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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 24, 2009 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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academic. you weren't going to -- going to stop him from scoring. >> in a situation like, that both plays uggla at a minimum has to go to second base to draw the cutoff floor to a-- throw throe to allow that run to score. felix pie even though there's no way he can anticipate that matt wieters is going to throw the ball to center field, you must know who is on the bases an must get the ball back to the infield immediately. if he throws the ball to brian roberts right away, bonifacio stays at third. >> he's got to. as soon as you get a ball to an infielders's hands, bonifacio is going to stop. because he held on to the ball and hesitated, bonifacio kept running and once that matt wieters tried to block the plate, bonifacio had too much momentum and knocked him out from under his feet. >> orioles had not committed an error yet on the road trip through the four games and committed only one error over the past six games n this game tonight, it just didn't get it there for them. >> no, it sure didn't. every aspect of the play wasn't really sharp tonight. even berken who walked the first batter of the ballgame. melvin mora makes an error to makes it -- make it first and second. anytime do you, that you set
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table for hanley ramirez who took full advantage driving in two with his first at-bat, a flare into right field. every aspect of the game as keen as the orioles played in philadelphia, this was as forgettable a game as i have seen for a while now from this ball club. >> marlins win it 5-2. let's send it back to you in and rick in the studios. >> as always, thanks to jim and buck. obviously, rick, they're talking a little bit about the mishaps tonight. i guess the one that glared out the most is on the stolen base that bonifacio was able to run from first to the plate. >> he went from first base on a stolen base and it's up to felix pie to pick that ball up and get it back into the infield scwix you can. you learn that in class a ball. he helped on to the ball, hopped, skipped and jumped and stood flatfootedded. he could have run it in quicker than he threw it. you can't give that much time -- that much time to bonifacio because he's too fast. all he needed was one-half a step extra out there and he got and he scored easily on the play. there's no way that that should happen. there are other plays in the
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course of the game that i thought need add little more emergency involved into it and that was when luke scott was down in the corner and picked the ball up off the wall and kind of threw it to the cutoff man. there was no emergency there thinking that they had a play at home plate and then they ended up losing the run at home plate by half a step. >> it was a rough night to say the least for the others as they lose to the marlins 5-2. time to take a look at the at&t player of the game. you look at brian roberts wins fine ishikawa second. emilio bonifacio with 17%. melvin mora came in third with 6%. brian roberts tonight 2-3, scored a run, had a double among those two hits. orioles wound up losing to the florida marlins 5-2. that's a look at our a -- at&t player of the game. we'll be back and take a look at jason berken's performance when we continue on masn in a moment. at samuel adams,
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he's running. wieters' throw into center field. bonifacio gets to third. pie must get the ball in. bonifacio coming towards the plate! here is the throw. he is safe at the plate! >> rick dempsey, welcome back to the masn studios after the orioles lost to florida marlins. that was not the only play at the plate. it seemd soams like everything was happening at the plate. matt wieters had a night to end all nights there edid. he had a lot of plays out there. nick markakis, you know who tied the record again tonight for eight assists. made a great play at home plate. earlier on, luke scott had an opportunity to hit the relay man and the orioles lose another run right here. you can just see a nice, little slow hop, skip and jump to the relay manned and -- man and the throw to home plate was not in time and not opt mark for wieters to make the day. here, another ?oot right field. there's a little short. nick markakis now, you just don't want to run on nick markakis. you can trust that he's always going to give you the best effort of any outfielder in the
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game. always good throws. always in the play all the time anticipating ahead of time. wieters with an easy tag at home plate and cuts down a marlin there. good tag by wieters tonight on that play who stayed right at home plate. pretty good throw on the part of nick markakis. he's awesome. >> now, nick markakis has eight outfield assists. is he basically has the strongest throwing arm in the league right now? he has eight along with jay bruce of the cincinnati reds. >> at the -- if he doesn't have the strongest arm, he has the most accurate, strongest arm in baseball. every time he makes a throw, he is on the money. it's just the way that he goes about doing it. he knows how quick he has to release the ball. he's always anticipating ahead of time what he has to do. ball down in the corner like it is there. barehanded the ball. hit the cutoff man is what you have to do 90% of the time and he's always in the play. you see those kind of plays day in and day out from him. last year, he led the american league in assists. you learn right away as teams
