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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 23, 2009 8:30pm-9:00pm EDT

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but because it has that late dive on it, hermida was out front. 75 miles per hour, his fastball would be about 89, consistently 87, 89, and that one is just under his bat speed. he was out in important of it. a big strikeout. >> jim: two down here and here is dan ugly a dangerous hitter in this six spot. a high pop-up. here comes audrey huff. he calls and he has it for the out and uehara gets out of it. a lead off double and a man left. a good game tied
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geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> buck: now it is time for geico same summary. we have a whale of a game going here. nick markakis scores brian roberts. that made it 1-0. and then to lead off the fifth inning, dan ugly hits his 14th home run to tie it 1-1. bases loaded, one out as bonifacio hit as one, two -- 1-2-3 double play to to end the inning and koji uehara pitches out of a big jam. he allowed just the one run and that was the home run to uggla. seven hits. he hasn't walked a batter as has been the case all year long. andrew miller is nearly as good with the same numbers. just one hit allowed. that was the brian roberts lead- off double and fortunately for the orioles, they were able to cash that in. >> jim: the orioles have had in this game only three base
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runners. adam jones gets ahead. the roberts' double. reimold reached on a throwing error by hanley ramirez in the fifth and roberts' one-out walk in the sixth. that's it. three runners. the ball towards third. bonifacio has it. he turns and he fires and he got it. so another hard smash by jones to third. last time it was a line drive. this time a one-hopper. >> buck: adam gets the barrel out and hits it down the line. bonifacio make as fine play. he has strong arm. he has enough time to right himself and take aim across the diamond and throw out adam jones, the first out of the inning. bonifacio who has committed 12 errors on the year is playing a fine game defensively. a curve ball for a strike. aubrey is looking to extend the hitting streak to nine in a rojas twice grounded out to
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first base. ground ball towards third. wide to the bag is bonifacio and he gets up and two men down. >> buck: the complexion of the defense chains dramatically when your pitcher is pounding the strike zone and that is -- this is a team that has committed 29 errors on the infield and tonight they all look like gold glovers because andrew miller is throwing a lot of strikes early. >> jim: miller has walked only one batter and struck out three and just the one base hit by brian roberts to lead off the game that is down and in. 1-0. there is danys baez getting loose. brian bass had been getting loose with the marlins' batting in the sixth. there is a strike on the outside corner. so melvin now looking at his drought reach 140 at-bats since his last home run.
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in the dirt. >> buck: you mentioned brian bass was up earlier in the game and now danys baez has switched and managers will set up their bullpen to a point where bass might have the fourth, fifth and sixth innings. once you get passed that, they'll shift gears to danys baez. once you get passed the seventh and shift gears to jim johnson and then george sherrill of course for the eighth. they have really kind of sorted out their roles down in that bullpen and it has become a very effective group of relievers. >> jim: melvin takes outside. good eye. the count to 3-1 on mora. no one on in the seventh inning. and it is outside, ball four and there is a two-out walk. so melvin is on. that is just the second walk by andrew miller who really, buck, has pitched very well at home this year for the marlins. he is 2-3 on the year.
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both wins have come here in miami. and his e.r.a., 3.52 at home. 6.10 on the road. >> buck: it is pretty interesting, a left-hander pitching in this ballpark because right-handers can reach the seats in right field fairly easily, but he keeps the ball down and away and utilizes the good fastball. >> jim: mora draws a throw. >> buck: we talk about nolan reimold and his patience and power and we're seeing a kind sigh now that is spreadity impressive. he has reached now in 21 of his last 44 plate appearances. he reached on an error the last time out, but he is constantly getting on base. >> jim: he wants to see if a play might be on. >> buck: and give him the two- run home run sign. >> jim: that's the play. i like that. 0-1 pitch is fouled back a little late on the swing. andrew miller gets ahead of nolan reimold. no balls and two strikes.
