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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 24, 2009 9:30pm-10:00pm EDT

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>> buck: that's something interesting we don't talk about very often. it's a very simple thing. managers are presented with the poant opponent's lineup. lineup cards, home team are white. visiting teams are blue. you always carry those lineups in your pocket just to make sure. all the players are listed on the card they just have -- it's something interesting i hohn least didn't know until i managed it's a kurty to list all your position players. they don't necessarily have to be on the lineup card, but the lineup has to be on there and you list other players as a courtesy. some people put the pitchers on there. some people don't. that's the official lineup card. you get a copy of it after meeting at home plate. >> jim: yeah, there are some bench coaches who actually sell those cards out to the managers that will get cards from teams. there's the official lineup card. that's the one that hangs in the dugout, so the players know who is coming up next. that's why you see all those dots that are filled in who made the last out in an inning
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which means the next name would lead off. there's some teams that actually put the starting pitchers on thecard even though there's no way the other four starters would get in the game. threw a high fastball. markakis couldn't reach it. >> buck: it's interesting because the marlins were caught in a lineup snafu down here when they had two people in the number one spot in the lineup mid game after a double switch. fredi gonzalez said it was his fault. he made the switch and the players weren't to notice. >> jim: markakis towards the gap in left center field. cody ross over as it hangs. teps for the out. that ball looked like it had a chance to split the gap, but it hung up and cody ross got there for the out. two down. >> buck: doing a good job after he issued the leadoff walk. he got jones to fly to center and here this pitch right out over the middle of the plate and nick really didn't drive it. he didn't catch it real square
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on the barrel of the bat. it kind of hung up for cody ross to run underneath. >> jim: had aubrey huff will bat now still looking for his first hit in this series 0-5 last night, he's 0-2 with a walk in this game. roberts, a leadoff walk now at first with two down. it's taken low. aubrey is the orioles leader in rbi's. he has 47. nine of those this month. there's a chopper towards first. right to cantu. he'll go to the bag unassisted and that ends the inning. so, orioles can't capitalize on the leadoff walk. roberts left stranded middle of the eighth in miami and a 4-2, marlins lead.
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>> jim: orioles have announ a series of plate appearances all around birdland clus including robert andino. george sherrill. they have hunt valley on saturday and felix pie will be in york, pennsylvania, coming up on monday. -- for complete details including location and times for all orioles community appearances, visit there's bench coach dave jauss on the orioles bench. we want to send along birthday
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wishes to his son, charlie, who is watching him tonight. happy birthday, charlie, from your dad, who is here in miami with the orioles. adam jones stays in the game in center field. he pinch-hit for pie. albers stays on for his second inning of work. he missed outside. 2-1 on jeremy hermida. 1-3 with a double. high pop-up. melvin mora with a play at third has it for the out and one down.
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you wonder who might play. there's dan meyer with lindstrom lind on the disabled list because of a sprained elbow. the word is he will not even throw a baseball for a month. >> buck: yeah, unfortunately, sometimes precursor to tommy john environmental a -- surgery is a forearm strain and they can't get got tom of it. hard thing to fathom is how he could throw 98 last night. he said the pain is really heightened when he throws his slider. he couldn't get on top of that slider. he's been dealing with this for a while now and it just came to a point where he had to yield to the injury and give his elbow a chance to rest. >> jim: dan uggla takes strike 1-1. they hope it's not serious. it might have to lead to surgery. if it does, he tunt pickup a baseball for a month, that's late july. if he has surgery, that means
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see you next year or the year after. chris ray had his in the summer of his season and missed the entire following year except for a couple of token appearances to get him into game action. >> buck: if you shut him down for a month, it will take at least 3-4 weeks before he's ready to pitch in a game again. you're talking -- you. >> jim: that's if everything goes well. >> buck: yeah, if everything goes well. no setbacks whatsoever. >> jim: check swing and a breaking ball appeal to first. he stopped in time says john hirschbeck. >> buck: when you think about a pitcher missing that much time -- let's take a look at the check swing first as uggla offers him a slider but checks his swing in time. when you shut shut pavinner down for a month before he even throws a ball, then you have to get flat ground. then you have to get off the mound. then you have side sessions. it's a long process. >> jim: hard-hit ball off the glove of melvin mora into the
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shallow left field. uggla makes the turn. he's going to second. he'll be able to one-out double that. ball was smoked. mora tried to glove it on the short hop, but the ball was hit too hard and it got pass him. >> buck: this is the only chance mora has just to go back and hope that he can swipe at it with the backhand. that ball was smoked. gets a piece of it, but not enough to slow it down. uggla ends up with the double. he's got three hits and a walk tonight. he's scored a run. >> jim: he's in scoring position with one down and cody ross will bat. cody ross had a good day at the plate. there's a strike. albers gets ahead of him. two doubles, an rbi, 2-3 overall. cody ross was acquired in a
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trade with cincinnati. 6 -- >> jim: the marlins do a good job of recognizing -- cody ross is really arguing with chad fairchild there. he's pretty animate there had for a hitter on a strike call. -- animate there had for a hitter on a strike call. >> buck: he had a beef with both calls. he's not done. >> jim: fairchild is being very patient with him. >> buck: yeah, when the hitter turns around and really -- >> jim: it's a strike called. >> buck: take a look at the pitch. this is what led to it. ross felt it was low. >> jim: he better be swinging now. here is the 0-2. in the dirt pass wieters. bounces back over his head. that will be a wild pitch sending uggla to third base.
