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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 26, 2009 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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the balls. >> jim: he was terrific and wasn't afraid to knock the ball down. he played the hitters. it is kind of interesting. you don't know what you're missing until he leaves. he was that good. never out of position. >> bob: who played third base afternoon he left? >> jim: din sen say. he was very good third baseman, compared to brooks. very, very difficult. >> rob: that is like catching after johnny bench. >> jim: who did? joe oliver. >> rob: there was somebody before joe. my point is you don't really remember. >> jim: absolutely. there is dave trembley. >> bob: with a catcher's mitt sitting right behind him.
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>> jim: yes. >> bob: 3-2. one out, two men on. two runs in already. hanrahan not even close. the bases are loaded. another 1-2-3 inning that has alarmed the nationals at times is when hanrahan is in a count, he'll miss by tw or three feet, and he'll have within or two of those kind of pitches. so the batess are loaded. one out. >> jim: let's take a look at adam jones coming in. he get as good pitch to hit down the left-field line the first time up. there is your x-mo here. again, the ground ball, and in his second at-bat, and the third one almost looks like a carbon core my so adam with a couple of grown outs and the double, is 1-3 tonight a chance to erase some of the bad numbers of june. i mean, the one thing about adam jones, he has just been so terrific, and he hit .359 his first month, .333, positive
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.203, home runs, four, seven and only one this month, 18-18 in rbi's and then seven. >> rob: as you said, every team the orioles are go dog play for the next two, three weeks are scouting jones tonight. >> jim: we talked about adjustments. >> rob: yes. >> jim: but i tell you what, he is a very likable kid, a terrific athlete and he will turn 24 in august. >> bob: he was oh-fer 11 in that series in florida, 5-13. and there is a swing and a miss. >> rob: and a back-up slider. >> bob: now determine is just beyond the second, third-base line. everyone else is at double play depth here despite being down four and one out. it will be 0-2 now. >> jim: i think what ryan is thinking about if i get a double play ball, i'll probably go for the double play if it is hit sharply, if not i'm coming home to cut off the run. that's what you have to do if the orioles are looking at six,
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possibly more runs. >> bob: a big crowd tonight. the ballpark filled up. >> jim: fireworks night. the interesting thing -- there's the bullpen for the nationals. i ran some of adam's numbers, and 0-1 when you're usually behind he is like 12-24. a hitter in his second major league is having a much better year than last year. >> bob: and a slider hit into right field. 6-1, baltimore as the merry-go- round continues. >> rob: there is that situational hitting, changing your hitting approach. adam jones took a breaking ball right here from hanrahan and he smacked it into right field. look at the x-mo. the head down. open up the hips, but his hands are back far enough to hit that into right. that's going to do it for hanrahan. >> bob: he faced just five
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batters and retires one. >> jim: not what you want from your middle relief, by any means. >> bob: it will be rob villone against nick markakis. lefty-lefty match-up and the orioles are trying to put this game away early. a. >> bob: this copyrighted telecast present bid the baltimore orioles an the washington nationals may not be reproduced or retransmitted in any form and any form may not be disseminated without written consent. bob carpenter, rob dibble, jim palmer, jim hunter and amber theo hair advertise and debbi taylor from oriole park at camden yards. it is all o's and rob villone inherits the situation. >> jim: he has done a nice job against left-handed batters, in fact, the same with righties. >> bob: markakis, 2-2 tonight
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apair of singles. >> rob: villone's nemesis is standing on deck. >> jim: he hit that, what, triple? >> rob: yes. but i asked rob the next day and he said, well, the last couple of times i faced him, he smoked a fastball up and a slider away. so he was going to try to throw him a fastball up and in and he killed it. >> bob: aubrey huff the man they're talking about. >> jim: those are nice numbers for villone. >> bob: that is the bates hit. the one-hopper and the merry-go- round is still spinning and it is 7-1. >> jim: rick dempsey was talking in the pregame. i don't know. the orioles were trailing, and they got five straight hits to tie the game up in the ninth inning. nick markakis is, he is a .300 lifetime hitter and he is not getting any worse. he is only 25 years old. he can flat out hit. >> bob: and his batting average
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coming into that at-bat is .301. he is now 3-4 tonight. here is aubrey huff. >> rob: and the bases loaded. you have to throw some strikes. >> jim: oh, yeah. >> rob: and that was a running fastball. it ran down and in on him and he crushed it. >> jim: a lot of times you get the left-handers to roll over on that two-seamer and now the nemesis. >> bob: 13 baltimore hits aclub hitting over .300 this year. jim, i thought you said the fireworks were after the game? >> jim: no. we started a little early. i suppose it could be worse. and when chen was here, teixeira was 6-10 with five home runs. >> rob: wow. >> jim: that would be a guy you'd pitch around, wouldn't you? i would have. >> bob: 2-0 count and a oncer over nick johnson. roberts scores. jones scampering home. it's 9-1, baltimore.