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reimold has three hits on the trip. he started two of the three games in philadelphia. he has eight hits over his last 11 games. so mora is back. if the orioles were going to put on a play, it is unlikely now with no balls and two strikes on reimold. melvin has just two steals on the year. the pitch is bounced back. it is a 1-1 game in the seventh. >> buck: i think it is still on, the two-run home run. it's still on! >> jim: that's a good call by the manager. if it was only that easy. how often kid you call that? >> buck: not often enough obviously. [ laughter ] >> jim: 0-2 on reimold. and he got him a good breaking ball and reimold is down on strikes, and the orioles go down in the seventh, a walk and a man left. the seventh inning stretch
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having a boston lager in this glass was like tasting a boston lager for the first time again. >> welcome back. tight game here in the seventh. big news as the president of the major league baseball players' union is retiring. donald fair, he will call it quits after 26 years, 1983- 2009. he reigned over the union and, boy, did a lot happen there, especially explosive growth and players' salaries, $289, 000 was the average salary in 1983. also the 1994 strike, the steroid era, the 2002 drug agreement and five labor contracts were agreed upon under his reign. now, as for his replacement, he has suggested that it be michael weiner. he is the third official within the union, but that, of course, has to be approve bid executive board as well as ratified by
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players. jim? >> jim: thank you very much. don't fear who eventually replaced marvin miller with one in the middle. and he is not a very popular guy with fans, but he is a very popular guy with the players. >> buck: yeah, i was involved in the hiring process when don fear became the executive director of the players' association and it was an interesting process. he actually became involved in 1977 as an attorney involved with the mess serious smith and mcnally case and he became an assistant and general counsel under miller and then became the executive director. >> jim: danys baez is on in the seventh. uehara's night is over. cody ross is at the plate. 1-1 at the plate. danys baez last worked on saturday in philadelphia. he was on the mound when ryan howard came off the bench and hit the pinch hit and that caused brad bergesen. and cody ross gets on leading off here in the seventh inning,
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and he has a two-hit night. a tie game. the lead-off man on in the seven spring training. this copyrighted telecast is presented by authority of the orioles and may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form and any accounts of descriptions of this game may not be disseminated without the express written consent of the orioles. so baez on. it has been a very good year for the orioles and here is the number eight batter, john baker. baker is showing sacrafice. >> buck: the number eight hitter in this situation at home in a national league ballpark, you expect them to at least try to advance a runner, whether it is sacrafice, play hit and run. they have a pinch hitter out on deck. >> buck: there is a bunt to third. melvin mora fields. back to first and not in time on the relay. but once again the orioles quickly pouncing on the bunt to get the lead runner.
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>> buck: a couple of poor bunts here have cost the marlins. first it was the pitcher, andrew miller and now it is the catcher, john baker. an easy play for melvin mora. no time to get the return double play, but mora has made two good plays here to negate the sacrafice bunt attempt. >> jim: now in the seventh inning, fredi gonzalez will go to his bench and here is ross gload, the veteran left-handed batter will pinch hit. so each pitcher will have pitched to a no decision in this game. it is a 1-1 game in the seventh, provided that this game remains scoreless -- i mean this inning remains scoreless because miller could still qualify for a win if the marlins scratch a run across here. here is nunez getting loose in the florida bullpen. >> buck: ross glad is the most frequently used pinch hitter. he is 7-27 as a pinch hitter. gip a nice block by matt
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wieters on the pitch in the dirt. >> buck: that pitch was way out in important of home plate and wieters is fortunate he is able to keep in front of him. watch where this ball hits. i mean, it hits two feet in important of home plate and he is lucky he actually blocked it with his shin guard. he never really got a glove on it. but there is no way of knowing how high that ball is going to bounce when it bounces so far in important of you. >> jim: 1-0 on ross gload. the bouncer towards the hole. there is is a base hit into right field. we'll talk about a seeing eye single. the base runner at first. baker had to wait. that ball bounced by him for a single. and then baker continued to second base, so there is another pinch hit for ross gload. he now has eight. >> buck: aubrey huff may have had a chance for this ball, but he reads it as being too far away from him. it was kind of in between he and brian roberts. roberts had no chance to make a play. aubrey might have had a chance
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to knock it down if he goes another step or two to his right. >> jim: so now the lineup turns over. back oh the top. here is chris coghlan. baez falls behind 1-0. so andrew miller goes seven innings. one run on one hit. four base runners off miller. two walks, a hit and an error. >> buck: the first and only hit was to the first batter he faced. nothing after that. >> jim: there is a strike. >> buck: what is more impressive is he is a left- hander and the orioles faced three left-handers in philadelphia and handled them off, including cole hamels on sunday. >> jim: the lead runner is baker the, the catcher, and gload is the trail runner at first.