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>> buck: this is not been an artistically beautiful game. there have been missed plays on both sides. it's still a two-run game. uggla jogs over to third base on the wild pitch. that will draw the infield in with one out. >> jim: 1-2 the count. line drive, base hit, left field. there's the insurance run for florida as uggla scores. a two rbi, three hit night for cody ross and it's 5-2, florida. >> buck: after cody ross got buzzed on an 0-2 pitch and popped up in his first at-bat, he's been locked in. two doubles. now two rbi's and three hits on the night for cody ross batting in the seventh spot. >> jim: so, matt albers in his second inning of work has allowed his second run,
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anunearned run in the seventh. now an earned run here in the eighth. and a strike. john baker, the catcher, 1-3. cody ross back to first. there's no activity behind albers. so, he'll finish out the inning. wes helms out on deck to pinch- hit for the pitcher. high pop, shallow left. scott is deep. charging out won't get there. that's a base hit. it falls right in front of luke scott who was very deep in left field with the left-hand batter
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up. perfectly placed off the end of the bat by baker. >> buck: just a little flare as he gets big with that two-seam fastball but he dumps it in front of luke scott. two-out base hit. excuse me, one-out base hit for john baker. now, the pinch-hitter, wes helms, will step in.  >> jim: the second pinc used tonight by fredi gonzalez. it's the veteran wes helms. pitch in the dirt scooped by wieters. 1-0. >> buck: wes helms has been a good good pinch-hitter for fredi gonzalez. 7-20 as a pinch-hitter. >> jim: helms 33 years old. he and ross gload each 33. they're the elder statesmen of the position players on this
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team. both sfeans season veterans. they come off the bench. helms is in his 11th season and it's his second stint as a marlin. he came up with the braves. went to milwaukee. came to florida. then he wept to the phillies for a year and then came back to florida. >> buck: ease paille played third base. he's played first base. kind of a pretty consistent, productive bat off the bench. >> jim: slowly hit towards shortstop. andino has one play to first. he gets it there to get wes helms. two men down. runners advance. ross to third and baker to second. that will turn the lineup over again. and chris coghlan with a chance for a couple of rbi's.
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it's been a tough night for albers. second inning of work. he's allowed two runs. one of those uneshd. the runs still came in. now, it's a three-run deficit. orioles trail. coghlan fouls it back. orioles team pitching has been improving -- improving over the month. they finally got the team e.r.a. down below 5.00. it has been above 5.300 for a white. it's still in the eighth. the only tame with a higher team e.r.a. than the others, the cleveland indians. they're at 5.27. the only american league club with an e.r.a. above 5.00. >> buck: very difficult to have to think about scoring minimum of five runs every night to win a game. that's the case when your
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e.r.a. is at 5.00. cleveland's e.r.a. is going to stay up because they've given up the 10 spot tonight in pittsburgh against the pirates. they trail 10-1 in the eighth. -- in the eighth. >> jim: 2-1 on coghlan. check swing. there's a strike. either the marlins have -- marlins have very high opinions of their strike zone knowledge or theeg having a tough problem with chad fairchild because there's been more than a few looks back at the umpire on the strikes called. uggla looked back at fairchild. he swings through it and inning ends. a big insurance run. we go to the ninth. account orioles do it again? they come to bat down by three.
