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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 21, 2009 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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into a double play. >> he's done their teen times to lead the national league. that's a breaking ball low and inside, 2-2. aaron hill in, rod barajas out.
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ought field plays zimmerman straightaway, down the line. a lot of hitting room on that right side. strikes out in a pitch in the dirt. should have been ball 3. zero for 11, zimmerman in the series. >> expanding the strike zone, a little bit of that when you're looking and frustrated and want to hit. >> he struck out his last two times thursday in new york, both looking, after having three consecutive hits. we thought he was locked in again, and now ryan zimmerman is zero for his last 13.
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here's adam dunn trying to bail out the inning, two on, one out with kearns on deck. >> i hope he hangs him a curveball. . >> mover trouble against lefties than rightties.
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>> he throws the fastball by dunn. he pitched pretty well at citizens bank park, 1-2 to dunn. the nats can't make contact here. did he tip that? the umpire is telling dunn he struck out. adams asking for an appeal for a foul tip, which doesn't usually happen. >> he's saying he didn't hear it. >> he's called him out.
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>> check out the replay and see if he makes contact here on the ball. not too good of an argument for adam here. it looks like it hit the ground and hit the catcher's chest protector. >> wants to know why won't you ask the third base umpire if you're not sure. >> i know. >> buckner must be saying i'm sure he missed it. now manny's getting a little more an mated here. that bat missed the ball. >> we know that, but we don't have to let manny and adam know that. it's a good argument.
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>> i think the right thing would be to ask the third base umpire for some help. >> romper row has gotten the last two hitters without throwing a strike on a two strike count. he got zimmerman fishing, dunn fishing, obviously the first time the nationals have seen this pitcher, and here's austin kearns zero for two in the series as a pinch hitter. kearns has been on 15 rbis for six weeks. he needs a 2-out hit here in the worst way for his ball club. that ball right-field line, nope. >> rios has it. >> turns into a ruffining for the nats. they're down by 4.
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this has to be an autom out if you're martis. a tradition of innovation, firestone, chris carpenter had a great game in kansas city yet. -- yesterday. marco scutaro got it started for the blue jays with a base hit to right center leading off
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the game. a lot of good hitters in the lineup, line drive guys that will be a hit. scutaro does something he hasn't done in two games, gets a hit. >> a fine effort by alberto gonzalez, a strong throw from
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one knee. you've got to know it's going to be somewhere close to johnson. don't want to put him on second. >> that was a good play because you saw his glove scraping the ground before he even got to the ball. a lot of guys will let that ball get under their glove. >> do you remember when he got sent back to the minor leagues, one of the knocks was his defense. that's steadily improved. >> that will be routine in right field off the bat of hill for austin kearns. two outs. >> look at that catch right there. laying out, talking about the trust you have to have in your defense. >> finding the bag visually as he made the exchange. nice. here's wells. his walk right after the double play gave the blue jays
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momentum back. >> scutaro is hustling to third. he's going to score. that ball right down the line and toronto leads 5-nothing. >> ball up in the zone right here. you know it was inside. second right for the series on base twice today, and here's scott rolen who singled after wells walked, but my point about wells was, martis had just gotten the double play, bases empty, two outs. now he gets scott rolen, and it's just hard to believe the base is empty, two outs, and martis gave up four runs.
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similar to an outing two weeks ago today. adam lind walked first time up. second at-bat already. then rios really hurt with the two hitch run single. 
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he's going have at least mi- 50s in pitches through two innings. >> well, right now martis having trouble getting ahead, does not have a lot of movement on the fastball, change-up, curveball, good pitches, but not great. >> adam dunn right there for this one. and the blue jays will get another run. they've been doing a good job with 2-out hitting today, all five of their runs scoring with two outs. to look after my money." tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 "the dust might be settling... tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 that's great, but i'm not." tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 "i guess i'm just done with doing nothing, you know?" tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 "oh, i'm not thinking about moving my money. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 i am moving it."
