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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 20, 2009 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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it out. >> bob: forest gump with a glove, he can outrun anybody. detwiler throws a strike and that's fouled. alex rios, a first-round pick for the blue jays, 19th pick overall taken in 1999 i since the fireworks didn't go off last night, do they go tonight? >> bob: i don't think so. that's one time where ryan zimmerman had to play for the hop. two outs. >> bob: how about that, only four earned rungiven up by the starters over the last five games. steve mccatty, you have done well, sir, but so have your
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young kids. ultimately, it's their responsibility. here is kevin millar hitting .246. kevin did appear in the ball fame last night, 8th inning as a pinch hit and flied out with the bases loaded. the nats made big pitch after big pitch last nightpreventing toronto from winning in regulation and can you do the same thing for the blue jays' bullpen until the 112th inning. that was some battle last night. 2-1, taking four hours to play 11. 14 pitch first that game last night. 14 pitchers in that game last night. good - looking fastball. detwiler just missingwith that one. kevin millar, in his 12th year,
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.277 career hitter. >> rob: great guy to have on your ball club. >> bob: just ask the marlins, red sox and orioles. >> rob: did everything the way it is supposed to be done. >> bob: and if you are not doing it as a teammate, he will tell you to cowboy up and do it the right way. one of the best lines ever. kevin millar knows what it's like to value being a professional ballplayer. had he to make his way through the interleague for a while. a one-hop tore cristian guzman. ross good night detwiler off to a good start. - it's on. - it is totally on. jimmy, it's on. it's on. oh, yeah, it's on. pilot: affirmative, it's on.
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watching our children grow. and retiring with confidence. so whatever you're looking forward to, m&t bank is here to help you get there. m&t bank. understanding what's important. . >> bob:  back here at n park in the 0-0 game. talking about brett cecil. >> rob: here we broke down both pitchers. see how far that arm comes and see how much detwiler hides the ball behind his hip, trying to keep it from the hitter as lon as possible and then he steps way towards first base so our guy steps more than cecil. >> bob: elijah dukes now,
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bottom of the 2nd. >> rob: that shows you how good major league hitters are in that millisecond that they can see your knuckle hanging off the ball and they can tell what's coming. >> bob: what does a knuckle curve from a left hander do to be a problem for a right handed hitter? >> rob: it's going to drop almost 1 to 7:00 o'clock. it's an excellent pitch. mike mussina threw one of the best knuckle curves, i have seen. that thing was ridiculous. >> bob: here one on the hands of dukes. before that, the pitch that seemed to establish that pitch was bert hoot en of the
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dodgers. >> rob: i played with the late team leona of the reds team. that was his one pitch. he three 87, 88, threw that knuckle curve. when you talk about the nasty boys, the phrase came from that knuckle curve, and then our fastballs. it was the entire bullpen. it was not meant to be the final three guys. god bless tim. he was amazeingwith that knuckle curve. >> bob: rolen makes a nice play but dukes is too fast and the nationals lead the 2nd inning with a hit. >> rob: dukes list it right off the end of the bat. scott rolen makes a ridiculously good play, throws from his knee to millar. it was a little late but it's still -- you have to respect
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the play. that was fabulous. >> bob: hey, seven gold gloves. only brooks robinson and michael jack schmidt won more at the hot corner. here is alberto gonzalez. he doesn't get to play all the time but when he does, he takes advantage. 10-for-25 over his last 12 games. that tells you that he averages, when he play, a couple of at-bats a night, sometimes, he gets in late for defense. last night, he pinch hit. sometimes, he pinch runs but this kid has really begun to establish himself as a very useful part of this team. >> rob: a useful cog in the machine. >> bob: yes, he is. he is 26 years of age, from venezuela. nats got him in a trade with the yankees that we discussed last week with the yankees. >> rob: look at that.
