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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 20, 2009 8:30pm-9:00pm EDT

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that ball hitting the track, it will be caught by lind, willie harris can trot on home and he manufactured a 1-0 lead. sometimes, you have to muscle up and pull the ball to the outfield, left side. >> rob: i don't think it gets any better than this kind of team baseball, number 7 hitter gets a double, steals third with one out and your number 8 hitter hits a flyball before the pitcher steps up there. nice job, wil. >> bob: wil nieves' 11th rbi of the year i he cannot stop talking. >> bob: he is probably telling willie, i had to hit that pretty deep to get you home. that's the kind of stuff they say to each other. >> rob: absolutely. >> bob: he just hit dunn on
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the back as he passed by. i think dunn might have dropped a warn track power light on him. all smiles in there. nationals lead 1-0. 2-1 to detwiler. ross 0-for-1 with a ground ball to short. a tad -- st. louis beat kansas city tonight, 7-1 in k c. another win for the national league. that final just in. and detwiler strikes out but a good inning for the nats. willie harris doubles, steals
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boss: come on in, i had some other things you can tell people about geico - great claims service and a 97% customer satisfaction rate. show people really trust us. gecko: yeah right, that makes sense. boss: trust is key when talking about geico. you gotta feel it. why don't you and i practice that with a little exercise where i fall backwards and you catch me. gecko: uh no sir, honestly... uh...i don't think...uh... boss: no, no. we can do this. gecko: oh dear. vo: geico. fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. . >> bob:  the world's most refreshing beer is coors light. here is our grease guam coors light. willie harris robbing alex rodriguez. last night, he made another great play. and that's what he did to raul chavez tonight. he is some athlete, isn't he? >> rob: and the thing about it is that once you make the
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commitment that you're going to go for, it if it gets by you, it's devastating. could be one, could be two, could be in the parker. you have to be 99.9% think you're going to make the play or at least smother the ball. willie has made some amazing plays. >> bob: i say one thing for the 30-year-old who has a birthday in two days from cairo, georgia, he is not lacking in confidence. >> rob: oh, no. >> reporter: willie has a little swagger to him. >> rob: he is still one of the most unselfish players i have seen in a long time. reminds me of guys i used to play with and that's how you win. >> bob: this guy is a player. >> rob: he is not sitting there moping when he doesn't play. he is routing for his teamates. when he play, he is all in. >> reporter: elijah dukes'
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turn. we used to say in the pool hall, talk's cheap. >> rob: is that the swimming pool hall. >> bob: no, the billiard. >> rob: is that how you put your self through college? >> bob: i will take you one day. >> rob: okay. >,i can see that. >> bob: that ball is hit hard. vernon wells ties the game. that's his 6th of the year. and the third given up by detwiler in seven starts. so the homerun ball has not hurt ross that much. that ball was really smoked. >> rob: you asked me earlier in the game what do you think about pitches that are up for a high strike zone and you will get hurt if you leave pitches up like that. that's a hanging curve ball, right on the sweet spot of
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vernon wells' bat. there you see it, mr. spawlding leaving the building. i know it's rawling. you don't have to tweet me on twitter. >> bob: that was a change-up >> it's 1-2. >> rob: it's going to happen. we said this about zimmerman, martis. guys who throw really hard, sometimes, you hang them, second, third best pitch, you will give up homeruns. if you if you don't walk anybody, that's not going to hurt or sting as much if they are solo homeruns. >> bob: that's the difference. john lannan gave up two solos in yankee stadium and pitched a bull full game. >> rob: pitched 8 2/3. victory. >> bob: nick johnson has it. a pitch on 0-2 that was way too good but nick johnson helps out
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his young pitcher. >> rob: well, nick johnson has an amazing glove at first base. this is just a reaction play. not the most amazing vertical leap i have ever seen but effective. we love nick. >> bob: here is adam lind it would out, bases empty. breaking ball, flyball. centerfield, willie harris. and that quickly, the top of the 6th is over. >> bob: you can make a lot of money pitch for a long time giving up solo homeruns. try chili's new fire-grilled quesadillas, starting at $6.99. flame-grilled tortillas layered with chicken, bacon, cheese, and ranch.
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crispy on the outside, melted perfection on the inside. new fire-grilled quesadillas. only at chili's.
