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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 24, 2009 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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8,645 acres filled with cattle. >> buck: that's a big ranch. >> jim: so, he is officially a cowboy. renosa in mexico. he hits a high fly ball in center field and pie waiting under it makes the catch. three up, three down on three balls hit to felix pie as he glides under it for the out. time for some fun in the surf. birds looking for some runs. 
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>> jim: first two batters i the game retired. don't forget friday, the orioles are back home at camden yards. it's interleague baseball against the nationals and it is student night presented by at&t. students of any age can receive a left field upper reserve seat for just $6 with their school i. d. and it is fireworks night presented by triple-a mid- atlantic. all fans are invited after the game for fireworks faivetion. call 888-848-bird or on-line. fireworks nights are always popular. felix pie will lead off. felix singled his first at-bat. he is giving adam jones a night off. by the way, that first game of the home stand will be brad bergesen against ross detwiler.
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bergesen is pitching very well gets the first game of the home stand. pie takes the strike. 1-1. nolasco, a fourth-round pick of the chicago cubs in two- on-one. -- in 2001. he's another of the many major league players that when they were acquired by their big league teams, they may not have been well known to fans, but it's another tribute to scouting. he was a pitcher in double-a at the time and he was picked up in a trade with the cubs. it was 3-1, juan -- 3-1. juan pierre went to chicago. pie lines it to left field. on the ball is coghlan. makes a diving catch! he trapped it. excuse me. i thought he had it. >> buck: he had it in his glove initially. when he hit the ground, it snapped out of his glove and landed safely on the turf. right here he has it for a while but just rattled around.
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looks like it might have hit him right in the face. he's able to keep it in front of him. he should have made that catch. he he got to it in good shape. it kicked off the heel of his glove for a base hit for felix pie. >> jim: so, 2-2 for felix who came into this game 2-7 in the entire month of june. markakis now at the plate. he takes a strike. nick struck out his first at- bat. he had a chance to get a run in from third. roberts was at third with one down. he could not put the ball in play. lined foul down the left field side. >> buck: after that line drive down the line, he jogs out to the mound to talk to ricky nolasco. saw something about the
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location of the pitch he wasn't too pleased about. talking about nolasco, now they're going to attack markakis from this point forward out in front of him at 0-2. watch the target trying to come in inside. the ball is all the way across the plate. that's why the catcher was a little concerned that nolasco wasn't really hitting his targetsment he goes out and says make sure you focus on me now. >> jim: 0-2 on markakis. he's down on strikes. second time in the game markakis has struck out. that's four already for nolasco. >> buck: this was a hard slider and backdoor slider. again, look at the target. trying to go inside. they miss all the way across the plate. that's why i kind of laughed to myself when i hear pitchers over the course of a good ballgame say i only made a couple of mistakes. in my mind, that's the mistake trying to get the ball inside. he gets a strikeout. >> jim: one down. here is aubrey huff with pie at first. double play ball to second.
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uggla plays the hop. goes to ramirez. wide to the bag. out there. back to first for the double play. somehow, hanley ramirez kept his foot on the bag as he came across to receive the throw. base hit, none left, middle of the fourth, 2-0, florida. woman over phone: no problem. you know, maybe other people are content to sit around and wait. wait for something to happen. for business to pick up. but for you, it's time to kick it in gear. time to get going. time to get tough. take control. you're not gonna run and hide. because backing down's not your style. grab your bag. it's on. ( ding )
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financing. outside land shark stadium the home of the marlins and dolphins and the 2-0 florida lead getting those runs in the first inning. jason berken walked the leadoff man as bonifacio reached on an error. hanley ramirez then drove in two. ball one to jeremy hermida. hermida bounced into a double play his first at-bat. -- at-bat. he's now 0-10. this is the second game against the orioles. they will conclude their interleague play this weekend in tampa against the rays. breaking ball for a strike.
