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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 25, 2009 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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the marlins get that call on the strong throw by hanley ramirez. here is brian roberts. he's 0-2 with a walk trying to extend a hitting streak to seven straight. 1-0, ball outside, 1. tim wood was brought along very slowly after he signed. he didn't even pitch in 2002 the year he was drafted. that's outside ball three. if he was in a-ball every year of his career from 2003 through 2008 before last year, finally earning a promotion to double- a. there's a two-out walk.
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>> buck: you can see he has pretty good movement on -- movement on his fastball. so far in this inning he's really battling his butterflies and nerves as this is his first inning in the big leagues. he's got good arm strength and a lot of good movement on that fastball. >> jim: nick markakis has a a couple of hits in this game. looking to find that stroke. now has 23 multihit efforts on the year. there's another base hit. hard-hit ball pass the glove of uggla. roberts goes to second and holds there. two of his three hits tonight have come on the first pitch. >> buck: he's basically all the offense tonight. only other hit is a nolan reimold base hit. actually, wigginton had a single into center field. so, markakis has more than half the hits tonight. that's his third a bullet pass the diving second baseman dan uggla. that's a good sign. get nick going again.
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>> jim: again, orioles are a long ball away from getting back into this game. they continue to get base runners. they've had base runners in all seven of their at-bats. they can't get the big hit to get a run in. here is adam jones. hard had been hit -- hard-hit ball the but right to the shortstop ramirez. there's the force on markakis. a hit, a walk and two men left. seventh inning stretchtime in miami. tonight's seventh inning stretch brought to you by jack daniel's tennessee whiskey. please drink responsibly.
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marlins have done a nice job hitting with runners on base tonight. it's 6-0. they've collected nine hits overall. cody ross, two-run home run. dan uggla had a two-run home run, a single and a couple of rbi's. rich hill was roughed up tonight over his 4 1/3. six inning runs -- six earned runs. he had three -- six strikeouts. three came in the first inning as he struck out the side all swinging. chris ray comes out of the bullpen after mark hendrickson did a nice job pitching 1 2/3 innings and struck out one and hit a batter. now ray will try to follow him and val have the same kind of success shutting down this marlin team. it the orioles miss another opportunity to get on the board. now nine men left on base through seven at-bats. here is bonifacio. he'll bat from the left side. hanley ramirez and cantu will follow. slapped foul out in the crowd.
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12,822 attendance tonight. bonifacio struck out, he fliedout and laid down a sacrifice bunt. fouls it back again. chris ray back with the team. his second appearance. he got into the game on tuesday night and looked very good. that was the game the marlins eventually won in 1 innings. pitched 1 1/3 innings scoreless. check the swing. no swing says the third base umpire chad fairchild. ray came on after danys baez had started the seventh inning, and he allowed four runs on the grand slam by hanley ramirez.
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actually, five runs because there was a single that got that inning going by cody ross, and then ray came on and got the final two outs in the seventh and then did not allow a run in the eighth. 1 2/3 to get back at it. orioles sent them back down to triple-a to get his mechanics straightened out. it was sock saysful trip. breaking ball is inside. >> buck: sure was. chris ray had the right attitude when he went down to pitch in norfolk. he went down there with one thing in his mind is to get handle on his mechanics. get the ball down in the zone and make the better quality pitch. so far, we've seen that. >> jim: low, 3-2 ton bonifacio. ground ball, base hit, left field. so, bonifacio is on with a leadoff single and now look out. >> buck: he's one of the fastest guys in the big leagues and he's done a nice job.
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>> jim: don't forget, sunday, first 20,000 fans 15 and over against the nationals at 1:35 receive an orioles cap presented by dap plus kids 14 and under can run the bases after the game. tickets run as low as $9. tickets at 888-848-bird or on- line at hanley ramirez fouls it back. ramirez had another good night at the plate. rbi single and a run scored in the third then a double and a run scored in the fifth. he's having a heck of a home stand. now 9-21 with a couple of home runs and nine rbi's. slider for a strike, good pitch. >> buck: he's had seven rbi's against the orioles including the grand slam jim mentioned then a two-run base hit in the
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first inning in last night's game against jason berken. probably going to be the starting shortstop in the all- star game coming up in st. louis. >> jim: by the way, i saw the rosters were announced today, buck, for the futures game and the orioles once again have a couple of prospects heading to that game and they're both pitchers. >> buck: yeah, that's great news for the organization. both brian matusz and chris tilghman will represent the orioles at the futures all-star game sunday july 12 in st. louis as part of the all-star festivities. tilghman is 5-4 with a .259 -- 2.59 e.r.a. in 12 starts for the norfolk tithes tides and brian matusz between a-ball and double-a is 5-2 with a 1.98 e.r.a. in 12 starts between frederick and bowie and struck out 85 while walking just 22.
