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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 26, 2009 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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he thought he moo knew he could make it and he did. he was safe. so the orioles get a call. 1-1 game as willingham scores. bard stayed at first base. two down. here is willie harris. it is inside 1-rbgs-0. >> jim: i think another thing is if we were going to go back to our pnc scouting report, brad bergesen cannot witch when he gets behind. only dukes was he ahead of him in this inning. >> jim: he falls behind another hitter. >> jim: it looks to me the nationals are do black the nationals did against john smoltz where they hit the ball all over the place. he elevated, talking about smoltz last night. he elevated some pitches and they took advantage of it. >> rob: they were very patient. they had great approaches at the plate. and then they went away from that and started expanding their own zones, especially ryan zimmerman when they started struggling, and we can
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talk about that. peaks and valleys and some guys get depressed. last night against smoltz they started to go back to their old approach. smoltz threw 35 pitches in the first inning. >> jim: 2-1 to harris. low curve ball high and ball three. >> jim: again he gets behind, i'm talking about brad bergesen. he is now 3-1. and you can see him trying not to be predictable, hence the 2-1 curve ball and that is not his strength. his strene spring training to get ahead and throw take ball out of the strike zone. >> jim: 3-2. >> jim: that is the pitch he is going to have to get from brian knight and we have already seen it from markakis, we have seen and brad knight favors the high fastball. >> jim: here are the numbers, jim. >> jim: yes. 115-point swing and maybe 120 points. >> jim: bard will go. 3-2 with two down, and it is inside, ball four and the
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inning continues. so three straight hits followed by a walk and the call at third looming larger now for both the nationals and the orioles it would have been bases loaded, one down. >> rob: and willie harris has had a decent year and he is still hitting in the .230s and this is a problem that the nationals young pitchers have faced giving too much credit to the bottom of the order, not challenging them with fastballs, nitpicking, nibbling on the corners. you end up walking the number eight guy. in the american league you can get hammered on that. in the national league, you know, our pitchers can get away with it because the pitcher is usually walking to the plate. so right here, american league rules, we have a very good nine- hole hitter with speed. >> jim: i call it arena baseball. >> jim: 26 pitches this inning and hernandez fouls it off back at the plate. >> jim: at the end of the day, whether you're 23, you have to understand the inexperience factor with the -- you know wthe batter you have. you have wieters at 22.
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bergesen at 23. 23, yes, they worked together in the minor leagues, but this is the big leagues. but you have to take your game plan and acertain what he has and doesn't have. >> jim: popped him up. aubrey huff mos in on it. he has the play and that is it for the out. two left and the middle of the second and a 1-1 game. i used t. and they're getting in the way of things i'd like to do. with the money bar, i can move my money around instantly, so when there's more bills than usual, it's no problem. and i use the wish list to put any extra money aside for anything i want. being in control of my money feels good. introducing the virtual wallet from pnc, a high-definition, online view of your money. pnc. leading the way.
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>> back at the yard, it loo like the orioles are very close to signing their top draft pick
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from thissier's draft. he was at the yard to receive a physical and he had a chance to walk around the yard, take in a little batting practice and meet some of the guys he very could well play with in the future. he is 6'4", 240 pounds. he is a right-hander out of california, high school, and we're told an official announcement of his signing could come as early as tomorrow. but it will be interesting to meet this top draft pick. i know some of the guys had a chance to and adam jones told me i really like the guy. he kind of has that kaleigh attitude, like me, i think we'll get along great. >> jim: another guy who has that kaleigh attitude. >> jim: they didn't shoot -- >> jim: did you give him a lesson yet? >> jim: no. i tell you, what the kid asked a lot of very, very, very insightful questions. but -- >> jim: luke scott takes ball one. >> jim: i said dave trembley, dave said come out on the field
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and he did. he is wearing plaid shorts with black shoes and white socks and that's when adam jones said you must be from california, the santa monica look. so anyway, i look at him and i say i hear you're siping tomorrow. i said you have the wrong kind of agent. aren't you supposed to wait? he said that is the wrong kind of agent. i want to play. he said i'll make my money the the big leagues. >> jim: luke scott fouls it back. is tonight. >> jim: that tells you how old you are when the number one draft choice is wearing braces. >> jim: 18-year-old out of high school. breaking ball, check swing and fouled it off straight down at the plate. >> jim: i would imagine as detwiler gets that inning, that curve ball is going to even be sharper, as it did in the game he pitched against the orioles
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in washington. right now it is kind of rolling. >> rob: he has not even thrown his good one yet. >> jim: yes. to me it was always a feel good pitch. this is is a perfect count. you don't have to throw it for a strike. there it is. you don't have to throw a strike. and why? because, again, the count is 1- 2. bergesen last inning was reversed. you can stay in these kind of counts. boy, the numbers go down dramatically just for about every major league pitcher, and the hitters, their batting average is up. >> rob: grand canyon. that's how deep they go. >> jim: 1-2 on scott leading off in the oriole second and luke very much a streaky hitter, and he is in one of those market corrections at the moment. three for his last 22 trying to find that stroke. detwiler has it and he turns and throws out the hustling luke scott. one away here in the second inning. don't forget about the cal
