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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 25, 2009 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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nick, four hit on the night even walked his other time. two doubles, two singles. web he gets hot, he can put up a lot of numbers. >> nick markakis did drive in a run in the in the three-run ninth inning and gregg zaun drove in two. four hits for nick markakis tonight plus a walk including clg two doubles. when we come back, we'll talk a little bit about the futures game and the orioles, the young players that have made that futures game which will be played july 12th in st. louis that. story next when we continue our coverage of the orioles after the birds lose to florida 11-3.
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2006. matusz now 5-2 for the season. tilghman at 2.59, 5-4. 59 hits and impressive numbers and 70 strikeouts and 85 strikeouts for brian matusz. last year's number one draft choice. time to take a loot at our down on the farm report on the scoreboard. norfolk lost to pawtucket. snyder had a big night. 2-4, a triple and a double. bowie,-bingham top. 2-0, bowie in the top half. liz drops down to bowie pitching elsewhere tonight, frederick winning over winston- salem 5-4. delmarva down lakewood 4-2. other games in the orioles minor league system, aberdeen lost to brooklyn 8-0 and bluefield a loser 8-2 tonight. major league baseball highlights from the red sox- nationals game. pick it up. jon smoltz american league debut. first inning. anderson hernandez drives in dunn and josh willingham to
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give the nationals a 4-0 lead on a two-run single by hernandez in the first inning. moving into the sixth inning, bases loaded, nobody out. cristian guzman comes through with a two-run single. willie harris and hanley ramirez will score. nationals take a -- anderson hernandez will score. nationals take a 7-0 lead. big news on alex rodriguez. he comes through with his 10th home run of the season to dead center field. this home run ties him with reggie jackson on the all-time list at 563. congratulations there to alex rodriguez. jon smoltz -- jiewn excuse me, that home run was by alex rodriguez. nationals beating the red sox 9- 3. nationals will be in baltimore starting tomorrow night. cristian guzman delivered a two- run single. new york yankees, 10-6 advantage in the top half of the seventh inning over the atlanta braves. johnny damon had a a throw-run triple and cody with a two-run double. other games in the american league east of concern, the toronto blue jays trailing the reds 7-5 or actually now at the final. red just won that game 7-5. jay
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bruce a-two-run double. a solo -- joey votto, a solo home run, rbi single. wells a two-run double. scott rolen a two-run double. tampa bay, 9-4 over the phillies. game in the bottom half of the seven pt -- seventh inning. ben zobrist had a two-run homer. willy aybar hit a solo home run. his sixth. that's a complete look at the scoreboard. we'll be back around take a look what's ahead with brad bergesen pitching tomorrow night at oriole park at camden yards as the others return home to face the nationals. commuté. with a mcdonald's mccafé hot or iced mocha, a better day is possible. or possiblé. here you go. thanks! cubiclé. if you haven't tried a mocha yet, mccafé your day.
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just a remiebder -- reminder of the bat am of the beltways with pre-game coverage at 6:30 from oriole park at camden yards. tomorrow night, jim hunter's guests. they played together in the minors that. should be an interesting conversation between brian roberts and willie harris who has minor league experience in the orioles organization. ballot of the beltway and also on the schedule for the
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orioles, they have the nationals through the entire weekend and then the boston red sox come into town for three. if you can't watch them on the television, don't forget the sports radio 105.7. when you look back at the series, hanley ramirez, two grand slams. what a pefer fore-- performance. >> i knew he was a good player. i didn't know he was this good. he absolutely crushed the ball the entire series. what a beautiful swing he has. nice check back from home plate. kind of like frank robinson. look at this shot center field bleachers way up there. that's a nose bleed area. hanley ramirez a grand slam that first game. then, again he catches one up in the strike zone off of chris ray. this one he didn't catch quite as well, but he got enough of it to get it up there in that first section above the wall. that's another grand slam late in the game. the game was pretty much out of control by that time. orioles were already losing 6- 0. >> how about the three-game sweep.
