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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 23, 2009 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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pizza starting at just $5. . the orioles come from philadelphia and complete a three-game sweep. >> we'll take a look back at the orioles' sweep of the world champions and compare the birds' last road trip to this one. >> dennis sarfate will make a second appearance in dennis the menace. >> today we're going to take a look at media look-alikes. >> and roch kubatko will discuss whether or not the team is in need of a left-handed specialist. all of that and much more coming up in the next 30 inits on "o's xtra" here on masn! welcome to an evening of
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orioles' baseball. this is the first of three in south florida. the orioles have won five straight and are 9-3 against the national league teams which is the best in baseball. tonight the orioles send koji u larra to the mound. the marlins send left-handed andrew miller, who is 2-3 with a 4.56 e.r.a. "o's xtra" masn is being brought to you by at&t. tom davis together with rick dempsey. the orioles five straight wins now, rick. better pitching or better hitting? >> i like the way both of it is going now. the reason i like the offense so much is because they're scoring early in ballgames. they're scoring a little bit in the middle and whatever they need late in ballgames they're getting now. they're building a lot of confidence, and they seem to be relaxing, and they're down in ballgames and they're scoring runs. that's what i like the most. a pinch hit base hitter and then the big blow. brian roberts is usually in the
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mix somewhere. but everybody is really coming together nicely. i like what i see there. the pitching, all of these young guys are starting to go deep interballgames, especially brad bergesen. i think all of the other pitchers are watching him. they see the way he is pitching quick and his tempo is nice and easy and slow. >> some good news. now, the orioles send alberto castillo to the minors and brought back chris ray. for the latest on that and the weather on south florida. what is the weather like? >> i'll tell you, it has been a big story here today in miami- dade county. the winds have been very, very strong. when the team came off the bus about 4:00, everybody was trying to get inside the stadium here, but everybody got soaked. dirt was flying up in the air. the tarp on the field was flying flop the air as the grounds crew was trying to get tractors on top of it to pin it down to try to protect the field. it was a scramble everywhere. quite a mess.
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our television truck, the stairs, the steel stairs of our television truck got blown out of place, but things have calmed down quite a bit now. the tarp is off the field. we are told that in about 20 minutes another cell is headed our way. we don't know if it is going to hit right in this area. if it does, it is fast-moving, which is good news, and we should see baseball here on time, if not with a little bit of a delay that is good news for somebody like chris ray who is back with the team. that is another big story today. alberto castillo was sent down after the series with philadelphia. chris ray has been recalled. when he first came often of tommy job surgery, it was clear he was trying to find consistency and he just couldn't find it. his e.r.a. ballooned over 9.00. he was demoted down to triple-a norfolk to try to get back on track and today dave trembley said all reports are showing that not only is his delivery consistent, he is finishing his pitching very nicely, and most
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importantly, it is obvious that he has his confidence back. and i talked with chris about this a little earlier. >> well, you know, i have been working and struggling with my arm all season and a couple of appearances ago i went out there and didn't think about anything and just finally came back. it was an amazing feeling. i didn't think about anything. >> and did going down to norfolk allow you to mentally release like that? >> i think so. i was trying so hard here in the bullpen to get my arm slot right and going down there with no pressure and just letting it go. i was able to finally figure out where it should be. >> when did you feel like you knew you were ready to come back? >> i guess monday i guess aweek ago was the first time i actually felt comfortable with my arm slot and then when i went back out the next time and it felt the exact same. i didn't have to try and that's when i knew i finally found what i was looking for. >> i know you're a late inning guy and usually one inning at a time, eighth, seventh inning, and now that you're here, there
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is no left-handed specialist in the bullpen. have said said anything about using you at times? >> he hasn't really spoken to me about what my role is. i figured i would probably be -- won't go with the lefty specialist and just play it inning by inning. >> and dave trembley reiterated that he said there is no left- handed specialist now in the bullpen. they're going to go with what they have and just see what happens in a situational basis. take a look at chris ray's stats down in triple-a norfolk a2.25 e.r.a., much better there. he pitched 12 innings and struck out 13 batters. it looks like chris ray is back on track. he has rejoined the team and he is ready to contribute out of the bullpen today here in miami. tom? >> great job, amber. amber rejoins us during the game and also on the post-game show. >> it was a weekend to remember in south philly. we're going to pick up some of the memorable moments here beginning friday night when
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rich hill came through with an rbi single to break a 2-2 tie in the second. >> who says hitting is tough? he get as slider on the outside and drives it and plates the runner for an rbi single! he helps his own cause out. >> and the orioles were down to their last strike when brian roberts came through with a two- run homer to give the orioles the 6-5 victory. >> this is nothing new, mr. clutch. it doesn't matter how many strikes he has on him. he just relaxes and hits the ball out of the ballpark. >> and sunday brian robertth inning rbi scores robert andino to give them the lead. >> and this is the kind of consistency we have seen ever since brian roberts comes here. he is also an excellent hitter with men in scoring position. >> roberts with five rbis in the last three games. and the two road trips, this road trip the orioles 3-0 batting with a .267 average.
