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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 24, 2009 10:30pm-11:00pm EDT

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rrrghhhh... max: what's your hybrid sound like? (breathes like wind) whooooooh. max: that's cool. >> they shock no. 1 seed spain. speaking of shocking, manny ramirez playing baseball again. he's playing for the albuquerque isotopes. manny is out of the game. manny's old team, the dodgers in action. best record in baseball, taking on the white sox. not looking good. and the red sox taking over d.c.
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>> hey there, welcome to espnews, i'm ryan bur, thanks for stopping by. manny ramirez, this is kind of the manny ramirez network, if you will. we show you all of his at-bats for the isotopes. live right here. we've done that tonight. manny, 0 for 1. he walked and grounded out as manny continues to work his way back to the big leagues. july 3rd, he's currently on that 50-game suspension for performance enhancing drugs. manny running out on the field, or should i say, jogging out on the field. his first at bat. manny would jog to first with a four-pitch walk. second at bat, routine groundball to the shortstop. and manny's night would be over. two at-bats, a walk, and a ground out. manny, exhausted. and he'll play again tomorrow. is so it's the dodgers and the white sox. manny's team, the dodgers, ten games over .500 while he's serving the suspension.
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but the dodgeers getting shellacked tonight. 10-3 the final. the long ball working well for the white sox. and alexei ramirez, jermaine dye, josh fields, not once, but twice. all have gone deep. first time since 06. the white sox have done that. the yankees and braves have gone final. jimmy carter, eating peanuts no doubt in attendance. big braves fan from georgia. gardener, picked off. joe girardi, early exit, see ya. later in the sixth now, bases loaded for alex rodriguez. you know what that means. ofn course, a-rod lines a single to center. damon both score, yanks 3-1. we update. yanks win 8-4. joba chamberlain, 6 and a third. as the rumors persist. will joba return to the bullpen to pitch that eighth inning for the yankees?
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as a starter, one of his best outings of the year, 6 and a third for joba. two earned. yankees win as mo rivera comes in to shut things down. red sox best record in the american league taking on the nationals in d.c. first time since 71 the sox played in d.c., and this is david ortiz. stuck on 999 career r.b.i. not anymore. three-run shot for papi. his 7th of the year. becomes the 25th active player with 1,000 r.b.i. as the red sox win yet again. now 44-27 on the year. boston getting it done. john lester gets the win.
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>> shane victorino, ryan howard, jason werth, all come up empty. garza, eight innings, 7k's, just allowed one run in three hits. pat burrell against his former team. two-run shot. the rays, 7-1 the final. the story would be garza. gets 500 on the year. nearly unhittable tonight. he was amazing as burrell does hit the home run against his former team. phillies have lost 7 of 8, and 9 of 11. >> orioles and the marlins. fish looking to get over .500 for the first time since april. matt we'der's throw, the prize possession of the orioles goes into centerfield, and bonafacio, he can run, and he proves it. of comes around to score. so that's more base running.
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marlins take the 4-2 lead. and they get over .500 on the season. >> reds and the jays. highlights are plentiful tonight here on espnews. checking out the reds and the jays.
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>> manny ramirez, 0 for 1 with the albuquerque isotopes. walked in his first at bat, grounded on out in his second. we welcome in colleen dominguez who witnessed it all in albuquerque, how are you? is. >> i'm fine. trying to stay dry. they've had rain on and off all day. in fact, manny only got a few swings in batting practice earlier today just because the rain has stopped everything. now it's a little iffy if he was going to take the field because it was so wet, that they decided to go ahead ask do that. he did finally see a flyball at the warning track in left field. he played another one off the wall. but all in all he didn't play the whole five innings like we thought he would. he took his bats and went home early. >> yeah, what is the deal with manny only playing, i understand
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with the weather, but even the game plan just to have three at-bats. what do they think he's going to get tired taking three at-bats and playing the field a little bit? >> i think they're more concerned about his hamstrings. they have bothered him early in the season because of the contract negotiations, i think they just want to avoid that. i don't know if there have been problems with the conditioning. they haven't said during the suspension. but they want to build him up gradually. because they feel if he has a hamstring issue again, they'll not get him going on july 3rd. but he's supposed to play seven innings. almost a full game tomorrow, and fly back. yeah, i'll believe it when i i see it. but i think he will, you know, he's going to fly back friday, and then he's supposed to play the next three or four games in single a. because they've really got to get him up to game speed. his suspension's almost over. >> it's tough to get a read on manny, because he always wears