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another one in the dirt, and another one smootherred by wieters. >> buck: when you call for that split-finger pitch, the only place it is going to beat you is down in important of you in the dirt. so you have to anticipate going to your knees and blocking a ball. he blocks that one a little more effectively. he snared it in the webbing of his glove. >> jim: ground ball edwards the hole. there is a base hit. reimold is charging. the runner will be held at third. the third base coach saw that reimold was charging in on that ball, and he held the runner, so the marlins really have a big rally going here now. the bases loaded, only one down and coghlan the lead-off hitter now has two hits. >> buck: he just slaps it through the left side of the infield. it goes right at the left- fielder and most third base coach also look at the alignment. if the left fielder is running straight towards the ball, they
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open stop the runner no matter who it is. >> jim: so the marlins have a similar situation with the same hitter up as they had in the fifth inning. there are the runners, baker at third, gload at second, coghlan at first, bonifacio at the plate facing baez. and silt low, 1-0. failtioning uehara in the fifth with the bases loaded, one down, bonifacio hit the ball back to uehara for a 1-2-3 double play. that ended the inning. and with his speed, that's pretty much the only way you're going to double him up unless it is a smash at one of the fielders. chris ray is about to start getting loose in the orioles' bullpen. chris is back with the team today. he was called up from triple-a norfolk. 1 ---the 1-0 is fouled off. >> buck: the marlins after being shut down effectively in the four innings have 10 ways runners now in the -- 10 base
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runners now in the last two and a third now with the force out at second base. >> jim: 1-1 on bonifacio. bouncer towards the middle. andino steps ton the base, throws to first and not in time and safe at second base. the second base umpire said that andino's foot never came down on the base. so no outs recorded arun in and florida has the lead. >> buck: the second base umpire standing right on top of the play and andino did stretch trying to make contact. the ball took him past the bag and behind it. and now trembley is coming out to support andino with his argument, but that was going to be a tough play. bonifacio runs it so well. watch andino reach for the bag with his right foot. his momentum has taken him away
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from 2 bag. he reaches for it and comes up well short of the bag. another good call by a veteran umpire at second base. >> jim: and that is a situation in where if you're robert andino, knowing how fast bonifacio is, you're probably better off just taking the one out and then florida would have two outs in the inning. now it is the same situation but a run is in and the marlins have the lead. >> buck: that was a tough ball. it just happened to take him right over the bag and now you have to deal with the toughest hitter in their lineup, hanley ramirez. >> jim: it has been scored a fielder's choice and bonifacio is credited with an rbi. and here is hanley ramirez, so the marlins have the lead. a vicious cut and a foul ball. that's one of those plays where you certainly credit the hustle of robert andino, but in his haste to get two, he cost himself a chance to get one. >> buck: but your instincts are
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going to suggest i'm right here by the bag. he was just too far past the bag to make the tag. >> jim: and it is low. 1-1 on hanley ramirez. the marlins now have their two runs on 10 base hits. the orioles have one run on just one hit. ramirez is fourth in the national league in batting with runners in scoring position. he's .390 on the year. a dangerous spot here for danys baez. high fly, deep left field, back it goes and it is gone. there is a grand slam for hanley ramirez and it is a five- run inning for the marlins.
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>> buck: the second grand slam of his career and the second he has hit this year and you know you're flirting with danger when you allow hanley ramirez to bat with the bases loaded. he didn't miss it. he almost hit a home run in his last at-bat against koji uehara. that came in the sixth inning but he was stranded as uehara pitched out of the jam. this time danys baez can't pitch out of the jam an hanley ramirez takes advantage and dave trembley has made the call to the bullpen. he's making a double switch here because he went to the home plate umpire to indicate the double switch as the left fielder nolan reimold will come out of the game. fee his pie will go into left and chris ray will pitch here in the seventh. >> jim: so a rough inning for danys baez. florida puts five on the boards and the marlins now have a 6-1 lead.