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so, congratulations to both of those orioles farmhands. >> jim: ramirez down on strikes. chris ray gets him. one away. last year, jake air yetia went to the fewiers game and then right after that he shortly went to the olympics. >> buck: that's a pretty good breaking ball right there. 83 miles per hour. in fact, it may have been the splitter. it was a hard splitter down with a lot of late movement. gets hanley ramirez. ramirez strikes out for the second time tonight. >> jim: one down. bonifacio still at first. here is cantu. takes inside. >> buck: well, there's more good news in the orioles in the minor league front. obviously, their number one pick matt hobgood has been named the national high school player of the year by "usa today". quite an accomplishment to be recognized with all the great high school players around the country. so, we send our congratulations to matt hobgood.
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>> jim: orioles continue to get the draft picks signed. the higher draft choices generally are the last to sign. hobgood is the fifth overall pick. here is the 2-1 looped into left field. that's going to fall for a base hit. reimold over. bonifacio will stop at second base. reimold plays it back in and jorge cantu has his second hit tonight. two singles in the inning first and second, one down. >> buck: cantu gets out of that front foot. that looks like another splitter. it kind of stayed up. he's able to one hand it into left field. kind of drops the hit on it as it was out away from him and just use that had bottom hand
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to drive it into left field. >> jim: bonifacio at second. cantu at first with only one out. dan uggla, single, two-run home run. he's scored twice. 2-3 overall. orioles fly home after the game get in in the wee hours and fly home after the nationalities. night games friday and saturday and the day game and the finale on sunday. then, that will do it for the interleague play for the year. it's not a very long home stand. orioles have a long road trip after that because the nats are in for three and the red sox are in for three and then the orioles have to head to the west coast. ground ball towards third. mora plays the hop. goes to second for one. roberts, out at first base! wally bell a little delayed
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call there, but three very close plays at third base. bell called all three out. mora to roberts back to wigginton. two hits, one left. we'll head to the eighth. birds down by six. 
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>> amber: back in florida, orioles trailing this one 6-0 in the eighth inning. checking in on news and notes from around the major leagues. a lot happening today. the tigers defeated the cubs 6- 5 for their seventh straight win. also, brad lidge in philly
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reinstated from the 15-day disabled list. i know that's big for the phillies. mets have defeated the cardinals today 3-2 in a battle of former cy young award winners. santana beats carpenter -- beat carpenter today. >> jim: that must have been some game to watch. >> buck: yeah, 3-2 ballgame. a pretty good game as santana has been sculg scuffling. he has not pitched well lately but seems to turn it around today in a big win for the mets. >> jim: wigginton against wood leading off for the orioles in the eighth. the fastball down and in that wigginton couldn't reach. >> buck: amber talked about the activation of brad lidge. phillies got off to a 4-0 lead in the first inning with tampa bay. tampa bay has since come back and now they lead it 6-4. that national league east is going to be a real dogfight all the way down to the wire.
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no clear cut dominant team in that division. >> jim: wigginton pops it out behind second base. cody ross coming in. the center fielder takes charge. he has it for the out. one away in the oriole eighth inning. tim wood make his major league debut in relief. he's now gone 1 1/3 inning scoreless. >> buck: you don't think his heart is pounding a little bit right now? there's a guy who was a very late draft pick. no chance -- a chance to play. just kind of worked his way step by step through the minor leagues and here he is making his major league debut tonight. >> jim: this is low to melvin mora. following last season, he was one of the players florida sent to the arizona fall league. he's got to get back to his home state of arizona and get
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in extra work. chopped towards the hole. there's bonifacio wide of the bag. he gets him. two men down. melvin is hitless on the night. he is now 0-3. time now for you to text in your vote. the at&t player of the game. here of the choices. dan uggla, cody ross or sean west. all please of those very deserving tonight. text in your vote now have your voice heard a, b or c. uggla has a two-run home run. west, six scoreless innings. reimold fouls it back. you talk about the orioles home stand coming up. it is three with the nats. then, three with the red sox. a wednesday game next week is a day game. reimold hits a high pop to shallow left center field. charging in it -- charging in is coghlan and orioles go quietly here in the eighth three up and three down.
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reimold now 1-4 on the night. bottom of the eighth coming up. 6-0, marlins.