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.462 average, two home runs, 11 rbi's, four runs scored and a couple of doubles. i've had many people tell mel -- tell me now that hanley ramirez is one of the top 10 players in the game today. >> there's no doubt in my mind the way he puts that bat on the ball. he hit everything. fastballs in object hi -- in on his hands, sirch sinkers in on his hands. what tells you a guy has a good swing is when he doesn't hit it on the good part of the bat he still gets a base hit. that tells me the guy has a great swing. >> one thing we want to do is apologize for some problems that we had in the ninth inning in south florida with electrical problems where jim and buck had to do play-by-play radio style out of there when the orioles were rallying for three runs marks the second time tonight there were electrical problems from south florida. masn apologizes. we apologize for that and we hope you accept that. tonight, when the orioles begin their series against thenationals beings our pregame coverage at 6:30 and coverage at 7:00. brad bergesen will be on the mound for the orioles. >> i am glad to see brad bergesen back out on the mound. you know it's at least going to be a quick ballgame. he's been pitching so well. that sinker is just the best pitch that i've seen in a long
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time. a lost movement. he should have won his last five ballgames, but he got a couple of no decisions mixed in there. he has won his last two. i'm really happen to -- happy to see him on the mound. i think this will give the orioles an advantage. >> nationals, it will be ross detwiler. >> detwiler as you remember a guy who was drafted in the first pick after matt wieters two years ago in the draft. he's with the nationals right now. pitching in a lot of tough luck. he actually pitched his best ballgame against the orioles a couple weeks ago. he went six innings. only gave up one hit and one run. did not get the decision in that game -- in that game. this will be a nice matchup of two very talented pitchers. good left-hander. good right-hander. >> a 2.39. game coverage starts tomorrow night at 6:30 from baltimore'camden yards. saturday evening, 6:30 pregame. sunday afternoon 1:30 starting. we apologize for some of the technical difficulties we had
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in south florida and tonight. they are no more because the orioles don't have to go to florida anymore the rest of the season. i think everybody in baltimore is glad of that after the orioles were swept by the florida marlins by a score tonight of 11-3. for rick dempsey, this is tom davis. we thank you for watching masn. we'll be looking forward to you rejoining us tomorrow evening at 6:30 from baltimore's camden yards for more orioles coverage. birds begin a three-game series against the washington nationals. brad bergesen on the mound pitching for the orioles and ross detwiler going for the washington nationals. once again, the orioles lose to the florida marlins 11-3. for rick dempsey, this is tom davis. thank you for watching masn. . announcer: for under $1500. we told him you find it, you keep it. this is so sexy. but macs to me are about aesthetics more than they are the computing power. the keyboard is small. that thing is gigantic. it's got four gigs of ram. it's got the processing speed that i need. this laptop has got everything i want. ah! announcer: nice work, g. it's a pc.
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since april 26th. >> albert pujols was 5 for 5 with three grand slams prior to
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today with the bases loaded. in the top of the second. santana decided to challenge him anyway with the bases loaded, and it worked out. retired for the first time this year with the bags stacked. bottom fourth. tied at 1. nick evans. 1 for 3 with two r.b.i., and this is it. mets up #-1. he molina facing frankie k. gets him to fly out. game over. mets get the 3-2 win. winning for the first time in 16 days. santana didn't allow a homer for the first time in his last eight starts. the three earned runs that chris carp per gave up were the most he's allowed in any of his ten starts this season. >> twins and brewers. joe crede, connects for a solo home run.
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that's his 11th of the year. puts the twins up 4-0. and the brewers came back. bottom 6. prince fielder. solo shot. his 1th. and the brewers are down 4-3. top 7. span tripled, walked three times and scored three times. his first game back from the d.l., and the twins take it 6-4. scott baker gets the win. joe mauer went 2 for 5, and his average stands at .395. >> south africa against brazil in the semifinals of the con federations cup. winner takes on the united states in the finals. 42nd minute. kaka is denied with the diving save. 57th minute. the shot, and caesar with the diving save of his own.