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>> the last road trip they ran into a lot tougher pitching than they're running into now. a lot of guys are surfacing in interleague play and the orioles seem to be manhandling them a little bit better than they did the old veteran guys they faced on the west coast last week. >> all of the oriole players were extremely happy about the three-game sweep in philadelphia. >> we never gave up. we watt -- battle. he had a hell of a game. he kept us in, close. j.j., one, two, three and we just battled, you know, and we have fun. >> i did my part and they picked me up again. a big at-bat by andino to lead us off. oscar, a great piece of hitting to move them over and adam with the big hit that's what has allowedtous win a few games in a row, and hopefully we can carry it on into our next series. >> sheer a look at tonight's orioles' starting lineup. you can see brian roberts at the top as usual. aubrey huff, and nick markakis is back in right field. he has hit .375 in his last six
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games. as for the marlins, jorge cantu, and dan uggla has a dozen home runs at second base. when we come back, dennis sarfate show what is he does to keep busy while being on the orioles' disabled list. that story comes up next when we continue "o's xtra" here on masn! anmy southwest flight. woman over phone: no problem. you know, maybe other people are content to sit around and wait. wait for something to happen. for business to pick up. but for you, it's time to kick it in gear. time to get going. time to get tough. take control. you're not gonna run and hide. because backing down's not your style. grab your bag. it's on. ( ding )
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>> masn is being brought to you by train, a heating and air conditioning dealer by you. it is hard to stop a train. >> welcome back to "o's xtra" in south florida. the winds blowing out of the southwest at seven miles per hour. the humidity is 94%. there is a 90% chance of rain. as amber just reported, it has been hard afternoon down there in south florida. i remember them saying last night on the weather it was 100 degrees in fort lauderdale for only the second time in the history of weather down in south florida. dennis sarfate has been trying to stay busy while on the
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disabled list. sarfate has decided to break into broadcasting here on masn. the orioles' right-handed recently filed his second report before before the orioles left on this road trip. [ music ] >> welcome back to dennis the menace. today we're going to take a look at media look-alikes. let's find some. i'm here with spencer ford. how are you? >> i'm doing all right. >> is there someone in this clubhouse who thinks you look like a certain celebrity? >> unfortunately there is. >> who is that is? >> a nascar drive were a bad attitude. >> i did some research and i found this. >> tony stewart. >> quite strong.
