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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 23, 2009 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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row retired by andrew miller. and that has been ruled an error on ramirez, his seventh. wieters swines through it. >> buck: it is an error and it is a mental error in my estimation just by assuming that nigh low reimold didn't run well. and when ramirez looked up, he saw rye-month-old closing in on first and rushed to throw it and threw it into the dirt. >> jim: ball one is there for a strike. the more we watch nolan reimold run out those balls, it again makes you ask the question why every hitter leaving the box doesn't do that because you continue to put the pressure on the defense by hustling. the one thing a player can control as wieters goes down on strikes on three pitches, two away, you can control your hustle. and if you continue to hustle, it ask going to put that mindset into the other team. >> buck: we have seen it quite a few times with nolan reimold. he caught betancourt flat footed in baltimore and he beat out a hit. he runs hard every time he puts
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it in play and he has been rewarded a couple of times because of it. >> jim: the firestone league leaders. >> buck: the batting average in the month of june. the orioles hitting .277 ahead of minnesota and toronto, and the big reason that they're at .500 now is simply because the combination of pitching and defense has come together so effectively. >> jim: reimold back to first a native of florida. as buck mentioned, he pitched in college at the university of north carolina. so he was born where the gators play, the university of florida, and he went to income ms. speaker to play. andino, high fly ball to right. back on it is hermida and just in front of the warning track he has it for the out. and the orioles down in the fifth. an error and a man left. we're in miami and the orioles with a 1-0 lead.
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we build motion detectors. we build troop transports. we build moving vans. we build tv stations. we build the 25 mile per gallon chrysler town & country. come see what we've built for you.  >> back in south florida,
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everybody. the orioles' -- the orioles leads now 1-0 in the fifth inning. it seems the clouds are starting to part. the shower seems to have moved through, and that is good news with the way koji uehara is pitching on the mound, dave trembley does not want the lose him to a rain delay. dave plaid it clear before the game, in the event of a rain delay, he would not put koji back out on the mound after that delay. he said also with the day off yesterday that his bullpen and his long men are very well rested. they can come in and pick up the innings. right now in center field, i'm seeing a little bit of a cloud break and that is good news as koji uehara rolls on here in the fifth. >> amber, thank you very much. our resident meteorologist. she kid a fine job there because we can't see. we're in up ther deck here in the football stadium, it is hard to see except a little bit beyond center field and there is a good look at the sky and the twilights. the lights are just beginning to take effect. >> buck: the reason dave trembley didn't want to think
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about bringing koji uehara back after a rain delay is he has had some leg problems. you get loosened up. you warm up. pitch an inning, two, three, whatever it is, and then you cool down waiting out the rain delay. and one real problem in this ballpark is how cold the clubhouses are. when you go out and sit outside and play in 95-degree weather with 98% humidity, and then you go back in the clubhouse, you stiffen up and come back out. it can be a real dangerous situation for players just with muscle cramps and strain. so that's what he is thinking about with uehara. >> jim: the front that went through and it was violent front. the temperature drops from in the 90s to 75 degrees. however, the humidity is still way up there at 87%. >> buck: koji is star tonight. this is as sharp as we have seen him in a while.
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he has a real good splitter and that is a primary pitch for him. there it is again. >> jim: back it goes and it is gone! it guilty over the scoreboard. dan uggla has tied the game asolo home run, and we are even at 1-1. well, he is 2-2 -- excuse me, two of the three hits and now he has tied the game with his 14th home run. >> buck: this is the same pitch that cantu hit for a double. it ask a splitter. watch how he takes that top hand off and really drives that pitch that is down. it is down and out over the plate where uggla can really go and get it, extend his arms and drive it out of the ballpark. we mentioned he is the power guy, the bottom of this order. that is his hth and he has tied it up. >> jim: cody ross takes it
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outside. uehara had four leading up to his stint on the d.l. and two since coming back. off-speed pitch for a strike. 1-1 on cody ross. so the seventh home run on the year now allowed by uehara. high pop foul that will be back in the seats. the count to 1-2. a very sparse crowd here in miami, and the weather really hurts the marlins' hainses of getting any kind of a walk-up because you're just not certain the game is going to be played. >> buck: yes, and their drawing area is probably about 90 to 100 miles up an down the coast here in southeast florida, not very deep obviously, but this is a new stadium, and it ask being constructed as we speak. >> jim: line drive. there is is a base hit up the middle.
