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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 19, 2009 8:30pm-9:00pm EDT

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jordan zimmermann. 57 strikes, 18-21 first-pitch strikesment an update on a graphic we saw in new york. >> rob: people wanted to know how well steve mccatty has been doing since he joined up the washington nationals pitching coach. the -- the record is coming along. look at the earned run average. two runs less per game. batting average is below 40 points less. then you see the e.r.a. of the starters. these young kids are rookies, but he had a huge effect on them because he had most of them in the minor leagues. >> bob: scott rolen turns that around for a base hit and rolen now has a nine-game hitting streak. 18-37 last. >> rob: one of the things vice president player development bob boone told me today, listen, steve mccatty is on the same page at bob boone with the catching, with the throwing strikes, with the throwing over the plate. he's like, listen, boys, you've got to throw it over that white thing out there 60 feet from you. steve mccatty is the same way. get the ball. throw it over the plate.
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see what happens. >> bob: like strike one. adam lind, struck out, ground ball to second. >> rob: bob boone called it your ace. throw your ace over the plate and see if they can hit it. >> bob: there you go. >> rob: i like what bob boone had to say. he said, listen. 0-2, throw your best pitch right here. let's see if wha this guy can do with it. i think the simplifying the game plan has really helped the pitching staff. >> bob: in case adam lind hits a ground ball, scott rolen is one of the best base runners in baseball despite the fact he's huge and not a real speed guy. i wouldn't want to be having him coming at me on a ground ball. play off to the left side. he's always been known as a big
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man who goes first to third really well. i've seen him -- i saw him take out two middle infielders on the same grownd ground ball one night on a ball -- same ground ball one night on a ball. >> rob: he's like an olde old time football player who didn't wear a helmet. >> bob: he was recruited to play college basketball. he signed with hugh durham at the university of georgia before he signed with the phillies and eddie sutton of oklahoma state recruited him heavily out of indiana. >> rob: no, he could play. he's like an old time baseball player. i think pete rose would be proud to be associated with scott rolen. >> bob: yeah, tough as nails. >> rob: doesn't say a whole lot. not the friendliest guy you've ever met. you'd want eight scott rolens behind you on defense. >> bob: yeah, and he's heltd healthy again. >> rob: oh, yeah.
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>> bob: he had him 0-2. >> rob: he may be a little gas from that sprint down the first- base line. he came out this inning, started the inning with 87 pitches throab in -- thrown in this game 95. >> rob: if he gets through this inning, it will be his last not just because of the 100-plus pitch total, but he looks a little more tired, run the bases. it's a little humid. don't need to push him too hard. >> bob: that ball flied to left. adam dunn is right there. >> rob: you know something. that looks like a b. p. fastball. >> bob: john browning would be proud. >> rob: if that was a bp fastball, i'll try to find out tomorrow. tom browning would be proud. sometimes when you get behind or you're having trouble getting a guy out, you don't have to be like thomas edison abp fastball. >> bob: gulph beautiful night in our nation as capital as we return home.
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debbi taylor, rob dibble, bob carpenter right here on masn 2. thousands of our best friends in the ballpark with us tonight and they're enjoying a good ballgame a-well-pitched game and a beautiful evening. here is a one pich out off of willie harris. -- one-pitch out off to willie harris. >> rob: you know what's great? not seeing black clouds over us. >> bob: sh., bite your tongue -- shhh, bite your tongue. >> rob: that was a great night. >> bob: i'm surprised somebody didn't ask what happened with a five-hour game delay. >> rob: somebody asked why didn't you do your radio show. we were busy eating cheese steaks. >> bob: i thought your answer to why didn't do you it because i could. >> rob: no, i would have gotten in trubl trouble if i said that. >> bob: i know. those bosses. >> rob: honestly d-they not keep updating the start time of
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the game. i mean, they had a new start time every 15 minutes. >> bob: yeah. >> bob: outside, 1-1. >> rob: reach deep right here, joshden. finish this inning. >> rob: there's the pitch tally. >> bob: one ball, one strike to lyle overbay who has walked and reached on the anderson hernandez error. >> rob: this guy called a strike -- hasn't called a strike on the corner all night. >> bob: she agrees. >> rob: northrop grumman, let's see if they agree right through
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the box. >> bob: the information systems powerhouse, northrop grumman. another one close. 3-1. bullpen phone. >> rob: no, he's calling up here asking me with that pitch was. >> bob: so, what's your ring tone when steve mccatty calls? [ laughter ] >> rob: it's like the bat phone. >> bob: they call him cat. >> rob: do-do-do-do -- >> bob: that's mccatty not manny. two on, two out here in the sixth. nationals lead 1-0. quite a ballgame. nats have out hit the blue jays 5-4. bard, harris and hernandez coming up bottom of the sixth.