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>> we'll be going to the press box to interview more celebrity look-alikes. >> i'm about to go where no baseball player has gone before. the press elevator. so the elevator didn't show up. not too often would you see media people take a staircase, so we're going to go ahead and take a staircase and maybe get a little exercise. >> now i know why they take the elevator. i'm here with steve. you're on dennis the menace, by the way, and today i'm doing celebrity look-alikes with the media. has anyone ever told you look like someone in tv? >> brad pitt. >> that's what i said. >> we have peter griffin. for all of you guy whose don't know who peter griffin is, "family guy." >> look at the resemblance there. >> i'm just not seeing it. >> now, we know that you have been called to look alike some people. i'm doing look alikes here and has anyone ever told you look like anyone? >> my ex-wife thought i had john cue sack's mouth. >> a lot of us think you look like that. >> are you using my body again? who is that head again? >> you look like the guy from wiggles. >> i have heard that. >> it is a matcho-looking
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group, so i can see why people make that mistake. >> my daughter is 1 and she watches the show. >> i am popular with the 1-year- olds. >> media look alikes with other celebrities. have you ever been told that you look like anyone? >> the guy from the bare naked ladies. >> a rock star? you look like a rock star? >> a rock star. >> in the clubhouse he had a different view, we thought you look like this guy. we actually came up with this. how do you feel about that? >> not bad. i can take it. >> did you think meme was hot? >> she was okay. >> i'm here trying to find amber theoharis. let's see who she looks like. hey, amber. we're doing dennis the menace celebrity look alikes. have you ever been told you rook like -- look like anyone? >> a lot of different people. >> yes. >> off the top of your head, when you heard it you were like wow, that is awesome? >> well, against stefani once because i liked her, but i
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don't think i look like her. >> i actually found the stefani of her time and i came up where this. -- with this. >> i see the resemblance. >> now, you know who that is, right? >> it is joan rivers. >> she still looks pretty good for 75. >> well, i have had a couple of facelifts, but i don't think i'm quite up with her just yet. she's got the injections and all of that, so i'm going to keep off. i'm going to make an appointment right now. >> awesome, amber. thanks for being a good sport. >> that is going to wrap up our second segment of dennis the menace. thank you for coming out. the medias was awesome. >> the reporters treating dennis sarfate very nice with that report. >> has anyone ever told you look like somebody, rick? >> nobody. mr. nobody. >> when we come back, roch kubatko is going to join us. he'll be talking about the latest on the orioles when we continue "o's xtra" here on masn in
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>> "o's xtra" on masn brought to you by corona and corona light. welcome back here to our masn studios. tom davis together with rick dempsey and now roch kubatko. we saw you in the muscle pose! >> you know, it is one of those things with you. everybody sort of like gives you a hard time about that. >> i have never heard the wiggles, though. i had my fingers crossed, hugh jackman, colin farrell. no, it had to be wiggles. wheels on the bus, i can rock out that song. >> let's talk some baseball. >> okay. >> how about trade possibilities. july 31st trade deadline, what are you hearing? >> i can sing the segment, buyers or sellers, buyers or sellers. >> they'll probably be sellers. i did talk to andy macphail about the topic about how active they're going to be. i would think we'd make an effort to be active. we'd expect to be involved.
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he said they are about the custom level of conversation now which he expects to heat up. and he kneel know more as we get closer to the deadline what is interesting here is, you know, it is the usual cast of characters. baez we figure is a guy who is going to bring a lot of appeal. aubrey huff, george cheryl even though he is not going to with a free agent after this season a couple of guys are now off the table which is why i thought they would be more involved. brian roberts signed a four- year deal and jamie walker is not with the club anymore. i don't think it is going to be the big roster purge of 2000 like we saw at one time. i don't think there is going to be a big fire sale, but there are a club that is going to bring appeal to other teams because they have usable parts. it is just matter of where they are. as andy macphail says we're not a farm system for other teams. it has to help them as well. >> that is a great point. >> how about luke scott? here is a guy, he is very
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streaky, and when he is hitting the ball well, he can carry a ball club. he can pound the ball out of the park. people look for that. >> i don't know why u you would be looking to move him. i told andy that and he said i'm with you. there is a guy who is a left- handed power bat who is under our control this next and the next season. is he untouchable? of course not. but at there point he is a guy that they'd like to have on this club. it is not like he is blocking somebody in triple-a who is beating down the door and oh, we have to move luke scott. he can be a part of this future and this whole rebuilding plan. if the right offer comes along, they'll listen. they are not actively shopping him. as andy says, he like this is outfield. he likes markakis, jones, reimold, scott and pie. they're young, talented. he weren'ts to hold on to luke scott. he can be part of the puzzle here and i agree. >> they sent alberto castillo and they brought up chris ray leaving only two left-handers in the entire bullpen in george
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sherrill and mark hendrickson. do they need more than two left- hander ? >> no. i think they have just given up on that for now. at this point dave trembley will settle for any pitcher, lefty, righty, that can get three outs. if i think of the great relief pitchers, it is never somebody who can only get out lefties or righties. they could get out anyone. the hope is that chris ray can be that guy in the seventh inning and match-ups are overrated anyway. they're not going to worry about that any longer. mark hendrickson once in a while can be that guy. we saw it the other night when he came in. but they primarily see him as a long reliever as billion. you just go with anyone, left, right, whatever, just get three outs. >> i know that chris ray, as long as he has that sinker down and away. it is almost like a left-handed slider it moves so much.