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so a hard hit ball right through the box by cody ross, and back-to-back hits here in the fifth inning, and koji ueharaer, here we go, the second time through the lineup. >> buck: yes. and this has been a concern. you can see the first time through the order just like tonight, the hitters are down, .211 average. only one hit for the first nine batters and now the second time through the order, three hits down to the number seven hitter. >> jim: so back-to-back hits. john baker. easily as cody ross who has only three steals on the year. the marlins have 38 steals as a club. there is a strike.
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baker grounded out to second his first at-bat. aubrey huff holding the bag. none down. fouled back out of play. uggla has hit 90 home runs over the last three years, and now has 14 this year what a weapon, a second baseman that hits for that kind of power. >> buck: it really turned around, i guess you can say it started with joe morgan and carried on to jeff kent and ryne sandberg and morgan and sandberg, of course rhall of famers, but second base has become a pretty good, an important power position. >> jim: and that is a little low. >> buck: certainly aaron hill in front is one of those run producers when you think about what he can do toffly, but add in the power and the pop he has hitting as a second baseman.
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>> jim: uehara steps off. the infield is looking for a ground ball to turn two. and that splitter is low and he lays off, does baker, 2-2. >> buck: now the marlins are a little more patient with uehara the second time through the order making him throw more pitches. they really swung quickly the fist time through the order and basically allowed uehara to breeze through the first nine hitters. >> jim: from 0-2 to 2-2. foul ball. >> jim: this has been the marlins' inning on the year, 44 lunes scored and that is the most and best production of any inning ton year, and it comes right in the middle of the
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game. 2-2. it is hit to left field. there is another base hit that is three straight hits by the marlins this inning. koji got ahead 0-2 and couldn't put him away. >> buck: it is not an accident when the marlins take a few more pitches, they have a little better idea about what to expect from uehara, and baker wasn't quite sure where this ball was. he knew he hit it, but he couldn't find it for a minute. it goes into left field and now sets up the pitch were a sacrafice bunt opportunity. first and second and nobody down and a run already in. >> jim: koji walking around the mound now. melvin mora just talked to him, likely to explain the rotation that will be on because of this bunt because here is the pitcher batting, andrew miller. >> buck: miller has two sacrafice bunt this is season. >> jim: and it is a good punt and koji gets to it quick and
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out to fist and knocked down by roberts! >> buck: melvin mora thought he had a legitimate shot of getting the pitch here and he threw the ball into the dirt and handcuffed brian roberts. a good reaction by uehara. his responsibility is the third- base line that's where he breaks, and he is able to cut the ball off, spin and fire and strike to mora. watch mora's reaction. he breaks right back to the bag. he gets himself in to position. he gets the lead runner and then tries to double up the pitcher through late the first and rushed his three a bit. i don't think they had a chance after you see where miller was in relationship to the bag. >> jim: now with one down, so the sacrafice is unsuccessful. here is chris coghlan, the lead- off hitter. here is an off-speed pitch for a strike. 0-1. you can see how he was frozen on that pitch. coghlan last year played in double-a, and he had 34 stolen
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bases for carolina. they're in the southerly league, the marlins' double-a team. that looked like the split inside. >> buck: coghlan is is a good hitter. he came to camp and he is a second baseman. you look around the club and say, 2áb, i don't think i'm going to get a place there. so i they moved him to the outfield to take advantage of his speed and bat. he started out in the minors playing left field and he has come up here and continued to swing the bat well. >> jim: he is just 24 years old. he played in college at the university of mississippi. 74 rbi's last year in just 132 games. >> buck: that grabs your attention if you're looking at minor league stats. you have to find a position for him and so far it is in left field. >> jim: 1-2 the count on chris cog lain. two on, one down and a run in.