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the second time through the lineup has been the most efficient and consistent for berken in his previous five starts. the batting average, buck, against berken the second time, .225. it was .279 the first time. then, it jumps up to .417 the third time. >> buck: i think the first time through drd -- the first time through the order, he's trying to get con troafl his emotion. you have to remember these younger pitchers are just getting their first taste of big league babe. there will be all kinds of emotional hills and valleys they have to deal with. we've seen all of them. none are intimidated by the big leagues by any means. they've been very good in their composure. you have to control your emotions and get some experience. nothing more than that. >> jim: ball hit deep to left center field. long run for luke scott makes the running catch near the wall! so, luke scott stayed with it. he took off right to the spot and that ball, buck, seemed to curve back to him with that
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backspin off the left-handed bat. >> buck: i tell you what off the crack of the bat, he turned his back to the infield and picked out a spot on the warning track and ran it down. tremendous read on this ball. look at his back totally to the infield. a fine, running catch two strides short of the wall. that was a very good play. he read it perfectly. >> jim: the first out of the inning. berken is beginning to settle in. there's a strike to dan uggla. that's six in a row retired by berken. uggla struck out his first at- bat. he couldn't check his swing on a breaking ball that broke out of the strike zone. jason berken has allowed two home runs over his first five spots, so he's showing the
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ability to keep the ball in the -- the ball in the ballpark. that breaking ball missed inside. curtis granderson of the tigers has a home run and yunel escobar of the braves has the other. so, one lefty, one righty. 2-1 in the dirt. ball three. >> buck: that home run that granderson came in a very well- pitched game against the tigers when he was messed up -- matched up against ed win jackson. jackson pitched eight innings of two-hit ball and not much that jason could do against that effort. it was just one of those better ballgames of the entire season that came on the final sunday of the home stand before they went out west. berken with four hits, just a single run that. solo home run by curtis granderson, the only run he allowed in over seb seven innings. >> jim: ball one is too tight. ball four. second walk in the game allowed
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by jason berken. tomorrow, please join us. home depot will present covering the bases with orioles pitcher rich hill. be sure to visit home depot on the web at more saving, more doing, that's the power of home depot. >> buck: rich hill grew up in the boston area. still lives there. went to michigan. he had a fine collegiate career. signed with the cubs. now here with the orioles part of this young, developing pitching staff. it will be good to cover the bases with rich hill tomorrow. >> jim: you see he's charght the game. he'll be on the mound -- charting the game. he'll be on the mound tomorrow night. base hit down the left-field line. scott quickly over as uggla heads to third base. he's being sent. scott having trouble. there will be a play at the plate. here is the throw. safe! he got the foot in. cody ross sends up -- ends up at third. luke scott disappeared from our view down the line and all of a sudden bo porter the first base coach sent the runner dan
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uggla. >> buck: yeah, i don't think luke scott had any trouble in the corner but porter was close to the foul line so he could look down the line. no problems for luke. he hits andino with a good cutoff and andino relays it, butuggla scores ahead of the tag. uggla sees the go ahead from bo porter and the throw on the money, but not on time. >> jim: wieters didn't block the plate. he tried to swipe tag and uggla was able to get around him. two walks in the game. they both scored 3-0, florida. here is baker, the catcher. >> buck: interesting that cody ross who popped up on a slider in his last at-bat after berken busted him up and in hits a hanging slider and hits it down into the corner. >> jim: he end up at third. went to third on the throw home. orioles have the infield in. it's outside, ball two.
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-- ball two. >> buck: walks, anytime they hurt you. down in the order when you can get the pitch arrest -- pitcher's spot out and get him out of the way for the following inning, always an advantage. >> jim: there's a -- there is a strike. 2-1 on baker who singled his first at-bat. jason berken walked two, struck out one and now trails 3-0 here in the fourth inning. >> buck: excellent base runner at third base in cody ross. it wouldn't be a huge surprise if they would try to squeeze and take advantage of this opportunity. >> jim: two on. it's just outside. ball three. >> buck: again, john baker studying boe porter at third base the coach. porter walking over to the base runner, cody ross delivering
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the message verbally. >> jim: and pitch, swing and a miss. back to a full count now on the catcher john baker. this is a huge batter because the pitcher is on deck. if berken can get baker, nolasco would come up and infield could move back to normal depth. 3-2, called strike three! fastball on the outside corner. >> buck: you can't let that happen if you're a hitter. you have got to protect the strike zone. the infield is drawn in, and baker just couldn't pull the trigger. i don't know what he was looking for. you can see on the pitch track, that catches the outside corner. moving fastball away. that's exactly the pitch you want in that situation. something away from you that you can drive to the outfield. >> jim: now ross at third with two down. here is the pitcher nolasco.