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and those last four runs charged to joel hanrahan who already had a 6.68 e.r.a. >> rob: let's take the at-bat here to huff. he throws him a big breaking ball outside. he is going to come back with a hard fastball away. and he throws him a hard fastball down and in and he just feeds it off the dirt right over nick johnson's head. >> jim: the scoreboard dictates you play in, otherwise that is at least one out. >> jim: but that is a big strong man and he crushed that ball right in important of home plate all the way over nick johnson's head. >> jim: on our newer, faster infield. it make as difference, pes levelly when you play the infield in. >> bob: with this offense, make that thing into a parking lot. >> rob: here is the thing, it is the same way for both teams. >> jim: it is st. lower e.r.a. here at home versus the road, the batting average up, the runs scored, up. the record, up.
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21-17 coming in versus 11-23 on the road for the orioles. >> bob: nolan reimold started this inning with a base hit up the middle. he bats for the second time. still only one out. nine hitters, one retired. wieters on a strikeout after he hit the ball over h 400 feet just foul. so nobody's been fooled in the baltimore sixth. the orioles came in six knot the american league at .270, 10th in runs. >> bob: out of play to the right side. the count will be even, 2-2. these clubs have been getting to the in interleague play, the bat to feel beltways, since the 2006 season. they did not play in 2005. washington's first year after coming from montreal. the nationals lead the all-time series 11-10 in this ballpark. washington, 5-4, but the o's about to equalize a lot of things here tonight. 2-2 to reimold. >> jim: there is that
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discipline at the plate. villone tries to hit the inside corner and just misses. too many young hitters -- >> rob: would have been swinging. >> jim: they would have been. 2-2, i really have to cover. of course, you also have to trust your umpires. >> bob: 3-2 pitch. now it's 10-1. pardon me. bases were not loaded, but they are now. >> jim: it seemed like they were loaded. >> bob: yeah, it only seems that way. second walk of the inning. to go with seven hits. >> jim: this is a perfect example what happens when the inning starts spiraling out of control. you come in, try to be perfect. villone has been around the block. he knows how to pitch. he gets behind huff. he pounds that one in the dirt.
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it goats into right field. markakis, he guilty ahead of markakis, he had a pitch. now you fig your you have the bases loaded -- loaded. he has watched scott get a couple of hits his last time up. it is difficult to pitch under these circumstances for anyone, whether it is the orioles or the nationals >> bob: luke scott, 2-3 tonight. his batting average out .299. and that will be a double play ball that guzman boots. now it is 10-1. a one-hopper just to his left. christian guzman has had a terrible time on balls hit to his left this year. >> jim: don't you think maybe huff gets in the way here? it looked to me he blinded him. he doesn't see that ball. it is pretty routine. i don't think he picks it up at all and the ball was hit sharply, but it was a perfect double play ball to get them
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out of the inning. >> bob: guzman's 10th error of the year. washington with 68 errors. and guys are swinging from the heels smelling blood here. the hitter is mora, huff, reimold and scott on the bases. >> rob: jim made a great point about rhythm at the plate, guys. they'll stand there unless you make their feet move or put them become on their heels. the guys start swinging like that. mike piazza. he looked like he was half asleep at the plate. he was so comfortable, and not a lot of people try to get inside on him or make him move. eddie murray now, on the other
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hand, he disrupts your groove or your tempo. he kept calling time out. he'd step out, he'd change up your tempo. >> jim: how about evan longoria? it looks like it is little league and he's 1 and all of the other kids are 9. >> rob: yes. if you let them do that, they will get so comfortable, they will, just like an inning like this, just knock you around, even when you're making good pitches. >> jim: that and the confidence. >> rob: yes. >> jim: you get on a roll. the guy in important of you has a good at-bat. you saw that with adam jones. he hit a good slider down and away. and markakis comes back. what is he, 1-9? off of villone. he gets beat. villone gets ahead of him. he hit as single into right. it just steamrolls. >> rob: adam jones came in oh-
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fer 11 out of that florida series? he looks like he is in a 30- game hitting streak himself. >> bob: one ball and two strikes to mora. he's driven in three with a single and a double tonight. >> jim: a chance for a huge rbi night. >> bob: the ballpark holds 48,300, camden yards, not many empty seats. >> jim: no, if any. >> bob: ball two. >> jim: the one thing about melvin, you pitch him away, he is usually going to hit it hard. villone is up. you can still do it in this count. but when you go to 3-2 and the bases are loaded, even if it is 10-1, it is tough to make the perfect pitch in that count.