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he's had 102. it's rod barajas, the number eight hitter f somehow he extends the inning and the blue jays have not tied the game or taken the lead, cito gaston would have to make that national league decision about whether or not to bat his pitcher who is pitching very well. >> rob: do you think that manny acta, jim riggleman and steve mccatty are contemplating gens getting tallet out of the game by walking barajas. >> bob: first base was open definitely. >> rob: that he be is open. >> bob: you don't want to let this guy beat you. >> rob: exactly. two outs. >> bob: that's a fastball down the middle. it had enough tail on it to get a little inside near the trademark of that bat. you just cannot let the number eight man in the national league beat you and that's what they're talking about right now.
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 >> bob: there's a b right-handed batter. >> rob: those are two pitches that barajas knows he could have handled. a fastball up. a slider up. missed both of them. he is hitting .30 on the road. he's liking some -- .320 on the road, so he's liking some room service. >> bob: that's unusual because in toronto, it's an indoor stadium with a retractible roof. the lighting is perfect in there. you will talk to hitters and they see the ball really well there. they have that goofy, artificial surface like they do in tampa bay. that's been a good hitter's park for a long time. unusual numbers for rod barajas who has been around 11 years. 0-2 pitch. don't throw it over the heart of the plate. >> rob: nice.
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>> bob: he has a pretty hardslider. he'll go 86-87 or so with that slide piece. that's about what tallet throws his fastball. >> rob: i like you're using slang now. you've been around me long enough where you're saying slide piece and damage. i don't want to change your vocabulary too much. >> bob: i'm still not getting a tattoo. sorry. he can't get it. scott rolen is going to score maybe. he does. that kills you in the national league when you let the number eight hitter do that. he got it off the end of the bat. it was not right over the plate, but sometimes that happens. >> rob: well, let's see if they're taking down tallet. >> bob: yes, cito gaston is going to pull his pitcher out of this game just a little flare beyond the reach of
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anderson hernandez. it was evidently a decision made by the blujts blue jays pretty late after that happened. and it will be joe inglett, a left-handed-hitting infielder. >> rob: boy, that really hurts. >> bob: inglett, a former teammate of ryan church, lyle overbay and chad quals at the university of nevada reno. >> rob: that will do it. >> bob: just a shame he couldn't do it this inning. two-out walk to overbay hurt and blue jays have tied the game. zimmermann cannot win his third major league game. he could be the loser. it will be up to the bullpen to keep those inherited runners from scoring. a good outing for jordan zimmermann. 106 pitches, 69 strikes. now he needs some help from his friends in the bullpen. ♪ ♪
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but the things we all look forward to haven't changed. like owning a home. watching our children grow. and retiring with confidence. so whatever you're looking forward to, m&t bank is here to help you get there. m&t bank. understanding what's important. >> bob: time to bring you speed with the at&t rapid rewind. jordan zimmermann's night he would go 5 2/3. strikeout just three. walk three. not his usual strikeout to walk ratio. it took him 106 pitches. he got his first major league rbi on a fielder's choice ground ball beating it out driving in josh bard and at&t honoring jordan zimmermann. it's the nationest -- nation's