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he swings through it, 0-1. nolasco laid down a sacrifice bunt his last at-bat. >> jim: he went too far on that check swing. 0-2. josh smith. >> buck: pitcher can't check his swing. as you can see, he went well beyond the plane of that plate. offered at the pitch. >> jim: just outside. 1-2. florida is playing some pretty good baseball. cody ross leading from third. they won three in a row and 7- 10. they're back to .500 now at 36- 36. down on strikes goes nolasco and berken gets out of it. the one run. so, two walks in the game. they each have scored. we play four in florida.
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time for a hot hot dog. marlins have a 3-0 lead. 
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>> jim: now a 3-0 lead for marlins. three runs, four hits and no errors for the marlins. don't forget fans 15 and over for the nats game receive a replica nick markakis batting jersey by real street staffing and all fans are invited to stay of a the ga -- after the
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game for american classics movie night presented by the maryland lottery as the movie "field of dreams" will play on the center board. don't miss this night at oriole park at camden yards. for your tickets at 888-848- bird or on-line at "field of dreams" one of the best baseball movies ever. nolasco has a 3-0 lead. orioles have three hits in the game. hefelix pie was caught trying to steal. the other hitter was erased on a double play ball. here is melvin mora taking a strike leading off in the fifth. >> buck: "field of dreams." kevin costner was in three of my favorite movies. "bill durham," "field of dreams," "dances with wolves." pretty good. >> jim: yeah, he knows what he's doing. "field of dreams," outstanding. >> buck: yeah, beautiful movie.
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have a catch. a lot of people have a question with that phrase. want to have a catch? that's what i used to say after my dad, hey, you want to have a catch, dad? >> jim: that's a tearjerker. mora, ground ball towards the hole. bonifacio has it, throws off balance and the bounce, safe at first base is melvin mora. that ball gets away from cantu, but no advancement for melvin who is on with a leadoff single. tonight, it is wired wednesday and adam jones, who is getting at least the early part this have game off, joining us now from the orioles dugout. adam, what's it like to get a day off? we're used to seeing you out there? >> oh, man, i don't know. it's boring. i think right now it's needed for me. >> buck: yeah, it's a little boring. tell us why it's needed in your mind. what's going on with you that you just look forward to a little break right here? >> well, just at the plate over thinking myself thinking way too much up there instead of just seeing it, hitting it and
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swiking at bad pitches. i think just sit here and watch a little bit of baseball might help me out a little bit. >> buck: adam, -- adam, obviously you got off to a great start. you think back to what you were doing at the plate early in the season to give you good thoughts and a game plan for when you get back in the lineup? >> yeah, i think that's the benchmark. i think if i go back and look at vooft positives and just look at everything and analyze it to see what was i doing right and what i was doing right was not swinging at the junk they're trying to throw me. >> buck: you know what yogi berra always said you can't think and hit at the same time. i guess sometimes you get tooanalytical. you were very patient. how much did batting in the second spot early in the season help with you that? >> i think it did a lot. all the pressure was off of me. you know, with roberts and markakis, two bigger names. it's just gave me the opportunity to go in there had there and swing, just play the game that i know. >> buck: when you got into that
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position, obviously dave trembley talked to you about taking a few more pitches to give brian a chance to run. also talking about having a more experienced batter behind you in nick markakis. so, you did hit oftentimes with two strikes. how much did that help you become a better hitter? >> it helped a lot. just staying in the zone. i think that's my biggest key is staying in the zone. at times, i get happy up there and want over aggressive when i don't need to be. just take the wahl walk or just sit on the stuff they're throwing me. you know better than anybody. you were a catcher. [ laughter ] >> jim: adam, you talk about maybe going after pitches that you didn't earlier in the year. i'm wondering if when you get into one of these stretches where you say you're thinking too much, do you in fact get pull happy? earlier in the year you were using the whole field and getting a lost base hits to right field and very unpredictable at the plate. >> yeah, right now even to myself i feel predictable.
