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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 23, 2009 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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all over baseball. >> jim: markakis plays it and uggla is on with a two-out single. >> buck: dan uggla is a power guy. 13 home runs so far, so if you can keep him to singles, keep the ball away from him and make him reach for the ball, you're going to negate his power. that's not the kind of swing he wants to take. you can see how he just takes that ball down and away and strobes it into right field. but they need him to hit the ball out of the ballpark and koji did a good job with two outs keeping him to a single. >> jim: and here is cody ross, the florida center fielder. 12 home runs for cody ross. he has 25 home runs, back-to- back hitters in the florida lineup. cody ross is now 28. he was acquired in may of 2006 from cincinnati. last year he hit a career high 22 home runs. you see the first 32 games very slow, but the last he's coming
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on strong. grabow misses low. is ---1-1 the count. >> buck: the interesting thing about cody ross. you mentioned the home runs. he has 12 home runs, be but three of the home runs are grand slams. timing is everything! >> jim: yes. that will pad your rbi total in a hurry. high pop-up. it is in foul ground. he appears to have a play and aubrey huff has it for the out. the marlins down in the second. a bis hit and a man left. hey, let's head to the beach! we're in plim t-birds have a 1- 0 lead. -- we're in miami. the birds have a 1-0 lead. ? ♪
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(announcer) it's right here. it's easy. ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ it's the money you could be saving with geico. >> jim: orioles baseball on masn brought to you by southwest airlines. book your next trip at by pnc, pnc leading the way. and by honda, you can depend on your honda dealer for great leases and low financing. there is a way of life here in miami. get out on your boat and enjoy the great outdoors on the waterways and oriole fans here in miami, as the birds look to extend their winning streak here and capture the moment. the first ball swinging, robert andino and bonifacio gets the out. one pitch and one down in the oriole third inning. it looks like a lot of the orioles going up there and looking for a fastball and jumping on the first pitch. >> buck: they sure are, and
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unfortunately it has led to five straight ground ball outs. they're going to have to be a bit more patient and get him in the strike zone so they can get it off the ground. >> jim: the orioles will be loam on friday night against the nationals to close out the interleague and back home it will be back to american league rules. >> buck: they have really played well and we talk about their 9-3 interleague record and we have to compliment them. now an opportunity. you play tough here against the florida marlins and you have washington coming into your own ballpark. they could have the best interleague record of their history. >> jim: the orioles certainly know how tough it is in the a.l. east when you play so mr. games against the other teams in the division, but it really jumps out at you when you get away from the division and get out
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into the league. a foul ball. >> buck: you don't want to diminish anything. when you have to grind it out daily against the teams like the red sox, the yankees and the devil rays, it makes you appreciate how talented that american league east division is. >> jim: koji uehara is down on strikes that is two away. the updated tally, the american league east versus the national league east in the games this year and the a.l. east, 89 wins. and overall interleague, not just the east. 89-80. >> buck: the american league has outhomered the national league. they have interestingly enough, the d.h.s for the american league teams have garyed better than the american league d.h.s. so two down. brian roberts. the national league teams when they goo on the road to the
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american league cities, it mean as bench player gets four at- bats and they thrive on that, happy to be in the lineup. brian deep to left. that ball is hooking back and will be fouled. he got a lot of it but it will be a souvenir to one of the fan whose can get to it. >> buck: brian is swinging the bat with an awful lot of confidence right now. he had a home run in saturday night's game that was the game winner. he gets out in front of this fastball a little too quickly and hooks it foul. >> jim: the line drive to left and coghlan and he has it for the out. so playing shallow, that ball hung up long enough and the orioles go three up, three down for a second straight inning. the middle of the third, 1-0 o's. it's on. - it's on. - oh, it's on, all right. - it's on. - it is totally on. jimmy, it's on. it's on. oh, yeah, it's on. pilot: affirmative, it's on.
