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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 19, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> bob: he offered. took it. ball two. toronto infielders, outfielders standing around for a long time. now it's ball three. this will be interesting with zimmerman on deck, does manny acta have confidence in nick johnson to make contact and start guzman on a 3-2 pitch?
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runner goes. ball four! that's a side door breaking ball that just stayed outside. two on, one out. ryan zimmerman, who is 0-5, gets another chance nick johnson on base for the sixth time tonight. >> bob: a huge spot for zimmerman. struck out with the bases loaded looking. strung struck out one on, one out swinging. chance to make up for those two bad ab's and get an extra inning win for the nats. winning run is at second base.
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backup breaking ball hangs up and in. >> rob: right man in the right place. >> bob: blue jays have good arms in the outfield all around. slider, 2-0. ryan zimmerman does some dwessing -- gegz up there now and then f he's ever going to get two men on, one out, this will be it. fastball, but he missed.
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3-0. adam dunn is next. he misses again. bases loaded with one out and one of the most vektive -- selective, good batting eye hitters in the game coming in in adam dunn. now, they're waving the outfielders in. their defensive coach dwayne murphy waving them all in. they've got to be able to take a shot at home on a fly ball and nationals have the speedy guzman at third. the only runner that really matters right now.
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adam dunn is 1-4 with a base hit and intentional walk. this is really interesting. the shift is on with three infielders in the baseline between first and second. so, even in this configuration, they shift. >> rob: in the world series, joe maddon brought an outfielder to the infield to have five infielders. i'm surprised they're not doing that. bring in vernon wells. put him at short. >> bob: yeah, if gunn dunn -- if adam dunn makes contact, he'll -- but he's got to make
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contact here. >> rob: i was just informed the new york mets did that yesterday. brought an outlaw outfielder into the infield for five infielders. like you said, he's got to make contact right here. mets did it yesterday against the baltimore orioles. >> bob: no balls, two strikes. 1-1, bottom of the 11th. adam dunn, yeah! it's a fair ball and the game is over! adam's got to touch first. he does and the nationals win it 2-1 exactly four hours after the first pitch! that ball was scorched 
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>> rob: three straight wi the nationals. >> bob: rob dibble, they found out the last two days you stick around as long as you haveto get a w. >> rob: absolutely. you stick around to get that curly w. >> bob: how do you win despite three errors? >> rob: very carefully. adam dunn, seat swing, head down, making contact. mashes it by overbay at first. >> bob: he think so far it did not have time to hook foul. adam dunn's 48th rbi of the year. nationals win it improving their interleague record to 4- 6. their third consecutive win as you said. those three wins against high quality american league east clubs. >> rob: what about that extra inning record that we had?
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see you. bye-bye! all right. debbi taylor and adam dunn. >> debbi: ok. we talked before the game about carrying the momentum from new york into this series and you get the win tonight and your patience at the plate and --  >> we had opportunities to  the game away. we just didn't get that big hit. so, it was a good game to win. it was a long game. it was hot out here. it was a good gait game to win. >> debbi: you were down 0-2. what was your thawrt ?awt adjust swung underneath him. i told myself you don't have to hit the ball in the air. just hit. >> debbi: what a night of good pitching tonight. jordan zimmermann and bullpen were outstanding. >> they've been carrying us lately. they're low-scoring games. we're getting these wins and great pitching. we didn't play great defense tonight, but we got the win. >> debbi: good job tonight. adam dunn, thank you. back to bob. >> bob: frasor the loser.
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colome the winner. nats in 11 win it 2-1. jordan zimmermann was pretty good four hours ago. join us tomorrow, nats-jays, 6:30 with "nats xtra" tomorrow night first pitch 7. 067895. visit for all the latest news on the nats. this has been a presentation of masn. "nats xtra", post-game coming up right now. johnny and phil from the booth. so long for just a while.  hello, welcome to xtra" post-game brought to you by verizon phi yos. nationals in 11 innings knock off the toronto blue jays winning 2-1. the first extra inning victory of the year. mr. wood, boy, it couldn't come at a better time. you have the bases loaded and
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your big stick up in dunn dune he wanted to get the ball up in the air. he got the ball -- he got it off the ground. let just say that. he smoked that ball. you got pass overbay at first base. winning run scores. bases load, one out. perfect opportunity obviously. extra inning win. obviously as we talked about watching the ballgame, johnny, they had multiple opportunities to score runs and couldn't get it done. >> they did. that's right. >> called strike threes were so infuriating, i'm sure they're more upset about it than we were here. this was -- the box score will show that colome got the win, but the pitching staff deserves this one. what an effort by zimmermann and the bullpen. >> when you look at the nationals pitching stat, dheep in mind. you go back to wednesday night in new york against the yankees, this pitching staff has allowed one run now in the last 20 innings. that's some kind of pitching. >> you look not just the last three games, but even the games they lost in tampa where they were in those ballgames.