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nice cut on that swing which he did not do that. >> bob: you saw him take some big swings? >> rob: he took some big old hacks but that's not his game. you have to know your limitations. you have to know your game plan and elijah sees him. work in progress. >> bob: dukes is back in there. a pretty good blind swipe tag by kevin millar. the key to that for the first baseman is knowing where you are in relation to the bag and you slap the gov down at the bag, not the runner. >> rob: here is the x-mo. millar tags the throw from chavez. >> bob: is it c chavez or chavez. >> rob: chavez. >> bob: raul chavez. >> rob: pretty good cannon for
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an arm, though. >> bob: yep. he was with the pirates for 42 games last year. they got him in that trade. actually, picked him up as a free agent in december. good defensive guys back there. and gonzalez hangs tough on a pitch up. we are looking at those umpires. telling them, don't punch me out. i'm coming to get you. >> by the way, i did a little bit of investigative report. i know what amateur umpires make. i spotted them in the president's club at about an hour before the game and how they are in the first row still is beyond us. >> rob: still baffles you. >> bob: yes. >> rob: they could be on the take. >> bob: i tossed and turned a
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few times last night thinking about this. that's a little pop-up to millar and he made the play. now, had he not made that play, dukes would have been in no man's land because he was only about 15 feet off the bag. but kevin millar grabbed it with a nice play for the first out. and that was a fair ball when he made that play. kevin millar played independent ball four years in the minor leagues before he made it up to the marlins. kind of funny, when he was on the orioles together with jeff conine a couple of years ago, it was like having two of the same guy on your ball club. they can do a lot of things well for you, play different positions and they have been there, done that. >> rob: two different personalities, though. >> bob: oh, yes. >> rob: conine, one of the most wonderful people i have ever met, kind of a dry witty
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guy whereas millar, he is all in all the time. >> bob: willie harris inside with a fastball. that one was 91. we have seen cecil throw as hard as 93 tonight. >> bob: again, this a very young pitcher who has been fast tracked to the big leagues in on his third professional season after a stellar career as a closer at maryland. american league checked in with another win as the tigers beat the brewers 9-5. willie lays
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off the pitch upstairs. 2-1. wil nieves batting 8th. he makes coffee nervous [ laughter ]. >> bob: wil cannot sit still. 2-1. target outside. he pants at the letters and willie does not like it. willie harris says, man, i'm 5'9". >> rob: a high strike he set early in the game. it's been a high strike zone. keep it consistent. >> bob: runner going. strike 3. it's a strike 'em out, throw 'em out double play and elijah dukes is gunned down
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for the second time in 9th steal attempts this year. 
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. >> debbi: a beautiful nigh the district. we are scoreless and we move to the top of the 3rd inning. combined, nats starters have a 2.02 e.r.a. here is more from manny acta on that. >> overall, when you play good defense, it gives guys confidence that they don't have to strike anybody out.
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that they don't have to be making the perfect pitch that if they are a sinker ball pitcher, they can sink the ball over the plate instead of trying to make guys chase. so that's a confidence booster to know that if guys put the ball into play, guys will make the plays. >> debbi: and it goes both ways, when pitchers are making good pitches, it keeps the infielders on their toes. >> bob: thank you, debbie. you know, manny acta always has something nice it say for us. you know something? he is the same guy as he was. that's the first hit of the game as raul chavez sneaks one under the glove of nick
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johnson. chavez now hitting .276 with that base hit. a great chance -- i'm not sure, but for brett cecil who has never had a major league at- bat. >> rob: chavez goes the other way with it, just sneaks under the glove of nick johnson. great job on the x-mo. >> bob: this could be ugly. cecil just got reactivated and has not been around for any interleague play. he is a rookie. so you know as much about his hitting as we do. >> rob: first career at-bat. >> bob: he will do well to get the ball in play. >> rob: he could not have been that atrocious. he was a couple of years removed from college. >> bob: he was a closer for
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the terrapins. i don't know if wil was caught glancing at the catcher. why would he? that's a catcher running. >> bob: they call it a wild pitch. it was wide enough to call it that. but wil will tell you he should have had that. it will be gravy for them if he can push that run are to -- runner to third base. marco scutaro on deck.
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>> rob: he hit .307 with 23 extra base hits in college. >> bob: wow. >> rob: excuse me, back in dematha high school in dunkirk, maryland. so he hit a little bit back in the days. >> bob: get your red on, starting at $14 a ticket. you can bring the whole family for a sunday game. you get a hot dog, non- alcoholic drink and chips. minimum two tickets per purchase because it is a family fun day. 888-362-nats. sunday, pre-game autographs and the kids run the bases after the game. grab dad tomorrow and bring him to the ballpark. give him a nice present.