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ripken all-stars. think eel be hosting the valley league all-staffers, the mid atlantic classic in wall dore f. you can come out and catch luke scott, aubrey huff, where they all launched their careers. game time is 7:05. get there early and the home run derby at 5:30. the admission is free and your donation will be greatly appreciated. log on to ripken diss senior collegebaseball. org or call. >> rob: i wanted to ask jim about yesterday, smoltz struggling, but for jordan zimmermann who pitched well, but to watch a possible future hall of fame struggle, is that a good 1-2-3 inning or a bad thing for a young player? because i feel it is a good 1-2- 3 inning because it just shows how humbling this level is. >> jim: well, it really is. and you go back and you look at smoltz, he was the 574th selection. and jordan zimmermann was born 353 days after he signed,
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talking about john smoltz. this's how young he was. >> rob: disirm was 2 when smoltz made his big league debut. >> jim: he was not thinking about jordan there when he got signed, june 5, 1986 or something like that. but -- the bay by, somewhere in 1988. the thing about jordan zimmermann that is impressive, if you read the boston globe with the red sox coming in, is he struck out pedroia who was the m.v.p., and he said that's the only second time in almost 400 games that pedroia has ever struck out twice in one game. and the bullpen for the yankees, phil hughes, is now the other guy. >> jim: two outs and none on following the melvin mora ground out. as the orioles continue this stretch of left-handed starters against them. so the switch hitter is getting a lot of at-bats from the right side. now, that is high. ball three. detwiler averages about 3.5
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walks per nine innings and striking out about six. no decision last saturday against the blue jays. he pitched very well. the comments that we have heard, and, rob, your perspective would be the opposite of this, as the orioles have gone through the n.l. east, the n.l. east teams commenting on how well top to bottom the american league east teams hit because that's what you have to do in this condition as matt wieters draw as two-out walk. if you're trying to even come close to compete well the red sox and the yankees, the rays are the defending champs, every team in this division top to bottom can hit. that's how the tapes are built. >> rob: it is by far the toughest division in baseball. and, you know, having watched the american league east for decades going back to when jim was playing, you've had usually four great teams in that division at all times, and now the blue jays are making a come back. they're one of the better teams. the rays have upped their ante in going to the world series.
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i think it is great for our young pitching staff to have to face the best. they have upped their game, the level, and it has been a great way to gauge their own stuff and that's why i brought up john smoltz because even the best pitchers can be humbled by this game. even the best hitters can go oh- fer 25, oh-fer 30. i think it was a great growing experience for our young kids. >> jim: robert andino takes low, 2-0. after a walk 2-rbgs-0 on andino. the orioles last weekends, as an example, the phillies are the defending world series clear i don't knows, ryan howard played friday night and the flu got him. he pinch hit and then he didn't play sunday and ibanez on the d.l. so they really missed two key hitters, but the orioles pitched very well and they got clutch hits. >> jim: that's how you win. you have to do it on the road. the orioles do it better here, the e.r.a. almost a run and three quarters bitter hen at home. >> jim: andino bones it the left side, and the flip to the
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second baseman, anderson hernandez and the inning ends. we have played two in the battle of the beltways and it is a 1-1 game! about moving my money. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 i am moving it."
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>> jim: tonight's beltway series on masn brought to you by southwest airlines. book your next trip at by corona and corona light. the official sponsors of the time out. relax responsibly. by aflac, we've got you under our wing. and by pnc, pnc, leading the way.
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looking in from behind the pillars out there in the flag court, and a nice crowd on hand. the battle of the beltways. we're happy you can be with us as we combine our masn faps. here is christian guzman leading off. bob carpenter comes along in the bottom of the third. rob dibble, jim paneller here, amber theoharis. >> rob: i'm jealous of your black shirts. when jim changes later, i'm going to have to steal his shirt. >> jim: and one down. so the first batter retired in the third. let's get a look at the leader board presented by firestone, a tradition of innee vision and the national league batting leaders. some pretty hefty averages there, including christian guzman who just popped up. tied for third coming in. he is also tied for eighth in base hits and has 28 multihit game which is is one more than the orioles' leader adam jones. >> jim: he had seven in a row until last night against the
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red sox. >> jim: sharply hit to start and he'll get nick johnson and quickly two outs. >> jim: there is the brad bergesen who we know, which is get ahead. and, again, the big, big, play as the throw by reimold who -- to get dukes out at third base because it really takes them out of the possibility of a big inning. so when we saw ryan zimmerman back in, what, may, he was hitting about .330, maybe .335, somewhere in there. >> rob: he was on fire. he was on fire. and, you know, but like we've talked about, and i'm sure you talk about this every night, everybody is scouting you. everybody is making adjustments to how well you are hitting, and if you don't make adjustments to the adjustments they make, you can go into a long slump. and you have to always know that they're going to change their philosophy on how they're going to pitch you. it is the same with adam dunn.