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the baggy uniform. tough to see what kind of shape he's in. it appears from our vantage, he's not gotten a haircut. but what can you tell us about his physical condition? >> you know, it is hard to tell, because his uniform's always so baggy. but he is in good shape. he has really done a lot of conditioning in six weeks. the dodgers had him on a rigorous program with their trainers designed and set-up. he actually even saw live pitching at dodger stadium in the last few weeks. so he's in good shape. i don't think he's gained a lot of weight with the time off. but, again, it's just all about his legs. it's really not a concern about his bat. and maybe the most important thing is his mood is good. with manny, his mood is half of everything. >> yeah, that's for sure. at espnews, we're showing every at bat for manny. and i couldn't help but on that first at bat, it appeared and heard anyways over tv, you were
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there and you can tell us, that some boos were sprinkled in there. >> oh, yeah. i think they felt that the pitcher was doing the unintention allyn tensional walks. >> so those weren't for manny? >> no, they were for the pitcher. and you talk to some of the different people in the press box, we don't know if it was an unintention allyn tensional walk or a case of nerves. because some of these guys it's a pretty big deal to pitch to manny ramirez. >> that's for sure. >> so manny goes 0 for 1. walked and grounded to the shortstop. he's on suspension for performance enhancing drugs, but it appears it's a giant celebration. is that what's going on? >> i can tell you, it's a big party. the people that worked the gates today were all wearing the manny dread wigs. the kids all had the manny
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t-shirts. they sold out of manny gear yesterday, and shipped more in from los angeles. and i think the people just want a souvenir. you know, they've sold out even with the rain and thunder and lightning, they were sold out tonight. they were sold out tomorrow night. so they have clearly looked past the suspension, and they just want to see a star of that caliber in their city. >> interesting for sure. i'm not sure what kind of message that sends that we're celebrating manny. he is on a 50-game suspension. but nonetheless, he is a star in albuquerque. and well, you get to stay another day and see manny seven innings maybe tomorrow. so you must be excited for that. >> just absolutely. i'll be thrilled if he plays seven innings, because i'll have more to report. >> amen to that. colleen, thank you so much. great stuff tonight. we appreciate it. >> you got it. >> still to come usa shocker with the stunner of all stunners. they beat spain. how it happened and we'll hear from the head coach straight ahead.
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man: hip, hip! jorge! jorge! jorge! jorge! ma#2: hip, hip! jorge! jorge! jorge! jorge! man #3: hip, hip! jorge! jorge! jorge! jorge! >> confed cup semifinals. spain unbeaten, no. 1 team in the world. and they do it with a bullet. united states 0-3 all time. really didn't have a shot against spain in this one. most people expecting you not to embarrass yourself. right off the get. the captain, carlos boca negra let's everyone know the united states is here to play. it's the bicycle kick that goes wide. now it's it's dempsey in the box to davis. great camera work for sure. all the way around. 27th minute in this one. dempsey's pass through to
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altadore. scores. ask come on, you don't have to take your clothes off to have a good time. so note to self, in confed cup, don't take your shirt off. if he does, it's a goal. gets the yellow card. but it's a huge goal for the united states as they lead it 1-0. the story for the u.s. would be the goaltender, net minder. the goalkeeper. tim howard. the guy was a man possessed. faced 29 shots. got some help from the post. but nonetheless, howard was a monster in this one. puts his shirt back on, and he has some work there. now it's spain once again in the box, shooting on howard. but howard like a magnet to that ball. tim, if you came to the tim howard show, starring tim howard
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a. there he is again. snatching that ball right on out of the air. but spain knocks down another shot, another save by howard. we're not done, 1-0. tim howard. donovan, centering pass. and dempsey scores the goal. clint dempsey, check it out in the espn all access. spin this whole thing around. i'm not sure why donovan didn't shoot there. instead of going one on one with the goalie. he goes one on five against spain. but somehow this ball gets through like five guys, and dempsey scores his second goal in two games. he keeps his clothes on. slidesey into the grass. and now we have a red card. michael bradley for a tackle. the u.s. with ten men, could they hold on? the answer was yes because of
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one guy. tim howard. team usa holds on to beat spain. they'll meet brazil in the finals. >> so take a look at the numbers, and the numbers say it all. the united states upset spain in one of the biggest wins in the history of the united states soccer. and spain, 15-match win streak. it was the longest in international soccer. they were the only team in the tournament not to allow a goal. usa scored two. and it's united states first ever appearance in the finals of the confed cup. former usa star, john harks, gives us his analysis. >> usa with an excellent victory today. an unexpected victory against spain, 2-nil in the semifinal. altadore getting the first goal, and dempsey getting the second. if are me, it was a better performance in terms of individual sacrifice on the field. the u.s. needs players to come up big.