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the pitching staff kept them in those games. the offense didn't produce. >> let's take a look at the defining moment tonight in the bottom of the 11th and the nationals do wind up with the bases loaded levels take a look once again. >> here we go. look at this ball. guzman smokes back up the middle. takes the glove off the pitcher's hand. remarkable. we get ball four, and then on first and second, we get ball four and bases are loaded. here comes. mr. dunn there. it goes. smoked down the first-base line. game-winning rbi as guzman scores from third base. there's your ballgame 2-1, washington over the toronto blue jays. it snaps the blue jays winning streak and gives the nationals a winning streak they've enjoyed so infrequently this season. >> there is the situation you saw moments ago with the team pounding down on his back. he knew that ball was a business hit and flipped his bat as he headed down to first base. there's the line score.
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nationals, 2-10-3. blue jays, 1- 7-0. toronto came in tonight with the most hits of any ball club in major league baseball. they get seven in 11 innings. jordan zimmermann for the nationals 5, 2/3 only gave up five hits, one earned run. his first career rbi and nick johnson 3-3 with a double, the three walks and you saw dunn with a game-winning rbi. tallet for the jays. five innings, five hits, one earned run, three walks and no strikeouts and the nationals take the win 2-1. when you go back and look at the performance of jordan zimmermann, he's been on target the same as have the other guys. he follows lannan with a strong outing and he follows craig stammen with a strong outing. >> the only complaint i would have about his performance tonight is he threw a lot of pitches. i was behind -- >> the fact is after the first four innings, he really settled down. of course, this is a guy who has pretty much impressed almost every time out. here we look at him in the -- gets the strikeout there of
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hill. the strikeout of adam lind. he strikes out the opposing pitcher and this is a guy who had a little problem here in the third inning when aaron hill singled to third and then again a play that wasn't made. then, vernon wells civicless to center field and aaron hill gets to second base. at that point, scott rolen comes up and hit the line drive out to right field. the ball was caught by dukes and zimmerman is -- zimmermann is out that have inning. in the sixth inning when he finally got out, scott rolen gets the base hit into left field and then he gets a couple of fly ball outs. then, lyle overbay walks him to second base. here is rod barajas. gets the base hit over the second baseman. a flare -- the ball was not hard hit and the run scored for the blue jays at that point which tied the game. that was it for jordan zimmermann on the evening. again, a terrific outing any way you sthries. >> five innings of relief ball for the nationals bullpen.
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jays get that one run in the sixth tying the ballgame at 1-1 and washington wins it in the 11th. 5 1/3 for jordan zimmermann gave up only one earned run, five hits, walked three, struck out three and did throw 106 pitches. 69 of those were strikes. the nationals take the opener of this three-game series here at nationals park against the toronto blue jays and phil and i will step out and come back and continue with more and the crowd filing out of nationals park. very, very happy. the nats winning streak is now three in a row. we'll be back in just a moment.
