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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 21, 2009 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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to town. calls johnson off the ball, two outs. it's been a rough first hour for us here. it's 2:30 in our nation's capitol. ball game underway, blue jays four in the first, a run in the second, a run here in the third, and they're all over martis. >> i opened my score book this morning, and at the bottom of the page it said happy father's day. we love you. >> i wrote that. >> i know my wife's handwriting. >> oh. >> i'll get your autograph sometime. well played and throws out the pitcher. the overbay homer happens quickly, and the blue jays 6-2
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happy father's day to all you fathers out there, and to you, bob. >> he said that to me. thanks, nick.
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zimmerman, dunn and kearns, still very much in this game, and zimmerman is trying to do anything he can to get on base, now 0-14. ryan is a really good bunter, but he guided that one right to the pitcher.
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>> what did you say, disabled list? >> shoulder strain. >> more of a neck strain after the last few outings. >> whiplash from line drives. >> looking at the ball, oh, my neck. >> ryan just expanding his strike zone and now thinking too much. he's got to get back to relaxing in there, being more patient. it will come to him. >> ryan zimmerman's first three at-bats thursday evening in new york, doubled off the left field wall, singled to right, rbi double to the gap in left center. we thought he was back, and now he's gone zero for 14. here's adam dunn.
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>> one ball and two strikes to dunn. didn't look like a swing. 2-2. >> sometimes ryan can get a little scripted with his swing. it's almost like he's in an area where he swings. >> broken bat. i had one hitting coach tell me once, which sounded familiar to something a golf coach said to me once. he said when you're standing there try to hit a line drive over second base. that means you're staying on
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the ball, squaring up because you're hitting up straightaway. but your point is well-taken, stay on if a little longer and take it the other way. adam dunn place its perfectly right over hill, who was the rover in right field. >> 8-iron in the fareway right there. >> here comes kearns. the red sox are coming, masn, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, unique announcer rotation up at camden yards next weekend as well. jim hunter and i will team up on play by play. rob will be there. for some of you we know there are some of you who had a hard time finding nats extra when the orioles were here. we will tell you that despite the fact that the games are a
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joint telecast on masnhd friday, saturday, sunday, because we're the visiting team, the nats extra pre-and post game shows, i guess the post game show, will be on masn ii. that's going to break. again, we don't want you confused. there are different pre-and post game shows for the nationals and orioles next weekend, and the nationals will be on masn2. all right, you got it. jim palmer will be there to team up. we've got a pretty good starter and closer in the booth. third inning in a row the nats have had two men on base. romero is doing nothing to put washington away in this game.
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gonzalez a base hit off the glove of scott rolen first time. one ball and one strike. >> i'd like to see alberto get a gap shot here and see if austin kearns can catch adam dunn by the time he reaches home plate. >> austin can run for a big man. overbay's playing behind him. atlanta got two in the first and red sox answered with three. david ortiz, the 6th homer of the year. check on some of the other games involving our division, including the mets who now lead 2-0 over tampa bay, and gregg dobbs a homer for the phillies
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leading baltimore at home 1- 04th inning. marlins hosting the yankees later. gonzalez hangs tough. the sunday night game, dodgers and angels. here's our daily update, by the way, rob. american league 81, national league 72. so it's still a 9-game difference. it's been that way a couple of days. >> i like the national league keeping it close. gonzalez up the middle. a couple of crow hops by the pitcher. toronto got a little crossed up as far as who was covering second.
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the shortstop, scutaro and second baseman hill both got there at the same time. first and third, and willie harris got it done again last time, and he did last night. >> you see the shot that saved a couple runs. then he got things going as far as offensively for the game- winning home run, a double, and there's the swing and game- winning home run. >> welly doubles to right center field today, pushing gonzalez to third. they both scored a josh bard single. now the blue jays have given the nats an extra out. that should have been a double play ball. romero was waiting for someone to get to the bag, and hill and scutaro got there at the same time. here's willie, a chance to do some 2-out damage. breaking ball outside. i guarantee a lot of people in
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canada now know where cairo, georgia is. >> how about those home runs? that's crazy. 15 career home runs in the last 190 games, counting today. 31 on the 22nd of june, a birthday tomorrow. having a great weekend. willie right side. hill plays it well. nats frustrated. giver at toms shoes. i operate my entire business from my phone.
