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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 24, 2009 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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call today and get the benefit of blue. odds are you'll need it. >> gary: stormy weather greet the the orioles last night as they arrived in miami for a three-game series against the marlins. early on, it was a pitcher's -- pitchers' duel. from us freighting batters on each side of the diamond. the game eventually would go to extra innings and jorge cantu would drive in the game winner as emilio bonifacio scored the game-winning rub run. -- run. >> i wish we could do it over again. we can't. you've got to move on. >> gary: there are no do overs in baseball. tonight, orioles show up and play the middle game of three against the marlins. it's interleague baseball next on masn. 
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>> gary: from miami, la stadium, interleague baseball on masn as tonight the orioles take on the florida marlins in the middle game of this three- game series. birds looking to bowbs babb -- bounce back from last night's loss. hi, everyone. jim hunter. buck, what a surprise t rained a while ago. rains have come and gone. we'll have baseball here tonight. what an interesting game last night. orioles down by three runs in the ninth inning, two outs, nobody on. somehow find a way to get back and get it tied and get it to extra innings. >> buck: this ball club is playing with a lot of confidence right now and it really came into the focus last night. melvin mora hitting with two outs in the nine the inning gets a sinker to say ok that's
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a nice hit. they're still down by three. luke scott, pinch-hit base hit up the middle. that got things interesting. matt wieters delivers his second hit of the night. a base hit to crief em-- drive home melvin mora. then, another pitch by ty wigginton that. scores another run. luke scott comes in to score. it's a one-run game finally for the third pinch-hitter oscar salazar who delivers the game- tying base hit up the middle to make it 6-6 with two outs in the ninth inning and jeremy guthrie scored. they have done a great job of some of the elyse lead pitchers of baseball. rose roarses, the closers of the mets. they got a couple of walks in an inning against him. ryanan madson on saturday give up two home runs in that comeback win by the orioles in philadelphia. last night, matt lindstrom got two quick outs and gave up the three-run deficit as the orioles came back and tied it. unfortunately, he they didn't like the outcome after 12 innings last night it orioles have shown you have to get them out all 27 outs. they're not going to give up. unfortunately for the birds,
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they were not able to pull out the win in extra innings. when you look over a one-run game and look at the things that may have happened, mistakes and misplays can be costly and it hurt the orioles last night. >> buck: they did have some opportunities and the miscues here's. emilio bonifacio hits a ball up the middle. you see robert trying to tag the ball at second -- bag at second misses. all hands are safe. john hirschbeck said four inches. you missed it. danys baez throws one. hanley ramirez hits his second grand slam of the season to make it a five-run inning. they weren't done. orioles come back. in the 12th inning with a chance to take the lead, ty wigginton a little hesitation. he gets nailed at second base by a good throw from the outfield. small things. a leadoff walk in the bottom of the 12th by brian bass. four-pitch walk. then the wild pitch moves bonifacio to second base. sets up cantu with a base hit to left field. luke scott makes a strong throw just left of home plate. gregg zaun can't dig out the
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short hop and and bonifacio scores the winning run. those little things late in the game prove costly . you can't allow a good team extra opportunities and marlins took full advantage last night. >> jim: the orioles continue to see the emergence of matt wieters. he came highly touted. minor league player player of the year lastee. -- year. he's starting to settle in now. it seems every game he goes out and gets two hits. >> buck: he really looks comfortable. big thing about matt wieters in my estimation you is you don't not him behind the plate. he's got two big hits. he hit his first two career home runs in the last week. opposite field power. that's the big thing that strikes me about matt wieters. he's a switch hitter. look at the switch hitters in baseball this year. there are 16 switch hitters in baseball. all of these guys are switch hitters and the guys that are highlighted all happen to play in the american league east. pretty interesting that there would be five of them in the american league east. matt wieters has got a bright future. so far, i think he's off to a great start though he's only
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played in 189 games. >> jim: it's really a benefit for the orioles to have two switch hitting catchersment whenever dawn zaun plays, it doesn't matter who the opposing pitcher is -- catcher is because they can hit from both sides of the plate. matt wieters is making his for instance felt. amber theoharis is with the catcher. >> here is the one of the switch hitting catchers in the league, matt wieters. coming to the big leagues as a switch hitter, is there anything different than in the minor leagues as far as bat from both sides of the plate up here? >> i think you see a few more lefties so you have to work on your right-handed swing. you can get stretches where you have a lost righties in a row and you have stretches where you get a loflt left gillaspie a a row. we've had a few lefties in a row here lately. hopefully, you're on your game from the wythe right side. >> anybody can look up your numbers. where are you feels feeling more comfortable right now is. >> it will change. right now, i feel pretty good left-handed. that can change within the course of a game. it's which way you're seeing the ball better.
