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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 21, 2009 3:30pm-4:00pm EDT

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you better ask your dad too. wells one for two with a double. wow, dad's got them all dressed up today. a beautiful day. breeze still blowing in from left. might have cost josh bard a three for three day. you want to just keep taking two out of three, two out of
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three and get back in it. >> just one series at a time, managers will tell you. i think the nats will be convince had they can play with the red sox when they show up. >> the key, going back to the rays series, gauging how talented your ball club is against these teams that possibly two or three could have a shot at going to the playoffs by the end of the year some people feel the best division in baseball. >> feeling like i can play with
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the big boys. now maybe it will expedite the way they work and work ethic. i have to keep working harder if i want to be that team. this is what i'm going to have to do every day, not once every eight weeks. even the bottom dweller, baltimore won their last four, six games under .500 as a last place team. wells tried to dance his way out to that ball and couldn't get there. just gets in under the tag of josh bard, and that's our freeze frame moment. just a great slide. he's just such a ball player.
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we talked about it last night. you may not be sprinter speed, but can still be a good base runner. >> i remember people telling me when rolen came over to the ball club i was with at the time, st. louis, what a great base runner he was. i'm like, you've got to be kidding me. he came over to st. louis in '02, and it didn't take long to see what he does. he's not a base stealer. he's a base runner. i will never forget, remember when sore on know got crossed up and both guys were at the bag for a relay. it happened one day with the runner coming. he took out both of them. >> he does look like a linebacker. he's huge. >> he's listed at 6'4", 250.
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of course scott olson coming back soon, although his most recent outing wasn't very good. the nats want him to have at least one more rehab start. that's a broken bat. zimmerman to second, well done, to first. safe. hill went after gonzalez, and harris just able to beat it out. >> fast runner on first, got to really get it over there. he may have gotten rolen at first. nice play, though.
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>> bases almost wiped clean, two outs with a runner at first. up and away, one ball, one strike. >> fletcher paid a compliment. he said, man, i thought we had a reamy good bullpen. you're bull opinion has been matching us the entire series. that's the way you want to be recognized if you're a bullpen. >> they did a good job in new york. >> that's how they opened their show, talked about our bullpen. >> wow, why didn't you tell me,
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i would have watched two balls and two strikes, low ball 3. top of the second, blue jays six, nats two.
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rios will have a chance to possibly put this game out of reach for toronto. it's all about the jump that you get off the pitcher and
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it's about being heads up and into every pitch type player. situational baseball. >> it's so rare to have two players and the entire career spent with one team, and each had chances to go elsewhere. bijio was a catcher and then went to second base.
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>> he also played center field. >> played center field, 3,060 hits. >> he was here two years ago with the astros over at rfk the week before he announced he was retiring. >> one ball and two strikes to alex rios. got him looking on a front door breaking ball. kip wells gets his second strikeout of the inning. the blue jays strand two. they've left six. breaking ball backed up just a little bit, as bob said, the front door breaking ball. on sundays at the ballpark, god bless america today doing the honors, sullivan of the u.s. navy cruisers. 
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and retiring with confidence. so whatever you're looking forward to, m&t bank is here to help you get there. m&t bank. understanding what's important. the nats need some runs,  down by 4, bottom of the
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seventh. they're very thin in the bullpen, trying to salvage the series. mostly blue jays all day today. >> first pitch swinging again. nationals have had their opportunities, but they've stranded seven runners and lost two others on double plays. >> i don't think there's any ball club that's been hitting hard with their starting pitchers as the blue jays, roy halladay, justin, bobbi ray,
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malcolm, the entire starting rotation of what they probably thought -- rolen playing shallow. nats are down to their final eight outs. johnnya preview of the red sox series. they did
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>> we're hearing reports the nats may be calling tyler up. >> i better stick around for the post game show and find out what's going on. >> we're always the last to know. >> i know. the nats get a base hit. it's another multi-hit game for nick johnson. nick johnson is now seven for 10 with five walks in this series. >> i've got a nickname for nick, nick the machine johnson. the machine gets another knock. >> all right. now it's ryan zimmerman's turn.