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landon donovan, josie, and tim howard in the goal, excellent defending when they needed to against the no. 1 team in the world. the unexpected win, but the u.s. are through to the finals, what a great victory. thanks, john, what a great victory. a victory we want to watch, and watch, and watch again. we're going to let you watch 13 minutes from now, espn2, beat the con federations cup it's spain versus the united states. i'm not going to tell you who wins. well, i just did. but i urge you to watch it. because it's great soccer. and it's tonight on espn2. of. >> back to baseball now. yankees and braves. yankees win it 8-4. a-rod, 1 for 3. couple r.b.i. atlanta only the third time in the last 22 games that they've lost when scoring at least four runs. yankees win 8-4. joba chamberlain, very impressive. 6 and a third. two earned. 5k's. dave o'brien, and rick sutcliffe
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have the call, and they give us this post-game extra. >> so we talked tonight about francisco servery welly, and the great passion he played with. he hit his first major league home run tonight. he's kind of enough to join us on the field. >> well, francisco, a great night for you and the yankees. and a game you guys really needed. talk about your home run now. your first major league big fly, and you knocked it out to left field. how did that feel off the bat? >> i feel very happen hey. and i just tried to hit the ball. they went through changeups before, and you know, i was ready for something in the middle. and i hit the ball, and you know, i started to run hard. it was on out of the park. >> a lot of conversation, not only on the field but in the dugout between you and joba chamberlain tonight. he was terrific. what did you guys talk about? >> we talked about you know, the keys are going to be to be agressive.
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command the fastball, and use the slider for a strikeout, and that's it. always first try. first try, and we're going to be good. >> is it as exciting for you to be catching mariano rivera as it is for us to watch him? >> yeah, yeah, he's a legend. you know, it's going to be in the hall of fame. and you can learn with him, you know. so many things. so i'm excited to catch mariano and everybody here. >> well, it's great watching you play with such great energy and passion. thanks for joining us, and congratulations on a marvelous night. >> thank you, guys. >> let a's go to the sixth inning, this is where it really got going for the yankees. >> through five innings, they didn't have a base runner. he gets one ask gets picked off. he was safe. joe girardi came out not only to argue the call, but to try to fire his team up. and he did exactly that. the homer, the double, the clutch hit by alex rodriguez. that gave him the lead. they were able to hold on to it
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because joba chamberlain was outstanding, commanding the fastball early. and he was talking about it, and every one of his strikeouts he finished the right-handers off with the slider. the left-handers with the curveball. you see the downward movement. you see brian mccann shaking his head. swinging the bat as well as anybody. and joba chamberlain pitched like a number one pitcher the yankees said he could be. >> a-rod was 5 for 49. he was slumping in the month of june before he came up with a big hit. did this get him going? a number of the slumping yankees got big hits tonight. >> we've seen them pitch around teixeira. it wasn't an intentional pass, but it seemed that way. and i think alex might have there were two prototype ships built and they are coming on stream now but that process was managed poorly. i think there would be temptation to buy both of them. probably we should just stick with one ship so there are
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places certainly that we need to be careful with spending. >> host: from pennsylvania on the democrats' line, larry joins. >> caller: yes, i appreciate the chance to get through. it's not easy to get through and all i am kind of astounded by this man. he talks with the cadence of a banker like he's so sure these things are definitely going to work and they are definitely, surely needed and reminds me of eisenhower speech and he knows it and it says be aware of the military industrial complex. and i was taking economics when i can out of the service and the imam era and the gentleman said this war in vietnam along with some other programs johnson is getting through is going to cost a lot of inflationary because we can't have guns, and so now guns
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and butter meaning you can't have social programs along with building up large budgets. who knows how much cost overrides are going to be on this new laser plan he's talking about, and -- europe has medicare for everybody and also the free tuition at their colleges. >> guest: well, i think that what you see here is typical of the differences between the two political parties and that's the perspective with the federal government should be doing. and i think the caller was making the case for socialized medicine that they have in england and a lot of the european countries of canada or positioned as a republican and conservative i don't think it should be the job of the federal government to on the medical system. i don't really want to have to get sick and run into a medical
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system where the compassion of the irs and efficiency of the post office. we have at least partly privately run health care system now which in spite of all of the trouble with cost shifting and how we pay for it still provides a better quality of medicine than anything you can find in the world, and it's also much guns and butter, it is a question of what is the federal government designed to do. and the one thing that it must do is defend the nation. the percentage of money we spend of gross domestic product has remained fairly stable. it's gone down. we are at about 4% or so and that's probably not out of line if you want the federal government to take care of everybody knew adopted the same philosophy that soviet union did. the government will provide you a job and health care to read the government is going to provide you an education and tell you when to get up in the morning and we saw how well that system worked and why would it
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be that we would then do the exact same thing to ourselves and have the government getting involved in health care and running insurance and the car companies and telling everybody how to do everything. i don't think that is a proper function of the government. the amount of money that was spent just the beginning of this year, 800 something billing in the first five weeks of the dak craddock con chris was enough money to have bought over 250 aircraft -- we only have 11 so it was enough to buy 250 aircraft carriers with that money which we didn't have and which our grandchildren and will have to repay. what was the money used for? i suppose daughter but not really bader, it was to protect nancy pelosi is district and a lot of things that we think were just inappropriate for a federal government to be spending money on. >> host: on the republicans' plan from mount vernon york richard joins us. >> caller: yes, thanks for c-span.