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 "nats xtra" post game on masn brought to you by verizon fios over 100hd channels and the fastest internet. this is phio and this is big. this is johnny holliday along with phil wood. nice to have you with us. "nats xtra" post game and happy fans make their way out of nationals park with this
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victory over the toronto blue jays. let's go down next to the clubhouse and ask josh bard. he was the head seth loudoun. there he is. you have the first run of the board in the fourth inning weng when it was 1-0 on zimmermann's little fielder's choice. of course u-you didn't realize at that point that was going to be a lng night into the 11th. >> aid pretty good feeling it would be a pitcher's -- pitchers'duel. zim was throwing the ball graism great. it's frustrating the ball that barajas hit over second. that's a professional at-bat by that guy. he executed the pitch and did a good job flipping it over second. obviously, you'd like to get zim the win because he execute sod well today, but we're just happy to get out there have with a win and start building some momentum here. >> josh, it was a no decision for jordan zimmermann. while he pitched well, he gave up the one earned run, it seemed like he missed, he was
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missing away with his slider. >> yeah, we talked about his execution tonight. these guys are a great hitting club and do a good job hitting balls in the middle of the plate. we talked about making sure we made our pitches and jordan executed. i think that it was one of those times where he was attacking the glove and sometimes we were going at the corners and sometimes he missed off. we weren't going to give in. he did a heck of a job and you can't say enough about our bullpen. ever since cat got here, our new pitching coach, we really talked about accountability amongst ourselves and execution and i can't say enough about how proud i am of these young starters and the wp has -- bullpen has really settled down. they've ban joy to -- joy to work with. >> you just answered my next question about the experience you have in the major leagues and this young pitching staff. we talk about potential and each outing they're going to learn from each start and continue to goat better and better and better. all of a sudden, everything has settled down now. bullpen, starters, clutch
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hitting, defense, the whole bag is right there together on the table at the same time finally. >> yeah, we're not as far off as our record shows, but we've got to earn the right. i think that earning the viet going out there every day executing, doing the little things. i'm tremendously proud of these young starters. they're doing a great job. they're asking the right questions. they're learning. they're making mistakes, but they don't make the same mistake again. they asked sc great questions. camaraderie around these guys. our bullpen has been giving us a professional effort and they really stepped up. i think veteran leadership down there has started to settle it down after it was a little rocky at the start and i'm proud of these guys. ultimately, my job is to put down fingers and hopefully these guys execute and they've done a heck of a job. >> situation there in the bottom of the 11th, the bases are loaded. there's an out. adam dunn is at the plate. you know with dunn, he's going to see a lot of pitches. obviously, he saw exactly what
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he was looking for. with the way the game ended when he got the hit and the run scored, you guys ran out like it was the seventh game of the world series. >> i tell you what. there were tired legs out there. we were pretty fired up. that seven-hour rain delay yesterday getting in at the 3:00 in the morning last night. i think we were ix sided and this team really cares about each other and if we can start winning some games, it will be really fun around here. >> josh beings one other thing i want to talk about on that force at home when zimmerman made a heck of a play at third, i thought for sure it looked like you ghoot guy at first base. >> you know, that's not -- all i can do is throw. you know, james hoye does a good job. he's a good umpire. i was 90 feet away from t i can't tell. it's a bang-bang play. you can't say enough about what zim did. that's a great job to catch it, set your feet and make the throw. we were hoping that blajs doesn't run real well. we talked about it. we were glad we got the out in the inning. you can't say enough about
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hanrahanment he hasn't pitched for six games and he comes in with bases loaded, one out and gets out of it. you know, there's a lot of unsung heroes tonight. oivelg, dunner dwirves a lost credit for get that go hit. i think our bullpen deserves the win and you look at willie harris making that catch in center field. we're a pretty good team when we catch the baseball. we have to keep work on our defense, do the little things and get where we want to go. >> i'm going to let you go. one final comment how. is that new baby doing? >> i'm doing great. i'm a blessed man. my family is finally back. i feel like i won the lottery. >> congratulations. terrific win. see you at the ballpark tomorrow. josh bard next to the nationals clubhouse. you can imagine that place is having a good time tonight, right? >> i'm sure when he says they have tired legs. he was catching, squatting all night long. we were sitting in chairs. i'm sure his legs are extremely fatigued wee talked about building on the yankee series. with well, building has continued tonight. >> they're holding their own against good ball clubs.