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fastest a network, at&t. your world delivered. >> rob: 106 pitches, 23 first- pitch strikes. he looked gassed after he ran out that single or fielder's choice for the rbi. he limited one of the best offensive clubs in the american league. five hits through 5 2/3 innings. now it's up to the bullpen to save the day here. he can't get a win, but he put his team in position to win. that's more important than anything that jordan zimmermann can do especially a team that went in and swept the philadelphia phillies. >> bob: your point is well taken because joba chamberlain got a quality start last night. three runs, seven hits, four walks in six innings and left trailing 3-0. but it's save quality start. fastball up. fly ball to left. adam dunn. nice. that's the way to get out of an inning. it will be a no decision for
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>> debbi: nice night at t ballpark as we move to the bottom of the inning. manny acta talked before the game about how sometimes it's the little things that can really make a difference even something as simple as moving guys over on ground balls. >> this year, we worked a lot advancing balls in the dirt which is something we want to improve upon because it was big
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back in the expos days and we spoke to mark about it. we saw the results. it's gradual improvement we're making. >> debbi: i spoke to marquis about this. he said it's something they worked on spring training. be smart, be alert and reaction is key. he said too that it is these little things that can take a team to the next level as far as winning. bob, rob? >> bob: thank you, debbi t always helps when your reliever comes out of the bullpen and shuts down a rally in this case on one pitch by kip wells. that leads to jesse carlson, 28- year-old lefty out of new britain, connecticut, for toronto. he pitched in 60 ballgames last year. had a good 2.25 e.r.a. he did pitch yesterday against the phillies and sporting a higher e.r.a. this year 4.88. nats box score rolling by the
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top of your screen and josh bard with a run and a walk and scored the nats only run. battle of the bullpen the rest of the way. as you know, kip wells doesn't have many quick innings. that was nice to see him get an out on one pitch. >> rob: yes, it was. >> bob: so, jordan zimmermann will get a no decision in his 11th major league start. croorls, a little hushingy jamie burkey on the left -- herk ji jerky on the left hand deliver -- hushingy jamie burkey on the left hand delivery. willie harris is next. 3-1. 
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>> bob: 3-2 pitch. emergency hack. josh stays alive. other teams from our gigs in play tonight. phillies are hosting the orioles 4-2 baltimore in the bottom of the sixth at philadelphia. mention the marlins trailing the yankees. it's still 5-1 there. mets at home lead tampa bay 4- 0. atlanta, 6-0 at boston. josh bard down the line. what do you think? it's just to the left of the
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foul pole. at the .336 mark, he was flirting with his second home run of the year. >> rob: carlson tried to get this ball down broadway. it's a ball down and in to the sweet spot. josh bard swing. he just got lucky with that one. did he go? yes, he did. james hoye punches him out from first. one out here in the sixth. let's see what the guys behind the plate called it. >> rob: very good 3 2-ball. the dorks behind home plate, yep, they rung him up. >> bob: oh, my gosh. >> rob: thought it was funny when the yankees were playing blue jays newspaper toronto.