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i feel right field is a foul ball. that's a fair ball. i need to just stop thinking. go up there and put the bat on the ball and do what i can do. just hit the ball as hard as i can to run i stead of just thinking. >> buck: so, talk about how beneficial a night off can be for you to get away from it, to watch young guys in the lineup hit and see what they're doing? how can that he help you for tomorrow's game? >> i think it helps a lot. you know i'm not -- you know i'm going to be in the game. i think just watching, getting an opportunity to watch a few innings, you know, just watch it happen. i think if i could just clear my mind and let me just catch the groove. >> jim: when you go through a stretch like this, i guess every at-bat there's more focus on that because you're trying to get a base hit because it seems once you get that first base hit in the game, you tend to relax. >> yeah, i think i'm trying to get a base hit as opposed to just getting a base hit. just how much i'm thinking. i think it's messing up my
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whole entire mind process and it's frustrating, but at the same time i know i'm better than what i'm showing and i just got to not let it get to me and just go play the game that i know. >> jim: hardless of the funk u- do have five hits on the trip over the first four games. it seems to me like really all you need is one of those breakout games and you become your old self again. >> right. hopefully, if i get an opportunity tonight, i can start it the tonight. get a one or howfer how many ever times i get up to bat, get a couple knocks and take it into tomorrow's game. >> jim: adam, we appreciate the visit. enjoy how many ever of these innings you get off tonight. best of luck. get back at them. >> thank you. >> thanks, adam. >> that's adam jones. he looks so relaxed on the bench. he's bored. >> yeah, he's an every day player. >> buck: every day players don't like to sit out games. he'll be back in there and get it going again. it was good to hear his perspective because heunderstands what's causing
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him trouble. swiking -- swinging at pitcher's pitches and using only half the heeled. -- field. when he was hot early in the season, he was hitting tough pitches, using the whole field foul line to foul line. >> jim: that yogi reference is very appropriate because he said it. you can't think and hit at the same time as andino is called out on strikes a three-pitch strikeout. so, after the leadoff single by melvin mora, three consecutive outs, timing to sailing on the ocean and marlins have a 3-0 lead. traffic is chaotic, so be careful when you go out. ♪ from the degree men absolute protection line... comes new degree men v12 special edition.
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protection for the ride of your life. ♪ (tucci) more bars in more places. at&t. the best coverage worldwide. get the blackberry bold for $199.99 after mail-in-rebate. only from at&t. >> jim: it's time to brin up to speed with the at&t rapid rewind. >> buck: you can look at hanley ramirez. he's been the guy that's done most of the damage. first inning, bloop double. drove in two runs early on and the marlins added an insurance vun run on a cody ross double. jason berken has settled in effective. -- effectively. now they need to get hits. >> jim: at&t, the nation's
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fastest network. at&t, your world delivered. look at that. a nice evening outside. >> buck: not bad. it has been really stormy and unpredictable down here in southeast florida. the past couple of days since we've been here at least. at leaved -- least today when it rained, it wasn't the violent wind we saw yesterday. a lot of orioles fans in the stands here. of course, orioles have spring training about 15 miles north of here in fort lauderdale. >> jim: hoping that the weather cooperates. it's very unusual down here. last night, you and i drove back to the holtle. you he -- we got to the hotel and it wasn't raining. by the time i got to my room and opened the slider on the balcony they had there, it was pouring and that was about 3:00 later. >> buck: you gotted got -- you gotted good room, balconies and everything. >> jim: oh, yeah.
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>> buck: play-by-play guy. >> jim: yeah, it's in the contract. cool guy floor. your response is supposed to be how did i end up on that floor? the weather here is just, it's so unpredictable. >> buck: it's so hot and humid. the gulf not far off the bench keeps everything very saturated and there's always the threat of a thunderstorm when the sun heats up the moisture in the air. >> jim: 2-1 on chris coghlan leading off in the fifth. there's a bouncer to second base. roberts gets a big hop. coghlan is out. one away. let's once again visit with amber. >> amber: this weekend, they take on the nationals. sunday, koji uehara is scheduled to pitch, but it appears that start could be in jeopardy after yesterday's game koji told manager dave trembley that he's feeling fatigued in his elbow. today, dave told the media it's up to koji whether or not he's able to pitch on sunday. he will throw a bullpen session
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on friday. that's when a decision could be made. with all of these issues, the hamstringish, you're the duratiue, the question was d whether or not t putting him in the bullpen. dave said sfarls i know right now, we are not discussing putting him in the bullpen. he is a starter for us. we're going to try to keep him there in thele all-star break and we'll re-evaluate. jim? >> jim: amber, thank you very much. this is one of the things about this organization now, buck, that is such a better problem, if you will. we know there are more prospects on the way. david hernandez has been here and he's gone back. if koji's role is better suiteeventualfully for a long relief job because we have seen it. we talked abounumbers last night. the first time through the lineup, he is just outstanding. the boants opponents are batting just .211 against him. once he hits that fifth inning, he runs out of gat bo -- gas. >> buck: last couple


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