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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 25, 2009 8:30pm-9:00pm EDT

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how you're going to occupy the offseason. he was a fourth-round pick out of university of michigan and certainly just didn't want to sit around so he figured i'll get a job. in the northeast, filene's is a big name. >> jim: absolutely. hanley ramirez fouling one off his foot. he wept down in a hurry. >> buck: he uses that exaggerated leg kick. gets the foot down. it hit right on the inside of his instep of that left foot. >> jim: count holding 0-2 on ramirez. none out, one on. curves outside. hanley ramirez acquired in november 2005. he had mays made his big league debut that september with the red sox just outside, 2-2.
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above theever boston was look to go shore up their starting rotation and they were able to get josh beckett away from the florida marlins and the marlins insisted they take mike luol. i'm sure the red sox all knees -- mike lowell. i'm sure the red sox all these years later were blad they -- glad they did. hanley ramirez hanley ramirez was their top prospal tekt and -- prospect and came to florida and he rips one down to second base for a double. down in the count and he's still able to extend the arms and pull -- pull it for a one- out double. >> buck: again, they are able to sit back and look breaking ball. there's the step. keeps his hands back. really drills it down the left- field line. melvin mora dives. timed it perfectly. it's just beyond his reach. hanley ramirez is having some series. >> jim: two hits tonight. he has a double, a single and an rbi. jorge cantu. aggressive swing. he fouled it back.
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>> buck: when you think of that trade that involved hanley ramirez, it was a pretty, aggressive trade for both teams. ramirez came down here with anibal -- anibal sanchez and garcia. he was obviously the focal point of the trade n return, red sox got josh beckett, mike lowell and guillermo moto. that's pretty good trades for both clubs. we understand the impact it's had on the red sox with mike lowell recapturing his swing. he was perfectly suited to play at fenway park. >> jim: as for florida, they were looking to get rid of the contracts, the salaries and boston was happy to take it on because of the players that came with those contracts. >> buck: what's really interesting too is boston has done such a great job of developing that they had to make a decision between a guy names dustin pedroia or hanley ramirez. they, too, made another good decision there. >> jim: cantu gets into one deep to left field down the
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line and it is foul! it hooked foul at the last moment. it's a lonely foul ball bouncing down the stairs. >> buck: cantu. we talk about the balance of power in this lineup. there are guys that can really do damage. an 86 -mile-per-hour fastball. they change their pattern a bit going with their fastball with two strikes. you can see it's clearly foul well to the left that have left field foul pole. >> jim: 1-2 is fouled off. there are no fans in the upper deck. they rarely sell tickets up there. that baseball is all by itself up there in the upper deck. somebody will find it. ball and two strikes on cantu with ramirez at second base. hard-hit ball fair down the
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line heading for the corners. ramirez will easily score as reimold digs it out. back to bag doubles. it's a 6-0 florida lead. >> buck: the marlins have zeroed in on rich hill tonight. seven hits, five runs, two-run home runs and cantu delivers an rbi double. down and in, not a bad pitch probably out of the strike zone. he's able to keep it fair just in inside the bag. chad fairchild, the third base umpire positioned righted on foul line had a good look at it. dave trembley weighs waiting forconfirmation that mark hendrickson might be ready in that bullpen and matt wieters is out back to fix it up. a couple more pitches here. then, he'll get eight in the game. there's the manager coming out.
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looks like he's going to make a change. >> jim: he's not yet said no. there he does. so, one left-hander will replace another and a disappointing night for rich hill leaves trailing 6-0 after winning in the first game of the road trip in philadelphia. so, hill leaves. he goes 4 1/3. hendrickson comes on in the fifth. she has the env touch from verizon wireless. the one thing i do not need is a new phone. ok, that's hot. the apps are really cool. you got twitter... "need for speed" i like "need for speed". i make calls, that's it. show him the "gpsgolf" thing. oh, yeah, this is really sweet. see, i'd never use that stuff. do not set that down, i will take it. there's a lot to env. the app-friendly env touch and env 3. only from america's largest 3g network.
