for this guy.
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he didn't miss a homer by much. it fell well short of the ball. he got it right near the sweet spot down near the end of the barrel a long fly ball left first time. i think ryan has shown signs over the last three or four days he's starting to swing the bat the way did he in april when everything was a line drive. he was challenging the pitcher every at-bat. it doesn't help when you have that big fella behind you. hits are even at 3-3. nick johnson, a running threat after fouling one off his foot. lyle overbay holding him on there pretty good fastball.
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just missed. 2-1. >> rob: the above shot of tallet right here. you see that little slide step trying to get it to home as quick as possible to give his catcher a chance. i don't think nick is going to try to swipe second just in case. >> bob: zimmerman off the end of the bat. that will hang in the air for alex rios. two outs. do pitchers sometimes throw the ball the first -- to first just because maybe they're not ready to go home? why would he throw over there with nick? >> rob: a lot of times, and i was not a big believer in throwing and trying to keep a guy on first. i would throw over to change my grip because i had a grip i got into any mi glove and didn't like this. it was uncomfortable. i'd throw over. sometimes the coaches are looking for something. they may feel there's a hit-and- run on. there's an asornlt of reasons why you throw first. yes, you definite glee over there to get the ball back and
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change your grip. >> bob: adam dunn a little fly ball right-field line. long way to go for everybody and it falls foul between rios and the second baseman hill. >> rob: i think that corner that jets out there down the right-field line until four territory also helped in keeping those two from catching that ball. >> bob: on top of, that rios is playing very deep with adam dunn. >> rob: now check this out as they're coming down there looking up. the right fielder saying i don't want any part of rios hitting me. you'll hear those footsteps and will scare you a little bit. >> bob: fastball missing away. wouldn't it be fun with the nats home for a week. adam dunn reached .300 on this
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home stand. he's four away. -- of course, it's off to a home run park 40 miles northeast of here. nats will play the blunls three, red sox three and then on to baltimore. >> rob: the house that cal built. >> bob: that will conclude interleague play from sunday. adam over 700 rbi that barrier surpassed this year. 2-2. >> rob: with that off-speed breaking ball and changeup, he's a sneaky, quick kind of pitcher for a big guy. got kind of a slow and deliberate windup and then hekind of explodes with that 88-
7:55 pm
91-mile-per-hour fastball. >> bob: 2-2. nick johnson, 1-2 running this year actually. you're not looking to take the bat out of this guy's hands. >> rob: no, and you also don't want him leading off next inning. >> bob: adam dunn a bouncer right where scott rolen played. ball came up on him for a momentary possibly. that's it. nats strand four runners. no score. try chili's new fire-grilled quesadillas, starting at $6.99. flame-grilled tortillas layered with chicken, bacon, cheese, and ranch.
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crispy on the outside, melted perfection on the inside. new fire-grilled quesadillas. only at chili's.
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>> debbi: w.c.c.  we are back at nationals park the nats hosting the blue jays as interleague play continues. we're coming from the family fun area. teddy roosevelt has yet to win a race, but he's the first to have his own barbecue. tell us more about it. >> see what teddy and i have been cooking up. fell off the bone. it's been cooking all day long. just this up and dig right in. >> debbi: if that doesn't make your mouth water, i don't know what will. >> bob: with what would we know about mouth watering up here? evidently, food is not allowed on the seventh floor. >> rob: depp debbi just teases those with -- us with those. nice story, debbi. >> bob: yeah, hard-hitting report. thank you. top of the fourth, adam lind.
7:58 pm
>> rob: way to get to the bottom of that story. >> bob: i thought journalists were all about free food. evidently not. >> rob: have you ever seen debbi? she's not eating the free food. that's for sure. back there eating an apple. >> bob: what's an apple? ground ball. anderson hernandez throws out adam lind. >> rob: that little round thing. >> bob: ok. alex rios will be next. then lyle overbay not to be lost in all of what's going on here the efficiency with which jordan zimmermann is getting some of his outs. some of them have been happening quickly, but he has thrown over 60 pitches now with one out in the fourth inning f he can get a couple of quick innings here, he could pitch deep into this friday night. he continues to get ahead of everybody. 13 first-pitch strikes. >> rob: now 15. >> bob: 13 hitters. 15 in a row now. >> rob: 15 in a row. >> bob: this is maddux-like. >> rob: that will help you. >> bob: i think the best i've
7:59 pm
ever seen, if i remember over the last bunch of games i've seen, one night in florida pitching for the braves, greg maddux had 21-23 first hitters first-pitch strikes. alex riosfouled out to herndez first time. zimmermann goes right after him. gets a pop-up. guzman is there. and two outs here in the fourth. here comes ducky medwik. >> rob: settle. settle. >> aflac. >> bob: three center fielders had over 100 rbi's each of their first two seasons. wow. would griffey be one of t? ther


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