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but another guy that is raising a lot of attention now, robert andino at shortstop. he is almost showing that he can be a regular on a lot of ball clubs. >> i don't want to be a debbie downer because he has lookeded good, certainly compared to when he had his first stint when izturis was day the day with his groin injury. he looked really shaky in the field. i'm not ready to anoint him the full-time starter and beyond this season and say he is the shortstop and not after a night. we have to remember that izturis was playing very, very well before he was sidelined and he is still the guy in field and he is liting well. andino has done what he has supposed to. the club hasn't missed a beat. what i find interesting is he is getting all of the starts almost by default. if blake davis hadn't been on the d.l., he would have come up and he would have gotten system of these starts. and the same with justin turner. they were looking at him and he was hitting very well at nor torque and -- norfolk and he would have been leer before
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oscar sal la star so is not only andino your full-time starter, he is playing nine innings. wigginton is a guy who is play short if you needed, but they're more of the late inning substitute guys. if an dina was hitting .074 and averaging an error a game, they would have been in trouble. she is a guy who can play every day. >> timing is everything. >> it is. i wish mine was bet. i'd be with the wiggles. >> around you'd be singing. >> thanks to roch kubatko. check out his blog on masn it is called school of roch. "o's xtra" brought to you by at&t on masn continues in just a moment!
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>> take a look at the upcoming games for the rest of the week
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here on masn. wednesday through thursday in florida and of course friday through sunday back in baltimore's camden yards to take on the nash nationals. just a reminder this weekend, fireworks friday evening at baltimore's camden yards and the movie "field of dreams" will be on the big screen after the game saturday evening. time for rick dempsey's scouting report. let's begin with koji uehara. >> he had problems. he holds them down early and lets them up late. the first time through the lineup they only hit .212, the second time through, .276, the third time through, .339. we have to find some way to turn that around because he is too good a pitcher to keep doing this. he need as decision and we want to win at the same time. he has not won a game since april 13th, his first two starts of the season. since then he has gone nine starts without a win. pretty good numbers. 43 strikeouts and only seven walks, but still we haven't scored enough runs at the right time. >> the scouting report now on
6:56 pm
the pitcher andrew miller who is the left-hander for the marlins. >> miller he is at landslashing stadium, he is a great white. that's where the marlins play their games at. he is 2-0 at home with a 3.50 e.r.a. those are pretty good numbers, so he feels pretty come fee down in florida right now. home runs and walks, it doesn't make sense to me. for some reason he only gives up .35 home runs per nine innings-a start, but he gives up almost five walks per game. how do you win any ballgame when you walk five guys per game? it doesn't make sense to me. >> as for the key to the game, what would it be? >> the key to the game, we've got a -- we to lead them into the eighth with the lead. the orioles have been outstanding in their last six ballgames. they have outscored the opponents 12-0 in the last six games in the last two innings in the eighth and ninth which tells you a little bit about our bullpen. they have been outstanding. so let's go, boys.
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do whatever you can to get that lead by the start of the eighth inning. >> rick, when you look back at the marlins over the course of their history, they seem like they're a team that doesn't get much credit. they have two world championships and they're always a pesky team. >> they're like the minnesota twins. they're a team that will abort all of their great players after they win and then start rebuilding again, but they still have that ability to put together good ball clubs in those stretches when all of the young guys all of a sudden come of age. they can really put a lot of ball clubs away. they surprise you. minnesota does the same thing. >> it is interesting. a marlins a very good baseball team and they just sort of fly under the radar screen. for more orioles coverage, remember 105.7 the fan and steve and dave johnson is part of the coverage there and joe angel and fred manfra with the plain that is going to wrap up "o's xtra" brought to you by at&t it is the first of three with tireless and the florida marlins in south florida. jim hunter and buck martinez have the play-by-play.
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