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>> jim: come out and join us as the orioles take on the nationals. first 10,000 fans 15 and over will receive a batting jersey presented by real street staffing. all fans are invited to stay after the game for american movie classics after the game presented by the maryland lottery as the movie "field of dreams" will be shown on the video board. don't miss a night at the ballpark at 888-848-bird or on- line at short night for rich hill, bub. he goes 4 1/3. he's been charged with six earned runs and a runner on base at second. cantu is his responsibility. >> buck: mark hendrickson comes into the ballgame as now he's going it try to put up zeros here. hendrickson had an inning worked last night. came in in the sixth inning and gave up three hits in a row and the irony of it was two of the hits for doubles and they didn't score.
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that came in that sixth inning when uggla sing told right field and anticipated that hermida was going to score. he didn't get himself into scoring position. >> jim: swept towards third. mora charges. -- charges. throws on the run and just did get him as uggla was hustling down the line moving to third base is cantu now with two men down. >> buck: melvin mora knew that he had to make a strong throw here as he came in a couple of feet right here he got a throw on the run. because did he that so far in front of the base path, uggla is out by an eyelashment opt play,cantu moves up to third base. not much melvin mora can do there. he had to make sure he got the out at first. >> jim: uggla is retired for the first time tonight. he's 2-3. here is ronny paulino, the catcher. takes a strike.
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paulino did not agree with the call, but he's making a friendly gesture in his conversation with john hirschbeck. 0-1 the count on the right- handed batting catcher. hill misses outside. amazing thing about this game, marlins have a 6-0 lead. we're only in the fifth. they've been retired three up, three down twice in this game. really maximized their scoring chances by grouping the base hits. of course, a pair of two home runs doesn't hurt. 1-2 on paulino. cantu at third. he drove in a run this inning with an rbi double after hanley ramirez doubled. hill got ahead of ramirez and couldn't put him away. fastball is a little high.
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paulino is 28 years old. very good numbers in these situations with a runner in scoring position. before the game today, buck and i got out to the ballpark early and came up to the booth and i noticed that the marlins were on the field with the regular catcher john baker. now, baker was not going to start tonight. he's a left-handed batter. rich hill starting. they used this day for baker to work on his throwing trying to catch potential base stealers. fredi gonzalez, the manager, who was a catcher in his minor league days never made it to the big leagues. he was behind home plate with baker and he was squatting down along with baker almost as if he was the umpire because he wanted to look at the mechanics of the throws. it was interesting to watch. baker is looking very hard at it under the mid-afternoon
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heat. high fly ball to center field. jones has a play. back pedaling now. he has it for the out and the inning ends. so, hendrickson comes on and gets the final two outs as the sun sets in florida. the marlins had a run -- add a run. (announcer) you do have health insurance don't you? if you don't, now you're in luck. carefirst bluecross blueshield can cover you for as little as $75 a month. depending on the plan you choose. just call us at the number on your screen for the plan that's right for you. carefirst bluecross blueshield lets you customize coverage so you have an individual plan that suits you best. select a ppo or an hmo, add vision or dental-- you can design a plan that fits your budget and protects you even as your life changes.
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call us at the number on your screen and get this free information kit. when it comes to protecting your health you can count on carefirst bluecross blueshield. call today and get the benefit of blue. odds are you'll need it. >> jim: orioles have work t trailing 6-0 coming up to bat in the sixth inning. ty wigginton will lead off. wigginton who gets infrequent
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starts has been doing a good job at the plate. >> buck: he sure has. we talked to him earlier on this trip about how challenging it is for him to stay sharp. he had a lot of playing time the last couple of years. when you don't get a chance to play all the time, you have to work extra hard to keep the timing. seven-game hit streak. he hit over .500 during that streak with four home runs and -- two home runs and four rbi's. here tuesday he was #-2 with an rbi and part of that big comeback in that ninth inning. he mentioned ben he was playing a all the time for tampa bay and all the way back to the mets when he had more regular playing time, he didn't have to do all the extra work in the batting cage he's done this year. you've got to do what you got to do to stay sharp. he has been able to raise his batting average to a point where coming into this game tonight, he was hitting .261. >> jim: gets into one foul down the left side 0-2. when you're 13-24 last, you're doing
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something right. >> buck: he's got his average up to .264 now. he's headed in the right direction for sure. >> jim: here is the 0-2. it's a little low the off-speed pitch. sean west trying to which his third game of the big leagues and this is his seventh start. fastball wide of the plate. he still does not have a three up, three down inning, but the orioles have stranded every base runner they've had in this game. six in all. florida had two innings where they kept a lot of pressure on rich hill. orioles have not been able to do that against sean west. >> buck: even when they got him into the stretch, they haven't put anything back to back and can't get things go joy -- going. >> jim: popped wide of first base. cantu sofer and runs out of room. it's back in the crowd.