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81st minute. comes in to replace santos. 7 minutes later, aaron knees ramirez. so brazil gets the free kick. and the brazillians take advantage. takes the free kick and bends it past. and the substitution, 7 minutes earlier pays dividends for bra disil again, helped by the penalty. made some outstanding saves, but not able to stop that one. bra skill will face the u.s. in the finals. you can see the finals sunday on espn at 2:00 eastern. >> usa versus brazil, another david versus goliath situation. can they beat brazil? without a doubt. but brazil is not spain. spain very disciplined and very predictable in the way they went
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outside. brazil can beat you in so many different ways. they can dribble on you, do a combination play. and we saw today, they can score on set pieces. what does the usa have to do? don't let up in early goals. he let one up in the first cup of minutes, he can't do that. you have to mark people on set pieces. then take a page out of the spanish performance. attack from the start. first 20 minutes, it will be great to see the u.s. have some opportunities and send the message to brazil that they're not going to defend the entire game. >> we come back here on espnews we'll update you on the nba draft. and that wasn't the only big and that wasn't the only big story in the association would you like to see our new menu? look at this! (laughing) - woooh, nice! - that's a lot of food! yo, those things are so-o good. mmm, amazing. you think anybody can eat that whole thing by themselves? it's like i hit the lottery in food. now get big meals, like our stuffed pizza rolls, pizza mia, the p'zone... and our personal panormous pizza starting at just $5. - here's your check! - look at that! (laughing)
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studying the inside of our regulatory authorities i find that although they may have the authority, they may have the money to act, they sometimes don't know how to act or don't act properly and as a result they have all the authority in the world to prevent something from happening but it happens anyway. i want to say that charged with lie against the federal reserve and that is where we are hung up in the course of the dilemma. the federal reserve as i can see it, had several opportunities to prevent this economic crisis. one is the long used 14 years of power to lay down the conditions on mortgage obligations in this country, that all the way through about 12 of those 14 years the federal reserve failed to take any action until you came on the scene and finally
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did have inactive set of standards across the board. if they had enacted earlier standards, most of these toxic assets we talk about would not be circulating around the world that their supported and passed by the united states government. two, there are issues with the federal reserve that they are now requiring additional powers, when they failed to use their-- could you address those two issues? >> certainly and i agree with you. >> the gentleman's time is expired but please answer the question. >> congressman kanjorski you are right, the federal reserve was late to invoke those protection powers. we have been very impressive as you know for the past couple of years. i think it's very important that the fed retains those powers that we strengthen the priority that those seven are decision-making and that we have strengthen accountability to report for coley to congress about what we are doing in these areas so that is very important. in terms of additional powers,
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it is worthwhile pointing out that if you look at the treasury's proposal to make the fed the consolidated supervisor of systemic firms that is not a major difference in terms of power from what we currently have, which is being the supervisor of the financial holding companies. rather it would be not so much a change in power as in a change in approach where what-- whereby we would take a system wide approach and how we would regulate this firms rather than looking at them bank by bank or from my from so it is not a massive increase in power. it is a change in our strategy. >> i thank the gentleman for his response in the chair recognizes mr. turner. >> thank you mr. chairman. >> mr. bernanke want to thank you for being here today. i know that we have had a very difficult time answered with you and mr. paulson and others, we know of work diligently to try to restore the financial security of the country.
