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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 20, 2009 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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those pig right handed hitters that when he goes well, he will drive the ball the other way but he is not doing that right now. it will be guzman with one out. batting for the fifth time tonight. 2-for-3, a single, double, a run and a sacrifice. right here, one one, middle of the order. >> rob: whatever way you get on base. >> bob: nice play by millar.
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two out. >> rob: now it's up to nick. >> reporter: it's 10 0-0. quick- moving ballgame until we got tied up. it took four hours to play an 11-inning game, 2-1. we have to get in tight to see that thing move. when was the last time you saw a clock hand move like that? >> rob: when it is trying to catch up with the real time. >> bob: that clock has had problems here and there but tonight it is right on. >> rob: people want to gun there and change the battery. >> bob: that's a big battery. >> rob: that is a big battery. >> bob: that's at least a d. nick johnson a walk, single, rbi double and a grounder.
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bases empty two outs. he is really throwing that breaking ball in on the left handers. struck out adam dunn with it. camp has given up two homeruns in 28 innings this year. and that little chopper will give him three scoreless innings in this series. he will do it unassisted. on to the 11th for a second straight night. ? geico's been saving people money on car insurance for over 70 years.
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. >> bob: on to the 11th inn second marathon in a row for the nats. they do have lyle overbay, left handed batter available. two hits, no runs, a couple of walks, couple of hits and for both teams tonight, including a very thin bullpen for toronto,
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142 pitches thrown by the blue jay, 92 for strikes. 137 pitches thrown by the nationals pitchers, 89 for strikes. so pitching is not dead yet. >> bob: it's been on its last legs a few times in recent years. >> rob: i just don't think that the whole quest tack and zone evaluation is working. turn the cameras off and let the umpires win the game. >> bob: so you are routing for the umpires. >> rob: no, but with big brother watching all the time, it doesn't have the effect they wanted to. they wanted a better strike zone but it's not as
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consistent. >> bob: nick johnson robbed rolen of a base hit tonight. he is 2-for-4. nice pitch by colome. almost a cutting action away from the right handed batter. 96. >> rob: as i said before in the discussion i had all day today, it's not about how hard you throw but the movement and location. i liked it when i threw in the low 90s and had good movement. if i threw hard and straight, bp. >> . look at that, fouled back. >> bob: you referred to discussions today. fill us in. >> rob: i talked to pat corales today. i would talk to him all day. i didn't know that about steve carlton that he took 120 pitches to warm up before every
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start and pitched every four days. i don't know why it worked for a hall of famer and now you have to back off. >> reporter: we are smarter than we used to be. how many warm-up pitches are thrown nowadays? >> rob: i can tell you i was burned out after a few pitches. that's why i became a reliever. you think you can get rolen to go pitching. nice. >> bob: fastball up. >> rob: eye level, 97 up in your chin, no chance for that one. this is just what the doctor
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ordered for colome. a few outings where he gains some confidence. he has the best stuff in that bullpen, 97, chest high, after a few pinpoint strikes. a great breaking ball away. can't set the guy up any better than that. >> bob: adam lind the hitter and colome misses low. here is the left handed bat we mentioned, lyle overbay. because they made a double switch, back in the 8th, pitcher's spot is next. that's the number 6 spot in the line-up. it will be nice to get zaun camp out of here -- shawn camp out of here. he has pitched three scoreless innings for the blue jays, three out of 10. 2 1/3 tonight. >> bob: scott richmond.
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>> rob: the nats told me before the game they would break out their starters. >> bob: he is not on the sheet. scott richmond has made 11 starts in his 13 appearances. 5-3 with a 3 1-2 e.r.a. may take him a while to get warmed up. >> rob: in more ways than one. he probably does not want to come into this game. starters and relievers have this little friction going on all the time. they love that you are out there and you come into the game. >> bob: i thought you and tomorrow browning were such good buddies. >> rob: don't get me wrong. but you can get in there and
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tell them to get lost. as far as the record goes, starters don't want to mess up their record of earned run average by going into the bullpen. three or four runs out of the bullpen makes you smart a little bit. you know, they have a routine just like relievers do. when you think you have a day off and then the manager cops and says, oh, by the way, scott, we are a little short, do you mind throwing out the bullpen tonight? >> bob: 3-2 and colome walks the lead run. it will be lyle overbay for camp here in the 11th. >> rob: i think colome may have injured himself on that last pitch. bending over. could be a groin.
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there you see the replay. it's the right leg. you see him right there pull up after the pitch. let's take another front look. maybe even a hip flexor. >> bob: jesus colome coming out. julian tavarez now will get the call. the plot is thickenning from the pitching standpoint here to say the least. 