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 >> jim: orioles baseball brought to you by southwest airlines. book your next trip at and by acura. acura advance. our cameras out in south beach. a popular night spot here in miami in a 5-2 game. birds coming up in the top of the ninth inning. fredi gonzalez going to homer simpson -- no, he's not going to homer simpson. he's going to brett carroll. homer wants to get in the game. oh, it's bart simpson. i even got the wrong guy. i've got to start watching it more often.
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bart simpson. there's brett carroll in right field. he takes over for hermida. here is dan meyer who is looking for his first professional save. majors or minors. >> buck: yep, he has not had a save and obviously been on the d. l. fredi gonzalez the manager of the marlins says he's going to use a combination of guess to close out games. right now, he's called upon dan meyer. meyer worked in the game last night. came in the ballgame in the eighth inning with a man aboard. gave up a base hit to the pinch- hitter oscar salazar, then got brian roberts to hit into a 5-4- 3 double play and struck out nick markakis. >> jim: meyer has finished three games on the year, but they were nonsave situations. if you're going to get a guy in there for his first professional save attempt, having a three-run lead is a good way to do it. the orioles do it in back-to- back games coming about a with three in the ninth inning.
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ball two. melvin a good night at the plate. a couple of hits and an -- and an rbi. now hit in a couple of straight games. 4-11 last. there's a strike. melvin taking all the way. >> buck: at the top of the strike zone, obviously melvin needs to get aboard. similar situation last night, but melvin got it going with two outs when he sippingled to center. that led to a three-run ninth inning and tied the game. -- tied the the game. >> jim: there's a strike. 2-2. >> buck: backdoor cutter. there is something about the ninth inning that it takes a special personality to close out games. there have been guys over the years that had all the pitches, had the stuff, great fastball,
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look at breaking ball. they churn the butter in the ninth inning. >> jim: nats have fallen behind 2-0. count even on mora. hard-hit ball, third. bonifacio knocks it do you. runs after t throws across and out. bonifacio has had some adventures at third tonight, but that time he kept -- kept it in front of him that. played the play one out. >> buck: that's old knock them do you, throw them out trick and melvin mora hits the ball sharply. a one-hopper to the right of bonifacio. gets his body in front of it. recovers in time to get melvin mora by half a step. melvin really stretching out for that bag. he's frustrated for two things that he hit it so sharply and couldn't get it by bonifacio and then he's out by half a step. >> jim: that's the big all important first out when you come on for a save. one out, nobody on. here is luke scott.
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first ball swinging. fly ball to left. right there is coghlan. two men down in the orioles ninth. let's get an update on our at&t player of the game voting. brian roberts, 79%. melvin mora, 6%. bonifacio, 15%. still time for you to text in your vote and have your voice heard a, b or c to 51862 and tom and rick will have results coming up on "o's xtra" post- game. so, here is matt wieters representing the orioles last hope. remember, last night it was two out, nobody on when the rally got going. the differences within the divisions and the quality of the teams in the a. l. east and the n. l. east. the phillies tonight are trailing in tampa 7-1. that game in the ninth inning. the rays have the lead. right now, the marlins with a
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win would go one game above .500, 37-36. they would be two games out of first place. the phillies game holds and this leede liu -- and this lead holds. red sox meantime are 43-27 in first place in the a. l. east. so, they are 16 above .500. orioles began play as the only team in the east below .500. tampa bay is two above. they're seven outs. one above would be two out. 2-1 on matt wieters. swings through it, 2-2. >> buck: well, dan meyer a strike way from his first
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professional save. diernl that is it. >> jim: he was a first-round pick of the braves back in 2002. the 2-2 is swing and a missed. wieters down on strikes. the ballgame is over. marlins have won on and first two in this series. last night rashes three-run comeback to force extra innings. tonight, orioles go three up, three down. a long night for manager dave trembley whose team did not play well in this game. final score here in florida, the marlins five. the orioles, two. since 1873, coors banquet has been brewed in one place... and one place only: golden, colorado. it's followed one tradition: use the best high-country barley... and only rocky mountain water. and it's been brewed under one motto: never compromise.