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and then when you get to the ballpark, say to dad, because this is the question rob and i get asked every five day, how do you pronounce the starting pitcher's name today, dad. >> bob: and he will say shairon martis. >> rob: shah-rone martis. >> bob: shairon martis. under the hand of marco scutaro. count even at 1. scutaro in this series, 1-for-7. came to town hitting .302. they play him way around to the right in the outfield. adam dunn is more than 100 feet off the left field line. in you drew a straight line from home plate to the bullpen bench, dunn would be in the way
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and willie harris is about 20 feet towards right center. trying to get him on the fastball away like he did vernon wells back in the 1st. 2-2. >> rob: that's not too good. look at the road earned run average. >> bob: not many starts to get those. he has only made one start on the road and that was at philadelphia and that will do something to your e.r.a. that ball unplayable for dukes. he has started at home against the pirates, orioles, giants, reds and tampa bay was a road game. so two starts on the road and
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the other four here. he has pitched deep a game, 6th inning, three times. tough hitter here, 2-2 pitch. >> rob: the second time that he was out against the oriole, 96 pitches, 56 for strikes. i think we both agree he was working really hard that night. >> bob: yes. >> rob: to throw that many pitches. against the reds, a couple of starts going, 103 pitches in 6 innings. that is still a little bit too high for a young man. we have been told by mike rizzo that these guys are not on any count for the year. there will come a time when, if they have to, they will shut down some of these young arms on the staff and i agree with
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him. if you've got some kind of plan for these kids for the future, which they do here and you're going to stick to it, then you have to shut them down but you have to find pitching somewhere he is else in the organization and that's when they have to go down to the minor league and bring people up. >> bob: september is going to be interesting around here. >> rob: everybody will wear name tags. hey, hi, my name is -- and i came from -- harrisburg or syracuse. >> rob: some of the young bucks there, lannan. >> bob: yeah, lannan, the old man now. it's so funny watching because, two years ago, you could not get john to say anything. now, he is lying leading those kids around -- he is like leading those kids around. >> rob: look at that. detwiler, pore porcello, cecil,
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zimmerman. >> bob: that's a pretty good draft. >> rob: got to get off that rubber quicker. two outs, forget that guy. >> bob: they get a base hit, somebody could throw him out at home. just go after the hitter. 0-1 it is to hill. way outside. debbi taylor, manny acta already has something along those pitching lines in the back of his mind? >> debbi: that's right. we're going to see some of those guys. matt chico, he could be here and ballister could be here. >> bob: yeah, ballister has been hot. and johnny holiday and phil wood updated us on matt chico
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having a great time at the ballpark. if you like pitching, yeah, you are. they are cheering for the walter reed army soldiers tonight as the nats do every night. can you believe game 6, joe carter. when that ball went over the wall, it was the last time the toronto blue jays have been in the post season. second walk off homerun to win a world series after bill mazeroski did it to the yankees at old forbes field in 1960. and no playoff for the blue jays ever since. they have been in the playoffs '85, '89, '92, '93. a great run then by zito gaston and his blue jays. >> rob: and gaston has been brought back to bring back some of the magic and they have played better this season and
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part of last season. >> bob: yes, they have. wil nieves up the middle to the shortstop marco scutaro. last year, john gibbons was let go and cito gaston took over. he was let go on june 20th and cito gaston led them to a 51-30 record. he has been a guest manager for the last few years. people forget he is a good ballplayer. he was then known as clarence gaston. ross detwiler gets around late. as a major league hitter, he is 0-for-8 i. still looking for his first win and his first hit. >> bob: yep. >> rob: he is definitely in
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search of. cristian guzman with a base hit tonight, he is next. infield hit in front of scott rolen back in the 1st. detwiler puts it in play. three-hopper. scutaro, two outs. get your red on and a grand slam. pick 4 game, take one three. five different plans to choose from. your plan, your games, your seats, you get a free game. it's that easy. @0-5%-ats or
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