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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 24, 2009 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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left center field. ramirez thinks about going to third. luke scott will play it back in. back-to-back hits and two on and still nobody out. >> buck: well, berken kind of created the situation for himself walking the first batter. then the defense made an error. melvin mora's fifth of the season. luke scott makes his 12th start in left field tonight. felix pie gives adam jones the night o his eighth start in center. nick markakis in right. mora, andino, roberts and huff, third to first on the infield and matt wieters is behind the plate for jason berken here. not a good start for the skipper. >> jim: jeremy hermida now, first and second. still nobody out. fastball is outside. 1-0. hanley ramirez at second. cantu at first with a left- hander up. you see huff playing behind the runner at first. ground ball slowly at short.
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andino back to first. double play! just gom him. nice pivot by roberts. two men down. now, if berken can get an out, he's out of it with only the two runs. >> buck: not that sharply hit. andino shovels quickly to brian roberts. gets around to second base to first to against him. brian roberts did a heck of a job of turning it quickly. >> jim: ramirez ends up at third now with two men down. here is dan uggla, the second baseman.  dan uggla batting in the spot. he's 3-15 last, however, 2-3 hits home runs. >> buck: he's kind of an all or knot nothing guy hitting .217 with 14 bombs. he and hanley ramirez homered in the same gaft lamb night for
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the -- game last night for the 14th time this year. >> jim: berken deals high. you don't hear as much about dan uggla when you hear about power hitting second baseman. since 2006, he has 104 home runs more than any other second baseman in the big leagues. popped up foul. back of the plate. >> buck: he has some pop. he is a guy that's always thinking about something on the i be inner -- inner half drifg drilling it to the left side of the diamond. he has had his troubles this year witness the .217 batting average. >> jim: on the marlins last road trip, he homered at fenway park. the 20th different ballpark he's hit a home run in. there's a good-looking breaking ball for a called strike. here -- here is his home run last night against koji uehara. >> buck: koji uehara up 1-0, 0- 2 breaking pitch doesn't get away. stays out the outer half of the plate. he hammered it to the seats in
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left field. his 14th. >> jim: berken 2-26789 he went too far. that's strike three. uggla is down and berken gets out it have without further damage. walk, an error and two-run single left to the second 2-0. e content to sit around and wait. wait for something to happen. for business to pick up. but for you, it's time to kick it in gear. time to get going. time to get tough. take control. you're not gonna run and hide. because backing down's not your style. grab your bag. it's on. ( ding ) grab your bag. it's on. times may be tough today, but the things we all look forward to haven't changed. like owning a home. watching our children grow.
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maryland lottery for every oriole home run hit in the game tonight. you have a chance to win tonight as well. just enter by logging on to oriole fan -- oriole fan in attendance has his camera and cartoon bird hat. orioles jersey. can't tell what number it is. it's a 40 something. maybe -- as the birds try to bounce back an unearned run because of the error by melvin mora and he'll lead off for the orioles. matt wieters will follow. nolasco, who got out of a jam in the first, now has the lead. ball one to melvin mora. melvin has a modest two-game hitting streak going. he has not homered now in 37 straight games, 142 at-bats, 37 games that he has played in. 41 team games since his last home run on may 7th. here is a bouncer to third. bonifacio wide to the bag gets it across and cantu with fancy
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foot work off the bag. mora is retiredment one away. >> buck: -- retired. one away. >> buck: bonifacio is a second baseman. he's playing third base because uggla is the second baseman. cantu makes the play. cantu himself also a second baseman. there are four second basemen defensively on the field for florida marlins. uggla, cantu, bonifacio and the left fielder chris coghlan. >> jim: with uggla, the others don't have a chance at second base unless it's a day off. here is luke scott. fouls it off. >> buck: luke scott had one of the big hits in the ninth inning last night. he came off the bench and delivered a base hit up the middle. it was part of the five straight singles in the ninth
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tied up. >> jim: high pop-up. foul ground near the oriole dugout. the catcher baker is there. he's got it for the out. there are two quick outs here in the second inning. nolasco, 26 years old. he's in his fourth season and, buck, it's been an unusual start when you consider the quality of his right arm because he had a very good rookie season in 2006. then, he had an injury-plagued season in 2007. last year, won 15 games. dwleer got off to -- this year, got off to such a tough start he went down for the two games in the minor leagues. >> buck: yeah, he's beenhit around this year. he came off of a very good 15-8 season last year with a very strong three-hit, 2.50 e.r.a. >> jim: matt wieters takes a strike. breaking ball for a strike. it's 0-2. >> buck: that's that curve ball.
