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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 23, 2009 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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>> jim: fans, you have less than two weeks to go for the 2009 all-star game. adam jones and nick markakis need your support.
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both are in the running for a starting position in the american league. so vote now for all of your favorite o's at plus, with vote orange, save green, you could receive an upper reserve seat to any non- prime o's game after the break when you vote the maximum 25 times. vote early, vote often. for all of the details, online orange. >> buck: de aza comes in to play center field. he'll bat in the pitcher's spot, number nine in the lineup. he'll be scheduled to bat second in the bottom of the 11th. badenhop comes on to work the top of the 11th. he has pitched in 16 games so far. he, too, is one of the
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players' acquired from the detroit tigers in the cabrera- willis trade. >> jim: luke scott fouls it off. so fredi gonzalez's book has gone through six of his seven relievers in the game. the closer had a three-run lead going to the ninth and couldn't close it out. >> buck: and dave trembley has four in his pen including the closer george cheryl. >> jim: luke scott is retired for the first out in the 11th. so luke who pinch hit and singled in the rally in the ninth now a one out, and here is zaun. he will bat for the first time. hehe is in matt wieters' spot. wieters was lifted for a pinch runner the ninth inning. guthrie did come around to score. >> buck: and don't forget gregg zaun lit that home run on saturday night that set up brian roberts. he hit a one-out home run, his second of the season. that came against the phillies' acting closing ryan madson. >> jim: there is the strike. 1-1. brian bass is up once
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again. he was up back in the fifth inning and then did not get in the game. good eye by zaun. he works the count to 2-1. sliced foul the other way. >> buck: zaun spent parts of three seasons here in florida. he actually came to florida in 1996 after he left baltimore. he played in 10 games in 1996, and 58 games in 1997, 106 in 1998 as part of that world series effort in 1997. >> jim: the 2-2 is inside. ball three. zaun work as one-out walk. one down in the 11th. and here is ty wigginton. >> buck: we mentioned that ty
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wigginton has seven home runs in his previous 26 career games here at this stadium. the rest of the roster had combined to hit only six. >> jim: how hot is ty wigging ton? how about 11 of his last 21 with five rbi's that is over seven games, including tonight, and there is a slider well off the plate. the pitcher's spot is up next, and dave trembley is out of position players, so he will have to go to his bench for one of his pitchers. and he has gone to the pitcher on the staff with the most experience, rich hill is now out on deck. hi will bat for jim johnson if wigginton does not hit into a
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double play. there is rich. you have to utilize every resource you have in a game like this. there is a strike. a borderline pitch that wigginton took. 2-1. >> buck: wigginton has had a chance to look at some pitches now from badenhop and checking down just in case something bizarre might be put on with zaun running at first base and one out. >> jim: there's a base hit to right field and down the line. zaun will make the turn and go to third. wigginton thinking two, but the throw to second base and he is out. oh, wigginton made a base running mistake there, buck. that ball was right in important of him. it would have been first and third be one dunn and instead there is a runner at third with
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two men out. >> buck: that is a big mistake. zaun goes to third easily and ty wigginton got overly aggressive. a good piece of hitting, but brett carroll is an exceptional outfielder. he make as tremendous throw, one hole hop with plenty of time to ramirez. zaun easily goes to third. and then he looks back and sees wigginton gunned down by brett carroll who came on defensively. >> jim: and here is rich hill. a line drive do left field. the left fielder is there. and he has it for the out. so just like that, there goes the threat, a walk ahit, one left. the bottom of the 11th coming up, tied 6-6. 
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>> welcome back to south florida now, we still have a
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tie game here in the 11th. just an interesting stat that i noticed, the orioles have really become very, very confident. they have been having a lot of comeback runs in the ninth inning. since they started a series against the mets on june 16, they have scored 13 runs in the ninth inning. that's over a span of seven games. so as jim and buck mentioned earlier in the game, opposing teams are really learning they have to get 27 outs against the orioles, scoring a lot of runs lately in the ninth inning. jim? >> jim: amber, thanks. here is brian bass who will come on and pitch the 11th. so the orioles after tying the game in the ninth got two walks and couldn't score in the 10th. they got a walk and a single in the 11th and couldn't score. john baker, the catcher, leading off. de aza on deck and then back to the top of the lineup with chris coghlan.
