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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 25, 2009 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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he'll keep ramirez close. ramirez has 10 steams steals on the year. he has been caught five times. two hits in the inning. the double to get the rally going and single to drive in chris coghlan. strike taken by cantu. >> buck: they're going to have to use a few more fastballs and changeups here in the middle of the order just to put a different thought into the hitters mind. he's hitting breaking ball pretty consistently. even that swing right there, he was looking breaking ball. this is just a product of studying some video looking at rich hill's good outing seeing how he utilized that curve ball. he has enough confidence to throw at any time. right now, the marlins are looking for it with two strikes and they're doing a pretty good
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job of staying back. >> jim: 0-2 on jorge cantu. ramirez runs. taken inside. throw to second base goes into center field. i think it hit ramirez! adam jones quickly gets in on it and flips it back in. that will be a stolen base and another throwing error on matt wieters. >> buck: kind of tied up with the hitter cantu. never made contact. watch the break first. not a great break. he's got a chance to throw out hanley ramirez. watch where he is inside pitch. he has to really wait on it and got on top of it and really kind of threw a two-seam fastball down to second base. well off the mark. >> jim: here is the same situation, runner at third, one down, runner in. 1-2 foul down at the plate.
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cantu has 45 rbi's. uggla has 43 and ramirez has 43. pretty good balance. 1-2 hit sharply to short. dloon freeze the runner and fire to first for the out. that time having the infield in paid dividends as andino is able to keep ramirez at third and now two men out. >> buck: the sharply hit ball but right at robert andino. once he gloves the ball, watch the reaction as he's going to look at third base. check hanley ramirez. ramirez jockeying off the bag. no thawfts going home. dan uggla now with two down and a runner at third. uggla singled and scored in the second inning. he was on base when cody ross hit it out. this ball is drilled deep to left. back it goes and it is gone.
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all of a sudden now, it is a 5- 0 marlin lead before coming in on two swings. rich hill having a tough night. >> buck: we mentioned ease done a pretty good job of keeping the ball in the ballpark, but a first-pitch fastball just oust -- just out over the plate. uggla use that great power and hits it off the back wall above the orange seats over the scoreboard in left. his second home run in this series. he's done a pretty good job of sitting on pitches and hitting them pretty hard. 15th home run of the season now. he, too, has 45 rbi's. >> jim: rich hill one home run allowed in his first seven starts. two home runs aloud in 2 2/3 innings tonight. the marlins now a quick 5-0
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lead. that's in the dirt. paulino flied out to deep center field his first at-bat if not for where he hit it that ball might have gone out, but he hit it to the deepest part of the ballpark. he goes from .404 to -- 404 to 434 to right center the deep of the part to deep left center. there's a base hit. that ball is hit hard. two hits last inning. that's the fourth hit in this inning. >> buck: this is pretty good, balanced attack here in florida. a lot of patient hitters. once they get a game, they'll stick to it and jim mentioned they're prone to the strikeout when they really don't have a very good attack when they don't put that game plan to use. tonight, they seem to have a
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pretty good game plan. they had that curve ball in the back of their mind and that makes them wait back and evaluate the ball out of the pitcher's hand. >> jim: curve ball for a strike to cody ross. ground ball right back to hill. that one on reverse spin. hill throws high to first. wigginton has it and the inning ends a three-run inning for the florida marlins. two coming in on the uggla home run. we'll head to the fourth with the birds down by five. we build fish finders. we build battery chargers. we build base camps. we build transporters.