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and that is a base hit off the bag! melvin mora has it and has no play, but the orioles were helped out as that ball hit, and instead of a double down the line, it is an infield single. that was a big break for uehara. >> buck: boy, it sure is is. that was going to produce run one an maybe two and it goes straight up in the air. wally bell gets out of the way, the umpire. mora thinks about a throw, but no throw at first base and now rick kranitz is trying to slow down the marlins here. four hits in the inning after the lead-off home run. four hits in the inning including the lead-off home run, i should say. >> jim: and all four of those balls hit very, very hard. don't forget on friday the orioles are back home at cold. it is an interleague match-up against the nationals. state of the union night presented by at&t. students of any age can receive a left-field upper reserve seat for just $6 with your valid
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school i.d. it is also fireworks night. all fans are invited to remain after the game for a spectacular fireworks display. for tickets, 888-84-bird or online at so there are the runners, baker, miller and coghlan and it is emilio bonifacio at the plate. a high pop-up. foul ground. mora over hoping for a play and he runs out of room. bonifacio again going after a first pitch. >> buck: that is just bad patience at the plate. he steps to the plate. he hasn't delivered anything with the bases loaded and chases the first pitch and pops it out of play. >> jim: i was watching the body language, buck, of koji uehara, as he continues to take walks behind the mound after every
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pitch. that time he went and picked up the rossen bag. here is the 0-1. it is fouled off and it is 0-2. >> buck: you have to be quick if you're going to turn a double play. bonifacio has growned out to three delays, but he gets out of the box in a hurry. >> jim: there are the runners. baker the lead runner at third, miller, the pitcher, is at second and cog lain at first. here is the 0-2 as bonifacio is protecting to stay alive. koji uehara behind the mound. he has been doing this after almost every pitch, almost to catch his breath. 0-2 the count. uehara deals, ground ball right back to uehara, back to first
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street staffing. fans are invited to stay after the game for american classics movie night presented by the maryland lottery as the movie "feldt of dreams" will be shown on the center field video board. don't miss this classic night at the ballpark. >> buck: what a great idea. go to the ballpark, get a jersey, get the stay after the game and watch a great movie. >> jim: absolutely. >> buck: in a great atmosphere. the perfect set-up. >> jim: there is nick on the orioles' bench. here is the pitcher leading off, koji uehara. markakis will follow. koji is able to get out of that inning with only the one run on the lead-off home run by dan uggla and the marlins have do really be kicking themselves now because they had four hits in the inning and managed only that one run. >> buck: koji did a nice job of min nighing the damage. he threw 23 pitches in that
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inning. that's why rick kranitz came out to give him a little bit of a breather. >> jim: he is ahead of him, 0- 2, miller is ahead of him. fouled back. koji struck out his first at- bat. he is one of the three strikeouts recorded by andrew miller. that is high. miller is making his 43rd start. 13-19 in his career. again uehara fouls it off. koji has one walk this year, but not a base hit. he just get as piece of it, if nothing else. >> buck: he is getting closer to the field! >> jim: and he is making miller work a little bit. >> buck: managers have very,
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very mixed emotions about pitchers' at-bats, pes personally managers during interleague play. >> jim: he puts it in play at right field. jeremy hermida has it for the out and one down here in the sixth inning. let's go back to the first inning. brian roberts leading off the game and he got it going. >> buck: then the wild pitch and that mos brian roberts and that sets up nick markakis for a textbook sac fly opportunity. he delivers flying out to left field to chris coghlan that was the first run of the ballgame. the florida marlins tied it up on dan uggla's 14th home run of the season. extra-base hits by middle infielders. brian roberts is tied with freddy sanchez of the pirates. ian sanchez continues to lead and hanley ramirez as well as brian takes ball one. the double extended brian's hitting streak to five straight
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games. there is the strike. >> buck: when miller is down in the zone, you can see how that ball finishes very effectively. 94 miles per hour at the knees. >> jim: he is 6 '7". >> buck: and one thing you want to do if you're that tall is stay tall and really use the downward angle to your benefit. trying to throw that breaking ball a little too hard. it came out of his hand too early and just stayed out of the zone. >> jim: roberts works the count to 3-1. there is the fist walk allowed by andrew miller and he averages just under five walks per nine innings. the orioles fans, it has fever been easier to take in the ballgame. go to the official fan-to-fan market place of the orioles.