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>> jim: chris ray on for his second inning of work. marlins with a 6-0 lead a p of two-run home runs in this game. also rbi hits by ramirez and cantu. so, three, four, five and seven in the lineup have the rbi's and here is ronny paulino, the catcher, the number six hitter against chris ray. ground ball deflected by ray. he lost his glove. that's going to be a hit. that's right there for the orioles. roberts was breaking towards the middle because that ball was heading towards the middle, but it hit ray and deflected towards the area that roberts had vacated. >> buck: this is a hard shot. ronny paulino hit the ball hard all night long. this works its way back towards the middle. chris ray swipes at it behind his back. the ball caroms over between first and second. paulino has an infield hit. play a-- ray appears to be
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fine. he waves the training staff off suggesting he glot a lot -- he got a lot of glove on that ball. >> jim: here is cody ross. he's become a fan favorite here. fans are chanting for him as he comes up. 28 years old. he throws a slider for a strike. you never know the circumstances -- circumstances of why a team moves a certain player unless you know an organization like we know the players. you don't know the players. when you see a player like cody ross who adds so much to a team which is a complimentary player and not to mention that home run bout, why a team like cincinnati a team for years had trouble getting back in contention would let him go. they picked him up from the
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dodgers, cincinnati did, then turned right around and shipped him here no florida. he played only two games for the reds. >> buck: you see what he's doing here in florida finally getting an opportunity to play every dame. he was -- day. he was originally signed by the tigers. tigers had him for a while. he made it to the big leagues in 2003. you know, he hit fairly well throughout the minor leagues. always showed some pop. always had double digit home runs in the minor league system. then, kind of bounced from there over to the dodgers for a limited time for parts of two seasons. >> jim: ground ball towards the middle. it's a base hit pass the dive of andino. so, back-to-back hits here in the eighth inning. cody ross has a two-hit night. don't forget orioles are hosting a series of baseball camps all designed for boys and girls ages 7-16. tutorial baseball summer camp will feature a four-day instructional program with player appearance by current
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around former orioles plus professional instructors and you get autographs and -- autograph and photo tiewpts and daily lunch opportunities. go to and click on fan forum to register and find out more. here is brett carroll the nment number eight batter. he takes a strike. carroll has played in each game of the series coming on defensively in right field. tonight, he got a start with the orioles starting the left- hander rich hill. check swing. he fouled it off. it's 0-2. orioles in the ninth will have wieters andino and then the pitcher -- pitcher's spot due up. luke scott and aubrey huff available on the bench to pinch- hit. each given the night off.
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1-2 as he doesn't chase that pitch off the plate. paulino at second. ross at first with none down. there's another base hit. hard hit ball into left field. paulino goes to third. he'll hold there. so, three hits in the inning. all three hit very hard. >> buck: now the marlins hit total up to 14 as they have really come alive with the bats here. 1-2 pitch. just kind of left it out over the plate. no real good location there. it was up. it was out over the plate, and brett carroll has his second hit including a walk.
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good night. >> jim: back to the bullpen phone for rick kranitz. here is the pinch-hitter ross gload. this is the pitcher's spot. gloid gload gets into just about every game for the marlins. pinch-hitting. he has found a nice home here. you know, the runner is paulino, ross and carroll, third to first with gload facing chris ray. pop foul out of play. >> buck: yeah, gload hit in the seventh inning in game one here and got a base hit as part of the five-run seventh inning. game two, he came on as a pinch- hitter against matt albers and struck out. that also came in the seventh inning. >> jim: 1-1 is off the plate. chris ray gave up a hit. actually, two hits and bo --
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and got a double play in the seventh. five hits and he's still not allowed a run. bases loaded. nobody out. >> buck: ross gload went to college at university of south florida in tampa. going to bounce around. played some in kansas city. he's a pretty good hitter. certainly well suited to play in the national league. he's come off the bench and swing that bat. >> jim: 2-2 skied to left. reimold a long run doesn't get there, but it's foul. there's brian bass now getting loose in the orioles pen. >> buck: the orioles would have
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liked not to have to use another reliever. they have used two here tonight. mark hendrickson came on in the fifth and throws out that inning and gave them one more. >> jim: 2-2. he got him. chris ray gets a big strikeout there as gload goes down and one away. now a double play gets him out of it. >> buck: well, 2-2, he really gets this wall in a -- ball in a good spot inside and puts ross gload in all sorts of knocks. big swing. he couldn't come up with it and that ball beat him 95-mile-per- hour in a good location. second strikeout for chris ray tonight. >> jim: back to the top of the lineup. here is chris coghlan, the leadoff man. there's a strike. >> buck: coghlan had an interesting night 1-4. that double came in the third inning and he struck out in his other
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three at-bats. he's down in the count 0-#. chris ray got himself into a jam not trying to get out of it and keep this as is already trailing the orioles by six runs with only one more at-bat. 0-2 on coghlan, the left fielder. ground ball to first. wigginton will come to the plate to cut off the run and in throw back to first base. is that right play by wigginton not to get hit hard enough by two. he breaks off the run. two men are down in the florida eighth inning. this copyrighted telecast presented by authority of the orioles. may not be reproduced or retransmitted in any form and accounts and description of this guy may not be disseminated without express written consent of the orioles. two down.
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here is bonifacio. a very good series against the orioles. lined to left field and that ball for a base hit. ross scores. the other runner held at third. carroll not wanting to trub in because it looked like carroll had such a big jump he might have got into an rbi single for bonifacio and it's 7-0. >> buck: he just slaps this ball the opposite way and right at nolan reimold. plays ton one hop and boe porter stops the second un-- bo porter stops the second run. he's scored twice tonight. >> jim: here is hanley ramirez with the bases loaded. slider swings through it.
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looking for a fastball and he didn't get it. >> buck: he's already hit one grand slam in this series. he has two on the season. this grand slam came on friday night against baez wease -- danys baez in that five-run seventh inning. >> jim: high fly ball, left field. did he get enough? reimold back on it. it is gone. another grand slam for hanley ramirez. a high fly ball that kept on going. he has a five rbi game and the marlins are laying it on. >> buck: watch the location of this pitch. it's up out over the plate. not a good pitch. not a good location. looked like a hanging splitter. he didn't get on top of it. he certainly left it in a very dangerous part of the strike zone


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