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i was right-handed unti was about 6. every time i remember the summer 19861978 -- 1985, 1986, every time i go to pickup a baseball and throw with my right hand, i'd take it and put it in my left hand. every time, put it in my left hand. you know, that's how it kind of started. i still have the glove, the right-handed mcgregor glove. i still have that. >> jim: rich hill covering the bases tonight with the orioles left-hander. florida with the 5-0 eerld -- 5- 0 early lead here. sean west back on. we're joined from massachusetts lloyd hill rich's brother who was responsible for making him
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throw the ball left-handed. lloyd, why did you want your younger brother to pickup a baseball and become a left- hander? >> well, rich always loved being part of a team when we were in the park leagues and thought it would be a good idea. since everybody else who precede him was a ride -- right yusmeiro petit and thought he could could something from the left side -- was a right henrik sediner andthought he could do something from the left side. >> buck: it was a big focal point and was involved in the family. >> sure, rich came to our games as we went through the amateur leagues around boston. my dad, lloyd, sr., they were inseparable. he'd take them to the park every day, batboy, pitching whiffle balls with a big, red whiffle ball bat. i was in center field when we were playing. >> jim: lloyd, in listening to you, i hear the boston accent. when we talk to rich, we don't hear that. how is it that rich doesn't
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have that very distinctive, new england boston accent? >> i don't know. maybe as he was growing up, as my brother said, he was either launched in the pool too many times or dodging balls from us. >> buck: he was certainly the younger brother of all of you boys a-and -- and the athletic atmosphere so great in boston. you have who canny. i know his favorite team are the boston celt celtics. you guys made sure he was involved in everything you did and i think that inspired him to fofl in your -- follow in your footsteps. >> thank you. i obviously my mom and dad having four kids within five years and then having a little hiatus for 15 14, 15 years took a lot of energy. so, all the praise goes to my mom and dad for that. >> it's petro -- >> jim: it's prez pretty amazing when we are told that you are 19 years older than your younger brother rich hill. it's an amazing age difference, yet you're still very close. >> well, we were born on the same day actually 19 years
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apart. he continuously reminds bhe that as i've changed into the hair color change. it was a great experience to the whole family to have rich in our lives. >> buck: lloyd, we're just now getting to get to know rich better as he joins the organization. talk about how he stays involved in his community, high school and kids around the south boston area. >> as you can imagine, the time between the end of the season and spring training is quite short. he's very generous with his time fundraising, offering clinics at the different high schools and little league can raise money to help fund their different excursions and jv uniforms and freshmen iewrn iewfn forms. he and his wife are generous with their time. >> buck: obviously, there's a small fraternity of baseball players and coaches. rick kranitz and alan dunn a- couple of influential people. i guess that had an impact with rich hill coming to the orioles
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with both those coaches in place. >> well, quite, quite truly they are his professional foundation. when rich was in double-a and triple-a, they entrusted him with his mechanics. they trusted him to be able to execute as you can see some of his mechanics are a little bit different from traditional mechanics. they trusted him to be able to execute against that. so, coach kranitz and coach dunn have dawn tremendous job with him and it's a great reunion for rich. >> jim: lloyd, final question. what is it like to have someone from your family be able to not only excel at a sport but make it as a professional and get to the major leagues? what is it like being a sibling and it's your younger brother, your kid brother literally 19 years younger in the big leagues. >> that is really hard to put into years, but the journey rich has taken us on has just been truly, truly remarkable for every family member from my
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own kids going down to the florida state league and going to the different minor league games down there right into seeing him pitch with my dad at some of the best stadiums in the world. yankee stadium, chicago stadium and camden yards. it's been truly a remarkable experience. >> jim: lloyd, we appreciate some insight. thank you for joining us tonight on masn on covering the bases. as buck mentioned, rich is a fine, young man. we're really enjoying getting to know him. i'm sure he'll have a lot of success in baltimore. >> gentlemen, thank you for having me on. let's get some runs and get back in this game. >> jim: by the way, i understand you're coaching a little league game. how is your team doing? >> we were doing all right to scrimmagement we're preparing for the little league district playoffs that start this weekend. we were actually getting no hits through six innings, so we put a couple home runs together. >> jim: good luck with that. >> thanks, guys. >> jim: that's lloyd hill, rich hill's brother covering the bases tonight with rich hill now of the baltimore orioles.  - oh, it's on. - it's on.
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it's on. - it's on. - oh, it's on, all right. - it's on. - it is totally on. jimmy, it's on. it's on. oh, yeah, it's on. pilot: affirmative, it's on.