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he's now starting to incorporate that into the mix here in the second inning. >> jim: the 0-2 misses outside. >> buck: first day games for matt wieters, 4-28 with just one multihit game in his last 10. he has five multihit games and he's hitting .351. i had a good conversation with matt before the game today. we were talking about two strike situations. he said it's almost easier to hit up in the big leagues with two strikes because you know they're going to be around the zone. they're not going to be in a situation where they're just all over the place. down in the minors, you just got to lay off those wide, sweeping breaking balls. >> jim: and he got him that. pitch dipped. nolasco picks up his second strikeout and three up, three down inning as the orioles go. let's head out on the bay.
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wieters. call 888-848-bird or go on-line to for your tickets. an oriole fan with a marlins fan. right now the marlins fan has the edge up. 2-0, marlins. six batters to the plate in the first. an unearned run, earned run. there's cody ross, breaking ball for a strike. 0-1. >> buck: it's important jason berken settle in. incorporate all his pitches. cody ross has power. 12 home runs. berken did a pretty good job minimizing the damage in the first inning. >> jim: the sixth-round draft pick in 2006. he has come on in a hurry. he was not on the 40-man rochter roster and not invited to -- roster and not invited to the camp. >> buck: that's a little different. kind of straightened up cody ross. kind of got his attention a little bit. a little chin music.
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ahead in the count. ball kinds i ciefnld takes off. he missed up and in, but cody ross doesn't know -- doesn't know that. >> jim: he's wondering, now what. breaking ball popped up. roberts at second base. one away. >> buck: the psychee of a hitter right there, he got a breaking ball. tried to hit a little too hard. now jason berken has the upperhand. cody ross got in the hole 0-2. a little chin music with the high fastball and he comes back with a breaking ball and gets the easy out on the pop-up. look at the effort. he's trying to hit this one nine miles after berken has buzzed him up and in. then, he gets underneath it and pops up for the first out here in the second. >> jim: john baker the catcher takes low. for berken with a national league game, it's to his benefit to get baker because the pitcher would come up.
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you have a rereal good chance for a three up, three down inning. this is he low again. ball two. john baker, the catcher. he's hit three in a row. five home runs from baker in the month of may out of those six. he and chris eye nettia of colorado tied for the most national league home runs by catchers in may. line drive to the right field. this will be in for a hit. soft line drive. baker knowing the arm of markakis settles for a single. >> buck: he ran with his head up when he hit that ball, it was headed to the right field line. look at markakis. off the bat you think right here too. it's right down the line. if it goes pass markakis, i have a chance for two. nick cuts it off plays it barehanded. baker all the while watching the orioles right-hander and wisely decides to shut it down. nick's got seven assists on the season, first in the american league. last year, he led the league
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with 17. >> jim: nolasco will bunt first base side. it goes foul. >> buck: aubrey huff has to recognize that bunt right there. if he gets a fair ball, he'll hit with the same intensity and go to second base and get the catcher. now jason berken has to pay attention to that. crowd him again. you might get the same type of bunt, something hard to the first baseman. you get that lead runner. and you can make ricky nolasco run the bases. >> jim: that certainly has hurt the orioles pitchers this year. bunts it first base side. pretty good one. huff will take the sure out at first as roberts covers. sacrifice successful. on at second base with two down now is baker. there's your difference, buck, with the national league game. if anyone gets on ahead of the pitcher, instant sacrifice situation. >> buck: you just don't want him swing away with the risk of hitting into a double play. i don't care where it is, how
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many outs there are, you're going to bunt it more often than not it here is -- >> jim: here is chris coghlan who got it going in the first inning drawing a leadoff walk. he's now walked 24 times on the year. berken misses low. coghlan last year was in double- a ball. he made an impression in spring training and now getting a chance to play. as buck mentioned, they even switched his position to get his bat in the lineup. this is low again. ball two. this is only berken's second start away from oriole park this year just a coincidence of the schedule. baker, the catcher, leads from second base. four starts at home, and his e.r.a. at home, 4.30. it's one start on the road. he'd rather forget.