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there are divergent opinions of the actions that are taken into how we should approach them. i have voted against every bailout that has come before this congress. and, i have done that because i felt that the programs that were put before us were not clearly defined. the scope of the cost or the expense was not clearly defined. the ability to hold people accountable was difficult to ascertain in programs that were undefined and i think that we are seeing now is the american public looks at this a lot of unintended consequences. there things that are happening that the american people are thinking, that is not what i thought it was going to be. i know you were facing a lot of questions today and they go right to the hard to think of questions concerning the federal government's proper role in private enterprise, how do we step in appropriately, how do we not step in? the federal government has very
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mixed performance when it comes to the issues of interfering or intervention in private enterprise. he this committee has hearings on issues as basic as our contracting processes with private enterprise. we are not a very good customer. many times issues arise for people wonder whether there is an abuse of processes, conflicts of interest, so when you then put another layer of us not being a customer but as being an investor, an entity that is providing e bailout or a been an owner, the people of a great deal of concern. yesterday, i introduced house joint resolution 57, the preserving capitalism in america the amendment. it is a proposed amendment to the united states constitution because it came about as a result of my discussion with people back, because several people that i spoke to said they did not believe enough people were taking a stand to say, this is wrong. i don't believe this should happen in this manner and i know
10:24 pm
we have difficulty but i don't agree with the structure. i don't agree that we should own general motors. the constitutional amendment would limit the ability of the government to acquire an ownership interest in a private corporation for good this give the government the ability to issue loans and allows us to invest in public authorities, public use corporations and allows investments by pension funds. it turns out that as i was discussing this with people in my community that limiting government ownership over private enterprise is not a new idea found at least eight state constitutions that in some form limited the state's ability to acquire stock or equity in a company, apparently as a result of the panic of 1837 which you would know a whole lot more about than i do as a result of your historical expertise but a number of people as the obama administration was ford as the bailouts in the financial sector move forward and as our domestic automobile industry becomes
10:25 pm
publicly owned, the constitutional amendment that i draw the-- dropped yesterday was dropped with 100 to our original cosponsors, nearly a quarter of the house step forward and said i want to support a constitutional moment because the don't think it can be done by statute, that could say we understand that there are times when action needs to be taken for the wind to stand when intervention needs to occur but we do not believe that ownership is a structure that should be an available option. we are very concerned about what happens next. for example, we have a huge ownership interest in general motors. let's say both of them bid on government contracts. what happens then? kingford be sure that they are going to have equal treatment in the government is virtually bidding for its own contract? i would like your thoughts on the amendment and if that amendment was in place, i would like your thoughts as to how you would have gone about it and how
10:26 pm
t.a.r.p. funds would have been used in some of these other things could have been structured in a way we would not have ended up with ownership but he wouldn't respond to our financial crisis? >> i agree with you that limited government intervention in the private sector is frequently a good policy and in that respect i think that is a very good approach. i should say though that in order to make that a policy in our financial sector will need to have a set of rules and regulations that can allow financial firms to fail and i believe in failure. phil year, capitalist and without failure is like religion without sin. you need to have filly by collective failure in a way that is not going to bring down the entire system so if you are going to do that you need to also have rules and regulations that allow a orderly failure of large financial firms.
10:27 pm
>> before, mr. chairman if he would allow me. i don't believe you are saying argue that you think the only way you could have intervened is to result in ownership, that there were instructors of loans and other assistance that could have been provided that wouldn't have ended up and the federal government having an ownership interest and then therefore, when we get this conflict of how was the government going to execute its ownership interest? >> i would have to think about that but if you think about banking crises in history, frequently do have a period of capital being injected by the government which essentially is a temporary ownership. usually does things are only temporary but again, i'm not sure what the alternative would be. i would be happy to think about it but in order to avoid ever having government ownership again the need to figure out a way to avoid having the crisis in the first place and i think that should be the first priority. >> i am very concerned about this and this looks like a line
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that-- thank you so much. >> thank you very much. i yield to the gentleman from massachusetts, mr. lynch. >> thank you mr. chairman. as someone who voted against the tire, i just want to comment on your kind remarks in saying that through the wisdom of congress we passed the t.a.r.p. built. number one, as you may remember, t.a.r.p. was presented to us as a way to purchase toxic mortgages. it was never used for that so what we voted for was never put into action. number two, several weeks after we did the tarred bill we also passed a tar corrections bill, a 400 page bill that the past to correct all the mistakes that the made in tarred so i'm not so sure that the wisdom of congress is necessarily accurately ascribe in that statement. i do want to say, i agree with chairman kanjorski about the
10:29 pm
context in which you took all of this action. the sky was falling, it was a very difficult time. but i do want to say the reason we are going over this chronology is because we have granted the fed enormous independence and there is sometimes the tension between the premise the of the taxpayers' interest and the power of the fed and the independence of the fed and that is why we are going over this. there has been a lot of back-and-forth today but basically what the facts are is that merrill got into trouble very early in 2007 when stanley o'neal was there. it was a very difficult situation. there is a merger proposal that is supported quite strongly between bank of america and merrill lynch. there was an agreement to enter into that merger, and then at some subsequent time, there were major losses. there were early


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