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this morning. they went out and taped it. [ laughter ] >> jim: i was going to say that's you and i in about five years, maybe sooner. here is brett carroll leading off and he'll get -- hill gets ahead 0-1. florida with two in the second, three in the third and a 5-0 lead. fastball is high. 1-1. carroll starting in right field tonight to get an extra right-handed bat in there. he walked his first at-bat. high pop-up. mora battling the twilight. he finds it and he has it for the out. one down. this is a tough time of night because the lights just beginning to take the full effect on the field, but overhead it's twilight. amber? >> well, jim, i talked to melvin mora about playing in this stadium. remember, he had that error in his first game on that bouncing ground ball. if you look up at the lights behind the marlins dugout right behind the plate on the right
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side of the lights, they are extremely light compared to the rest of the lights. that's what's been throwing melvin mora off. it's very difficult to play in this stadium that was designed for a football game. disblim. >> jim: and you throw in the time of day it is, and you -- and you see the sky is not yet totally dark, so it's a double whammy in the same flight path. here is the pitcher sean west. struck out his first at-bat. rich hill has four strikeouts. he has walked one and allowed five runs on six its. two of the hits home runs and each home run a two-run shot. down on strikes goes sean west. two men out. strikeout number five for rich hill. the cal ripken, sr. all-stars will be hosteling themid- atlantic all-stars at regency furniture stadium inwaldorf. come out and catch all the
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festivities. if you can't, watch it on masn hd gametime 7:05. get there early. home run derby will start at 5:30. admission free. donations greatly appreciated. 410-888 -- 410-588-9900. chris coghlan on. two outs, none on. >> buck: that all-star game is very important. it's a summer college bat league. the dough naights will be directed towards the renovation,maintenance of the ballparks in those respective towns. it's a nice opportunity to make contribution to some kids and their ballparks during the course of the summer. it should be a very well-played game a lost good college at that thrent will -- talent there and an opportunity to go out and help young players with their fields. >> jim: rich hill the stadium he wish he could have played in
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candle stick parkwhich is still there pu they only use it for football. >> buck: i would suggest he was never there in june because it was cold. they play football there now and where it was on candle stick point there, it's still there. obviously, it's not a ballpark park anymore. june, the best month of the summer, it was cold. used to pack blankets and sweatshirts and gloves when you went for a night gait game at candle stick. >> jim: best time of the guy the -- day at candle stick point in the summer is noon and they play very few day games there. 2-2 on chris coghlan. hill has two outs, none on trailing 5-0. and down on strikes goes coghlan and the side is retired. second time tonight that rich hill has retired the side in order. three up, three down. orioles coming up in the fifth down by five. 
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>> jim: marlins have a pa home runs with a 5-0 lead over the orioles. orioles back home at camden yards interleague play. nats are in town. it's student night presented by at&t. students of any age can receive a left field upper reserve seat for just $6 and it's fireworks night presented by aaa mid- atlantic. students can stay after the
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game -- fans can stay after the game. call fom 888-848-bird or sean west on the mound going against ross detwiler. >> buck: nobody was anticipating that possible return of smoltz to the rotation against the atlanta braves. the red sox go there beginning a three-game series tomorrow. i think they made a good move not creating a little more hoopla around his return by starting him in atlanta. >> jim: doin bounce it is to secondment uggla charges -- andino bounces one to second. uggla retires. the way the rotation goes with smoltz going tonight, orioles can expect him at camden yards next week. >> buck: yeah, it will be good. obviously, he's not up to speetd speed as he's coming back from shoulder problems, and here we are on the 5th of june he's making his first
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start. >> jim: rich hill is 0-1. he flied tout to right field his first at-bat. takes a high fastball. orioles only have three hits in the game. there's a bloop foul the other way. marlins have six hits including two two-run homers. birds have lost two in a row and after working so hard to get back even in the month of june with that sweep in philadelphia, orioles are now 9- 11 in june. cantu to the pitcher sean west. hill is retired. two down. time now for the legendary per for -- can't legendary performance -- cabot legendary performance. >> buck: on this date, familiar face. cal ripken at fenway park 1988 right in his 1 -- played in his
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1,000th straight game. that was obviously not only halfway to the record, and he was on a roll. hard to believe he was the -- as of 1988 he was not even at the halfway point. >> jim: two away. brian roberts taking his time getting to the plate to get rich hill back to the bench for a breather and he takes low. southwest does not yet have a three up, three down inning. he's retired the first two down here in the fifth. orioles had three hits and a walk and all four of those base runners have been left stranded. it's high, ball three.