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we're back at nationals park on father's day. josh willingham is one of the many dads enjoying father's day and also enjoyed a chance to take time out with his son. >> just now starting to really understand, you know, what he's doing, and that's one of the things he wants to do, go down to the batting cage and hit and throw and just running into the net and everything he likes to do. >> it's pretty funny because these games have been ending late, but josh is still down there taking taking him out. i think he wants to run him out
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of energy. >> try to tell him he can't hit after a game. he doesn't understand the time concept. >> the love of the game and being around it, i think it's great for these young guys. >> little chopper by gonzalez. rolen over to cut it off. it deflected off his glove. they could give gonzalez a hit on that. >> he tried to cut it off from
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the shortstop because the shortstop had no shot. watch this, one, two, three, and he just tried to swipe at it, has no shot. >> it is a base hit. here's the blue jay tormenter, willie harris. time after time, harris becoming that for the toronto ball club. three for eight, two walks, two rbis, and a couple of runs in the series. willie has torment had the blue jays again. two on, nobody out. >> i love what willie harris
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did last night. right there just patience. the ball comes right into him. he sees it perfectly, is all over it. doesn't try to hit it out of the ballpark. just hit it on the line. >> that's willie harris with his fourth extra-base hit of the series. >> very nice. >> 13 extra base hits on the year, four of them since friday. right now marco scutaro saying to him, give us a break. here's josh bard, a good spot for him. he doesn't hit well against against left-handers, but he's swinging well. in 10 games in the month of june josh is eight for 29, batting .276 and he's been a little extra-base hit streak of his own lately. there's will getting a day off.
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0-1 to bard. breaking ball, little bit low. ricky romero, 24 years of age from los angeles, graduated from roosevelt high school there, teddy roosevelt high school. that's a good take by bard. pitcher on deck, something brewing for the nats. second consecutive inning two on, nobody out. this time in scoring position. a strike on the corner.
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>> try to widdle the 5-0 lead down little by little, get yourself back in the ball game. there hasn't been a lot of adversity in last week. haven't had to come from behind like we did the first couple of months. >> ball 3. >> that was this ball club's strength. now you do have the bullpen, and that should give you the confidence to come back and take this game. >> by the way, that was the pitch romero threw to strike out zipper man. now he's worked the count full. they're not overswinging when they get in a run producing situation, whether it's rolen or overbay or rios. they're putting the ball in play. they've been getting some hits.
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zimmerman and dunn went up there looking to hit 3-run home runs. ryan needs to move the runners up, his job. you need quality at-bats if you're going to get back in the ball game. >> 3-2 again. bard up the middle. off the glove of hill, two runs will score. and the nats are in business. putting the ball in play, testing a good toronto defense, and josh bard gets his ninth and tenth rbis of the year. josh bard gets a pitch he can handle, doesn't try to kill it, hits it on the line. and there you see aaron hill. two runs come in because he deflects it into shallow center field. >> now you have a perfect sacrifice situation with martis, who's done that twice
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this year. romero took a look at second, then had a hard time getting a handle on it. and it nearly cost himself an out, but a good bunt by martis. did you see what scott rolen did on that play? he came charging in, cutting in front of the runner. >> the pitcher did too good of a job fielding his position and cut in front of scott rolen. school rolen, he's good, but if a guy swings away one time, he's been doing that the whole series coming about 30 feet away from the hitter on the bunt. no fear. >> top of the order, chris and
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guzman singled up the middle first time. this ball pulled. that's foul. fifty pickup by rolen. and argues man was flirting with his fifth consecutive multi-hit game. >> this ball is going to be dead in front of home plate, takes a second hop. the next pitch will be romero's 39th or 40th pitch. i think the count is 39. now getting romero's pitch count up where he's pressing martis. >> guzman five for 11 in the series. nats have four hits already, but the blue jays have six. that's a breaking ball down
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around his feet, and two outs. three key hitters, zimmerman, dunn and guzman. it will be up to nick johnson with two outs. anything else is gravy here. the nats have had a good inning, and johnson will be looking to make it a 3-run frame. >> did you ever come up with a nickname for nick? >> nick the quick. >> i'm going to start calling him ob. >> on base percentage. >> on base. >> ob, on base. inside-out swing over to ellen.
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@@ the biggest thing f getting the catchers to sit on the plate. even when you're trying to make a pitch, especially with young pitchers, is it on the plate. we've institutedt in the minor leagues, and it seems to really help our starters getting ahead with the first strike and letting them use their so i kn up . it sure slows up the game.
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>> okay. bob, thank you very much. we'll go back up with more on overbay. >> lyle overbayed, ninth of the year. he has three rbis today. the blue jays have a 4-run lead, 6-2. manny may have to early today. they've had five base runners in two innings. you would call that a bullpen that's stirring, even though no one is throwing. >> he's going to have to maybe suck up five innings. you don't want to kill the bullpen with the red sox coming


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