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>> bob: in this inning, ross detwiler did not retire a batter facing two. hanrahan faced five and retired one. and villone has faced four and hasn't retired anyone. he should have had one man, scott, but the guzman error and now it is 3-2 with the bases loaded.
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>> bob: the right side, heading for the seats. >> jim: f you look at rob villone, he has certainly been in this situation before. >> rob: he could be tired, too. he has been pitching a lot
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since he was brought up. >> bob: the nationals only had to use one reliever. tyler clippard in his washington debut to get through nine innings of a blow-out  of boston. yes sus colome has been run hot and cold lately. and another 3-2 pitch with one out. in the air to right. elijah dukes has a robert for an arm. the throw comes home. so does the runner and it is high. and the orioles lead 11-1. a brett -- a pretty good at-bat by melvin mora. quite a bat toll stay alive and he gets his forty rbi of the
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night. >> jim: and the guzman error hurts because it allows them to get another run without a hit. >> rob: he does a great job going to second ton throw that does not go to the cut-off man. >> jim: if you're going to and the orioles have been struggling with their base running, that's the way you're taught to do it in spring training, even if thewieters an roberts, the only two lineup spots for the orioles without a base hit tonight. he's walked twice and struck out. >> rob: it is not too often you'll come up switching your at-bats in the same inning. rob villone, >> jim: he has hit at every
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level. he has made the adjustment. >> bob: he is getting on base. two walks tonight, on base. áand a back door breaking ball, 1-2. >> jim: don warner, we talked about the roving catching instructor and he was watching them in spring training and they were down and the count went to 3 ---3-1 and he took it automatly because he knew, understands how to play the game. >> bob: seven hits acouple of walks, an error and the orioles put an eight spot on the board in the bottom of the sixth to lead 11-1. watching our children grow. and retiring with confidence.
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so whatever you're looking forward to, m&t bank is here to help you get there. m&t bank. understanding what's important.
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>> jim: he doesn't walk a l of guys, and his pitch count may be up. you hang around. that's a good way to be a good starting pitcher, especially when your team scores a lot of runs. hang around long enough until
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they get you a lot of runs. danys baez comes on to pitch. his e.r.a. inflated. grand slam to hanley ramirez, one of the best hitters in the national league and a couple of years ago, the m.v.p., ryan howard with the three-run home run on saturday night. >> bob: we know all about those two guys. >> jim: who doesn't if you're playing in the n.l. >> bob: we have the pleasure of seeing them both 18 time as year. top of the seventh, bard, harris and hernandez for the nationals. they haven't had a hit since ryan zimmerman's opposite field sing until the third. so brad bergesen gives up a run on four hits through six. two walks, five strikeouts. he hit a batter, and a slow
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roller right side and under the glove of brian roberts. we'll see if they give josh bard a base hit. >> jim: i imagine they would. we talked to brian, because they speed the infield up here a little bit, you have to take an angle to get to the ball. because you go back, watch it hit on the grass, and it stays down. yep. again probably a couple of months ago he would have got ton that easily. but, as you said, it is the same for both teams. the orioles have certainly taken advantage of the 14 hits. >> bob: josh bard now hitting .409 in the month of june. he's going to hope they can squeeze 35, 36 days out of this month. here's willie harris who has walked and struck out. but the nationals needed somebody to come alive in that catcher's spot. bard and nieves both capable
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back-up type guys and the nationals, and rob knows all about this from a pitcher's standpoint, jim, they have really missed jesus flores since he went out. he was hitting well in the number seven spot, the eight hole some nights, throwing runners out, hand handling a young staff, and she is a young guy himself but he was playing like a veteran. >> rob: and the catcher, the catching position is difficult for the orioles, too, with wieters up he learning as he's going along as a rookie. you have to be the field general. you to take over the pitching staff. it's now your teaen you're the every datcher. will nieves, you see him there. and they have been platooning bard and nieves ever since flores got hurt. but stl, wherthe team and take
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hing staff. >> bob: willy harris taps one right in important of the mound. he was slow getting out of the box. he recovers in time to beat the relay. >> rob: there's speed, falling down and still beating it. >> jim: i think right here danys baez says 11-1 i'm better and you can see willie harris go down. he is going to take -- i think initially he thought about taking it out. but he had so much ti. there you go asprinter. there you go. roy sprint. speed, he had his high school football coach on last gh >> jim: i heard him. >> bob: he told us he thought willie harris was nfl caliber. wide receivers can change the complexion of the game.