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how does that chopper sta in the air? top of the fourth inning, guys and their dads, got finished showing a whole bunch of dad scenes from different movies, and of course they had to save
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kevin costner having a drink with his dad for the last one. >> what about robert redford at the end of the natural when he finds out that glenn close's son is really his son, and then he's out in the cornfield and they're playing catch. >> that's a good one, a tearjerker. >> i see another side of you nearly every day of the week. aaron hill zero for two. marco scutaro, by the way, marco being marco, on base for the third time today. he had been on base only twice
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in 11 plate appearances friday and saturday. that's playable for nick johnson. you're all right, they're saying from the dugout. t shirt tuesday, come on out. first 10,000 fans get the patriotic curly wt shirt presented by hard times cafe, limited seating available. tickets dwindling quickly. grandstand seating available day of game only. that's at 4:35 right out by the team store in left field. 202-675-nats. if you want to come thursday, you better hurry. we understand that's the closest of the three of being
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sold out. john smoltz on thursday. as i mentioned a few minutes ago, it gets going with john lannan coming off one of the best games of his career. the bullpen is busy now.
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harris reading it. that's easy for him. two outs, scott rolen coming, and so our friend the duck. happy father's day. >> aflac. >> the oldest player in blue jay history. >> wow.
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>> there's nick. he's got it. and the blue jays are gone in the third. old blue jays will think about it during the break. or hospital wanted to add on to their benefits package at no direct cost to the company, their very first word was... aflac! aflac! find out more at
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the nats still down by . josh bard, a 2-run single off the glove of aaron hill up the middle the first time up, and breaking ball for ball 1, low and inside.
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he might have gone from there to seattle. nats have plenty of time to build a couple of rallies to get back in this game. romero, 58 pitches in his first three innings, so he's probably not on schedule for more than five or six today. both teams are going to be into their bullpen, the most pitches he's thrown this year, his last start. it took him 109 pitches to go through seven at philadelphia.
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phillies have a 1-0 lead against baltimore. phillies have lost five in a row, but still lead the mets by 2 in the east. left field. did he get it? no. right at the barrier, about 345 feet away. josh bard, another 5 feet, and a 3-run ball game. the wind is blowing in from left field across the field. >> that didn't help. >> no.
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see the canadian flag out there behind the bullpen. >> martis a 1-pitch out. overbay to romero, two down. top of the order, guzman, talk about the oldest player in blue jays history. >> that's a good call for the catcher. >> hall of famer, you talked to him a couple weeks ago on your radio show. >> because he was the oldest pitcher to get the 300 games, and randy johnson the second oldest to get to 300. >> how do you win 120 games after your 40th birthday. >> because he didn't win his first until he was 26. he's a knuckle baller. >> baseball fountain of youth. guzman to the right side, overbay to the pitcher.
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close, inning over. nats go in order for the first time today. each pitcher getting a badly needed quick fourth inning. woman over phone: no problem. you know, maybe other people are content to sit around and wait. wait for something to happen. for business to pick up. but for you, it's time to kick it in gear. time to get going. time to get tough. take control. you're not gonna run and hide. because backing down's not your style. grab your bag. it's on. ( ding )
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one half inning ago thi were interesting.
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>> debbie taylor is on the case of george washington conspicuously missing on father's day. fastball outside. %%- one ball, one strike.
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he's only managed a couple of singled and two walks this ere he is with the double right up there withbrian  roberts and texas michael young. fair ball. nick has to go backhand. nick puts it to him. didn'treally have time to square up for a conventional throw. >> the best part about this
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play is that. >> the other thing i saw at the tail end of that play. i'm not sure i've seen many pitchers do it. he had the poise to run with his glove open. >> you're taught to do that. you're also taught to run down the line so he doesn't come up with his heels and spike you. see how he did a direct loin to the bag? you want to find first base 5 feet before the bag and try to run up the line with the runner so he doesn't spike you. >> rios pulls it foul, and the count is 1-1. >> giving him a target is an excellent idea, and that's what they try to teach you in spring training.


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