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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 20, 2009 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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. >> bob: top of the 4th ening there is always one ham in every shot. we have aflac trivia for you. here is medwik. >> aflac. >> bob: the manager with the best winning percentage in blue jays history. >> rob: the -- i know gibbons and cecil. bobby cox. >> bob: bobby cox is a great guess. i'm going to have to go with you on that one. coming into this season, cito was .753 and -- 753-687 total. they say if you copy somebody, it's called bridge rhythm. if you copy two people, it's called research [ laughter ]. >> rob: i like that. >> bob: scwoo willie harris puts that one away off the bat
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of vernon wells. just for that, i will look up my atlanta notes to see what it says about bobby cox. can you ask us a question. ask about the nats at we are always eager to hear from you if you have your baseball questions about the nats. let's see. bobby cox, that might be a good one, rob, because it is four years in tron so. he won 78, 89, 89 and then 90 games. >> rob: he wasn't there long enough to have a bad winning percentage. >> bob: right. well hit. scott rolen has a ten-game hitting streak. he is now 19 for his last 41. adam lind will be hitting with one on, one out.
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>> rob: lind bounced out to alberto gonzalez first time up. >> bob: ross detwiler, first three innings, averaging 18 pitches per. 54 pitches, 33 strikes. and his first 11 batters, he only threw first-pitch strikes to five of them. so not great numbers, but that's overanalyzing. he is getting outs. >> rob: exactly. >> bob: outs are all that matter. >> rob: i know we love the first pitch strike and all that stuff. but his job is to. >> bob: get the nats in a position to win the game. >> rob: job 1, go 6 or 7, give this team an opportunity to win this game and maybe we can get him his first major league win. a nice 1-0 pitch there. >> bob: right on the edge. that ball driven to left by adam lind. 2 on, one out. blue jays have tripled their
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hit total here in the 4th. >> rob: they have seen him for the second time now and they know what ross detwiler features. and if you are not walking ahead, if you are behind the hitter, you give them an advantage. he smacks that ball into left field. >> bob: alex rios. grounded out to zimmerman tonight. he is 1-for-5 with a walk in the first two games of this series. tampa bay just beat the mets 3- 1 in new york. double play ball. gonzalez, guzman and well done. manny acta earlier this inning talked about defense and the pitching. there you have it. aflac! you really need it these days. how come?
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. >> bob: that little la enjoying a night at the ballpark, so are we. great pitching. bob and rob back. ross detwiler saved himself some pitches right there. >> rob: absolutely. great first pitch change-up to alex rios, a hot hitter. normally, when a guy is hot, he is seeing balls better than others. that actually worked out to detwiler's advantage.
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one of the big things, bob, that we talked about, last night, zimmerman, all those first-pitch strikes. sometimes, you come out, don't have your best stuff. detwiler is not throwing to his velocity up in the mid-90s like he is normally, but he is consistent. he is pitching. he is getting hitters out and that's what it's all about. >> bob: nick johnson has been on base eight consecutive times. johnson, zimmerman, dunn, bottom of the 4th against brett cecil. not far from home, one dirk, maryland, and pitching very well so far.
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nick johnson and base, ties castilla and dmitri young for a nationals record 8 times in a row. >> rob: talking to manny acta earlier, we were kind of laughing about nick johnson's 0- 2 walk where he worked the count in his favor and walked. i told him how annoying it is for a pitch he ever because that's not the kind of guy that you want up there. you want a guy that swings at your best stuff. he doesn't. he takes pitches that are close. manny loves that about nick. i do, too. not many guys are that patient. it's kind of like a safe cracker. >> bob: it makes him ideal for the number 2 spot in the order. >> rob: yes. >> bob: you are not going to lead nick off. you have to have something like guzman or anderson hernandez
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type hitter. but get this guy behind him and then if you had a leadoff guy who was a bona fide base stealer, nick johnson would be even more productive because he takes pitches. guys like lou brock who had sizemore hitting behind him, murray wills who had junior and -- will tell you how valuable it is to have a number 2 hitter who has the ability to make things develop and given time work in the count. base hit. 9 in a row. he set his own record. a new nationals record for nick johnson. 9 times in a row on base. 11 games in a row and 19 of his last 21. >> rob: as you talked about,
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bob, he got to a 3-2 count again. brett cecil having to work really hard to get to this count. to get back to what you were saying, for the 3, 4, 5 guys to get basically two leadoff hitters in front of them, they are seeing every pitch that cecil has in his repertoire. the more patient a guy like nick johnson is, zimmerman gets to sit there on deck and see what is going on and dunn gets to sit there in the hole and see what cecil has. that's what makes nick johnson so valuable to the rest of the line-up. you talked about adam dunn, a guy who takes as much pitches is equally as valuable. >> bob: that's a great point, rob, but we do want adam to swing more. we need that guy to swing at
