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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 23, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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quorum call: quorum call:
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mr. specter: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from pennsylvania. mr. specter: mr. president, i ask unanimous consent that further proceedings under the quorum call be terminated. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. specter: mr. president, i have sought recognition to speak on behalf of dean harold koh,
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dean of the yale law school, for confirmation to the position of legal advisor to the department of state. i know dean koh personally, have known him for more than a decade while he has taught at yale and been the dean of the yale law school. he spoke at a class reunion. i was in the yale law school class of 1956 and hosted a reunion here in the capitol on june the 6th of 2008. he was greeted by a number of prominent members of the united states senate at that time. and i make these comments about my personal association with him in the interest of full disclosure. but the thrust of my
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recommendation is based upon his extraordinary record. harold koh graduated from the harvard law school -- from harvard college, also from harvard law school. but he graduated from harvard college summa cum laude in 1985. he was a marshall scholar at oxford university, where he got a master's degree in 1977. he graduated cum laude from the harvard law school in 1980, where he was developments editor of the "harvard law review." he then clerked for judge richard wilkey in the court of appeals for the district of columbia, then for supreme court justice harry blackmun. then he served -- and he worked
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as a lawyer in the distinguished washington firm covington and burling. and then as attorney advisor in the department of justice's office of legal counsel. he then served in the clinton administration as assistant secretary of state, was unanimously confirmed by the senate, served there from 1998-2001, when he returned to the yale law school, becoming its dean some five years ago. he comes from a very distinguished family. his father was the first korean lawyer to study in the united states. he attended harvard law in 1949. he was then counsel for -- father, that is, for the first korean democratic government. and when a military coup occurred, left that position. he was the first korean to teach
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at the yale law school in 1969. dean koh has really an extraordinary record. his curriculum vitae fills eight pages of very small print. he has a long list of honorary degrees. he received a number of medals. his list of honors and awards goes on virtually indefinitely. his publications, books and monographs occupy one, two,
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three, four, five, six and a half pages. his select legal activities, another half page. he can tiewrs that h lectures t, many. teaching activities, voluminous. boards of editors, professional affiliations, presentations, and workshops, boards, bars, members of the bar that he's associated with. i ask unanimous consent that this full text be printed in the record. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. specter: it's going to be expensive but it's worth it. i've been a member of this body for some time. i have never seen anyone with
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this kind of a resume. and i'm going to ask senator byrd the next time i see him if he knows of anybody who has a resume which is this extensive and this impressive. when you characterize the best and the brightest, harold koh would be at the top of the list. hard to find anybody who has a better record than -- than dean harold koh. his experience in international law is extensive in human righ rights, is an ideal legal advisor to the department of state with his background and his experience. and he has judgment and he has balance.
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and for my personal knowledge, i have total confidence that he would apply his legal knowledge and his background in a wise and iissedacious way. he testified before the judiciary committee when i chaired the committee and in every way is exemplary. it is a little surprising to me that it's necessary to have a cloture vote, to have 60 votes to take up the nomination of dean koh. but considering the politics of washington and considering the politics of the united states senate, perhaps i shouldn't be surprised at anything. but having a very, very high surprise threshold, i say that i'm surprised that dean koh would require 60 votes to reach a confirmation vote.
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but i urge anybody who has any doubts about the caliber of this man to get out their glasses -- or you may need a magnifying glass to read all of his accomplishments. but it certainly would be a travesty if a man like this was not confirmed. in an era where we are trying so hard to bring quality people into government and so many people shun government because of the hoops and hurdles that someone has to go through, dean koh would be exhibit a of the hoops and hurling hurdles, it we very discouraging for anyone else from applying for a position which requires senate confirmation. so as strongly as i can, i urge his confirmation. i thank the chair, yield the
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floor, and in the absence of any other senator on the floor, suggest the absence of a quorum. the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll. quorum call:
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>> what to watch for tonight, wnba action. becky hammond couldn't lead san antonio to a win against the mercury earlier this month. diana taurasi had 25 points. we welcome in the mercury star, diana traw -- taurasi. seven starts in 13 games. how has it been? >> i want to retire. no, it's been a tough stretch, seven games in two weeks. we have another three games on the road in seven day, so it doesn't get any easier for us. >> a 5-2 start. that's the good news. is this team about where you expected it would be seven games in? >> we didn't forecast this, but we knew during training camp things were coming along pretty quickly for us. i thought last year we were just a couple possessions every game from winning games, and this year we've been able to capitalize on those possessions. >> okay.
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your alma mater, connecticut, another undefeated national championship. everyone wants to know, which team was better. how do you think your undefeated team would fare against these huskies? >> i think we would stay undefeated. >> you do? >> oh, yeah. i think we had a tremendous team, but i was so happy to see them win it all. rene montgomery, maya moore, what a great team, and for coach especially, you know, after five years of really not doing much in the tournament, he finally got one. >> get your expertise on this, rutgers' star e. >> iny prince leaving college early for europe. diana, do you think this might become a trend with women's college basketball to take the cash early and head over the europe? >> i don't know. i don't know if it's going to... i don't know if it's for everyone. she made a personal decision that was best for her. the way i look at it, it's an opportunity for women to explore different options, and as long as we have those opportunities, you know, it is america, and that's what it's all about. >> you've been given a great deal of credit for expanding the
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women's game, the popularity of the women's game. think back to when you were in high school coming out and gino was recruiting you. how far do you think this game has come in this country? >> oh, i think it's gone a long way. that started with coach auriemma, pat summitt, lisa leslie, cheryl. those guys really paved the way. we've been able to benefit from the groundwork they laid down, and now women do have an opportunity to go overseas and make some pretty good money. with candace parker coming out and the popularity she's given the game, and it's all about players getting better, and when we can get better to that level, then the game will keep growing. >> phoenix at san antonio, 7:30 tonight, espn 2. diana taurasi, thanks, as always. we'll catch up with you soon. >> no problem. go, manny. >> and manny ramirez, this just moments ago at the batting cage in isotopes park.