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>> buck: brian bass, just like the rest of his relief corps has been on a roll. he has been an excellent long middle guy for dave trembley. you can go back to his performance in oakland coming into the first inning in relief of rich hill and pitching fur and 2/3 innings, his longest stint of the season. >> jim: he hasn't been in a game since last wednesday against the mets at camden yards. 2-1 is the count on baker. he plants and he throws and he got him. one down. nicely done by brian roberts on the high chopper. >> buck: he had a little extra time with the catcher running, so he had time to plant the foot and make the strong throw. it is all part of the process here. he knows he has potential
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running. he takes a little extra time to plant, fire a strike to aubrey huff. >> jim: there is alejandro de aza batting for the first time. we saw him peek down to third base there to see where mora was and he showed bunt anyway. melvin was just in on the grass and de aza gave him a peek to see if he might be able to lay down the bunt. he fouled off his foot and 0-2. de aza is batting .235 in his 15th game and is 4-17.  one out, none on, tied 6-6 the 11th. just off the plate he laid off in time. de aza was called back from
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triple-a on june # 23rd, his second time in the big leagues, facing brian bay bass, the fifth orioles' pitcher a check swing, a breaking ball. he went too far? yes. wally bell says he went and zaun quickly smootherred that ball and tagged him out and two men down a nice play by zaun. >> buck: tomorrow's pitching match-up, 7:00 on masn. jason were kin goes to the mound for the orioles. that will be his sixth of the season and ricky nolasco. last year he won 15 games for the marlins making his 13th start off to disappointing start. opponents hilling over .300  against the right-hander. >> jim: here is coghlan, the lead-off hitter, fouled it back. as opposed to the marlins who have just tim wood left in their bullpen, the orioles still have albers. they still have hendrickson and
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george sherrill. so jim johnson giving them two innings and chris ray an inning and 2/3 has helped at least preserve a few more arms. ground ball sharply hit to short. wigginton has it and gets it across and a three up, three down inning for brian bass and on we go. we head to the 12th and the top of the lineup is coming up. brian roberts, nick markakis and adam jones in this tie game. ? ♪
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>> jim: the american flag i downtown miami on this breezy night, at least it was earlier. right there in the middle of downtown atop of that tall building, and here is the a.l. east versus the n.l. east in the interleague there year, buck, 32-25, the american leaguers leading it. >> buck: they sure are. thigh have had a good run in interleague play against their national league rivals. they have outscored them over a run a ballgame. every all the american league. >> jim: badenhop is still on for a second inning. the orioles had a chance in the 11th aone-out walk to zaun and then wigglington cig led to right and tried to stretch it to a double. he was thrown out easily bring brett carroll. high fly ball to right field, carroll is there and has a
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play. roberts retired him. one down. brian has one hit tonight and it came in his first at-bat in the first inning. badenhop gets the all-important first out and now nick markakis will bat. nick has an rbi with a zach fly. he has also walked. -- sac fly. he has also walked. fastball is outside, 1-0. the marlins' pitchers have walked five in this game. and amazingly enough, none of the walks have factored in the scoring.
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2-0 to markakis, swung on and missed. >> buck: the fastball down around the knees and nick swung right through it. badenhop, he's got the opportunity to pitch out here a few innings. he has pitched as many as five innings in relief this year. >> jim: there is a hard hit ball to right field and a was hit for markakisment yet again the orioles get the go-ahead run on in extra innings. this time with one down on a single by markakis in his first hit of the night. >> buck: he had a sac fly for the first run of the ballgame. he stays back behind it and drills it into right field over the head of the second baseman. >> jim: adam jones is up now. do you think adam wants to do something here tonight? >> buck: he h is oh-fer five. he grounded into a double play in the 10th inning. he hit a couple of balls sharply. they have been pitching him inside. as a result of flay he has
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pulled the ball on the left side of the diamond most of the night. >> jim: he looks over a strike. he lined out hard to don phase owe in the fourth and then in the seventh he hit a hard smash that appeared to be going down the line and bonifacio gloved it for an out. so oh-fer five. one strikeout and he has not hit the ball out of the infield all night. a good cut there, but he fouls it back. 0-2. >> buck: the score is 6-6. you can see the outfield for the marlins are playing no doubles. they are way back. a lot of room in the gaps. they're back because they're trying to prevent that. so if adam jones put one in play, maybe a single in front, there is nick markakis, he goes first and third. >> jim: 0-2. he just did get a piece. the breaking ball down and away, and he just got it fouled off to stay alive.
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markakis on at first. the one-out single. the 11th base hit for the birds in this game. which is a pretty good number when you consider they had one hit through seven innings. that is a heck of an effort since the beginning of the eighth. the 0-2 to jones and he got him. the same pitch and that one just a little farther outside and adam chased it. >> buck: a big sweeping breaking ball and adam was in a hole and trying to protect, and he chased the pitch out of the zone. 0-2 pitch. a tough one, back-to-back breaking balls. he got a piece of the first breaking ball he saw 0-2, but he couldn't catch up to that one. >> jim: two men down now and
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here is aubrey huff. unlike jones, he has not hit the ball out of the infield tonight. and he takes ball one. aubrey again getting another chance to extend his hitting streak. he is oh-fer four with a walk. his eight-game hitting streak is on the line. there is a line drive, diving stop by uggla! he takes a base hit away from aubrey huff! and if that ball heads to the gap, who knows, markakis might be able to score. what a play by dan uggla! the orioles go down in the 12th. oh, it's on, all right. oh, it's on, all right. - it's on. - it is totally on. jimmy, it's on. it's on. oh, yeah, it's on. pilot: affirmative, it's on.
