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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 23, 2009 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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>> jim: matt world series h he went the opposite way. >> buck: this pitch is up in the zone an watch how he star r stays on it. he is able to extend out over the plate and drives it deep into the seats in left field that is is a no doubter. >> jim: so matt wieters, number two. time for you to text in your vote for the at&t player of the game. hanley ramirez, he has a grand slam. and matt wieters or an dry miller who went seven innings and allowed just one run on one
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hit. text in your vote to 51862. >> buck: dan myers comes on here and that will allow him to make as many pitches necessary to get loose. he has been a good pitcher for fredi gonzalez in this bullpen. he came out of the o's -- a's organization and they picked him up on wafers as they needed to add depth to the left-hand said of their bullpen and he fit the bill. >> jim: oscar sal la star is going do pitch pinch hit for felix pie. because of the pitching change, pie will be lifted for sal la star as the orioles are run out of time here trying to get back in here. >> buck: what a good pinch hitter sal la star has been
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with andino at first base. he'll come here and try to keep this rally going a lead-off home run, base hit, nobody out. salazar will pinch hit for felix pie who technically took over defensively in the second inning. >> jim: so salazar will bat and andino is on at first base and still nobody down. they had a five-run bottom of the seventh and the orioles are trying to get back in it here in the eighth. dan meyer was originally drafted by the braves and made his way to oakland as buck mentioned and the marlins got him on a waiver. and here is salazar, and he intakes high, 1-0. >> buck: oscar had a big at-bat sunday against cole hamels and that came as he pinch hit with robert andino at second base. he hit a ground ball to the right side to move the base runner up to third and set the
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table for brian roberts' game- winning base hit to center. fouls. >> jim: he fouls it off the other way 1-1. >> buck: he can hit. he and nolan reimold were the heart of the order for the norfolk triple-a team. >> jim: andino leading from first. none down. salazar. that ball is trouble and that ball is going to fall in for a base hit. andino picked it up and he makes it all the way to third. three straight hits for the orioles. when you get your bat on the ball and put it in play, sometimes good things happen. that ball is just a bloop and it just hit and stayed fare. >> buck: salazar has a knack for getting a hit. that's what you want a guy off the bench put it in play. you never know what might
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happen. not necessarily beautiful, but effective. andino, as jim mentioned, that he picked up quickly that it was going to fall safely. the orioles have something going here in the eighth. >> jim: adam jones, and salazar gets one off the end of the bat the other way. here is roberts. here is a foul back. 0-1. so the orioles through the first seven innings against andrew miller, one run on one hit. in this inning, three consecutive hits. >> buck: they're thrilled miller is out of the game. 0-1 on roberts. lined down the right-field line foul. that goes into the bullpen where sanchez was getting loose. it nearly hit sanchez. >> buck: it really did.
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somebody yelled look out and he accept stepped out of the way just in time. sanchez is likely getting loose just in case adam jones' at-bat is critical in this inning. markakis is on deck aleft- handed batter. the ball knocked down by john baker. brian, 1-2, and he has also walked. here is andino at third and salazar at first and still nobody on. >> buck: brian has hit two bleats leer tonight. he lined out right at the left fielder in the second inning and he walked in the sixth. >> jim: inside, ball two. brian roberts has a tremendous batting eye, even when he is down in the count, buck. he rarely chases.
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if you're going to try to make him chase, you're making a terrible mistake. the confidence, even went down in the count. >> buck: we saw that on display saturday night when he hit a two strike, two out two-run home run against ryan madson to give the orioles that win. >> jim: 2-2 on him. ground ball foul down the third- base line. >> buck: one thing that is different about this team and i know it is a mini five-game win streak, but there is no give-up in their approach. hey, you win two games against the phillies, that is a nice series and that wasn't the case sunday against cole hamels. it would have been very easy to mail in your effort and say, hey, we just took two out of three against the reigning world champs, but they came back against hamels late in the game and won a well played 2-1 ballgame. i have a sense they feel the same way tonight even though they're down by four. >> jim: you go back even a game before that when they came back and won in the ninth inning. roberts, ground ball towards
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third. back to first and out at first base. there's the double play, andino scores, but that is a huge play for meyer and the marlins. >> buck: dan uggla has a strong arm. this is what you want. he chased the pitch up out of the zone. the speed is right on the money to uggla who converts it quickly. he'll hang tough in double play as he makes the throw. >> jim: it is 6-3. three hits in the inning leading to two runs, but the double play erasing the other base runner on the bases, and there is a pitch low to markakis. the game on saturday night in philadelphia, that was the game take ryan howard came off the
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bench to pinch hit and gave the phillys the lead. and there was one out and nobody on in the ninth inning when the orioles began their rally. zaun homered. and then after another base runner got on, roberts hit the two-run home run. for the orioles, they know you get 27 outs and they make the opponents use them. 1-1 to markakis. swung on and missed. 3-13 now ton road trip. gip he doesn't chase and 2-2 the count. markakis, eight home runs on the year.