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i'm an atomic veteran in the south pacific putting up projects after the radioactive soil. i've got a question first i was wondering if you were a co-sponsor for ron paul's federal reserve, which is a pretty big issue if you want to find out a lot more information ann gates like a ponzi scheme with bernie madoff. i appreciate program. thank you. >> guest: to answer the question i am a co-sponsor of that bill. the federal reserve system of course is a private bank. they've been doing some very amazing things lately. i think it is extremely appropriate for the federal government and those of us in congress elected to office to know what the federal reserve is doing, and so i think it is a very good bill that ron paul has. a lot of co-sponsors. that's a basic transparency of
10:56 pm
the federal reserve is doing things in the up and out than they should be willing to share that information with us because they do control our suwannee supply. there was an article that appeared to weeks ago on a thursday which shows what they have done with the supply of money in the olden days because of that running the printing press and you go back from 1960 and it is buzzing out and down a little bit and you see this tremendous spike this year and that is the amount of money that's been created. new money printed and is ten times higher than any increase since 1960, as it is a completely different order of magnitude and if that is the kind of thing we need transparency to say do we really want to have that tremendous amount of liquidity and what does that mean for inflation so the call is right on track that's a good bill. >> host: thank you so much for being with us today. >> guest: pleasure joining.
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>> host: todd akin from missouri. >> guest: it's a pleasure joining you and the audience. have a wonderful day. >> now we will hear from senate armed services committee mark begich of alaska who also joined on washington journal. this is 20 minutes. >> host: senator mark begich, democrat from alaska to joins us for the next part of the program. thanks for being with us. >> guest: good to see you. >> host: this week the senate armed services committee marks up the 2010 defense authorization. why should we look for? >> guest: first as a new member what i'm going through is the process understanding each subcommittee and listening to the presentations as we go to the subcommittees did present various paper work up the review but i think when you look for is at the end of the day one thing i notice in the arm service committee is a bipartisan approach and how we deal with issues so there will be some amendments, no question about it
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but i think generally there's been a lot of good work on each subcommittee to present your day in the fall markup process. a budget i think most people would agree with at the end of the day but there's obviously as you know i've talked about missile defense and the importance of that program. there's others with troop strength i know a couple senators are interested in ensuring that we have a right and out as we make this transition from iraq into afghanistan and making sure we have enough troops over the next 14 to 18 months period and then the will be specific weapons issues from the f-22, the c-17, issues of if 18, pocket issues any senator is concerned about but generally i think the end of the day we will argue over a small portion of the defense put and the end of the day we will be supportive of all together. >> host: you can join the conversation and talk with senator mark begich. republicans, the number is 202-737-0001, democrats,
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202-737-0002, and in dependent, 202-628-0205. let's talk about missile defense. you recently went with defense secretary robert gates to alaska to fort greenly where the ground-based system is essentially located. what did you talk about as far as the priority of missile defense and where it will be going in the future. >> first for those watching and listening, missile, fort greenly is up north in alaska so it's about 400 miles north of anchorage, but the discussion we had we felt there on the c-17 which was also important giving a sense of the new type of equipment that's being utilized as a great cargo ship not only use here but around the globe and vows we went in there we talked about the missile defense system in fort greely the impact it would have and how dynamic the program has to be meaning that it shouldn't be just as it is today the at


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