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as they may be a sign of a rare but serious side effect. how close are you to where you want to be? ask your doctor if caduet can help you go... for both your goals. don't forget the cal ri kin all-stars, and it is the mid atlantic classic in wall dore f. come on catch orioles and they all launch their careers or you can watch the game live. get out early for the home run derby at 5:30. admission is free but your doe neighs are greatly appreciate. more information, ripkenseniorbaseball. org or call. >> buck: a lot of the proceeds from those donations will go towards revitalizing those baseball parks in their respective leagues. you can see some good players. >> jim: here is john baker, the
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catcher, first ball swinging and he fouls it back. baker, 28 years old. he was drafted originally by the athletics and was traded over here just before opening day in 2007. there is an off-speed pitch for a strike and it is 0-2. it is amazing how 2 marlins, buck, can continue to turn over their roster and yet remain competitive. obviously a lot of it is financially driven, but they keep coming up with players. there is a ball swept to second base. roberts to his right has it. and the ground out for the first out here in the third inning. >> buck: koji uehara is in a groove right now and it all starts with his fastball. he has great command and he throws the four-seam fastball that's the one he throws so many strikes with. he also has a combination of breaking pitches, the split- finger grip. you can see he get as little bit of the seam on that, and that will break down. the thing about koji is he has
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such a wide assortment of pitches. we mentioned his split-finger pitch. that's the curve ball again with that middle finger along the long seam of the ball to impart that rotation on it. he'll also throw a cut fastball, and occasional changeup. everything is set up because of his ability to throw strikes with his fastball. >> jim: andrew miller, the pitcher, pops it up. two down in the florida third inning so the pitchers each settling in here. florida has had just one base runner. the orioles have had just one base runner. but the difference is brian roberts came around to score. koji, a no decision last wednesday against the mets. he is 0-1 with a no decision in the two starts since coming off of the disabled list. 10 innings combined and he went five in each and allowed six runs. he is in a long stretch without a win trying to change that
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here tonight. chris coghlan, the lead-off hitter for the second time and he takes a strike. 0-4 in his last nine starts and his last win was april 13th at texas. there is a high fly ball to right for markakis, and he has it for the out. and koji has a second three-up, three down inning here in the third. well, the folks are out in miami, and the orioles have a 1-0 lead. @@pp÷÷
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the fans are putting on slickers as we have a light shower going through, but we'll continue playing here. it is not that heavy, so we can continue. buck, here is why you have depth in your lineup because you never know which of your rbi men, your run producers will get hot. >> buck: everybody got off to a great start. you can see markakis, huff, 22, 19 respectively and luke scott chipped in for 11. and luke scott really turned it up a notch. he had 18 in the month of may and now they have all cooled off a bit. but at the same time in the month of june, their pitching has become very consistent. because of that they're able to put together a little win streak here. >> jim: the orioles started the month of june, buck, 1-5. that was on the west coast trip and now they have completely turned it around and their record even in the month at 9-9. in large part the pitching has been a
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big reason why. 1-1 on markakis. jones and huff will follow. a breaking ball. 1-2. >> buck: one of the specific goals for andy macphail at the start of this season was for his club to be better at the end than they are at the beginning. and that's not be the trend around here lately as the last couple of months of each season over the last several years have been disasterous. but i think with the infusion of young players, the improvement and the pitching, i think you're going to see a much better ball club in august and september this year than we have seen in a number of years. >> jim: markakis achopper to second base and uggla gets markakis. one away. that is 10 in a row retired by andrew miller since brian roberts led off a game with a double. >> buck: it is not unusual that the starting pitcher will have a little bit of a problem in the first inning. we see it all the time when the starters are trying to find the
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strike zone, get complained of their emotions, strike zone and throw all of their pitches over. if you don't get them early, you might not have a chance late. >> jim: the appeal to first and adam fairchild says adam checked in time. he struck out in his first at- bat, one of two strikeouts by andrew miller. >> buck: this is a breaking ball in the dirt and he chased the one the last time and he got real close to chasing one right there. a hard hit ball that is foul down the left field line. 1-1 the count on adam jones. >> buck: adam had a big hit on sunday afternoon as he singled into center to tie up the game and that set the tone later on for brian roberts and his game winner. adam jones had an rbi sing toll right in the sixth inning and that made it 1-1. >> jim: one out, none on and