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now he has 45 rbi's. only five rbi's this month. 2-2. called strike three and markakis does not like the call of marty foster, questions it, but the inning ends. the orioles get tw ton board to chip back in it. matt wieters got it started, his second home run on the year, and it is a forward to haven't changed. 6-3 florida lead. looking forward to, m&t bank is here to help you get there.
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♪ ba da ba ba ba >> jim: the orioles are hos a series of baseball camps. it feature as four-day instructional program with player appearances by current and former orioles, plus professional instruct which ares autograph and photo opportunities, daily lunch, giveaways and complimentary o's tickets. go online or call for more details. salazar stays in the game in left field. he pinch hit for pie. and chris ray now will try to keep this a three-run deficit in the bottom of the eighth as the orioles have one more shot in the ninth inning. ray ruered the final two outs in the seventh after the marlins chased baez, five runs in just a third of the inning.
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uggla fouls it back. he was the only batter not to come up in that seventh inning. >> buck: another big night for uggla with the power. he has struggled hitting just .219 with a couple of hits tonight in three trips. the breaking ball he couldn't reach. and there is lindstrom, the closer. the three-run lead. it is hit to right. markakis is there and he has it for the out, and one down. the orioles and the marlins could not take batting practice today out in the field because of the violent thunderstorm that bent through, so the orioles could not play balls off the bat a couple of times you have seen nick markakis
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break one way and then have to go the other way to get fly balls the first time in the stadium. >> buck: yes. the orioles have not visited landshark slash dolphin stadium since 2001. >> jim: i keep wanting to call it joe robby. >> buck: it was probably in 2001. landshark stadium now, and it is a little different. there are a lot of different angles in the outfield that you have to get accustom to. >> jim: that is spokesperson. ed foul and that will be back out of play. the first time in a stadium, especial little this is a massive stadium because it was built for the miami dolphins. it is a rectangular stadium, and they readjust the seats along the third-base line and roll back some seats in left field, but it is a huge stadium. there is a high chopper to third. melvin mora, that one lost in the light. how about that? a chopper lost in the light.
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you can see melvin looked up, and as he saw the ball, he saw the lights. >> buck: and obviously the stadium is constructed, as you mentioned, for football and you don't factor in how the baseball game might be affected. he is looking straight up into the lights of the stadium over the first base dug out and he had no chance. watch him. once he gets into the lights, it is just a guess where that ball is the official scorer has credited ross with the base hit because of the ball lost in the lights. there is john baker. >> buck: i can't tell you about the difference of chris ray. the quality of his pitches night and day from what we saw. the velocity was good in the year, but everything was up. and now it looked as though he has found his arm angle and he is pounding the bottom of the strike zone. >> jim: baker fouls it back. the official scorer, buck, has had a change of heart.
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it was a hit up on the scoreboard and then he thought, he lost anytime the light. it doesn't matter. >> buck: 0yeah, he should stand down there at third base and look into the lights. it is not an easy thing. >> jim: there es hn ker for the second out. >> buck: he had the elbow surgery and as good as you feel and as strong as you are physically, there is still some timing issues that are affected because you have been away from the competitive nature of the game. so he got off a tough as we mentioned, but his location was suffering, and he went down with perfect mindset just to ew%himself right and turned it around. >> jim: there is a tapper out in important of the plate and
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wieters gets it to first for the out and the inning ends. so an error and a man some d left. here we go to the ninth inning, jones, huff and mora coming up and the orioles down by three. . only from at&t.
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>> jim: orioles baseball on masn brought to you by southwest airlines, book your next trip at and by acura, acura advance. a nice evening look at downtown miami. the marlins have a 6-3 lead.
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the orioles coming up in the ninth inning. brett carroll has come on in the game in right field with jeremy hermida, he is no longer in the game. and here is the closer, matt lindstrom on to try to earn the save. >> buck: matt lindstrom picked up his second win of the season back on june 9th against the cardinals and he also had a win against the mets way back back in april. a big arm. the control sometimes a concern. 20 walks, 26 strikeouts, but he has a powerful arm. he throws a fastball, a slider and occasionally will yous a changeup. it is is not very often. it is all about hard and harder for matt lindstrom. >> jim: adam jones leads off. he takes a high fastball. he has pretty good giddyup on that pitch. lindstrom's e.r.a. for a closer, buck, quite high for a closer at 5.72.
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the orioles need to get two men on to get the tying run to the plate. >> buck: that will work. >> buck: lindstrom has been hit around by right-handers. they have hit .314 against him. >> jim: 1-1 the count. the fastball. lindstrom has really struggled here at home. his e.r.a. at home is 9.37. his e.r.a. on the road, 0.75. asaddam just swung on a pitch outside and he missed it, 2-2. that's what happens when you throw that hard. >> buck: i don't think he has thrown a strike yet. the ball adam swung at early on was inside and that ball probably outside.