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he will start his rehab stnt tonight, a week and a half away from being eligible to return to the major leagues. >> if i can interject, it's amazing to me, we just heard diana taurasi. the last thing she said is, "go, manny." it's amazing his popularity. a 50-game suspension for performance-enhancing drugs. maybe that's where we're at now with baseball in the steroid era, but it just doesn't seem that the fans mind. >> they're going to have a full house. >> a full house in albuquerque. we see manny in the cage now. as i said, he looks slim. he looks trim, and we'll be very interested to see these at-bats tonight live on espnews. keep it here to check out manny ramirez. >> that's right. we'll have more on the celtics' trade rumors. chris broussard will lend us his insight next on espnews.
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>> trades and trade rumors permeate the nba on this eve of the eve of the nba draft. we welcome in espn "the magazine's" senior writer chris broussard to help us sort through it all. now, is reporting, chris, a blockbuster trade that has been agreed to today between the bucks and the spurs. let's start with san antonio. what do they stand to gain with
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richard jefferson? >> yeah, i still don't think they win the west. i think the lakers the clear favorite out there. and houston and denver are still, you know, right there beneath them, but it makes the spurs a lot better, and if they can stay healthy, then you have to give them a decent chance at causing some trouble in the playoffs. you know, richard jefferson gives them now four solid players who can score the basketball. if manu ginobili and tony parker and tim duncan can be healthy, then i think this improves them a great deal. motivation in getting the veteran trio? >> the bucks, it's financial. many of those guys if not all of them may even be cut by the bucks because they simply traded them to get rid of richard jefferson's long-term contract, two years left on that one at big money and to get these expiring contracts. and it also clears up some room
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for them to resign their free agent charlie villanueva and sessions. for the bucks it was about money and staying young and resigning their bright young players. >> all right, chris. the other big news today, yahoo! sports reporting on the for three players. what can you tell us about boston swapping players around? >> that's the surprising thing. detroit did not consider that trade at all, but the issue that boston is shopping a rajon rob doe is the big story. it boils down to he's been headache for coach doc rivers. he's very hard to coach, and he's got some attitude problems. and the celtics feel like if this guy has some attitude problems right now when he's not highly paid, when we still have
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three superstars, what is he going to be like if we pay him big money? and, you know, he's an all-star. so they're trying to move him right now, and it tells you how bad the problem is because they're coming off winning a championship with this this guy as a young point guard two years ago, and then he played tremendously in the playoffs, so the fact that they're willing to move him now, that just shows you how bad the problem is. >> now, the celtics, they hold only one selection in thursday's nba draft, the 28th pick in the second round. do you see them making a deal to move up? >> well, they're trying, and there are several teams that are willing to trade their lottery picks. there's memphis, you know, may trade their number-two pick. i'm thinking they'll end up keeping it, but they certainly are open to listening to offers. washington, a lot of people around the league feel that they
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definitely will trade their number-five pick because they're in a win-now mode, gilbert arenas will be back. they just hired flip saunders as coach. antawn jamison, caron butler are veterans. they would like to add a veteran player that can help them win right now. >> there's your nba scoop. espn "the magazine" senior writer chris broussard, thank you so much for joining us, chris. >> okay, michelle. >> once again a big night here on espnews. live coverage of manny ramirez's return to professional baseball tonight with the albuquerque isotopes. there's manny in the cage, arguably one of the great right-handers all time in the history of baseball. and manny back getting his swing on. can't officially return to the major leagues until that 50-game suspension is over. he will return to the dodgers in july. but manny back in the cage. what to watch for tonight. l.s.u. took a 1-0 lead against
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♪ >> welcome back to omaha and game two of the college world series finals. we can see a national champion crowned tonight if l.s.u. wins. they take the title. if texas win, we'll play one more on wednesday. last night the tigers were down 6-4 in the ninth with two outs when d.j. tied the game up with a clutch double down the left field line. then in the 11th, mikie matsuk was the hero driving in the winning run as l.s.u. took the opener 7-6. getting ready for game two in omaha, pitching always critical out here. tonight, orel, we see one
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pitcher that we saw last night very briefly, and another pitcher we have not seen. >> yes, l.s.u. has the luxury of not starting their west, but they are going with a solid college pitcher, austin ross, who hasn't pitched since the regionals. he went six and two-thirds there and gave up only two runs. got a no decision but threw the ball well. and taylor jungman, a high school basketball player, a freshman now, his stats are awesome. coming off a rough outing, but an unbelievable fastball, downhill and a great curveball. >> also if you watch this game, for other purposes get our advanced scouting report yesterday that texas was a team that played small ball. they hit five home runs yesterday. >> they hit five solo home runs last night. for an offense in 65 games, they've hit 20% of their home runs in the last four games. so emotionally they're kind of going through a little replayed well but we still lost. so for them to bounce back, they got to keep those bats going and believe that they're going to be
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able to drive runs in. >> join us for game two tonight at 7:00 eastern from the college world series. >> thanks, mike. once again manny ramirez returned to professional baseball. we continue to monitor manny's situation live in albuquerque, new mexico. stay with us. >> world series report is brought to you by: ♪ ♪ who's watching?
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