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the orioles have a 1-0 lead. hard hit and right to bonifacio. it nearly knocked him over. he held on for the out and two down. >> buck: adam won't be pleased about making another out, but he hit a bullet right at the third baseman. take a look at the location of this 1-1 pitch from miller. it looked like a fastball out over the plate and he stroked it right at the third baseman who catches it in self defense. and that is why it is a hot corner. aubrey huff takes ball one against andrew miller. miller was the tigers' first- round pick in 2006, and he was in tigers' organization through 2007, but then he was one of the focal points of that big trade buck talked about when dontrelle willis and miguel cabrera went to the tigers. so the tigers had to give up some young talent. that was a 5-2 trade that the marlins pulled off and miller was really the focal point of
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that deal. >> buck: andrew miller and another, those two probably the two keys to the entire trade. >> jim: high chopper to first. right there to cantu and he'll go toking the band the orioles go three up, three down for a third consecutive inning. 12 in a row retired by andrew miller. (announcer) you do have health insurance don't you? if you don't, now you're in luck. carefirst bluecross blueshield can cover you for as little as $75 a month. depending on the plan you choose. just call us at the number on your screen for the plan that's right for you. carefirst bluecross blueshield lets you customize coverage so you have an individual plan that suits you best. select a ppo or an hmo, add vision or dental--
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masn is brought to you by southwest airlines, book your next trip at and by corona and corona light, official sponsors of the time out. relax and relax responsibly. the fans are getting cover as they can with the ponchos. that one looks like he got it at the concession stand but it works. that youngster doesn't care. he is at the game with dad and he has a hot diagnose and he is enjoying a tuesday night out watching major league baseball. bonifacio, ramirez, cantu in the fourth. against uehara. bonifacio saw three pitches and struck out his first at-bat. he bunts at it and fouls it off. >> buck: bonifacio, as you mentioned, jim, has had a tough time getting on base and i think that is a real concern for this ball club. they like to talk about his speed and athleticism but it is negated by the fact to get on base.
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>> jim: high pop-up, andino is over and he has the play. one away. the other alarming thing for the marlins, buck, is the lack of power for the third baseman. gonzales has two home runs total from his third baseman all year. >> buck: it is a difficult position to be in when you're trying to get power at the corners. they have cantu over at first who has nine home runs, and he has been a big home run guy in the past, but they're just trying to figure out where to play bonifacio. their power on the infield comes from their second baseman dan uggla and this guy. he is not too shabby either, although he recently just had a 100 at-bat streak of no home runs. that was snapped on sunday. >> jim: hanley ramirez grounded out his first at-bat and he takes the pitch outside. 1-07. >> buck: pretty impressive talent here, hanley ramirez. 2006 rookie of the year and 2008 national league all-star. he scored 125 runs last year
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the lead the national league. >> jim: there is a line drive and huff has it and a soft line drive and two men down a good pitch by uehara and the liner to huff for the out. >> buck: i tell you what, defense better be on their toes. everybody is swinging early in these at-bats and this pitch looked like it was right off the end of the bat. it looked like a splitter. you can see how big swing hanley ramirez hits it right off the end of the back a humpback liner to the first baseman. >> jim: you can see the pitch efficiency. he is already through three and 2/3. >> buck: it is interesting because the marlins have never faced uehara and they are not really getting much of an informational look at him. they're not taking many pitches and they have really made it easy for him here in the early going. >> jim: ball one to jorge cantu. and cantu is now 27 years old. there is a strike. cantu, oriole fans certainly
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remember when he was with the tampa bay rays. he had a huge season, 28 home runs and 117 rbi's in 2005 with tampa bay. and then the following year, he lost it in part, buck, because of a fractured left foot. he just never could get back in the groove at the plate. >> buck: he fractured the foot and missed significant time and never got his stroke back there and then he bounced from tampa bay to cincinnati. he is kind of a part-time roll there and -- role there and now he is much more comfortable defensively at first. >> jim: 1-2. high fly ball to left field. reimold is back on it. it carries. reaches up and it is over his head. and heading to second base is jorge cantu. adam jones backing up will play it back in. that ball just kept on carrying and all the way to the wall in left field. >> buck: cantu has great extension. he really extends through this
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ball. it is a down pitch. it looked like it was a splitter. again. he takes the top hand of the -- off the bat, and drives it off the wall as adam jones goes over to back up nolan reimold. it is a two-out double for cantu. >> jim: reimold playing his first game here in miami. here is jeremy hermida. the tying run at second base with two down here in the fourth. there is an off-speed pitch for a strike. >> buck: what a way to bounce back against hermida. get ahead, strike one, with an off-speed pitch and you really force him into a swing mode early with just one pitch. >> jim: u larra has one strikeout. he has not walked a batter. for the season he has walked only 12.