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>> jim: 2-2 on jones leading off in the oriole ninth. and he guilty a piece. the birds have only four hits in this game. the roberts' double, the wieters' solo home run and singles by andino and salazar. lindstrom, 14-16 in a save opportunity. 2-2 on jones leading off. ground ball slowly hit to second. uggla to his left and he gets it to first. one down in the oriole ninth inning. adam jones is oh-fer four. here is an update on the voting for the at&t player of the game. and matt wieters, 77% getting the hometown vote, still time to vote. have your voice heard, 5186 #
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and tom and rick will have the results coming up on "o's xtra" postgame. there is aubrey huff. the breaking ball outside, 1-0. aubrey's eight-game hitting streak is on the line and he is oh-fer three. he has grounded out all three at-bats. hard hit ball and gloved by uggla down on a knee. he gets up and throws him out. >> buck: we have talked about the marlins' defensively, they have committed more errors than anyone but two teams in the national league. they made 56 errors, but tonight, early in the game, andrew miller was pounds that strike zone. that kept the defenders on their toes and they played a good game in the field.
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>> jim: the orioles down to their final out and melvin mora will come up. he fouls it back a pretty good cut. 0-1. melvin is oh-fer two. he has also drawn a walk. -- melvin is oh-fer two. he has also drawn a walk. 1-9 on the orioles' road trip. the curve ball is high. he lays off. 1-1. >> buck: you can see he gets around that slider a little bit and gets underneath and that's why it stays unand out of the strike zone. if he ever got on top of that pitch and got some downward break to it, he would be unhittable, combined with a 99- mile-per-hour fastball. that is a wicked combination. but he's always battled his
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control. >> jim: 1-1 on mora two outs and none on. the line drive to left field. and that's going to fall for a base hit. so melvin mora keeps it going for the orioles with a two-out single. back-to-back hard hit balls, but that one, a line drive to the outfield. >> buck: that is a fastball. you can catch up with a fastball when you don't have to worry about the breaking pitch for a strike and mora gets the hit and drills it to left field. he is 1-3 on the night with balk. here comes luke scott off the bench. >> jim: luke scott be pinch hit for chris ray, who is very effective in his return to the orioles tonight. one and 2/3 scoreless, and he did not allow a hit. the orioles need scott to get on to get the tying run to the plate.
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matt wet -- matt wieters' the home run tonight, and he is on deck. a good cut and fouled it straight back. >> buck: we mentioned earlier that ross gladded that 27 pinch hit at-bats before he singled in part of that five-run seventh inning. this is luke scott's third pinch hit at-bat of the season. just the difference in the two leagues. >> jim: now, luke, for one, will definitely be happy to get back home on friday and back to american league rules. ground ball, base hit up the middle. so the orioles can get the tying run to the plate after two outs and nobody on in the ninth inning. and there you go again, buck. you talk about the 27 outs. >> buck: yes. and it is a team that's got a lot of confidence right now, and wouldn't you know it, luke
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scott comes off the bench, deliver as sharp single up the middle. so mora's two-out base hit and now luke scott's two-out base hit has set the table for matt wieters. >> jim: and lindstrom is fortunate that the hard smash went right to the second baseman. that may have been the hardest hit ball in the inning so the orioles have a chance with wieters ahome run threat up against lindstrom. lindstrom has allowed only two home runs on the year in his previous 31 appearances. >> buck: jim johnson, just in case. >> jim: he was going for it and he swings through it. here is wet neither the eighth inning. >> buck: hitting left-handed against leo nunez. he gets the fastball up out of the plate and drills intoit the
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seats. his second home run of his young career. >> jim: hard hit ball, base hit into right field. melvin mora heading around third and he will score and scott goes to third and wieters keeps it going with an rbi single. tree straight hits after two men down and a two rbi night for wieters! >> buck: he caught up with that low fastball. melvin mora kept it alive with a base hit. he scores the fourth run of the game. look at the location f that pitch down around the knees, and he drills it in to right field. >> jim: so melvin mora got it started. he scores. it is now 6-4. the tying run is on. the go-ahead run is at the plate and look who is pinch running. >> buck: jeremy guthrie will pinch run at first base.
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he obviously is in great shape and obviously does a lot of running, so he's going to take over. the pitching coach is out to try to help matt lindstrom try to regroup here. he looked over at first base and said i don't think he is going to run. he is a pitcher. don't worry about him. focus on the batter, and the batter will be a pinch hitter. so mark riley is out there with all sorts of information. but just a little slap on the backside and ty wigginton loosens up, and ty wigginton has always hit well in this ballpark. ty wigginton -- >> jim: he is having trouble. >> buck: he is not going to hit until he gets that sleeve off of his bat. >> buck: but ty wigginton has hit seven home runs in 26 career games in this ballpark. >> jim: and he comes to bat representing the go-ahead run. so the orioles again not giving
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in down late, and lefty and righty action now in the florida bullpen. he an sanchez. breaking ball, ground ball edwards the middle, bait hit for wigginton! here is luke scott. guthrie is hustling to third and it is a one-run game! four consecutive hits for the orioles! >> buck: when you come off the bench, you better be ready to swing it and that's what ty wigginton does. pinch hits by scott and wigginton here have made it a one-run ballgame! ty wigginton just takes that breaking pitch, the first pitch breaking ball, and he drills it up the middle. ramirez can't knock it down and how about jeremy guthrie after scott scores, he looks back and watches guthrie go first to third. >> jim: and here comes fredi gonzalez, and he is


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