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now you're starting to follow the blue jays around with those outfits? >> bob: i'm not laughing at them. i'm laughing at you watching them. >> rob: what? because i'm getting irritated? >> bob: i love this. >> rob: i wouldn't mind if they were ringing up the other team. now they're ringing up our guys. look, now they even have -- they have ball bags. the guy pulled a ball out of his bag and going to throw it on the field. >> bob: please. >> rob: they've got good seats though. they've got to know somebody down there. >> bob: i'm pretty sure umpire's gear doesn't get you automatically into the president's club. willie harris grounded out to second. >> rob: can't be easy eating a steak through that mask either
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willie had a good grip. a lot of quiet bats on the ball club now. it was the pitching and defense that saved the day at yankee stadium. some tight ballgames counsel in -- down in st. petersburg. nats could have won one or two of those with key outs here and there. that is a breaking ball, way outside. 3-2. another long count. carlson, 6'1", 160, originally signed by detroit fifth round in 2002. willie trying to serve one left field. carlson pitched in organizations for detroit, houston, blue jays twice around
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some time in texas. 3-2. that will be a base runner. willie harris ducks back from a fastball high and tight. one on, one out. anderson hernandez used to play in queens, but when the nats went to the bronx, he had a really nice series. >> rob: yeah, he had that three- run home run off c.c. sabathia that almost got the nationals a win in game one of the series. he was treemd yuls in a fill-in role. ronnie belliard, late scratch yesterday. check out the defense there. >> bob: one of the two double plays mcdougal made for saves. >> rob: tremendous eferts effort by our players. >> bob: anderson hernandez, a runner with speed. it's a left-handed pitcher. willie harris has stolen four
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bases in career -- this year without being caught. he swiped 13-16 for the nationals last year. pitcher's spot due next. there's a pinch-hitter they're the -- near the on-deck circle. willie started then stopped. ball one to hernandez who walked and been in -- rather singled tonight. there's austin kearns. rick eckstein told me austin kearns is so close to getting hits. he's really pleased with some of his at-bats this past road trip. he hit that ball last night 405 feet that brent gardener caught up against the wall injuring himself. so, eckstein is not at all reluctant to see austin kearns in there hacking. if he says so, that's good
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enough for me because he can tell when a hitter is just about getting back to where he should be. now it's 3-0. i think rick is one of those guys who really takes it personally when his guys aren't going well. he's going to do anything he can to get it going. >> rob: let's check out carlson's delivery now. if you're at first base, if that front foot crosses that line, you can take off because he will be going to the plate. right there he's just on that border. you want to -- you don't want to take off because then he can throw to first. then, you see if he does a balk move and does bring that front leg behind the rubber and that imaginary line he cut it off by walking towards the run you are -- runner. kind of a little bit of a deception. >> bob: 3-1. runner goes.
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swing and a miss. throw on time. willie harris is out. and the nats continue to have a very poor stolen base percentage. they've stolen 21 this year and now been caught 15 times. >> rob: well, you break on first movement as soon as he lifts that front leg and starts his delivery. you take off. it's an flent excellent throw right here by barajas as willie harris a-good jump, good tag by aaron hill. got him by a step. >> bob: 3-2. rod barajas now 12- 40 against opposing base runners. >> bob: so, nats need a runner
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again. there's another walk. kearns up here in the sixth. >> rob: let's check out mr. carlson on the x-who. 500 frames per second. let's x-mo. 500 frames per second. brings up the led. deceptive delivery. very cool. that's just some great stuff. i don't know if he's strong enough to lift that glove up. is he? that's a big, old glove for a 160-pound man. i'm just kidding. >> bob: tonight's copyrighted telecast presented by authority of the washington nationals. may not be reproduced or retransmitted in any form and accounts and descriptions of this game may not be disseminated without express written consent of the washington nationals. austin kearns is 10-74 last.
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a biggs big spot to help his team right here. he hits for kip wells who threw one pitch, got out of that sixth inning jam . i'm sure on the toronto side, they're lamenting the fact that thefd they had to take their starter out after five really good innings because they pinch-hit for him here in the national league ballpark. >> rob: he's been hitting the ball hart. -- hard. he didn't have a lot of results in new york, but he hit the ball hard. >> bob: rick eckstein said he could see austin getting closer and closer a respectable, more than respecting a, career pinch- hitting average of .262. josh willingham is scheduled to
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rejoin the nationals tomorrow. now, after a week off, it might take josh a while to be ready to go out and as rob says grind out for or five at-bats. when he's ready, this might be kearns role on this ball club unless he really starts lighting it up that. ball high in the air deep center. how far? it is up against the wall caught by vernon wells! eerily similar to the distance kearns hit in new york last night. it's 1-1 still into the seventh. they're all around us. which is why pnc created grow up great. a $100 million program that prepares young children for school. and the world they'll inherit.... sooner than you think. pnc. leading the way.
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