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and a look at tomorrow night's game and thursday and then the orioles head home for a weekend series against the nationals. a day game on sunday. and the masn crew also come together all three games on masn hd. -- crews will come together, all three games on masn hd. >> buck: a couple of tar heels here with a couple of mind games. he is trying to steal a base against a former tar heel. his dad mike was a head coach at north carolina while brian was in his first two years there. andrew miller well after the roberts' era. he went to north carolina and became the number one pick as jim mentioned, of the detroit tigers. >> jim: one thing andrew miller has not done well this year, nor have the marlins, is curtail the running game. roberts doesn't go. there is is a bouncer toward short. ramirez towards second. there's two and there's the inning, 6-4-3 ends the inning and the walk does not hurt.
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so markakis bounces into the twin killing. the bottom of the sixth coming wi up s mca1-1 game. or possiblé. here you go. thanks! cubiclé. if you haven't tried a mocha yet, mccafé your day. ♪ ba da ba ba ba
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>> jim: join us for more ac tomorrow. coverage on masn begins at 6:30 with "o's xtra" presented by at&t and game coverage beginning at 7:00. we have all of the access you need here on masn. around there's the pitching match-up. were kin against nolasco
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acouple of right-handers. >> buck: ricky nolasco is off to a disappointing start. he is just 3-6 with a 7.00 e.r.a. jason bier kin has bounced back after a couple of shaky starts. he is anxious to get back on track here in tomorrow night's game. >> jim: hanley ramirez. he went too far says chad fairchild that is a strike and it is 0-1. they will continue to monitor here. this has been the danger part for koji uehara, the third time through the lineup. ramirez, cantu and hermida, the three, four and five hitters in fredi gonzalez' lineup. bishop thwhere it is imperative on matt wieters. the third time through the order, you can't fall into a pattern. it has been a combination of
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thins. i think fatigue has something to do with it as he is is not used to pitching in a five-man rotation and the fact that the league is starting to get a little moreinformation on him. p him pitches a little more effectively. matt seems to have a real good grip on what to do behind the plate and i love the fact that he works very quickly, maybes quick decisions in his pitch selection. >> jim: ramirez is 25 years old and already in his fourth season. he was developed by the red sox and here is another example of how sometimes your farm system and the prospects that it produces help you elsewhere. boston develod him and aded mi lowell and heyd that ball is ripped to left field that is heading to the corner. nolan reimold will run it down and hanley ramirez has the lead- off double. again he was ahead of the hitter and couldn't put him
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away. >> buck: that ball got up. he elevated this pitch and he didn't miss it. watch the height of the pitch. you can see the target is down, but look at where the pitch special. the top of the strike zone. 2-2. it looked like a high split-finger pitch. and uehara is lucky that hanley ramirez didn't get that thing elevated. he hammered that. and now when you look at it and look back over the course of the inning, it is six hits in the last eight at-bats. >> jim: so koji now with the go- ahead run at second base. here is the clean-up hitter, jorge cantu. >> buck: actually it is five hits in the last seven at-bats, and they have just figured out uehara. he's got to counteract their adjustment and the bullpen will begin to loosen up down down the left fieldline line. >> jim: there is brian bass. he just did get up. the orioles have been outhit in
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this game now 7-1. high pop-up. and andino is backing up into the shallow left field, and he has it for the out and one down. that is a huge out for koji uehara. florida, no runs on two hits, through the first four innings. they got the run last inning on four hits, stranded two because of the double play to end the inning. and now a double leading off here in the sixth inning. jeremy hermida is oh-fer two. hermida has never lived up to the advanced billing. he was their pick in 2002 and they really believed they had a future star in the making and it seems no matter what he does it isn't enough.
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last year 17 home runs, 35 home runs the last two years, but you always hear the word underachiever when you hear about jeremy hermida in florida. >> buck: i just think they expected him to be an every day player who was putting up consistent numbers and when you're a corner outfielder, those numbers don't match up with the numbers of the outfielders. >> jim: good off-speed pitch. he can't reach it and 1-2. >> buck: that looked like a very good split-finger pitch a1- 2 pitch and the ball really drives down and away from hermida. >> jim: uehara gets ahead of another hitter and he got him! he came back with the same pitch and got the same result, and two men down! what a time for a strikeout! >> buck: a good target down an


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