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nine earned runs in just 3 1/3 innings at oakland. this is only his second start away from baltimore. breaking ball first strike. good pitch. >> buck: oakland abused the orioles starters in that series. now two of the starters nought that inning. now berken didn't get out of four. that was a real test for the orioles bullpen. they hung in there. the bullpen really pitched well over that weekend as they wrapped up that six-game west coast swing. >> jim: 2-2 on coghlan. ground ball towards short. andino waits on the hop and gets to first in time and out of it is jason berken. so, a single, a man left. dave trembley coming up. it's wired wednesday as the orioles battle the florida marlins. ?
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it we go to the third. marlins in the above the tom of the first have a 2-0 lead. verizon wireless wired wednesday, dave trembley nice enough to join us from the orioles dugout. dave, i'm curious. this is your last series of the interleague games on the road. with a manager as a streamg, how are you enjoying managing with the other league's rules? >> we enjoyed t it gets everybody in the game. you get to use a lost guys on the bench who have done a great job for us. it's a different style of baseball. i've enjoyed it. >> buck: yeah, you played very well at 9-4. dave, obviously the game didn't start the way you wanted to see your pitcher start. leadoff walk then you get an error and hanley ramirez.
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you give these rbi guys chance, i guess you've got to appreciate jason berken minute miegz the damage in the first inning. >> hopefully, that's it and we can recover from the big mistake we made in the first inning and get back in the game here. >> buck: with your hitters coming through so well for you last night, i guess everybody on your bernanke feels you can come back from any deficit. balls of interleague place, -- play, everybody is starting to swing with more confidence. >> we've had some key at-bats especially with two outs and with two strikes. like you said, we've had a lot of great at-bats from role guys coming up off the bench. little things have got it started for us. we need to get andino on here and turn the lineup over for us. this would be a good time to do it again. >> buck: how important is it to get the pitcher up there and get him ant opportunity to have a productive out. >> you saw it with baker last inning. it would be nice to get baker out of the game and have nolasco start the inning off the next time. now they turned the lineup over
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and the number three and number four guys late in the game are probably going to get an extra at-bat unless we have a couple of 1-2-3 innings. >> jim: you were talking about the ability and consistency that the orioles have come back. you've got to get all 27 outs. it's nice not to have to get into those deficits stha. simply a mindset, an attitude on the team where they know we will still have three outs woorks ear -- we're north out it have until we get that third out? >> i think it's an attitude about playing hard for all nine innings and all 27 outs and don't take anything for granted and don't give at-bats away. don't let down out in the field especially on the mound. when you get two quick outs, bear down and get the third one. the other thing is which we didn't do last night with baez is minimize the damage. if you get one, give them two. ok. trade some outs. trade some outs. minimize the amount of runs that they score. >> jim: an extension of that is it's very difficult to beat the opposing team's closer. you've done that three times now blown saves over the past week. i guess the more you do that,
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the more you have the feeling that you might be able to get it done. >> that's a real confidence boost for your club. when you're in the ninth inning and what rob did the other day and huffy did last week against the mets, last night against lindstrom. that's a confidence boost for everybody on the team. like i've said before, we were -- we deposit have too much success after the eighth inning we were behind. all it takes is one time to breakthrough and you know you can do it and you start believing you can do it and the next time it becomes easier. >> jim: dave, we know you're busy down there. appreciate the visit. thank you for joining use you're welcome, fellas. >> jim: that's dave trembley on wired wednesday from the orioles bench nice enough to join us. sheer jason berken fouling to have as andino bounced out toshortstop. >> buck: this is berken's first major league at-bat. he did not play yet in interleague play. always a thrill. his heart is thumping a bit. he was a multiple athlete in high school in wisconsin. great football player. obviously, a baseball player
7:52 pm
and a basketball player. he's had the lumber in his hand before, but probably not since high school. >> jim: he was born in green bay. huge packers fan. a couple of years ago when thepackers were in the nfc championship game, he found out the night before he had a chance to get tickets and drove 14 hours to green bay to seat game and the packers lost. he was there and he had pretty good seats. fouls it off. >> buck: yeah, once you're a packer fan, you'll do strange things to go see a playoff game obviously at green bay. certainly, at lambeau field a- rich tradition. >> jim: one out, none on. marlins have the 2-0 lead. pitch recognition pretty good.
