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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 21, 2009 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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there now. josh was swinging the bat well before the viral infection got him that weakened him, and then the tragic death of his brother. he's been away for a week. left field. it might go. it's right off the wall. a little more elevation and it would have reached the bullpen, and it's a 9-3 game. right now you really feel bad
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about the top of the ninth. he really rocked that baby. that will be the seventh double of the year and 13th rbi. so nice to see him come back and do that. i'm sure he's got his brother on his mind and will for a long time. i told him i lost my father 13 years ago. you never get over it. you go on living, i guess.
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i did not know until you said that yesterday it was his only sibling. one of the most well liked players on the team, one of the nicest guys i've ever been around, sad to see something happen like that. he's a great guy and glad to is him back on the team. >> i told him yesterday that we really liked you even when you were a mar len we'd go down to florida, hi, bob, how you
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doing. hi, manny. this one to left. that will drop. guzman with a base hit. he has 26 of them on the year. if a 6-3 game the tying run would have been in the batter's box.
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red sox scored late, boston 6- 5. one and two to johnson.
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left center, i don't know. the wind is pushing it in. wellingham could have come home because adam lind did a 6-run game flipping the ball into second base. josh willingham has his back to that and awaiting his dash home listening to his coach. the wind really shortened the flight of that ball. still only one out. ryan zimmerman, a nightmare weekend, zero for 14.
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he'll pop it up. nats extra they do get the run
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home. a nice jam shot right here, but a big strong man, broken bat single. he'll take the rbi, keep the rally going, bring elijah dukes to the plate. he's batting for the pitcher in the spot occupied -- he throws him a pitch out of the ball park. it's a 2-run game.
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the nats still have a large hill to climb. they have scored a couple here. it's now 9-4. - oh, it's on. - it's on. it's on. - it's on. - oh, it's on, all right. - it's on. - it is totally on. jimmy, it's on. it's on. oh, yeah, it's on. pilot: affirmative, it's on.
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dad's sake -- saying, d give up until it's time to go home. there's a lesson to be learned
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here in the ninth inning. the blue jays have a pull benpy committee now. the tying run is not as close as the on-deck circle. two for his last 16, elijah.
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that's a loud pop with a 94- mile an hour heater. >> right down broadway. >> one ball, one strike. reaching, fouling it, and the blue jays are one strike away from salvaging a game of the series.
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slider just outside, 2-2. >> heaters and the old slider, just a bit outside in the ball just got a piece.
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clouds are gone, bright sunshine again. out of play on the right side.
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2-2 to elijah dukes. to center. right there is wells. the blue jays beat the nationals in three hours and eight minutes, 9-4. a ball game with 25 hits. the nats scrape away two more runs in the ninth on four hits and the jaws win it. join us tuesday, masn hd, the red sox coming. we'll get you going 6:30, nats extra. this has been a presentation of masn. stay tuned nats extra post game coming up right now and from the booth, so long for just a minute or two. 
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the early innings cost th the ball game. toronto salvages game three of the 3-game weekend series against the nationals 9-4 the final. welcome to nats post game show. we'll recap the ball game as kind of a disappointing father's day crowd in what turned out to be a good day for a ball game. look at the first three innings, 6-2, fought back, but couldn't pull it out. >> couldn't pull it out and basically went downhill in the first inning against the blue jays. martis on the mound looking for the elusive sixth win, hasn't won since the 13th of may and
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clearly did not have command of almost anything this afternoon. threw a lot of pitches and of course that first inning pretty much did him in for the day. >> you know, when you talk about first inning, your ball club behind 4-0, we'll go to the defining moment. you'll see what happened in the toronto first inning. four runs with two outs in the top of the first. >> a base hit, that scores two. lyle overbay drove in rios and lind, a big day for him who swung the bat very well, three for five with a home run and five runs batted in. >> josh bard for the nationals three tore four, a couple singles and a double. you look at the box score and you can see the nationals wind up with the shortened of the
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count. >> a very young man, and you look at a guy 22 years old and
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you figure he's going to be around a long time. >> we'll break down marcus' performance later on. back upstairs to the booth. when you talk about a guy having not only a good game at the plate, but in the field, this is a pretty good father's day, save for the loss, for nick johnson. >> amazing, seven hits and 11 at-bats. could have been seven for 10, but didn't get the last sac fly because of the miscommunication at third. an amazing run this weekend. nick johnson has been consistent all year. he's been around here a long time.
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>> a great season, and bob, when a guy's hiting in the two hole and setting up three, four, five guys, he's doing a great job. what we really need is ryan zimmerman. without him right before dunn
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makes things very difficult and he kind of hurt this club big time early in the ball game, first and second, no outs. not moving those guys over to second and third. things kind of went into a tailspin for the team after that. ryan zimmerman, i think he needs a day off tomorrow very badly, and that will refresh him. then you've got the red sox coming in. so as they say in soccer, nick johnson, the man of the match today. he was really great all weekend long. >> when you look at what's gone on, basically week after week, nationals pitchers two outs, struggle getting the third out. they get two strikes on the guy and struggle to get the third strike or at least get the guy out. i mean, it seems like it's over and over again.
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>> you're dead right with that one. you need ultimate concentration to work ahead, get your team back in there and that's one of the. the next time we visit with you, get ready. i hear there's going to be a lot of navy blue ball caps with a big b on them in our ballpark tuesday night. this is going to be some atmosphere when the red sox come in. >> you send them out of here with losses does how you handle that. back at you on tuesday night, the first of three against the boston red sox. >> obviously being down 4-0 after one inning was bad enough. there's two outs. we talked about this. he walked vernon wells. here comes rolen, base hit. lind walks. rios singles in a run. overbay single up the middle. rios and lind score, and suddenly down by 4. second inning rolls around, marco
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scutaro, deep left field scoring marco scutaro. way up home run. six runs on the board is all they need. >> terrific day, three for five the homer, drives in five of the jay's nine runs. we'll take a break and come back and continue more of our nats extra post game brought to you by verizon. we'll come back with more right after these important messages. don't go away.
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 he was able to keep us the game long enough and we were able to win the ball games. just because he was 5-0 wasn't like we were thinking he was a cy young candidate or anything, but we're happy that these guys are able to keep us in the game and if they have an e.r.a.
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around 5 or below , i think we'd rather have the kids develop than have an oriole guy doing the same thing. >> has he looked essentially like the same pitcher all year? >> i think so. there are times when he comes a little more tentative, trying to be to fine and getting himself in trouble. >> to you get the sense that the guys are fighting for you,
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not the record. >> they not doing anything for me or themself individually. they don that for the 2.5 years i've been here, and i don't think they need any extra motivation other than to be better and win ball games. it's fun to win ball games and shake hands after the game and get in a little good rhythm. i don't think they need motivation with me or individual stuff. it's not about individual stuff. >> i think you've answered this question, but could you talk about how you handle route more mill and your job security? >> what rumor? >> that your job status could be in jeopardy. >> that was over a week ago. >> could you just reiterate that a little bit? >> i don't have time to worry about rumors. let's put it that way. i have enough time on my hands to worry about my job, getting these guys ready to play. i don't have time to worry
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about rumors because you can't control them any way. >>. >> in the second inning do you think dunn should have ran a little harder to get scutaro at the plate. >> i think he did what


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