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now maybe this means we're a little set in our ways. but we know a few guys who will drink to that. coors. the banquet beer. orioles trailing in this game 3-0. then things went south quickly. >> nick markakis, eighth assist for the season, but the orioles defense let them down tonight. >> we're going to come back. take a look at some of the highlights of the game and
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review some of the pitching. orioles have made a minor league trade. we'll talk about that when we come back. orioles have made that big move now acquiring a player that could possibly be their first baseman in the not too distant future. let's go back to florida and revisit with jim and buck. >> jim: tom, thank you investment the final score 5-11- 1 for the marlins. 2-7-2 for the orioles. marlins have won the first two games in this three-game series. join us again tomorrow. more o's action. the finale against the marlins, rick shoe on the mound. coverage gibbs at 6:30 with "o's xtra" and the game at 7:00. now for buck martinez and amber theoharis, jim hunter saying so long from tonight's telecast a masn presentation. let's head to the studio and rejoin tom davis and rick dempsey and "o's xtra". take it away, tom and rick.
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>> tom davis, rick dempsey. welcome to "o's xtra" presented by verizon fios. orioles lose to the florida marlins 5-2. jason berken got in trouble in the beginning of the game. >> you can't walk the first man of the game. that will always come back to haunt you. what's any rule of game? nothing good ever happens after a walk am two walks for berken score on the day. orioles lose 5-2. berk begin no have the that bad a night. he pitched tough tough through parts this have ballgame, but the walk did him in. >> go back and take a look at the highlights from tonight's game. we begin in the first inning because the marlins got on the board quickly in the florida first. hanley ramirez comes through with a two-run sing toll right center field to give the marlins a 2-0 lead. this came after a walk and an error. >> there you go. you see hanley ramirez inside- outs that ball to right field. he's swinging a hot bat driving in a lost runs for the orioles
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right -- marlins right now. >> a grounder mishandled by emilio bonifacio. brian roberts will score. orioles down 3-1. >> the orioles had this opportunity right from and melvin mora with a ways hit -- base hit to left field. orioles are -- orioles are tightening up the score right here. nick markakis around. orioles pull to within one run of the marlins with this base hit to left. >> marlins get another run in the seventh inning. emilio bonifacio. matt wieters throws the ball into center field and bonifacio is going to score all the way from second. >> felix pie kind of goes to leap sleep a little out there in the outfield. right away, bonifacio takes advantage of it. gets that one extra step that allows him to score and marlins go on to win this game 5-2. >> five runs, 11 base hits for the marlins. nolasco gets the victory. he came into the game with a 7.15 e.r.a. save goes to mier. berken one win and four losses. he deserves probably a better fate. he got into a hole in the first inning. brian roberts 2-3 performance
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including a double. melvin mora drove in a run and orioles wound up lose that i go second frait straight game to the florida marlins 5-26789 orioles in the series were nine wins and three loss and now drop two quickly to the marlins. >> i know. you have to play a good, solid, defensive ballgame most of the time much. when you get in the streaks we talk about how the orioles would be in their win streak. they had a five-game win streak against the marlins. one baserunning mistake will cost them the ballgame. cost them the mom yum and put enough in favor of the florida marlins to really stop them. two games in a row now and they really had a good chance of win ago orioles lose tonight 5-2. for more on tonight's show, back to florida and revisit with jim hunter and buck martinez. jim? >> all right. tom, thank you thanks very much. buck, you look at the scoreboard and three actual errors in this game. there were more meantollallorrers in -- errors in this game that dent go on the scoreboard t wasn't well played on either side. martin luther king gonts a phi more hits and got rubs -- runs in. it was a sloppy game on boats
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sides. >> it was. there was more of an opportunity to score more runs. it got off to a slow start in the first inning. brian roberts singled. felix pie singled behind him. roberts breaks for thiferd. pie was late breaking for second and stops and gets tagged out easily. then, marlins they too had mistakes. uggla hits what he thinks is an rbi single. nick markakis throws out jeremy hermida. his eighth assist of the season. look at uggla. he's got to be on second base with that throw to the plate. he would later not score on a ground-ruled double to center field. here, bonifacio on the error by the wieters just keeps running around third base when felix pie held the ball. when you have a base runner on base in a tight game like that and he is a fast runner like bonifacio, unload it in a hurry. get it to sene on the -- somebody on the infield and out of your hands. bonifacio did a good job of brung baserunning by going to third base, looking back at pie seeing that pie held on to the ball. once he saw, that


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