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do, do not try to run on nick markakis because he is not a healthy -- it's not a healthy thing to do. >> one terrific outfielder in nick markakis. no doubt about that. jason berken got the start. he was down 2-0 better record an out. what did you see from jason berken? was he on or off? >> overall, would i say he was on tonight. did he make a couple of mistakes a couple of close pitches where he could have challenged hitters a little bit more. you can't walk the first batter of the ballgame. you just have to find out what your stuff is like. that pitch you see it right there, just a little bit low. then, right on what he has to pay for it. jam hinrichly a little bit. he has a good enough swing. he doesn't have to think on the meat of the bat to get a base hit. it cost him two runs. these are the kind of things he's learning. he walks uggla. then, we see what happens. a double down in the left field corner. nothing good ever happens after walks. uggla around luke scott just kind of hits the cutoff man and
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right from there it's half a step play. but enough for the marlins to score on there. that's how it turned out for jason berken tonight. really a pretty good effort on his part. he didn't get supported by a lot of good defense tonight either. >> you're going to see the stat five innings, four hits including the two-run single by hanley ramirez who gave up the three runs, just two earned. walked two, and struck out three. 81 pitches, 46 strikes. do you think jason berken might have pitched deeper in the game had it not been for the idea he was coming up to bat there. >> national league baseball, you've got to pink hit for -- pinch-hit for him down 3-0 in this game. tough do everything you can to get back it into -- back into t we have plenty of long relief ready to rock 'n' roll for him. tough take your chance force him. this is national league. if it's an american league game, he's in there for two or three more innings. i did like his approach it the game tonight. good movement on the fastball. still maybe a little too much movement tonight because he was out of the strike zone. he only had those two big walks, but both of them came around to score on him. this is something he's going to have to learn because i really like himmism want him to be in
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a rotation. i want him to be successful, but he has to realize that when it comes to walks, challenge the hitter. make him swing the bat. >> time to go back town to florida where jim hunter and buck martinez are standing by with the orioles manager dave trembley brought to you by verizon wierms. jim? >> thank you very much. joined now by dave trembley, the manager of the orioles. dave, this is a tough game. this were a couple of errors in the game but really several mental mistakes that hurt your chances to pull out a win. >> the momentum of the game was on our side in the first inning and we gave it back to them. i think anybody who watched the game tonight saw what happened and it just really was unfortunate situation because it really took the air right out of the ball for us. you know, it was hard for us to come back. which came back. got close. came within one run. need add shutdown inning after that. didn't happen. needed a couple more things to go our way and it didn't. this is a game where obviously you learn a great deal from. hopefully, it doesn't happen
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again. you go out tomorrow night and play rabach better game. that's with a we need to do right from the beginning. we just had a lot of the success we've had recently is because we've played very good baseball and we played all 27 outs. we gave some outs away tonight. that really was the difference of the game. that's about as direct as i can say it. >> it's pretty direct. obviously, dave, you saw it better than we did. you were right there. mark hendrickson got a great strikeout for you late in that game. >> he sure did. >> really gave you an opportunity to get back into the ballgame. he did a nice job out of the penny sure d we needed a shutdown inning. he did that for us. berken had to work real hard. i thought he was up early in the game. he was out of sync especially in the first inning. you know, we gave him more than three outs. that's tough on the road to do that especially coming off the top of the first like we did. it was unfortunate that he was behind as he was. we had to let them go to the pinch-hitter. that's the price you pay for playing in the national league and on the road when you're behind. >> again, nick markakis cuts