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there will be a week when adunn -- adam dunn won't see anything worth hitting. it is not easy to hit at the major league level because the guy out there on the mound, he is doing his best to make sure you can't hit his best stuff. >> jim: and it is a copy cat league. there is the 0-2 pitch that will be a base hit. markakis tries to cut it off and ryan zimmerman is on with a two-out single. >> rob: and when he was going well, that's exactly what he was doing. >> jim: that is your .335 swing. you take a good pitch and reduce it into a line drive single. to me, if i'm pitching, that is a good information pitch because i know now that ryan zimmerman can hit my slider. it wasn't a horrible slider, but i know he can hit that pitch. it is good for ryan because he gets on and bergesen, he understands what zimmerman can do and what he can't do. >> rob: and what his approach is at the plate. so the next time up i want to jam the heck out of him, throw the hard sinker and see what he can do with that.
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that's what i have talked to a lot of our younger pitchers to about, listen, jordan zimmermann who did a great job last night, you throw a 95 metropolitan fastball, until someone shows you they can hit that, why are you going to your second, third, fourth pitch? make that guy bet you -- beat you off your best pitch first. >> and half good, our number one draft choice, he said what happens if you get a guy out on three fastballs out the first time? what do you do? i said throw him three fastballs again. you're not going to bray, it is not an audition. -- broadway. it is not an audition. there are a couple of basic premises, if you're a hitter you never have to swing at anything you're looking at until you get the two strikes. and if you're a pitcher and the guy doesn't hit it, keep throwing it. what are you going to do if you get in trouble and you go to his weakness every time the guy comes to the plate?
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>> >> jim: jim, you may have done this game this 1998. the orioles played in detroit stadium. do you remember anderson? >> rob: he was their top pick. >> jim: he threw a fastball so late, he looked like he was 50 years old. the next pitch he hit it up -- it it in the upper deck. were you surprised? oh, no, after he got that fastball by me, if he throws his curve ball, his pitching coach is all over them. i had to prove to him i could catch up to it. i was stunned. >> jim: when you throw 103 metropolitan like matt anderson, you're always hitting off of the fastball. you threw that hard. you were thereupon in the 100- mile-per-hour zone. >> rob: but how many hitters would try to set you up? >> jim: 3-2 runner goes and the swing and a miss as adam dunn goes down. the one-out hit. bob carpenter joins the gang. we'll eel see you later agood one, 1-1 game! ♪
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>> welcome back to baltimor everybody. the national' starting rotation features four rookies and a sophomore. and the third baseman ryan zimmerman told me he's very impressed by there young starting staff. >> they're obviously young in age, but i kind of went true through the same thing as them. it doesn't matter if you're 20 or 30. i think once you kind of get your routine set and you know what you need to do, i think you get a many or two and you really don't feel like that age or experience matters. >> the nats' rookies have
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combined for nine wins, which is tops in the national league. of course, ross detwiler ser still looking for his first win of the season. bob? >> bob: thank you, debbi taylor. good afternoon, gentlemen. mr. carpenter. >> jim: mr. bob. >> bob: i'll go by bob now. ross detwiler. brian roberts leads off. called out on strikes the first time. i'm not sure i have ever seen brian roberts called out on strikes against the nats. he usually wears out washington pitching. he is a doubles machine and coming in he has hit safely in six of his last seven. detwiler gets one in there, 1- 2. >> jim: the unusual thing, and i ran the numbers, not in the last week o, brian roberts, great two-strike hitter. he was hitting under .200. >> rob: with two strikes? >> jim: and the league average is .185. it gives you an idea how difficult it is to cover all quadrants of the plate. i think what it is, he'll go up there. sometimes he'll take a first pitch.