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>> jim: so chris ray back w the orioles will go to work on jorge cantu. the marlins with a huge inning and there is strike one. five grand slam now by the marlins. hanley ramirez has just hit his second and cody ross has three. there is chris ray back from triple-a. a swing and a miss and it is 0- 2 on cantu. so felix pie comes on in left field in the double switch. reimold made the final out of
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the seventh inning. so chris ray and pie will bat in the nine spot. outside. >> buck: chris ray threw the ball well in triple-a. he had a 2.25 e.r.a. >> jim: outside, 2-2. >> gary: the thing for chris ray was the election of his pitches. he threw a few too many pitches up in the zone, and his focus and concentration will be to keep the same arm angle and to try to get the brail down in the zone where he is most effective. >> jim: making his first appearance for the orioles since may 27 when he pitched against the blue jays. so a tough outing for danys baez as jorge cantu gets one into right center field.
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jones and markakis. jones calls and he has it for the out and there is the second out of the inning. fans, on sunday, july 12th, come on out to oriole park for the debut of 2110 utah street. that is an area of the right center field bleachers named for nick and adam jones and their uniform numbers. for just $21 fans can purchase a ticket and receive a limited edition t-shirt featuring nick and adam. this is the place to be july 21st for nick and adam's biggest fans. call or reserve your seats now for 2110 utah street. there is a fly ball to right and there is markakis and he has it. so he retires two batters and the inning ends. a huge inning for the marlins. five on the board and florida now s a new phone. ok, the 6-1 lead. see, i'd never use that stuff. do not set that down, i will take it. there's a lot to env.
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the miller freeze cam brought to you by frost cold coors light. >> buck: a look at the home run that tied it. it came off the bat of dan uggla. he scared up on it. it is down in the zone split and it was the lead-off at-bat in the fifth inning and that made it 1-1 and uggla's 14th home run of the season. at that point we had a heck of a pitchers' duel. >> jim: here is leo nunez coming on to relieve andrew miller who is the pitcher of record on the winning side. >> buck: nunez has done a great job. he was assigned -- signed originally by the pirates. he has been a good addition to
8:57 pm
this bullpen, which is anchored by matt lindstrom, the big hard throwing right-hander. >> jim: wieters and pie here for the orioles who now trail by five. wieters has ground out and struck out. the orioles after winning three in a row? philadelphia to begin this road trip now trail by five in the eighth inning and the opener here in florida. >> buck: it is really pretty academic. you get one hit and the ances are you're going to. >> ji cieters a high fly ball toleft field. back on it is coghlan and that ball is gone! matt going the op ere is his second big league home run and the orioles are trying to chip back here in the eighth.
8:58 pm
each of his home runs batting from the left and each f his home runs hit the opposite way. >> buck: you can see why people are excited about the potential of matt wieters. this is easy wer. that ball is up probably boarder line high, but he drills it deep into the seats, high above the scoreboard in left field. that got out of here in a hurry. >> jim: number two for wieters and here is andino and he hits a ball towards the gap in left center field. over quickly is coghlan to cut it off and robert andino is on with a single here. still nobody down. so andino extends his hitting streak to three straight. that ball is a rope. >> buck: not wasting any time stepping in and ripping that fastball do left field. robert andino. he came up with the marlins and he played shortstop a lot in 2005, and jorge cantu giving him the business. but once they got hanley
8:59 pm
ramirez, his shortstop days were over. gip hanley ramirez on the mound. the shortstop signaled to the bench for the trainer to come out and the marlins' trainer and manager fredi gonzalez are coming out to check on nunez. >> buck: this is not a good sign anytime you bring the trainer with you and nunez is obviously feeling some discomfort. he is not sure where it is, obviously, but fredi gonzalez is going to take him out of the game. >> jim: so nunez will leave. he has faced two batters. the home run by wieters and a line drive single by robert andino. and a pitching change here because of injury in the eighth inning so wieters gets it started, the orioles batting in the eighth.


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