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down a run at the plate. he's been exceptional with his ability to low out a runner and matt wieters made a nice tag to get hermida the ball at the plate. >> you know, nick is -- nick is a good right fielder. you know, his throws more time than -- times than not are real accurate. he gives you a shot. charges the ball really well. wieters, you know, you know yourself being a catcher, he hung in there, made a nice tag and that was a big out. >> dave, you mentioned look for a bounce back game tomorrow. if you get a win in the finale, it's a 4-2 road trip which is a very good trip if you can get that game. >> you have to do a lot of things better than we did tonight in or order for that to half. i would expect we would come out in this thing like we started the road trip playing a much more solid, fundamental game and go home with a win under our belt. >> dave, we appreciate the visit. thanks. >> you're women kohl -- welcome. >> dave trembley, the manager of the orioles. he was very direct. he's not happy with the way his team played on the too -- team
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tonight. >> he's not. felix pie doesn't run behind brian roberts gets thrown out very easily. then, you have a leadoff walk and an error and severing kind of flat. he said right in the first inning, you had them on the ropes. you could have knocked ricky nolasco out of the game in the first inning and let him off the hook. you don't score a run from third base with less than two outs in qur first at-bat and that settle a bad stoan tone for the team the rest of the night. >> orioles now looking to salvage the finale in the series. it would be a 4-2 road trip if they could pull it off. so, they'll hand the baseball to rich hill and make sure he can get it done. let's send it back to the studio. >> thanks for jim and buck. they return tomorrow. this aubrey just 23 with cleveland's first pick in the 2003 draft. the 11th player pick. orioles picked nick markakis in that pick for the seventh pick instead of aubrey. aubrey joins jeremy guthrie as the number one draft choices acquired by the orioles with 29 rbi's at columbus and reports to norfolk, plays first base. brian schneider nay play third
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base. orioles acquiring michael aubrey for a player tore named later. david hernandez, will he be coming pack to baltimore's in -- baltimore? that story up next when we continue in a moment. on masn. ?
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>> welcome back. the orioles number one pick in the draft named player of the year by the "usa today". hobgood 11-1, earned run average of 0.92, 68 1/3 innings, he hit .475 with # 1 home runs. 55 rbi's. hobgood should sign with the orioles any day and michael gichts at shortstop draft the by the orioles made the usa second team. david hernandez, kind of an interesting story going on right now. at norfolk, he's 3-2 with a 3.30 earned run average. wall street with the orioles, he was 1-1 with a 3.95 earned run average and he pitched only nine innings. everyone is target to wonder
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why david hernandez was pulled out of the game after four innings. he didn't walk a bear batter, struck out four, didn't allow a run. then the rawt thought process is that koji may not be able to go pass five or six. could koji be going to the bullpen and hernandez come bamg? >> -- coming back? >> everybody trying to figure out these moves. as soon as anybody tawms talks about uehara on a possible disabled list and david hernandez probably one of the guys considered. the fact he was taken out of the ballgame is absolutely he could be considered. there's been nothing said about that up to this point right here. i wouldn't mind having him back here at this point right here. i liked him when he was here the first time. >> there's always room for speculationment always room to talk rumors, right? that's part of baseball. >> time to take a loot being a -- look at our minor league scoreboard from tonight. we begin with the norfolk tides against pawtucket. snider went 3-4 a-coupleever -- couple of rbi's, two doubles in the victory over pawtucket. bowie lost to binghamton with a
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loss of 5-had -- 5-4. elsewhere, aberdeen a final in 10 beating staten island 4-3. i guess it's elizabethton. i'm not sure on that. they beat bluefield 4-16789 i'll say bluefield loss 4-1. one other series in the gulf coast league, the other game that we have would be the twins 5-0 over the orioles a final in the gulf coast league. here is david ortiz coming through with a three-run homer against the nationals to give the red sox a 3-1 advantage for david ortiz. his seventh home run for the season. then, jason varitek came through with a two-run shot. his 11th. the boston red sox able to beat the washington nationals 6-4. red sox continue to roll real well as ortiz came through with a 2-3 performance much. his hit -- hit his seventh home run. the new york yankees, 7-4 lead in the top of the ninth inning. alex rodriguez, a single home
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run. the toronto blue jays won tonight beating cincinnati 8-2. blue jays had a five-run first inning. aaron hill, two-run homer. his 16th. wells, a solo his seventh. tampa bay won. burrell second for the team he used to play for. that was a solo, his 13th a that's a complete look at the interleague games from tonight. when we come back, we'll take a look at rich hill who gets the starting nod as the orioles complete the three-game set on masn. commute.