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. >> bob: it's become a long night here at nationals park but as we found out, thursday in new york, friday in our nation's capital, the nats will stick around as long as they need to win a ballgame. julian tavarez got all the warm- up pitches he needed. he is ready to face lyle overbay here. >> rob: would you bring another pitcher for another injured pitcher. julian tavarez needed as many pitches he needd to warm up. >> bob: he can throw just about every day. he may be one of those guys who does not need as many as others. lyle overbay started last
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night, went 0-for-2 with a walk. >> rob: mr. hoye is consistent with that back door breaking ball, ringing up adam dunn on that pitch from camp. >> bob: lyle overbay's first pinch hit appearance of the year. he was supposed to have a night off. .274, 8 homeruns, 38 rbis. he started against the nats' lefty, ross detwiler who we hoped would have his first win by now. pitched well enough to do that. kevin millar next. unless there is a double play
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ball. the nat have turned two tonight. drop toe has turned three-- toronto has turned three. >> bob: there is that location on the breaking pitch and the count is 2-2. 2-1, fastball count for the hitter and you get the old uncle charlie.
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got him. overbay could not pull the trigger. it was up and in. enough of the corner, two outs. it will be tavarez now and millar.
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>> rob: well, very nicely done by julian tavarez. looked him away, away, away and then comes right in, two-seam fastball, drops in on the inner half, absolutely froze overbay. >> bob: kevin millar, 1-for-4 with a business hit tonight. zimmerman really guarding the line at third. nick johnson holding the runner. that's a nice breaking ball. >> rob: it is.
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>> bob: it's about the speed of a change-up, 84. >> rob: he threw a 93 running fastball that was off the charts. now he comes back with an 83 mile-per-hour change-up. he turned that over like a screw ball. no telling what julian tavarez has learned over 17 years in the big leagues. >> bob: they used to get all over him about the debris that accumulated on the bill of his cap. he got thrown out of a game one time. that's inside and strike 2. >> rob: he accumulated a lot
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of knowledge over the years, why not a lot of goo. >> bob: look at that. good location. that will now allow the runner to mu. at first is adam lind. on deck, raul chavez, the catcher. breaking ball, low and away, two on, two out. now a base hit could put toronto on top.
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chavez, 1-for-4, opposite field base hit. and the play of the game by willie harris with millar aboard leading off the 5th, the reason we're still here. so lind at second after the walk issued by colome. and millar at first on the walk issued by tavarez.
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>> bob: there is a flyball to center. willie harris is there. number 11 will lead off the bottom of the 11th. ryan zimmerman, adam dunn and elijah dukes to follow in a 3-3 tie. pp it's easy to identify the leaders of tomorrow. they're all around us. which is why pnc created grow up great. a $100 million program that prepares young children for school. and the world they'll inherit.... sooner than you think. pnc. leading the way.
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. >> bob: the nats have bucking the national league east and especially in interleague, the american league east. zimmerman, dunn and dukes. adam dunn really got it -- well -- didn't last night. let's see if the boys can go to the hop again tonight. >> rob: happy i left the game when i did because now you get a beating to get a hero. you get the winning hit and everybody beats the heck out of you. i don't understand that ritual but that's what the kids are doing. >> reporter: these kids. >> rob: hey, let me pound on the top of your head.
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that's not football. >> bob: lyle overbay stays to play first now. on the double switch, millar is out. ryan zimmerman has had a frustrating series, 0-for-4 tonight. last night, 0-for-5. he is 0- for-9 with a walk and three strikeouts. >> rob: scott richmond is now in the game, so. >> bob: 29-year-old starter from north vancouver, canada. >> rob: an extra inning affair out of the bullpen. >> bob: that's a good pitch.
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boy, i tell you, if i'm sitting behind those guys. >> rob: they were just down there, and don't give them any more time than they need or deserve. they have the little brooms out, they are sweeping off behind there. i mean i have to say they are very original. >> bob: i would have had the spit ball shooter out by about the 5th inning last night. >> rob: they would never be able to get away with that in places like fenway. people are too kind here in washington. >> bob: zimmerman strikes out here. what happened to jesus colome? >> debbi: he probably has a strained quad. probably day-to-day, bob. >> bob: and then tavarez came
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up. i would love to see adam dunn swing at anything that's close in this at-bat. he does not need our advice but adam did strike out on a borderline pitch in the 9th when we would rather see him hacking. it was 3-2 delivery and he could have been the potential winning run at first. he gets under that one. it's going to stay in the park. second out. elijah dukes had the ford drive of the game that put the nats up. >> rob: cristian guzman,
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elijah dukes and nick johnson with the doubles. elijah thrown out trying to go to third. ryan zimmerman and adam dunn 0- for-10 tonight with four strikeouts, three of them looking. it's opinion an odd night for the 3-4 guys. dukes pulls off a breaking ball, hits it right off the end of his bat.
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fair ball. picked by scott role en and a good throw and a good stretch. we are going into the 12th inning.  scott rolen has been doin for years. 7 gold gloves worth. inning number 12 coming up. it's on. - it's on. - oh, it's on, all right. - it's on. - it is totally on. jimmy, it's on. it's on. oh, yeah, it's on. pilot: affirmative, it's on.
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