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>> really quick, jason berken going to the mound today. what do you expect to see from him to find success? >> i think if he pounds the zone and throws a lost strikes and gives our defense a chance to play, we'll have a good chance to win. >> throw strikes. pretty simple. appreciate it. >> jim: thank you very much. he won in his big league debut still looking for a second win. you continue to see the adjustment process. he's doing it very well. >> buck: he sure is. hiss his last time out u-see what he's doing start to start. he beat the blue jays. he had a pretty gald game against detroit and ed win jackson. got hit hard in oaklandment same by the braves at home. he pitched good against the mets 6 2/3. any anytime you can get your starter into the self seventh inning, you'll be pleased with that. jason berken needs to get all his pitches over. he's got full complement of pitches. he can elevate fastball from time to time. the curve ball is very effective for him and he has a lot of confidence. if he's going to be dominant, he needs to pitch cowpt downhim. he can't force the issue and try -- and try to throw the
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breaking ball. he'll get hit hard. >> jim: so, berken on the mound going against ricky nolasco of the florida marlins. brian roberts beginning to heat up again. brian brix brings a five-game hitting streak into game two of the three-game series. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 "the dust might be settling... tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 that's great, but i'm not." tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 "i guess i'm just done with doing nothing, you know?" tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 "oh, i'm not thinking about moving my money. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 i am moving it."
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>> jim: orioles baseball masn is brought to you by southwest airlines. book your next trip at and by bud light. with just the right test that never fills you up. the difference is drinkability. some of the sights of miami. the beautiful city. if you like the outdoors, this is your kind of place as the orioles with fans in attendance here at laidz, -- land shark stadium, dolphin stadium, joe robby stadium. right now land shark stadium. this is the middle game of the three-game series. let's get a look at the southwest airlines starting lineups for the orioles looking to bounce back after the five- game winning streak halted last night. brian roberts at second base. felix pie in center field. adam jones gets the night off. nick markakis and aubrey huff,
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melvin mora in the -- melvin mora in the middle with luke scott in left field. nolan reimold not starting tonight. matt wieters in the seven spot. 2-4 last night and a solo home run and an rbi single. robert andino at short and jason berken on the mound will bat for the first time as a beleaguer. >> buck: now, it's time for the pnc scouting report for the left-hander ricky nolasco. he has a -- right-hander ricky nolasco. he has a snappy hook. one if you're not aware of it. throws over the top a 12:00- 6:00 breaking ball. he's been more aggressive. he was optioned to the minor leagues may 23 and made two starts in trim and at got a little more aggressive. he was tentative. he was pitching around the plate not being aggressive enough. it really cost him. you could see his e.r.a. is 7.15 for the season rand the league has hit .315 against a guy that won 15 games last year. behind nolasco, this team committed one error last night. they have r57 on the season. coghlan, ross, hermida out
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there last night. same defense with bonifacio, ramirez, uggla and cantu third to first and john baker for the second consecutive night starts behind the plate. >> jim: here is a look at the umpires. that's chad fairchild. john hirschbeck at first base. at second base is walley bell and at third is marty foster. o's look to bounce back. the first pitch by brian roberts ripped to center field. there's a base hit. brian roberts on the first pitch of the game thinks about two and puts on the brakes. brian now has a six-game hitting streak as he singles leading off here in the first -- on the first pitch. >> buck: brian roberts doubled last night. came around to score. he he jumps on that first pitch fastball from ricky nolasco. just trying to get ahead nolasco went out over plate and brian roberts jumped all over it. >> tony: we'll see now if brian will -- >> jim: we'll see now if brian will test ricky nolasco as felix pie comes up.