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mora on deck. then nolan reimold here in the sixth inning. 3-2 is fouled back. >> buck: pretty good rip of the fastball over the plate. pretty confident he was going to -- going to get a fastball. his club down by six here in the sixth inning. >> jim: 3-2 on ty wigginton leading off in the orioles sixth. it's inside, ball four. in fact, gets away from paulino. so, ty wigginton goes down to first base. we talked about the orioles certainly have time in this game to get back. they're going to have to break what is really now an extensive home run drought. melvin mora comes to the plate now, buck, 148 consecutive at- bats since his last home run.
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38 games. look, this is not just melvin. it is up and down the lineup with the home run hitters. >> buck: yeah, and even when you look at the total numbers they've hit in june, fewest in the american league at 16. it's been kind of a home run drought up and down the order. that's one guy that everybody is in a collective, little funk. that hit him. >> jim: that hit melvin mora. john hirschbeck calls it immediately. so, orioles get two on with none down on a walk and a hit batsman. >> buck: it's just the second time tonight that back-to-back oriole hitters have reached base. melvin trying to hang in there and that ball brushed his forearm. that's going to bring pitching coach mark wily out to talk to his young hitter. sean west just 23 years old make his seventh major league start up from double-a. you're going to have peaks and valleys with young guys. they are going to have their control and command come and go during the course of a
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ballgame. mark wiley out trying to remind sean of the good delivery, using all your pitches, pitching ahead. you have a six-run cushion now. there's no reason to be real conservative with your approach. that's tim wood who is loosening up down in that bullpen. this is a depleted bullpen. they have taken some lumps. they have lost their closer matt lindstrom to the d. l. leo nunez probably not available tonight. he's got a sprained ankle. theeft they'd just assume give him another night of rest. then, they have a couple guys who haven't pitched much. tim wood hasn't pitched in the major leagues yet. >> jim: yeah, he can't wait to get in a game. he keeps warming up and never gets in. here is reimold batting with two on, none out. orioles a chance to get back in this game here in the sixth. nolan, 1-it on the -- 1-2 on the night with a single. curve ball outside.
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1-0. firestone league leaders. let's take a look at the rookies and the rbi leaders. there's nolan reimold 17 leading chris getz of the white sox among the rookies. brett gasher of the yankees ahead of reimold in batting average. nolan still leads in home runs and rbi's. >> buck: yeah, he's done a nice job coming up here and displaying some early power. it's something we have talked about often how younger players like reimold have a tens tendency to develop a little better power swing as they get more comfortable. a little more knowledge of theleague. a little more confidence when to take that big swing. he has not really ever made me think he was trying to hit home runs. he's just got legitimate power. he doesn't have to pull it to hit it out. he can hit it out anywhere in the ballpark. >> jim: 17 home runs combine. nine in triple-a, eight here with the birds. 1-2 on him. and he got him. that is a huge out for sean
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west as he got ahead of reimold and got him to wave at a breaking ball for the out. >> buck: yeah, he gets it back down into a good spot in the strike zone. he throws this strike a ball a- breaking ball. it's a strike for a while. that forces reimold to try to protect the plate. it breaks down and dives out of the strike zone. >> jim: matt wieters now twice has flied out to right field. once to the warning track. here is a ground ball towards the middle. ramirez has it. flips to secondment one. back to first and there's two! what a play by ramirez and uggla up the middle. not only to deny wieters of a base hit, but turning two to end the inning. so, orioles have two on, none out. 6-4-3 ends the inning. birds fail to score. 
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joilt. >> jim: leer is our coors freedz cam brought to you by frost brewed croors light the world's most refreshing beer. >> buck: rich hill throwing to cody ross. ross squares up on it. you see that ball in the big part of the barrel as he hits his 13th home run. then, dan uggla same type of swing, same position on the bat barrel right in the sweet spot. he drives his 15 lt home run out. also a two-run home run. that came in the third.