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more pitches. >> bob: up and away. 1 ball, 1 strike. or in the words of dibble, we will damage you and you will like it. rusty staub. always the caveat. there is somebody who is always hanging and. what's that other guy, tiny minouche? >> he was not an expo. we don't care about the expo. we just want to hear about the nationals. that's ancient history. i can understand that, but, you know, this franchise does have roots in another place and it does have a pretty nice history of its own when you consider the players who come through. it's just a shame that the expos never drew enough fans in
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montreal to be able to afford to keep the guerreros and the randy johnson and the list goes on and on of great players developed by this organization. >> rob: absolutely. and there were some guys that were developed, like grady sizemore and cliff lee that could be playing here now. you can say, well, you know, we want nothing to do with the expos, but they were traded for bart loco lone. >> reporter: here is adam dunn. ryan zimmerman, strikes out. starting to pool up. that's number 54. >> rob: i think it's all good now. you would know this more than
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me. didn't the boston brave go to kansas city and milwaukee and then atlanta? >> bob: no, they went to milwaukee first. the philadelphia athletics went to kansas city. >> rob: some teams have traveled around a little bit. they have gone and then. >> bob: and they are in oakland. it's i how can you deny the history. that's baseball. at the end of the day, that's all good. >> bob: and the royals fans have the st. louis browns who came there in '53, how their team moved around. i mean we have lost two teams in this town. 1 ball, 1 strike to dunn. that ball gets away the nick johnson never saw it. he just fell right out of the glove of raul chavez. he had the catcher and the umpire in his line of sight. >> bob: that ball. >> rob: that ball gets out of the sight. did you see barajas -- or not
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barajas but chavez much he was looking at the runner. >> bob: thighs try at the breaking ball. >> rob: i think nick was shaded by dunn and the catcher and didn't know where the ball was. >> bob: yes. screened. >> rob: i'm thinking of the hockey term. >> bob: like screening the goaly. >> rob: screening the goaly. >> reporter: keeping him in first base kept rolen in the milled will. >> reporter: what are you doing? >> rob: come on, nick. >> bob: one on, one out. scoreless game, bottom of the 4th. these teams have really played a low-scoring series and that's an offspeed breaking ball. he took a little bit more off. his previous one was about 86.
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that was 82. and two strikeouts in a row. >> rob: here is brett cecil on the delivery. he has some kind of offspeed, fastball, change-up and our expo captures -- x-mo captures adam dunn. >> bob: that x-mo captures the effectiveness of the change-up better than anything i have seen. >> rob: 500 frames per second. >> bob: dukes reaching for an outside pitch. rolen to second. pitchers rule tonight. no score, top 5. - oh, it's on. - it's on. it's on. - it's on. - oh, it's on, all right. - it's on. - it is totally on. jimmy, it's on. it's on. oh, yeah, it's on. pilot: affirmative, it's on.
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. >> bob: here they come, ju about an inning ago, the geico presidents' race. tom leading george. george making up ground. teddy and abe nowhere to be seen. abe is a great closer. teddy will do anything to finish at least third. down goes the father of our country. somebody chopped him down. all right, buddy. you got rhythm. we know it. top of the 5th. so does ross detwiler, so does kevin millar. dunn will have to hurry. he is thinking two.
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he will make a big turn and comes back. >> rob: maybe a couple of years ago. i don't think that kevin has the wheel he did. >> reporter: ross detwiler gave up four hits, all singles. the big play was the double play last inning. now raul chavez. >> rob: they are still not getting great swings against ross even though that's the second time through the line- up. that shows you the kind of stuff he has tonight. >> reporter: this will continue a streak of ross detwiler's starts where the nats don't give him much run support. about 3 1/2 runs a game coming in. chavez takes a strike. >> rob: maybe he should take the starting line-up up. that's good gesture for a rookie. although.
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>> bob: you might want to pick a buffet place. willie harris, stalking it, there he goes again. willie harris, a diving catch. arrest that man. he has been larcenous three times this week. >> rob: this is just outstanding right here. a low dying line drive. he dives, possibly saves a run. that run gets by him, millar definitely scores. this is the x-mo. great job, guys, on this shot. >> bob: that's beautiful i. it's beautiful -- that's beautiful. i tell you, he has great landing. i heard some of my flights could land like that. >> rob: and you heard manny acta talking about it. the pitchesser pitchers are
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more confident with their mistakes in the zone because of that. >> bob: willie harris, i think, gets the best jump on the ball on any of our outfielders. i think kearns goes back on the ball the best and has the best arm. that was a good bunt for about 20 feet and then it hit the lip of the grass and went foul. strike 2. and the nationals got josh willingham today. he wanted everybody to know how much he appreciated the expressions of sympathy and love for his family he has received this week. he says it has been a very difficult time his mom and dad left on a vacation yesterday to get out of town, just for a change of scenery. that was josh's only sibling that he lost when his brother was killed last week in that tragic accident. a swing and a miss.