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check swing, 0-2. >> buck: he has a good splitter. he has not thrown a lot, but the ones he has thrown he has been throwing top shelf. he can't check his swing in time. once he identifies it, it is a splitter out of the zone. >> jim: it is a little low. 1-2. that time he didn't chase. >> buck: the split-finger fastball becomes most effective when a pitcher is throwing a lot of strikes with his fastball because the splitter is not meant to be a strike. it is meant to be a swing and miss pitch out of the zone. >> jim: the 1-2 is just outside, 2-2. here is where koji will battle hitters, buck. he refuses to give in, so if he is ahead in the count, it is not unusual for it to go back to 2-2 as he tries to get the hitters to chase the pitch. now the big pitch in the at-bat at 2-2.
7:55 pm
fouled back. >> buck: yeah, it is something he has done throughout his tenure here in the orioles. he has pitched to the oncorners, and he has good command. this is his 12th start. and in his first 11 starts, four times he has not walked a batter. the pitching coaches love that. you give your defense a chance to get into the game and it really sets the tone. when you're throwing strikes all the time, hitters expand their strike zone. >> jim: you saw rick kranitz looking skyward there. i don't think he was looking for divine intervention. he was probably looking at the scoreboard because the pitch count is mount there had and that scoreboard faces directly to the orioles' dug-out, so he can keep a gauge without having to look at the chart that is kept ton bench. another 2-2 pitch is bounced to first base. aubrey huff gets the hop and he'll go to the bag unassisted. koji was late getting over. no harm done. so a double and a man left.
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>> buck: the marlins have singled and doubled and that's it. >> jim: 1-1 to wieters. hell vin grounded out to shortstop his first at-bat and here is a man who can use a long ball. melvin has not hit a home run since may 7. there is a broken bat ball hit to first and field there had by jorge cantu and that is 13 in a row retired by andrew miller. >> buck: something the pitching coaches will preach to a starter. you never know what might happen and markakis has the sac fly after a wild pitch, and that's been it.
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after that, nothing. >> jim: there have been only three balls hit to the outfield in this game we the orioles. the roberts' double which actually bounced on the infield first. as reimold takes inside. the fly ball by markakis to the warning track, that one is the sac fliment roberts hit a solid line drive to the left-fielder coghlan to end the third. there is a hard hit ball. gloved by ramirez nicely. he spins, he throws and it's past the first baseman cantu! and reimold reaches. >> buck: this has happened to more oh pockets with nolan reimold hitting. they don't anticipate he run this is well. ramirez takes too much time. it's a hotshot to his left. watch ramirez. watch how relaxed he is, takes his time and now he looks up and reimold is there. he had to force the throw. nolan reimold has caught more middle infielders flat footed because of his speed. >> jim: so he hustles and he's on with one down, and that breaks the streak of 13 in a


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