7:52 pm
the next time he'll be on it for a double. he has more doubles than anyone in baseball. mike young i think is, what, about -- michael young of the rangers, is about 21 behind him since 2004. i think he just knows what he wants to hit and then he struggles, like everybody else, when he gets to two strikes. >> bob: 2-2. a changeup away and he couldn't get to it. ross detwiler has two strikeouts tonight and both against brian roberts. >> jim: could it be any better than this? >> rob: talk about this, northrop grummond on the pitch track, he throw as great outside changeup, almost a back door changeup. a lot of our jock young ere guy, jim, have been throwing their whole repertoire through the first trip through the lineup. i said maybe just yous your fastball. why use four pitches and show them everything you have working? >> jim: at the oakland the day you try to keep the ball in the ballpark. ross does is that pretty well. you want to get the first guy
7:53 pm
out. he does a pretty good job of that. >> bob: a short hop for guzman on the back hand side and he plays it well two outs, the bases empty and you nats fans, get your family fun pack tickets and bring the whole family to the ballpark for sunday games like the one a week from this sunday when the braves are in. you can get an up upper right field terrace ticket. either side lower deck reserved $25. with each ticket ahot dog, non- alcoholic drink and chip. or 888-632-nats two outs, bases empty, nick markakis. detwiler made a good pitch on him the first time, but he was able to bump an infield hit the first time. >> jim: that really set up the inning after the one-out double because it got jones to third and he scored on a sacrafice fly. not just an out, but with the runner on third it was an rbi and sacrafice fly for aubrey huff. i think the one thing, you have to take all of his teammates, especially the hitters, and they're getting, what, 3.63
7:54 pm
runs? >> rob: the last time he pitched. >> bob: and we said to a nice restaurant. >> jim: i i was listening to that game. if he qualified, this is only his eighth major league start. i was talking to guthrie. i said one year the phillies had three pitchers. one guy was 8-12, 10-10 and 14- 8 and the difference was run support. all of the numbers were almost identical. >> bob: it sounds like the phillies all year long this year. there is a high fastball and a one, two, three bottom of the third for detwiler. willingham, dukes and bard is ahead! it's on. oh, yeah, it's on. pilot: affirmative, it's on.
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>> bob: jim, i don't know wha you call the aflac duck here in baltimore. we call him medlick in d.c. >> rob: we call him gone. aflac! >> bob: he has trivia for us. three 200-plus home run players have played for bet of these organizations. interesting. who are they? >> jim: 200-plus home run players. >> bob: now that includes montreal. >> rob: right so the expos and the o's. >> jim: kenny singleton is earnly one of them. >> bob: a good breaking ball to josh willingham who pulled the ball for a base hit and scored washington's only run. >> jim: how about mike epstein? did he hit 200 home runs? i don't think so.
7:57 pm
>> bob: this has been like dump the band week. they have been killing us on these. >> rob: well, because they opened up an orioles' media guide and just like they were picking them out of the red sox media guide at our park. >> bob: what do they have against you guys? >> bob: it is a vast truck conspirator is what it is. josh willingham, by the way, his batting average is is up in the .260 range now and it took him most of the month of april to get off the interstate. he has really been swinging the bat well. he got jammed by that one, up the middle to brian roberts. that's how the fourth inning gets underway. the next two hitters, dukes and bard hitting safely so far. >> jim: there the a gad eye -- good adjustment. he guilty ahead of willingham. the last time he got behind him and hit a single into left and part of that one-run inning, which should have been more. of course dukes saw, what, four straight breaking balls, hit the fourth one into left field,
7:58 pm
a soft base hit. >> bob: and elijah dukes, in all honesty, has been a little reckless on the bases this year. he has been picked off three or four times off of first. and i agree with you guys. the replay showed he was safe. the nats and hunter wendelstedt don't seem eye to eye. there's always it seems one umpire that has a hard time with certain ball clubs or vice versa and this all started a couple of years ago when he tossed john lannan out of his major league debut. two balls and a strike. here is i lee gentleman waiting and taking one. >> rob: a hard sinker. >> jim: it looked a little bit to me that hunter got blocked out. it looked like he had time. he could have run around the pli and probably seen it at a little better angle. i'm sure manny acta thinks that. there is your get-me-over slider? did you ever throw a get-me- over slider? >> rob: yes, i did.
7:59 pm
>> bob: what was it, 93? >> rob: no, 70s. i just robbed -- lobbed in a soft slider. >> bob: tell about your exteammate that lobbed in bubbing bullpen. >> rob: you have to have guts, but you do it. >> jim: and you just throw it up there ano neck jerk. >> bob: 3-2 to dukes, melvin mora to his left with a good play and two outs. right back with you here tomorrow night and it is brought to you by m.&t. bank, understanding what is important. shairon martis coming off a rough outing. he was scored upon early and often by toronto sunday and jeremy guthrie, 5-7, trying to get that e.r.a. down. in fact, both of them over 5.00. >> jim: guthrie coming off a good start where he beat cole hamels 2-1, the orioles sweeping the last weekend series up in philadelphia. >> bob: here is josh bard swiping a great bat an


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