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. >> debbi: we move to the bottom of the 6th inning. manny acta admitted that he was a little more fiery when he was in the minor league. >> i can't believe why people want to yell at somebody for having self-control. i have my own beliefs and my beliefs are that patience and self-control or the foundation for life for success. i'm not going to change it just to make everybody happy. >> debbi: i will tell you what, he will make everybody happy if this win streak continues. >> bob: . >> bob: thank you, debbie. he is going to be smiling
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because his leadoff man has an extra base hit. he has big triple until the outfielder stops him. cristian guzman has his multi- hit game. it looks like one of these games where each team will have a punch count punch going. >> rob: cristian guzman gets us going in here. down and in, smokes it by scott rolen, he has no chance. you keep running like a triple until the third base coach and the outfielder stops you with his defensive play. i want to get into the manny topic because i think that's a fantastic topic. people don't like manny like we know manny. we had a conversation and he is probably one the most fiery people and one of the most respectable people. you may not think that he is
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fired up or he gets on his team. he does privately. he has a lot of fire inside. he is like charlie manuel. they are very reserved. they are not like lou piniella who i played for. he is more like pete rose where he is very reserved, you don't know what he is thinking but he notices everything. there is nothing that gets by manny acta. i think one of the worst things this organization could do is fire this man at this point. he is not responsible for what's happened. >> bob: and in a world we live in today, where celebrities constantly make fools of themselves by throwing tantrums and emoting in public, i find it quite refreshing. >> rob: and i was one of those tantrum thrower as a player. i was a poor loser but manny is not about that. that's not his style. i can tell you, he privately -- which is very classy and respectable and that's how you get respect in this game, he won't call guys out publicly. i hated that about managers who
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would do that in the papers and do it publicly, press conferences, so if you are looking for that from manny, you are not going to get it. if you are looking for that from charlie manuel, you will note get it. >> bob: nick johnson will put the nationals on top. double, double. 2-1. the nats double their runs and nick johnson having an amazing series on base now 10 consecutive times to tie rusty staub's franchise record. >> rob: gets the pitch up. see that beautiful swing, head down, never overswings. this is a line drive double for nick johnson but more importantly, the lead for the nationals. >> bob: in this series, nick johnson is 5-for-5 with 4 walks and his onbase streak goes back to thursday in new york when he
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was intentionally walked in the 9th inning. how about that? the whole thing started with an intentional walk. here is zimmerman. >> rob: he has his own streak, hitting streak earlier this season. >> bob: if nick gets a base hit next time, i wonder if he will give him the bag. >> rob: he just tied the franchise record with rusty staub. >> bob: zimmerman 0-for-2 with a strikeout. he is looking to drive the ball the other way , out of play. >> rob: talking about nick, bringing sexy back. >> bob: who? >> rob: you know, he is always up there singing justin timber lake song, big sexy. >> bob: that's a family show.
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zimmerman drives the ball. and caught by alexrys were. >> bob: nick johnson could not even think of tagging up i. it's what's more apple pie than justin timber lake. >> bob: some of the words nowadays mean the some sit of what they say. right now with the way he is getting on, he is sick nick. >> rob: or the way he picks his spots, slick nick. >> bob: we already know him as that. a tradition of innovation is firestone. walks leaders in baseball, adrian gonzalez. why would you not walk him. adam dunn, mr. pujols, the prince, lance bergmann in houston and then the little guy
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who leads off for the blue jay, marco scutaro. >> bob: i know when we looked at the walk statistics, we are like, why are they walking marco scutaro to get to aaron hill who has 90-plus hits? atestimony dunn 0-for-2, a drive to left and a swinging swowt. he may have been guessing correctly, first pitch breaking ball, but he could not get it. >> rob: i'm thinking they are not going to give adam a lot to hit with first base open. >> bob: it is a lefty-lefty match-up so let's see how much they want to pitch. brett cecil has pitched a good game, not quite as good as detwiler. elijah dukes is hitting .290 with runners in scoring position this year. you are looking straight north,
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right up the left field line and right up south capitol street on a beautiful night at the ballpark, warm and muggy, 85 at game time but that wind coming right down capitol street has died somewhat. 20 mile-per-hour winds, 15 to 20 coming from the northwest. dukes had a good rip at a first- pitch fastball. >> bob: by the way, they sent corey patterson back to syracuse. he was 2-for-15 with two stolen bases. corey came in and was very use fool for a couple of days when the nats could dh dunn and put some rabbits in the outfield. >> rob: souvenir for that
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young man. >> bob: dukes hit that ball well to right center. it is still going. and it is dropped by the scoreboard. johnson scores. dukes to third and got a shot and they've got him. but the nationals lead 3-1 on three doubles and now a runner lost at third. two-run lead into the 7th inning. it's on. - it's on. - oh, it's on, all right. - it's on. - it is totally on. jimmy, it's on. it's on. oh, yeah, it's on. pilot: affirmative, it's on.
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. >> bob: nationals pull out lumber in the bottom of the 62nd inning and elijah dukes got frisky on the bases. vernon wells got to this ball up against the scoreboard, could not handle it so it did give the nats a run. >> rob: vernon wells, a gold glover but does not know the scoreboard too well. it's not fun to smash into the scoreboard. earlier, austin kearns smashed into it. >> bob: did he. >> rob: come on, nick. you can't say you are trading an out for a run but that's still great hustle by elijah dukes. have to take a chance. >> bob: 8-6-5 on the play. >> bob: detwiler is working his way towards the bottom of
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the order. rios 0-for-2, grounded to third on a double play ball to second. 2-0. >> rob: come on, ross. you have to dig deep here. this is the longest he has been in a ballgame this year. chance to get his first victory. >> bob: since the 5th of june, the nats pitching as well as anybody in baseball. >> rob: you have to make sure that never comes up on the screen again. oh, man! it's just like -- you might as well blow some black cats on the field, a few ladders [ laughter ]. >> rob: geez. hey, this guy has not given up a homerun in the last three at- bats. bang! you want talk about something -- and it is very funny. steve mccatty is all business. >> bob: breaking ball that was outside.