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baseball's success can come like bolts of lightning out of no where, and that's what ryan needs here. zero for 13 in this series and zero for his last 15. we'd love nothing better than to see a sharply hit ball go right to johnson in right field. outside. >> moving up on the plate a little bit. i know he's moved up in the box. this guy throwing breaking balls in front of the plate all day to him. maybe he'll smoke one right back up the box. >> okay over there? >> yeah, little frog in my throat. >> have to do -- hate to do the
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maneuver on father's day. >> it's eight runs in the fourth for st. louis. we're still a week and a half away from the true halfway point of the season. that's why the nats would like
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to pile up a whole bunch of wins between now and then and shut off all the emails. 2-2 zimmerman hanging tough here. breaking ball, strikes him out. he's just not seen the breaking ball at all. ryan's been called out on strikes. i think that's five to six times on breaking balls in the last three games. >> he's a little bit in between northrup pitch track. you think they're working one way and double crosses you and makes a adjustment. you've got to be patient. he'll come out of this. >> adam dunn. the other thing about ryan zimmerman. he did dh1 game. he never gets a day off. that ball will be hooking well
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foul. y hit that ball off the end of the bat. >> tomorrow might really help ryan get away from it for a day. >> absolutely, and i mean really get away from it. go to the movies for three straight to get your mind away from it. >> and then come in tuesday and do your work. >> absolutely. we've said this when things really start to go bad for the nationals, dunn wasn't gets a day off, zimmerman wasn't getting a day off because you have to keep your best players out there to try to scratch off wins. >> it's easy to manage your lineup when you're 15 games over .500. manny has never had that luxury. clubbing and scratching every night. 0-2 to dunn now. romero is about to go through seven innings, fanned five, walked three, erased one of those with a double play, but only given the nationals two singles and one double since
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the 2-run second inning. so he's shut them down. he gets dunn with a fastball. nats had a man on with one out. that's it. on to the 8th inning, 6-2 toronto. at jeep, we build skyscrapers. we build fish finders. we build battery chargers. we build base camps. we build transporters. we build sanctuaries. we build the technologically advanced jeep grand cherokee. come see what we've built for you.
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one out, overbay retire looks like we'll see john
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mcdonald. they have a new player. they'll have to check on this. blue jays made a move today. in fielder outfielder russ adams recalled from las vegas. can you imagine toronto having their aaa in las vegas? >> i wouldn't have bet on that. >> toronto was the long time team that had the syracuse chiefs, which is now the nationals aaa. they were in syracuse tore -- for a long, long time.
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so here's russ adams, batting .319 with a homer, for the las vegas 51s, area 51 out there where all the private research and ufo stuff goes on. that's what their ball club is, the 51s. >> all a mystery to me. that banks the railing right by the photographer.
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that's why he wears his helmet. >> happy father's day, mo. looks like the terminator in that thing. i'll be back. adams comes to the big leagues and slaps one up the middle. he's aboard with two outs. that's not ufo activity in vegas. it's marsh gas is what the government says. isn't that the usual explanation? >> weather balloons. >> yeah, marsh gas and weather balloons. >> exactly. why are these little green men on the balloons? >> if there are so many weather balloons, why can't we tell when it's going to rain? >> top of the order, here's marco scutaro, three for four today. that's a good one by wells to the outer half, trying to keep this thing close, the nats have six outs left with which to
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work. a 6-2 game. the nationals have had a man on base in every inning except the fourth. i don't think wells is too happy about that call. what's a better pitch than that in terms of being on a corner? >> great pitch, great pitch. you heard the explanation.
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when they call a strike that the system thinks is a ball, they get called out on it so they'd rather call it a ball. >> and they'd rather have longer games and more offense. >> most definitely. >> sounds to me like two departments aren't communicating very well. willie harris is cruising to this ball. he has it, and the blue jays strand their seventh runner of the day. kearns, gonzalez and harris, it's getting late. they're all around us. which is why pnc created grow up great. a $100 million program that prepares young children for school. and the world they'll inherit.... sooner than you think. pnc. leading the way.


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