7:53 pm
they appeal to first. john hirschbeck said he appealed in time. >> buck: pretty good slider they throw to the outside and berken just fought to check his swing and got the favorable caught from the you were. >> jim: and he comes back to get him. third strikeout for nolasco and two away. cal ripken, sr. all-stars will host the mid-atlantic valley league. come out and catch where orioles aubrey huff, luke scott, chris ray and halls all launched their careers. gametime 7. 0678956789 get there early. home run derby at 5:30. admission free. donations greatly appreciatedment for more, go to or call 410-588-9900. here is brian roberts for his second at-bat. >> buck: brian has his hitting shoes on in south florida
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hitting the ball very well. seeing the ball very well n last night's game, he got that double and then andrew miller, we must talk about him a little bit because that was the only hit andrew miller allowed over seven innings. he drove a dumb double in his first at-bat here ghent again tonight. swinging the bat very aggressively had a great series in philadelphia. five rbi's -- five rbi's including two game winners. >> jim: the voters -- the orioles have won each of the interleague series. one of those a sweep. that was against the phillies first stop on this trip. if they're going to continue that trend, they would have to win tonight for a chance to get the second game tomorrow. they took 2-3 in washington and then they got 2-3 from the mets, 2-3 from the braves in the three-game sweep in
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philadelphia. brian thriens and caught by the second baseman uggla on the soft line drive and orioles go three up, three down for a second consecutive inning. middle of the third in florida. martin luther king wans 2-0 lead. (announcer) you do have health insurance don't you? if you don't, now you're in luck. carefirst bluecross blueshield can cover you for as little as $75 a month. depending on the plan you choose. just call us at the number on your screen for the plan that's right for you. carefirst bluecross blueshield lets you customize coverage so you have an individual plan that suits you best. select a ppo or an hmo, add vision or dental-- you can design a plan that fits your budget and protects you even as your life changes. call us at the number on your screen
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way. it's a lovely day at the beach earlier today. the vacationers getting sun and surf here at land shark stadium. look out for the land sharks. marlins have a 2-0 lead. bonifacio, ramirez and cantu against jason berken in the third. bonifacio first ball swinging center field chases pie, but felix has the play. one pitch, one down. ed speedy bonifacio is retired. >> buck: that's exactly what you want with him. quick resolution. that's his best bolt fly ball to medium center field. it's an opportunity to get that speed off the bases. scored run a here tonight. scored the winning run last night. you don't want him on the base pads. >> jim: hanley ramirez, base hit to drive in two. the difference in this game so far. he hit the grand slam last
7:58 pm
night. first ball swinging center field. pie is there. that ball is smoked. it hung up for pie for the out. two pitches, two down. >> buck: just the way you like it. that will bring down your pitch per inning average. this is a bullet sent right at the center fielder. pie gets a good read on it and takes it about chest high in center field. >> jim: two quick outs. here is jorge cantu. the florida first baseman. he takes a strike. he wasn't going to make it a three-pitch inning. cantu, it seems like he's older, buck, but he's only 27. second season with florida. came up young with tampa bay. bounced towards third. that is a foul ball. >> buck: yeah, he came up as a
7:59 pm
shortstop/second baseman. they weren't sure where to play himment he ended up playing at third base in tampa bay wynn when he had the big year in 2005. drove in 117. he went went to cincinnati, played with the reds for a while. he found a home here. last year at third. this year at first. >> jim: fastball is high. 1-2. >> buck: defensively, most of his problems came from froadz froze. ed he has pretty good hands. doesn't have great range. i think people back in tampa bay felt his position would ultimately be at first base. >> jim: pops it up foul. that will be in the crowd. his family has a big ranch just over the border in texas in mexico. when he retires, he'll become a full-time rancher in mexico. berken deals inside. breaking ball slipped out of


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