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>> jim: mark hendrickson came on and got the final two outs in thiveth -- fifth. he stays on. 6-0, florida. orioles are having a difficult time grouping their hits. they've had base runners in every inning. they have stranded seven men on. thefd they had eight base runners, seven left on and one erased on the double play by wieters that ened the inning. fine play up the middle by hanley ramirez. bounce to short. andino waits on the hop. he gets it to first. ross retired, one away. florida is hot. they've won four in a row in 8- 11. they're thriving in these interleague games. they sure love playing the orioles. they are 5 15-5 all time against the orioles.
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brett carroll, the right fielder, takes one in the dirt. the difference in the division you play in is huge. marlins are one above .500, two games out of first place. they're in third place in the east. phillies have a game and a half lead on the mets and two on the marlins. there's a base hit up the middle by brett carroll. the braves are three below .500. they are only four games out of first place. >> buck: yeah, they are taking it on the chin tonight. yankees are out in front 8-3 after just 3 1/2 innings in atlanta. marlins will go to tampa bay to finish out interleague play this year. josh johnson opens up the series in st. petersburg. >> jim: jeremy hermida pinch- hitting for the pitcher sean
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west. slice it is to left. reimold back on it. he has it for the out. two men down. hermida going after the first pitch. carroll back to first base and back to the top of the lineup for chris coghlan. >> buck: coghlan doubled in his second at-bat sandwiched by two strikeouts. struck out on the first on a breaking ball and struck out in the fourth inning also object a -- also on a breaking ball. had a double as part of the three-run third inning.
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>> jim: brett carroll leading from first with two men out. sliced foul. this is one of the few stadiums that i have noticed during the game as we're waiting for the orioles to start batting practice in front of the dughts dugouts there are no fences to protect the players on the bench. i guess that's in part because this is a dual stadium and those dugouts do literally disappear when they play football in here. that pitch down and in and coghlan can't reach it. he's down on strikes and the inning ends. a one-out single and a man left. we'll head to the seventh. birds need runs down by six. s. s. - it's on. - oh, it's on, all right. - it's on. - it is totally on. jimmy, it's on. it's on. oh, yeah, it's on. pilot: affirmative, it's on.
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here you go. thanks! cubiclé. if you haven't tried a mocha yet, mccafé your day. ♪ ba da ba ba ba >> jim: we invite you to us tomorrow. more o's action. brad bergesen on the mound against ross detwiler. our coverage on masn begins at 6:30 with "o's xtra" presented by at&t followed by game coverage at 7:00. we've got all the access you need right here on masn. here is a look at our m abd & t bank pitching matchup tomorrow and a couple of youngsters. >> buck: ross detwiler, number one pick in 2007. same draft as matt wieters of the he has made his impression and is off to a decent start. brad bergesen, boy, what a savior he has been. he'll make his 13th start tomorrow his e.r.a. under 4.00. a 4-2 record.
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he's getting better and better. each time out he seems to make more adjustments and he'sth really settled in effectively in this rotation. >> jim: here is tim wood about to make his major league debut. he finally gets into a game. sean west was lift ford a pinch- hitter after going six scoreless innings. there's a line drive right to uggla off the bat of andino and that's how it's going tonight for the orioles. >> buck: it sure is. tim wood, he was ducking out of the way. wasn't quite sure where that first big league pitch was going to end up. watch the pitcher's reaction. ducks out of the way, but it's right at the second baseman, dan uggla. >> jim: out of tucson, arizona. he was drafted by the marlins in the 44th round in 2002 out of junior college in arizona in his hometown of tucson.
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how about that. a 44th-round pick. salses salazar pinch-hitting for -- oscar salazar pinch- hitting for mark hendrickson. takes a trying. -- takes a strike. there's a bouncer towards the hole. rearses dekes it short. long throw across. he got him! bang-bang play. wally bell says the ball beat the foot to the bag. two men out. >> buck: salazar made it close. ramirez took a little extra time. boy, he's got a strong armment watch how he rights himself really loads that powerful arm and guns across the diamond just in time to get salazar. that's nolan who is running takes exran crow hop and gets into good position just before salazar's foot comes down on the bag. >> jim: that one looked like it could have gone


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