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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 19, 2009 10:30pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> bob: kind of interesti when you go to toronto fo games up there. the fans aren't real raucous. they sit down and lot and applaud more than they scream. it's a different kind of atmosphere up there too. a breaking ball fouled away. we've reached 10:30. ballgame started three hours and 25 minutes ago. it's moving very slowly for a 1- 1 game even in extra innings. once the starters were out of this one, the nats now have used five relievers. the blue jays, four. no one able to breakthrough. that ball pretty well hit to left, but adam dunn is right there and we're going to the
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>> bob: bottom of the 10t josh bard, willie harris, hanley ramirez. nats were swept three at tampa bay, lost 2-3 in this ballpark earlier in the month to the
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orioles. batting average not good. runs per game, not good. e.r.a., good. a lot of tight ballgames. here is brandon league. league is a resident of honolulu from nick johnson's neighborhood in sacramento. 26 years of age, 6'2", 205. off and on career for the blue jays over the last five years. up and down, up and down. only averaging about 20 games a year. he's been back and forth between toronto and triple-a so much. brand new pitcher, first-pitch swinging. >> rob: you remember he took three strikes -- three strikes his last time, so he wanted to make sure he got a good hack in. figured league would try to get ahead with a fastball.
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he did and just missed it. >> bob: willie harris has had a fantastic night. 1-3, a double, a walk and a spectacular running catch on vernon wells to end the top of the ninth. nats would go on to get a leadoff man aboard and would never get the man off first base. >> rob: 97 on the last pitch. >> bob: saw this kid on tv during our long rain delay yesterday throwing in philadelphia. he can really bring it. he pulls the string on an 85- mile-per-hour changeup. >> rob: willie harris saying what was that? asking the umpire. >> bob: then a nasty, dipping breaking ball. he saw all three of these kid's pitches right there.
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wow. >> rob: you throw 97 and then 83 and now throw 86 just sinking. looks like a fourth ball or some kind of -- yeah, that is a fourth ball. >> bob: that had that tumbling motion, didn't it? jesus colome possibly for the 11th. joe beimel is usually a one- inning guy. nats have only mike macdougal after colome. the blue jays still have b.j. ryan and jason frasor.
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 >> bob: overmatching right now. >> rob: he's very deceptive. he turns his back to you. >> bob: how does this guy have a -- 6.07 e.r.a. 23-1 strikeout to walk, 30 hits in 20 innings, 20 runs. >> rob: something must happen inbetween his good days. you have that fastball straightens out or can't seem to loakd those -- locate those breaking balls. i could a night where he throws about 15 of those in a row. >> bob: hanley ramirez --
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anderson hernandez, a base hit. he tried to bunt his way on. we got the answer on the next two pitches. >> rob: keep talking. talk this guy into about four walks and we can go home. >> bob: he looks great right now. wow. >> rob: i don't think i've ever seen such a great hawaiian pitcher in my life. >> bob: what about sid fernandez? >> rob: see there, you go. reverse psychology and you think i'm sear serious. let's try that again. [ laughter ] >> bob: that ball slapped out to short. out goes scutaro. we're going to the 11th inning. where has the second half runs gone lately. - oh, it's on, all right. - it's on. - it is totally on. jimmy, it's on. it's on. oh, yeah, it's on.
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we build moving vans. we build tv stations. we build the 25 mile per gallon chrysler town & country. come see what we've built for you. >> bob: top of the 11th c up. time to keeps everybody's focus. time to get the blue jays three more outs. that will be the job of jesus colome. ronnie belliard comes in to play second base batting in the previous pitcher's spot which is the number five hole. then, batting eighth and pitching, jesus colome. so, the nationals have now had better than four scoreless innings from their bullpen tonight. so have the blue jays for that
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matter. jesus colome still has a long way to go with that e.r.a. of 8.00, nine innings 15, hits, eight runs, eight strikeouts, three walks. you can live with that, but the hittable nature of colome this year has really been puzzling. and, rob, i would say that's probably from being -- from being behind in the count, having to come in and then getting lit up. >> rob: also, he puts his defense to sleep with his low work rate. he takes forever to throw a pitch. inevitably, the defense instead of being on the balls of their feet, go back on their feet and they're op their heels and they can't make plays defensively for you. so, if he can pickup the tempo or pickup the pace a little bit, maybe he'd have a chance. >> bob: well, randy st. claire
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over the last few years has talked with him many times about that. rod barajas, it's ok when he's off the windup. he is a reliever who does work off the windup. when anybody gets on base, that's when the game comes to a screeching hauled halt. barajas, 1-3 with an rbi hit. out of play, right side. number nine spot is next for the blue jays. jose bautista. he's waiting to hit there. >> rob: colome has such good stuff. it's mind boggling this guy hasn't had an unbelievable career. >> bob: his lowest e.r.a. 3.27 in 2004 for tampa bay, but that was in only 33 games, and a couple of years before that, 3.33 in 30 games.