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this is just like drag net, rob, just the facts. >> rob: sometimes too many facts make me nervous. close. kevin millar next here in the 7th inning. this toronto ball club is not done hacking. as rob mentioned, they lead the major league in hits. the nationals, in 17 innings, have held the blue jays to 12 hits. i know, there we go again. >> rob: that's all right. i think the jinx is about over. you tried to do it last night. 0-8 in extra inning games. >> bob: by the way, ross detwiler retires 19 batters in the game for the first time.
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it's his deepest effort. t-shirt tuesday coming, nats and red sox. first 10,000 fans receive that curly w present the by hard science cafi. there are just a few tickets left. get them now. tuesday, wednesday, thursday. 202-675-nats. detwiler really got his pitch count down in the 5th and 6th innings. really, the 4th, 5th and 6th. 54 pitches the first three innings and only 4 total the next three. millar, flyball to right. lee -- elijah dukes. i always love it when the
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starter gets to hear the 7th inning stretch. and ross detwiler is almost there. raul chavez coming up. cecil, 93 pitches, 62 strikes through 6. but detwiler, a total turn around this evening, even though he has given up a run. but that was solo homer. he was really attacking the zone. >> rob: he has not broken that change-up out too much tonight. i think in those couples of innings where he was economical, got the big outs on the change-up. for a young kid, he is doing much better at not throwing all four pitches in the 1st inning, first time through the batting order so they can see exactly what he throws. >> rob: for people who don't know what we do, we are talking for the opposing announcers to find out what the pitch erythros. they do exactly the same thing
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for us. they want to know what they throw. nick johnson will make you three everything in your repertoire because he will stand right there until you throw a strike. >> bob: 2-1 to chavez. flyball, centerfield, using the ballpark. killy harris. 7th inning stretch time. ross detwiler's longest outing in his major league career. 3-1 nats. take a stretch. it's on. - it's on. - oh, it's on, all right. - it's on. - it is totally on. jimmy, it's on. it's on. oh, yeah, it's on. pilot: affirmative, it's on.
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. >> bob: time to bring you up to speed with the at&t rapid rewind. we have several departments to visit today. there is the department of starting pitching, the department of defense, clutch hitting and a guy who is living on base right now, nick johnson. at&t, the nation's fastest 3g network.
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a t and t, your world delivered. there is our game summary through 6 1-2. vernon wells, the only toronto run, a solo homerun in the 62nd. ross detwiler pitching beautifully giving up only that blast. and nick johnson, 2-for-2, an rbi and on base 10 consecutive times. so the nick watch will be in full effect come the 8th inning, unless he bats here in the 7th. gonzalez, harris and nieves, 6, 7 and 8. ross detwiler showing a good demeanor tonight his mound presence has been very good. a breaking ball in the dirt. dwiet, by the way, 93 pitches, 62 strikes through 7. i love it when you can say through 7.
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>> rob: i think everybody else is trying to jinx the nationals. we win this ballgame, we can join the rest of the national league in the 20-win club. >> bob: off the glove of scutaro. well stroked by gonzalez. he was robbed of a hit by aaron hill last time so that's justice. here is willie harris. see, rob, why don't you throw a couple of number 13s on it. >> rob: there is al bertho gonzalez throwing the bat out there and marco scutaro could not extend far enough to get that ball.
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here is willie hard just who is responsible for at least two runs tonight, the run he prevented and the run he manufactured. so willie's 1-for-2 with a double, six steals on the year. >> rob: another run would be huge here. >> reporter: yes, sir. >> rob: all the insurance we can get. >> bob: rolen shallow at third. willie taking it in. they have been trying to pound him inside on his hands. >> rob: those are not some good numbers. >> bob: you have to remember this kid is on in his third profkonl season. blue jays have a pitching issue or right now with roy halladay hurt. >> rob: he does recognize the whole hand behind the back, they can recognize it. so when he went back and was working on this, he is trying
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to straighten up his body during his delivery. he feels like when he bends over too much, he really show that ball in the back. >> bob: took a little bit off the fastball, 89 that time, 2- 1. >> rob: let's see a shot on cecil. there you see it, goes way out back and brings it over the top. i would say also, when you get a little bit tired on the mound, that big arm swing is going to eventually slow down and you are not going to be able to catch up with the rest of your body and you will throw a lot more balls. >> bob: willie harris, little pop-up and unreachable, just over the dugout. 2 balls, 2 strikes. >> rob: watch this. slow it right there.%%--yo out, then comes back over the top. a


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