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there's a four-pitch walk with two men down. second walk allowed by sean west. >> buck: that's what we talk about when you talk about inexperienced young pitchers just not being able to make adjustments in the course of an at-bat. you've got a five-run lead to get two outs. you have the leadoff batter up who throws four straight balls and gives the orioles a little encouragement here. it's all about experience gaining that experience being able to control your emotions, control your delivery, control the strike zone. >> jim: here is nick markakis. he takes outside. five in a row out of the strike zone. nick has one of the three hits tonight. he went after the first pitch in his first at-bat in the first inning and doubled. ground ball off the glove deflected towards ramirez. that will be a hit.
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that probably would have gone throughout middle, but uggla was breaking towards the bag and markakis benefits from the ball hitting the glove of the pitcher sean west. >> buck: it is probably sharply hit enough to get through the infield. as you can see, the infielders are straight away that. ball was a pretty good one- hopper back off the glove side of the pitcher. ramirez changes directions and picks it up. he had no chance with roberts, nora and markakis at first. so, a little something going here now for adam jones. >> jim: here is where you can get back in the game with a long ball. unfortunately, orioles have not been hitting home runs. they have only one home run total over the past three games. that was matt wieters' home run here on tuesday night. >> buck: yeah, opposite field home run into the seats in left field, but right now adam jones, you can see in the series he's 0-9. he needs to get a good pitch and reck nie nice that sean west is battling his control here with two outs.
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>> jim: retired the first two hitters oob andino and hill easily and now two men on. a ground ball weakly into second. there's uggla. flips to ramirez at second for the force on markakis rand the inning ends. so, roberts walks. he's left stranded and birds fail to score in the fifth. the sauce is a mouthwatering blend of sweet & spicy. every bite delivers a kick of asian chilies, real red pepper flakes, and a hint of garlic. it's about as far as it gets from fast food. and that's why you get it at wendy's. female announcer: introducing sweet & spicy asian chicken. one of three new chicken temptations from wendy's. it's waaaay better than fast food. it's wendy's.
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joits time to bring you up  speed with the at&t rapid rewind. >> buck: rich hill got off to a great start against coghlan, bonifacio and hanley ramirez all swinging, but the marlins made a quick adjustments. -- adjustment. cody ross hitting with two outs in the second hits a two-run home run and that was the score 3-0, dan uggla hits another two- run home run. thatgame came in the third inning. that's where we stand here top of the fifth. >> jim: at&t, the nation's fastest 3g network, at&t, your
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world delivered. so, rich hill still on goes to work in the bottom of the fifth. he had a very strong fourth inning three up, three down. already has six strikeouts in this game, but he has been hurt by those two two-run homers. >> buck: it's something that has not been a problem for him throughout the course of his season as jim mentioned earlier in the game, he had given up just one home run and that was to ryan zimmerman in the early portion of interleague play at washington. >> jim: emilio bonifacio leads off and takes inside. ramirez on deck. then jorge cantu in the fifth inning. bonifacio slices to right. markakis is there. one down in the florida fifth. covering the bases tonight with rich hill and one of the things we were curious about, we asked him what was one of his most
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interesting jobs other than baseball. >> i don't know if i should be saying this, but i sold perfume, men's cologne at the filene's in massachusetts at the mall. my first offseason as a professional baseball player. >> do you have a favorite scent? >> i don't know. i'm pretty good at it though actually. that's awful. >> jim: now, if you're looking for cologne and go to the filene's in massachusetts, you see this 6'5" guy, do you have confidence he understands what he's doing? >> buck: i appreciate his honesty. he could have kept that story to himself. you know what? early in your career, a lot of players worked in the offseason just to get through the wintertime. he came out of university of michigan and was drafted. and then went into play pro


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