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geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. reminder the battle of thebeltways continues this week. friday, saturday at camden yards. friday evening and saturday evening and sunday afternoon as the nationals-orioles conclude what turns out to be three in washington and then three in baltimore. six games played over a two month period. coverage of orioles continues tomorrow eeng evening from florida against the marlins on
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masn 2. 6:30, pregame. 7:00 game. then, moops hd coverage throughout the entire weekend. then, monday, orioles return home to play the boston red sox. actually, they'll be home to play the boston red sox at 7:00 monday evening f you're away from masn, don't forget sports radio 105.7 the fan. joins join the call and preand post-game coverage when i'm not here in the disoorks i join dave johnson. time to go back to florida and amber theoharis is standing by with the orioles starter tonight jason berken. >> obviously, starting off with a walk in the first and then the error. how much did that just lose the momentum that you felt you guys had in the first? >> well, it's always tough when you give up two two runs in the first inning. it's tough. pressure on the offense, but the error itself had nothing to with this. have a tough time getting bat down early in the game and took me a while to get settled in. any time you give up runs in the first inning, it's tough to come back and puf tough putting
10:22 pm
your team in that position. >> tough to face that many batters. did you get the flay double play in the inning but faced seven batters. >> yeah, you want to go out vabd quick first inning and set the open to for the game. unfortunately, we were able to minute mike woodson -- minimize the damage in the first. as long as games was kind of a struggle the whole night. deposit necessarily have my best stuff and command wasn't as good as it usually it. -- usually is. so, numbers wise it wasn't that bad. overall, it was disappointing not throwing the ball better. it's a learning experience. just continue to work hard and get ready for the next start. >> now that rick said coming into the last start against the mets, you worked really hard to cleepup your delivery and reaching your arm slot and the release on your pitches was same on every pitch. he liked your mechanics. had you felt that taken a step back into this game? >> i felt like through the night more so than the mets game that my delivery was a little off at times. i think for the most part it
10:23 pm
was ok. still wasn't as consistent as it needs to be. obviously, in the metsgames game everybody -- everything was in sync and good. it was one of the things i'll continue to work at it every day i'm out there just trying to get that as consistent as possible. you know, it's one of the things where we're just going to come together over night. i'm going to continue to work hard at it and hopefully do better the next start. >> jason berken with amber theoharis. tomorrow's probables, rich hill against sean west. >> rich hill back on the mound. good back on the mound. helped himself out with a base hit. orioles win 7-2. rich is looking for his fourth win on the season. hope he's getting that curve ball over. he'll be pitching against another big left-hander 6'8" sean west will be on the mound for the marlins. he's looking for his third winn 't season. pretty good e.r.a. it should be a good matchup. >> don't forget to rejoin us tomorrow morning for more pregame coverage. orioles lose to the marlins. talk tore tomorrow night at
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sharapova, a nifty return there. back and forth. great volley back and forth. >> second shot is long, and dulka upset sharapova. because of unspecified family medical reasons, williams plans to transfer to memphis, tennessee to be near his family.
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>> let's stay current here on espnews. tiger's niece, and lpga tour day beau, in new york. rachel alexandra will not run in the breeder's cup. flyers will play the bruins in the winter classic. >> manny ramirez will shut it down for the night after two at-bats and the isotopes will show you how manny's second stint in albuquerque went. plus, usa-spain. a notch match for the ages. the united states on for the final. we'll show you how it happens, coming up next.
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