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he's had 8.27, 4.50,4.57 two years ago for the nats and back up to 4.21 for the nats last year. a lot of it has been control. right-field line pretty well hit. corey patterson in the corner that's right where the nats had him play. good scouting and execution there. there's jose bautista who broke in with the orioles in 2004 quickly on to tampa bay and kansas city in the same year and then finally four years with the pirates. blue jays got him for a young catcher we saw earlier this year robinson diaz playing for the pirates. that was ahl august 25 of last year. .239 career hitter.
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0-7 last. as a pinch-hitter, just 0-1 this year. nats got brandon league out of the game. here is jason frasor, their only remaining right-hander down there. slider, see you. perfect at the knees. two outs. rob, it's amazing. a lot of these pitchers you see flashes of it. >> rob: this is pitching right here. 0-2. just attack the strike
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zone. great slider. get the call here a little low in the zone. when you're throwing strikes, the umpire gets in a groove also and he's human. very nice pitch. >> bob: here is marco scutaro 0- 5 tonight. four grounders and a line drive to the second baseman. >> rob: don't think about it. diswrowft it. bring it to the hitter. like you said, flashes of brilliance. he's gone 2-0. >> rob: he has two quick outs. >> bob: good hitter next in aaron hill. these two good hitters tonight, scutaro and hill, 1-10.
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>> rob: the toughest thing i found of a reliever is calming your mind down. your mind starts to rush which makes your body rush and you can see that a little bit with jesus. got the two outs. mechanics got just a little bit quick almost like a golfer that swings too hard or too quick on the bat swing. now his mechanics are off. i always found taking a deep breath blowing it out right before i start my windup or delivery from the stretch would help. get your sign, blow it out, now you bring it.
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>> bob: right in there, 3-2. >> rob: i would have pitchers that would say muscle memory, muscle memory. it means repeat. try to remember how that last pitch felt to you and do it again. pretty simple. >> bob: fans making noise here. threw him a strike! zimmerman can't quite get it! that's the blue jays first base hit since the eighth and now adam dunn has a problem. the runner makes it to second and belliard was too quick with the tag. oh, boy. you can't give up 90 feet on a routine single. the nats just did. it will be adam dunn's error. >> rob: dives right here in the outfield. he goes to pick it up barehanded on the wet grass. makes a good throw to belliard. belliard tries to slap the tag
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on. >> bob: they could have had him -- >> rob: head's up baserunning by marco scutaro. >> bob: adam dunn's eighth error of the year. nats third of the night. now you're facing the leading hit guy in the american league when you just gave the previous hitter 90 extra feet. all three nationals errors tonight on the most routine plays. the hernandez possibly, the guzman drop that cost a run and now that and aaron hill was smelling blood up there hacking. >> rob: work ahead. >> bob: these are the unforced errors by some of our veterans this year that have really hurt. aaron hill, 1-5.