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given the way the season started, that's about all you can ask. obviously, this was not a game tonight where they flashed much in the way of offense. and the three errors are certainly problematic. they have i think 64 errors on the season which is worst in baseball. they made the plays and the fielding plays when it counted. >> let's take a look at some highlights the way washington got their run. first one came in the fourth inning. >> fourth inning, josh bard draws the walk. gets on base. then willie harris doubles down to the right field corner so you've got runners on second and third. anderson hernandez is the next batter intentionally walked to get to the pitcher jordan zimmermann. zimmermann who doesn't have a hit in the major leagues now has an rbi. he grounds the ball to second base. short for the force out, but the run scores because zimmerman hustles -- zimmermann hustles down the line and gets to first base called safe. he has the situation there with
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the base hit by guzman. >> great hustle. >> great hustle. >> then the double by nick johnson here and johnson was a guy who had a grate night offensively. here is the intentional walk to adam dunn. then, called strike three on am elijah dukes. get called strike three on josh bard. most by shawn camp out of george mason university. >> nats able to get a run in the bottom of the 11th. adam dunn triefs in the winning run and they win by a score of 2-1. time for the stay hold of the game brought to you by just for men hair color. blue jays blue jays holds. jesse carlson as five, brandon league with four, scott downs with three and jason frasor with three. just as those jays relievers kept them in the game, you be too can stay in the game for just for men hair color. women when we come back, manny acta will talk about the big
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win for his ball club take the first of a big three-game weekend series for toronto at nationals park. ♪ ♪
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drush adam dunn game- winning rbi. bottom of the 11th inning. 2-1, washington beating toronto. nobody is happier for adam dunn than his manager manny acta. >> i think adam really had a -- put a good swing on that ball after being down 0-2 and really lift us up. >> of course, you're talking about the seventh inning. how difficult was that to watch? >> it was difficult because i don't know if i seen it before, you know, three guys strikeout with the bases loaded looking. i'm sure that it has happened before in the game, but i haven't seen it before. it was kind of weird. i think we should be a little more aggressive in that type of situation and not allow the umpire dictate your at-bat. >> manny, jordan zimmermann had 23-26 batters first-pitch
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strikes. how big was that in his performance in keeping you in this game? >> it was big. i mean, that's what you need to do, throw first-pitch strike. the problem with him is that he's a strikeout pitcher and his pitch count runs up there. today, his limit was 105 and that was his last hitter and unfortunately the kid couldn't get out of the game with the lead. he did a tremendous job. this guy is going to be something special to watch here for years to come. >> you guys have lost so many games like this this year in part because of the bullpen has been able to keep giving you guys chance. how refreshing was it to see them come through tonight tonight and the last three weeks or so. >> yeah, they've been solid the last three weeks at least. tonight, that was huge. i think hanrahan was the biggest one coming in there with the bases loaded and then getting out of that jam. then, tavarez, wells. every one of them did a very good job and kept us in the
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game and gave us an opportunity to come back. >> a couple errors you guys -- [ indiscernible ] >> very important. that play willie made we felt from the bench he had no chance getting to that ball. just play very well and other guys played lights out yesterday defense at yankee stadium, today struggled a little bit. it's part of the game. tomorrow we'll be back at it again. >> jordan's role -- [ indiscernible ] your thoughts on that? >> that's something that we are very impressed about with the fact that we in the future might be able to put five starters that are not going to be your automatic, get a bunt down, strikeout if you don't bunt type of pitchers. guys like him and martis and olsen and stammen and lannan is getting better. guys, athletic, detwiler that can run the bases, can slash
11:28 pm
and do not only bunt but swing the bat once in a while and run down the first-base line like he did when the situation calls for it. so, that was impressive. he's a very good athlete. >> dunn obviously on close pitches you kind of know what to expect he's go going to take them a lot of time. that said when gets in the same situation at the end, how nice was it to turn on an 0-2 pitch and do what he had to do with it? >> very nice especially after missing the first two. he has a plan. he always has a plan. a lot of times we can hear him on the bench before he goes to the bench what he's going to try to do with certain guys whether it works every time or not, we all know that it doesn't, but he does have a plan and he goes out and there executed it. sometimes he goes in and takes a pitch that people are probably wondering why did he take that pitch? the other situation he comes in and just ambush the guy and swings at the first one and hurts him. >> is there a significance for you guys to say we're finally
11:29 pm
on a winning streak -- >> it is. it's a step that we needed to take. we were on a win a game losing streak, three, four, five, winning another one. we had too much room to make. we needed to do something like this and finally i believe this is the second time we win three games in a row. hopefully, we can build on on -- whether on shall -- build on it and get them tomorrow again. >> 3-0 last night in new york a shutout 26789-1 over the jays. here is the rest of the schedule on masn 2 tomorrow night at 7:00. game two of the series, 1:30 sunday afternoon. we go to masn hd for the boston red sox. tuesday, wednesday and thursday, hope you'll be here at nationals park. nats win tonight, 2-1-11. we'll come back in a moment. - oh, it's on, all right. t. - it's on. - it is totally on. jimmy, it's on. it's on. oh, yeah, it's on. pilot: affirmative, it's on.


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