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adam jones getting a rest against the right-hander. adam is just 8-51 over his last 12 games. that is a .157 clip for adam jones. you see the weather. 84 degrees, very muggy. partly cloudy and the sun now peering through. oh, did it rain here at 4:00. we were told every day at 4:00, it rains. i thought they were just damage raight. sure enough, -- exaggerating. sure enough, 4:00 it rained as if somebody cued the rain. it poured. it just moved away. >> buck: yeah, it driesout very quickly. orioles took batting practice on the field. marlins chose not to. orioles got their licks in during regular batting practice. >> jim: felix pie, this is his first anticipate since june 14. 10 days ago, he had not been to the plate. nolasco is paying attention to brian roberts. brian has 15 steals on the year. he has not been running as much as of late. he still is a threat. this is one of the things that
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nolasco does not do well, buck, is hold runners on. there have been nine streals against him and only one base runner has been caught. 1-0 on pie. a bouncer towards the hole and it gets through for a base hit. brian roberts thinks about going to third. juan samuel put on the brakes. so, felix pie a-base hit, two on, none out. >> chris: good job by -- >> buck: good job by felix. watch the effort as he guides this ball to the right side. gets himself a base hit. thinking about moving brian roberts all the way to third base sneaks pass the diving dan uggla into r.d brian had to stop at second, but a good at- bat by felix pie, the first in a long time for him. >> jim: here is nick markakis now with a chance for an rbi. you scenic batting at . -- you scenic batting at .48491. he has five rbi's in the month of june. here we are on june 24th.
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pie not being held. he gets a good lead with the lester at the plate. nolasco misses outside. 1-0. markakis not quite as bad as melvin mora in terms of the home run drought. niece a home run drought as well. he has just one home run in his last 29 games. roberts takes off. pitch is taken. throw behind is pie who gets in a rundown. he is out. so, john baker threw to try to get the trail runner and he did. pie even not being held did not get a very good jump. >> buck: i don't think he saw brian brake. brian has a hesitation and then took off a second time. watch pie at first base. in fact, did he brake on time. he just didn't get a very good jump. he he tries to avoid the tag of ramirez, but he is gunned down at second base. brian roberts does not get a steal as they throw out pie at
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second base. >> jim: so, roberts is at third with one counsel down. last night in this situation, roberts got to third with none down. markakis drove him in with a sac fly. marlins are playing back. they'll give up the run for an out. there's a pitch at the knees for a strike. 2-1 on nick markakis. pie caught trying to steal. may have taken them out on what could have been a big inning. 2-1 on markakis. that's a bouncer foul down the right-field line. >> buck: you certainly need to take advantage of this opportunity with a third base runner less than two outs. nick markakis, head's up night last night outside that sacrifice fly. he has -- he had a 12th inning single. that was the only other hit he had in the game. one hit all night long for
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markakis. >> jim: from 2-0 to 2-2 on markakis. nolasco deals and he got him. a high fastball to markakis couldn't reach. two men down. now he'll take two-out base hit or a mistake to get that run in. buck, you talk about pavinner that's consistent. how about these numbers for ricky nolasco coming into the game? .315 batting average against opponents. look at the breakdown. there is no difference except for one home run. >> buck: that's pretty interesting that the splits would be identical. lefties and righties. it's just been that kind of year for him where everybody is hitting him hard. >> jim: here is aubrey huff. takes low, 1-0. what started out as a very promising inning. now it will take two-out base hit. aubrey, 0-5 in the game last night snapped his eight-game
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hitting streak. 47 rbi's for aubrey huff. that leads the club. there's a strike taken all the way. >> buck: aubrey had a tough night last night. actually swung the bat a lot better than his final numbers would suggest. he ended up 0-5 with a walk, but he hit a couple of balls right on the button and didn't have much to show for it. >> jim: nolasco staying from the stretch to keep an eye on roberts. swing through it is aubrey huff. the count 1-2. >> buck: looks like -- looks like that ball caught the umpire eye in the mask as aubrey never got a glove on it. fouled to have and went back and caught the umpire. traik a look at the last swing by aubrey huff right off the shoulder actually where it hit. >> jim: so, huff down in the count. a ball and two strikes. there's roberts at third. he led off the inning with a single. 1-2 to huff is bounced foul.