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now we've had a balk. jesus colome balking for the second time this year. boy, he's mad. manny acta coming out to calm down his pitcher. >> rob: right before that, i almost said out loud. i was thinking it to myself that cristian guzman or ronnie belliard should just go in and
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say something to him. say something to him in spanish. get him to calm down. they're the veterans. he's still kind of a young guy. he could be a big asset to this ball club. >> bob: flies it to center. right there is willie harris. after all that, the nats still a chance to put this game away. patterson, guzman, johnson ahead. ÷pñ)y
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>> rob: we go to the bott the 11th. it's 1-1 between the blue jays- washington nationals. before this inning before the flienl fly ball out, jesus colome is going to balk right here. see the runner on second. takes an extra step. that is not a balk. he stepped off the rubber and then he moved his shoulder. now jesus goes out to the second base umpire to say why was that a balk? well, i mean, i don't find that wrong -- >> bob: how can you balk if you're not on the rubber. >> rob: you're not on the rubber. that's a bad call by the umpire. he wanted clarification. he did a good job of regrouping, getting his thoughts together and getting the fly ball out. still, he stepped off the rubber. you cannot deceive -- >> bob: you cannot deceive a runner when you're not in position to throw the ball home. >> rob: you're not a locked in position and the ball is not in play once you step off that
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rubber. >> bob: that's not the fu first time we've seen that this year. >> rob: with him. steps off before he moves the shoulders. it's not a balk. >> bob: sheer jason frasor. >> rob: i hope there's somebody looking at this video at headquarters. at least clarify to the not just the pitcher but the manager so he doesn't do it again. >> bob: corey patterson, good guy to have in this spot. a leadoff hitter, great speed. you've got a first baseman playing very deep if you're thinking about a b.j. upton down that way. scott rolen is on the grass at third. you don't want to bunt it near him. that hit him in the batter's box where it's a foul ball. came back up and hit him you know, the place you want to bunt the ball is down the first-
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base line. make the pitcher match you step for step for about seven or eight steps. if you do it right, there's no way he'll throw you out. >> rob: if you can get by the pitcher when he delivers the ball and you can just get it by the mound, second baseman has no clans to of coming in, catching the ball and throwing corey patterson out at the same time. >> bob: rod barajas will have to tie his shoe here. with the flap over the foot. >> rob: old catcher's trick. break the momentum by faking like i'm tying my shoe. i used to do that on the mound sometimes. >> bob: that's ball one. count even to corey patterson. 1-1 with a steal tonight. he had a base hit to left with two outs in the eighth. after stealing second on an 0-2 pitch, guzman struck out.
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now, that swing will have to shorten for the next one. >> rob: here is the x-mo catching the swing of corey patterson. >> bob: and a bouncer. two hoppers right to hill. the nats have had only one hit since the seventh inning. if i remember clekt correctly, in all eight of the extra inning games, there was not a situation where the nationals in the one game on the road scored a run and gave up two. , so with these seven losses at home, that means in extra inning games in year, nabls -- nationals have not scored one
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run. this is number nine. guzman the hitter. 1-5. >> rob: you seem agitated by that. >> bob: there goes the glove and the ball. guzman will get a hit. can't say i'm real happy about it. i've never seen 0-7 at home in extra innings. that literally took the glove right off the hand of jason frasor. >> rob: that reminds me of a peanut -- peanuts cartoon, charlie brown getting his glove hit off. this is a shot right back at him. look out. frasor takes off and then what happens here? he just keeps running. >> bob: the shortstop marco scutaro finally told him to forget it. >> rob: one more look. i can't believe that happened. >> bob: here is nick johnson. >> rob: i think he wanted him
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to keep running into center field. >> bob: can nick johnson get on base one more time? he's walked twice, three hits tonight. each bullpen has one pitcher remaining. there's his left-hander b.j. ryan who has a 5 5.71 e.r.a. and nationals remaining pitcher is their closer mike macdougal who closed and put away those two games in new york. guzman doesn't run much at this stage of his career. 1-4 in stolen bases this year. 118 steals, but very few in
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recent years. bottom 11, 1-1. the count, 1-1 the score. and number 11 on deck. i'd love to see a two somewhere, but not strike two.
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guzman at first. one out. a lot of hitting room right side. rolen way off the line left side. nick johnson came into this game ninth in the national league with an on-base percentage of 4.12 -- .412. he's added five times to base on that.
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target in. nick just got enough it have and it got pass the catcher and took a chunk out of brian gorman. >> rob: well, it's dangerous being a catcher and/or an umpire. you see the ball goes right back. here is what it sounded like. looked like it caught him up around the collar bone area. >> bob: long night for him back there. he's probably called over 400 pitches. >> rob: wouldn't mind if nick ended it right here with one swing.


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