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he returned puns and did all kinds of stuff. >> bob: and they play a little high school football in georgia, too. he was playing against great competition. here is anderson hernandez, oh- fer two with a pop of up to first and a ground ball to aubrey huff. high strike. tailing up and away from danys baez. >> jim: danny has had a terrific year. the tommy john surgy last year. he came out in spring and really struggled. they were going to make him a starter and they said you're going to the bullpen and he seized the opportunity. she a long armer, so he's got to be able to get the ball down. and that splitter goes down, the two home runs, the one that howard was up and i think it was a splitter to hanley ramirez for the grand slam down in florida, and that's not
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where he wants to hang out, up in the zone. >> bob: and a double play ball. roberts turns it, 6-4-3, and the nationals are done. it's seventh inning stretch time here. the jack daniels' seventh inning stretch. jack daniels, tennessee whiskey. bless drink responsibly! it is all orioles right now. >> we are back at camden yards. before making the drive up here to baltimore this morning, the nats' skipper manny acta teamed up with masn to speak to some at-risk kids. now, these youngsters come from troubled back growns, and manny had some words for them about how life is a lot like baseball. >> our message was basically
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that there are no excuses anymore, and, you know, in this country or in this world for people to do what they wanted to do and life is about choices, and they got to make the rite choices and then those choices, excuses are not included. >> manny also told these kids at boys' town in washington, d.c. to dream big like he did, and he also pointed to d.c. mayor adrian fenty and president obama as role models in washington, d.c. that made good decisions along the way and made our nation's capital proud. bob? >> bob: thank you, debbi taylor. manny very involved in the d.c. community. he has a heart for kids. he has a heart for those less fortunate. and right now the job number one is to get out of this game without having your bullpen totally destroyed for the weekend. jesus colome will be the fourth
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washington pitcher. he'll take over here, bottom seventh. >> jim: the good thing about being on the road and down by 10 lune runs that you know that they here not going to bat the ninth inning. again -- well, i mean, you're not going to have to save an inning there. >> rob: you're counting us out already? >> jim: i'm just saying it is leaning that way as albert gonzales comes in to play third base and ryan zimmerman gets the rest of the night off. >> bob: he needs a blow every now. ryan plays just about every inning in every game for the nats. robert andino leads off, bottom seven against yes sus colome. >> rob: sometimes it is easier to come back off of a blow-out loss instead of maybe a 2-1 bottom of the ninth loss. >> jim: i know you were a
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reliever, but when i lost 2, i didn't sleep well. when you lose 6-1, 7-3, you go loam and you say there are not a whole lot of thins i could have changed differently, even though in this game, the base running call back there when -- >> rob: elijah dukes. >> jim: the one inning where bergesen had trouble. >> bob: the 1-1 game at the time. washington could have had second and third and one out. >> rob: are games and there is nothing you can throw up there to get the out. they just kill everything you threw. >> bob: and here is guzman. one out. >> jim: a couple of augusts ago i did that 30-3 game when the rangers came in. and it was the first of a double-header as


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