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>> buck: we mentioned that ricky nolasco since he was demoted and pitched a couple games in triple-a came back with a much more aggressive approach. you can see that. he's using his fastball a lot more efishtly. we haven't seen the -- efficiently. we haven't even the -- seen the good curve ball yet. he wasn't pitching well when they demoted him. this is a guy who won 15 games last year for florida. >> jim: he's pitched very well in his last three starts. his e.r.a. in the last three combined 2.40. pitch outside. it bends around the plate. >> jim: that's the -- >> buck: that's the curve ball they tried to drop on the backdoor. aubrey huff gave up on t looked like this broke around the plate. a little bit high that. might have been off the plate as well. >> jim: nolasco has averaged eight strikeouts on the year. 2-2 on huff. again, sharmly -- sharply
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pulled foul. shelby has to get out of the way. dave trembley and the orioles looking to bounce back. >> buck: good effort in the ninth inning as they scored 3-2 to tie it at 6-6. then the leadoff walk in the bottom of the 1th, wild pitch with a base hit led to their guy teeth -- defeat. >> jim: scott holding 2-2 on huff trying to get that run in. a ball hit to third. bonifacio gets the hop and gets it across. nolasco works out of a jamment two on, none out. orioles fail to score. the fans coming in to see the birds. no score heading for the bottom of the first.
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we build sanctuaries. we build the technologically advanced jeep grand cherokee. come see what we've built for you. >> jim: orioles a chance to in the until the top of the first. breezy here. the lineup. chris coghlan, emilio bonifacio and hanley ramirez who had the big run last night. his grand slam off danys baez tapped a five-run seventh inning for florida. jorge cantu, jeremy hermida in right. dan uggla the second baseman. cross, john baker and ricky nolasco. >> buck: time for the scouting report for the right-hander jason berken. two fastballs, curve ball, slider and a changeup. age is everything for him. he's got to pitch at a downhill angle. it really makes the fastball deceptive to the hitters and makes his breaking ball that much bemplt he's got to be
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aggressive in getting his breaking balls over in fastball counts. >> jim: fastball misses josh smith outside to chris coghlan, 1-0. coghlan playing in left field. he has earned a job every day in the lineup. just 24. he's a rookie. takes outside, ball two. >> buck: those first two pitches are a perfect example of what i'm talking about of not creating the angle. he got underneath the fastball staying up in a dangerous part of the plate. up out over the plate. that's a better angle, but still out of the strike zone. what we mean by creating an angle is you throw a high to low angle so the batter can't seat baseball straight out of your hand. whether you're six-foot tall or 6'7" like andrew miller, you cownd do that down-- downward angle. >> jim: coghlan heads down to first. ledezma let's head downstairs.