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two outs. all right. rob dibble came up with it first. we have some numbers to support t winningest manager, we think it's bobby cox. >> rob ha-ha. >> bob: he averaged 89 wins a year for four years. good question, guys. that was a change-up. >> bob: yep. we weren't sitting dead red on that one. fastball up and away. scutaro 0-for-2, flyball into right and to first. detwiler drops a beauty of a
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change-up in there, 83 miles per hour. the count is even at 1-1. >> rob: he had not thrown a lot of them tonight. i like it when our pitchers don't throw one of their out pitches until they really, really needed it. he needed it last inning againstry york got the double play ball on it. good to have that surprise in there. >> bob: well hit, left field. dunn is right there. and detwiler five shutout innings and a big assist with one out and a man already on base. willie harris, a beautiful catch again. a few years behind me, it seems i've got three times the bills i used to. and they're getting in the way of things i'd like to do. with the money bar, i can move my money around instantly, so when there's more bills than usual, it's no problem. and i use the wish list to put any extra money aside for anything i want. being in control of my money feels good. introducing the virtual wallet from pnc, a high-definition, online view of your money.
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pnc. leading the way. . >> reporter: nationals base brought to you by southwest airlines. book your next trip. and by acura. acura, advancement beautiful night for a romantic cruise on the potomac, after the game, of course. in the bottom of the 5th inning
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coming up. celebrate father's day here blue jays-nationals. first 10,000 fans 18 and up receive the free gym bag presented by geico. player autographs before the game. the kids get to run the bases afterwards. tickets at, 888- 632-nats or the box office. you can walk up, get yourself some ticket for tomorrow. >> rob: that's a great gift to give to dad. get him in shape for the sum year. >> bob great thing. dad pays for the tickets and then you are covered for the presents. you know, we don't have high expectations, we appreciate something like that. >> rob: absolutely. cards are nice, too. >> bob: uh-huh.
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alberto gonzalez, takes the breaking ball. this time, he is ahead. >> rob: willie and i talked before the game about the defense and the plays and he is still upset. would like to play a a little bit more. but defense is just as important. that has picked up this team the last couple of weeks. >> bob:ice . >> ro soof the doubs avebenamazing.%% place. everyoe is on the saep everyone is iking up everyone nobody wants to the weak link. bob: right. target away on 2-2. and gonzalez rips it, stabbed by aaron hill.
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great play. one out. and that goes both ways. sometimes, you hit the ball sharply and the other guys take one away from you. >> rob: i thought we got rid a grea second baseman when we left robinson cano. going towards shortstoat ú úaneasuch a hitter's league, you can see alberto gonzalez is not happy but when you go out there to second base, do the same thing to those guys. i guess you need great defense in that league. >> bob: i guess that goes often overlooked.% the blue jays have only made 27 errors this year. 37 fewer than the nationals. and minnesota the fewest in that league with only 24. can you imagine 24 errors in 60- some games. the fewest errors in the
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national league, 26 by the phillies. >> rob: cito gaston. >> bob: that's a ball club that does not beat itself. cito used to do pretty well with tony fernandez playing at shortstop. look at it fly. it will hop into the bullpen, a ground rule double. willie hit that ball about 370 the other way. >> rob think about defense and the hits will come. >> bob: willie harris with his 8th double. he has two triples and one homerun. that's a great swing by him going the other way. >> rob: bob, you already know, i don't need to tell you but teams do not win a champion without a great player, willie harris will play any time, anywhere you insert him. he will try to contribute. now, he gets a one-out double. >> bob: and our fans love this
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guy. i remember being out on the left field plaza under the red loft last year. when we brought willie harris for a live interview for our season ticket holders, those fans went crazy. they adore him. they see a guy who plays hard. we will see if wil nieves can pick up an rbi here. still with the pitcher on deck, but this is only one out. look at. >> rob: heads up baseball by willie harris. cecil never looked back. >> bob harris' fifth of the year, with only one caught stealing.
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>> rob: no one says a word. willie harris takes off. you have to tell your pitcher to step off when that happens. >> bob: that's the nats' 23rd of the year. >> rob: he started wil off with a change-up, hoping he would bite. so wil doing a great job of take that go --taking that first pitch. >> bob: way outside with that pitch. 2-1. >> bob: millar was already aboard when he robbed chavez into the gap. now, he has doubled, stolen third.


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