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how close are you to where you want to be? ask your doctor if caduet can help you go... for both your goals. >> jim: a couple of oriole on hand here in florida a tie game through 11. and now we're in the 12th heading to the bottom of the 12th. >> buck: even chewy likes it. >> jim: there is the guy buck got tickets for. can you imagine you're at home and you're thinking i want to go to a game. >> buck: it is really hot and humid. >> jim: et let me put on my gore littla suit and i'm going to go to the game. it worked. he got on television. 10,222 the paid attendance tonight. here is bonifacio leading off against brian bass. >> buck: and some of them
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twice. >> jim: bonifacio, and he has been on base twice, an infield hit and he reached on a fielder's choice in which he drove in a run. ball three. z. now, this is the guy you don't want to walk because he rarely walks. he has struck out 61 times on the year. he has walked only 19, and he is a very fast base runner. and there's a four-pitch walk. marty didn't like -- marty foster didn't like that pitch. so the lead-run is on here in the 12th. here is hanley ramirez. >> buck: back in the seventh inning with the bases loaded, he connects off of danys baez, a grand slam, his second of his career, and that was part of a five-run seventh inning that catapulted the marlins to a 6-1 lead and it looked like the game was over and done with at
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that point. not so. >> jim: here is hanley ramirez. a dangerous hitter. if bonifacio tries to steal second base, if he is successful, that would take the bat out of the hands of rairmentdz because they would simply walk ramirez. we'll see what fredi gonzalez does. >> buck: if he can steal it, he'll steal it. they're not going to stop him if he thinks he has a jump and run. >> jim: hanley ramirez looking down to his third base coach porter. >> buck: bass is good at shutting the running game down. a big lead for bonifacio. >> jim: he doesn't go. bonifacio goes to second base on the breaking ball in the dirt. so the winning run is at second and no one down here in the 12th. >> buck: a couple of missteps here to start the bottom of the 12th. that ball just snuck under the glove of gregg zaun. he had pretty good position and he just didn't get the glove
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down the final couple ofisms. so now they have to check with the signs with the runner at second base to make sure they're on the same page. >> jim: the official scorer ruled that a wild pitch. >> buck: they're going to put ramirez on now with the base open, as you said, jim. he will be given the free pass. boy, that lead-off walk. that is huge. >> steve: especially to the hitter. bonifacio has walked 20 times ton year while striking out 61. he is up there looking to hack. so there is the intentional walk. the second walk in the inning. no one down. normally you don't ask your number five batter to lay down a sacrafice, but in the 1th inning when all you need is a run, you never know.
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>> buck: i would be very surprised if they asked him to bunt. they have tried two sacrafices in this game and neither one of them has worked. >> jim: 6-6 game in the 12th. first and second and none down. 1-0. too tight. brian bass in his second inning, he had a three up, three down 11th, a lead-off walk and an intentional walk. cantu has grounded into five double plays on the year. bass would love to get a ground ball here. there's the important graphic, zero sacrafice bunts in his entire career. there's a strike. >> buck: bass can throw some ground balls. he has the great sinking fastball. he pitches down in the zone. cantu doesn't run that well.
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>> jim: 1-1 on jorge cantu. there is a base hit. luke scott charges. bonifacio and here is the throw to the plate and the tag and safe at the plate! as zaun couldn't hold on to the ball! and the marlins win it on a base hit by jorge cantu. luke scott with a good throw. zaun applied the tag, and he couldn't hold it into his glove. and the marlins after allowing the orioles to tie it in the ninth pull out a 7-6 win. >> buck: what a good throw by luke scott right on the money aone-hop every. the ball arrived about the same time as the base runner. i don't think gregg zaun ever guilty a real good grip on the baseball a strong throw. right to the glove. and you can see he is try to smoother that ball in his glove, but he couldn't put the bare hand on top of it. bonifacio kind of swipes it out of his glove a strong throw by luke scott. he never had it. >> jim: he never had it.
10:28 pm
>> buck: a desperation swipe and he never had a grip on it. you try to swipe at it like an infielder and hope it sticks in your glove and that wasn't the case. a good speed and it all started with the lead-off walk in the bottom of the 12th. >> jim: a tough loss for the orioles after they battled back to tie it with two in the eighth and three in the ninth and the marlins get the opener of this three-game series. we invite you to join us again tomorrow against the marlins, jason bier kin on the mown. coverage on masn two begins at 6:30 with "o's xtra" presented by at&t followed by game coverage at 7:00. we're saying so long from landshark stadium in miami! tonight's telecast, a masn presentation and now "o's xtra," tom davis and rick dempsey standing by. the o's drop it 7-6.
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>> welcome to "o's xtra" pregame presented by verizon phi i don't say. the o's lose a heart breaker in extra innings to the marlins. one of the games that kept you on the edge of your seat right into the ninth inning. >> and i know there were a lot of people snoozing two outs in the top of the ninth and the orioles come back with five hits in a row. they played a fantastic game, come from behind. that is the kind of spirit you like to see on this ball club. everybody did an outstanding job. danys baez comes in. every ground ball find as hole. that happens sometimes. what the orioles did after that was nothing short of amazing. >> just a tough, tough loss. the orioles lose 7-6. we're going to pick up some of the highlights. we're going to go back to the seventh inning. in this situation, happen live ramirez hit the grand slam, his 10th home run coming off of danys baez and this was a very devastating blow. >> this is a shot that you think is going to break the orioles' back here.


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