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>> well, a walk is not what pitching coach rick kranitz wanted to see especially after berken's last outing after he was able to get back on track after two tough outings back in june. rick said he was able to get back on track. he said after the game against the mets on the 18th, he saw -- he repeat his arm slot and release on his pitch is at the same point for every pitch. if we can see that delivery repeated tonight, rick kranitz says he likes jason berken's chance against the marlins. jim? >> jim: amber. thanks. there's strike one to emilio bonifacio. he's the number two batter. bonifacio scored the game- winning run last night getting on on a leadoff walk. that was in the 12th inning against brian bass. just outside. 1-1. buck, this is the kind of a hitter when you look at his numbers on the year, he is a
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hacker. >> buck: the 20th time proved to be the biggest run of his season as he came around to score last night in the 12th inning. >> jim: all with a strike on him. berken taking his time steps off. coghlan has four steals on the year. he has not yet been caught. mora in tight at third. bonifacio shows bunt and takes low. >> buck: this is a good ballpark for jason berken to be aggressive. throw the ball in the strike zone. big, spacious ballpark especially from left center all the way to the right field corner. there's a lot of room out there for fly balls to be caught. they've got good speed in the outfield again tonight. this is a pitcher friendly ballpark in my estimation. you keep the ball down.
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you keep the ball to the right side of this field and the outfield. he has a lost chances to work them out. he's got him. >> jim: just did get back in. >> buck: pretty quick throw. good, accurate throw to first base for aubrey huff. andy fox, former yankee, the first base coach. take a look at this dive back in and quick tag by aubrey huff. >> jim: there have been only two steals against berken in his first five starts. both successful steals. keeping a good eye on him at first base. berken, his sixth big league start. on his debut on may 26 against the blue jays. he has a solid start and his second start pitched to a no decision. actually a-loss. he had three loss in a row before no decision in his last
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start. >> buck: bonifacio, a switch hitter with much more pop from the right side than he does from the left side. you can see against right- handers hitting just .217. he is so quick out of the box. he gets so up to speed in one step. he's very difficult to throw out on a routine ground ball. >> jim: uggla runs. ground ball to thir one pl to first. bonifacio is safe as the ball @gets away from huff! coghlan goes to third. bonifacio to second. they will hoap hold the runners there. boe porter -- bow porter all the -- bo porter down at third base holds up coghlan. >> buck: lots to play from third base. this gives you a good angle  it. bonifacio runs well he looks one time at second and sails the ball to the glove side of aubrey huff. huff trying to maintain contact. expected to be abeto
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sthrechened -- stretch and catch this ball. it goes off the end his glove down the right-field line. >> jim: so, the wide throw leading to the runner reaching. we'll see how they score it. florida now second and third and nobody out. again, there are the miscues that can come back to hurt you. check swing. he went too far on that pitch that dipped down and away and strike one to ramirez. >> buck: hanley ramirez, the marlins shortstop leads the national league in batting average runners in scoring position in season. he's hit .329 for the year, 10 homers, 40 rbi's, 85 hits and he leads the national league in voting at the shortstop position. it's the 0-1. check swing. >> jim: the pitch in there. 1-1 the count. ps been -- it has been ruled an error on the throw i would guess as the ball did hit huff's glove, but it was not at
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the bag. for mora, his fifth error on the year.  >> buck: pretty good right there. he tied up hanley ramirez with that sinking fastball down and in. what you have to do right now is you can't think about savingboth of these runs. you have to look for -- to take it one batter at a time. here is the sinking fastball down and in. really ties up hanley ramirez. pretty good location. a lot of movement. >> jim: northrop grumman, the information systems powerhouse bringing you the pitch strikes. ramirez down in the count 1-2. and a bloop towards right center field. that's a base hit. here is one run to score. bonifacio to score. it's a quick 2-0 lead for the marlins. a wawm walk and an error gets
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them going and hanley ramirez down in the count drives them in. >> buck: that's what he does. he's a run producer. third hitter in the lineup. he doesn't hit it hard, but he hits it in the right spot. right over the head of the second baseman, brian roberts, into shallow right center. bonifacio with great speed scores easily. coghlan comes across with the first run. right behind him bonifacio. >> jim: what a turn aroundment hoarls two on and none out in the top of the first and did not score. now, the marlins take advantage of a walk and an error to get two in. here is the cleanup hitter, jorge cantu takes ball one. berken, third batter this inning he has fallen behind. cantu had the game-winning hit last night. he's hit in two straight games. 


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