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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 26, 2009 9:30pm-10:00pm EDT

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will get loose, and the intriguing thing to me about that game, it was 6-3 going into the seventh inning. daniel cabrera actually started that game and got in a little bit of trouble and then it was just unbelievable. every ball looked like it was tee wall and minnesota was coming in the next night and they landed about 8:30. they thought -- you know, they were looking at scores and going that must be a mistake. so there are games like that. >> rob: you have to try to put it behind you and come back and battle the next night. >> bob: brian roberts the hitter. on a night you figure brian would be on base three times or more. >> jim: it is kind of good news an bad news. detwiler made some great
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pitches to him. >> rob: yes. struck him out looking twice. >> jim: and then he got behind him 2-0 and he either cut it or took something off and got him with a chance to drive in a couple of runs, and he got the ground ball to shortstop. web again, if you look at this, detwiler, 3.6 run as game, the number is going down. not a lot of run support. >> bob: the nationals have been in a swoon since about the third week of may. he was very late on that swing. colome has good stuff and he can throw hard if he throws strikes, and two quick outs here in the seventh. >> rob: i said this before and i'll say it again. he has one of the best running fastballs in that bullpen.
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he throws 97 miles per hour, jim. it is just being consistent around the strike zone. there you see him turn the back. good deception. roberts very late on the swing. but it is consistency. he lacks consistency in the strike zone. >> jim: and the inherited runners, what, 9-9 have scored, but we saw him, speaking about the orioles, when he first came up with tampa bay. he came up in tampa bay. he was throwing 100 miles per hour on occasion. bishop adam jones, 2-4, the fastball tails in on him and there is an appeal. he went around. he had another hit last inning with another runner in scoring position. he is hitting over .340 in that category this year and that is
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top eight in the american league. colome has him 0-2. >> jim: the second year in the biography leagues, i think a lot of people lotes sight of that. a great start, terrific center fielder, more home run this is year than he had last year, even though he missed a month with a broken foot. foul ball off of that front foot, the left foot. >> rob: i know some people got fired in seattle for that part of that, but how you let this kid get away i'll never know because he looks 10, 15-year career in the big leagues. if all goats well. and he just looks like he is going to be a special player. >> jim: it is kind of unusual. erik bedard, the year that he got traded was one of the best
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left-handers in baseball and let alone in the american league, but he only had two more years under control. >> bob: that ball is flair and slicing, and it will be a fair ball. it gets beyond elijah dukes, and adam jones is off to the races. dukes misses the cut-off man. >> jim: 11-1, you're not sending a guy. first of all, it is embarrassing, but he was thinking. the one thing about adam jones, he is a fun - loving guy. dukes tries to catch it. the ball just gets inside the line, and then it is off to the races. a very tough corner here at camden yards, but he's thinking right about here he's thinking, you know what? maybe i'm going to get a
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triple. but here he is thinking i have an inside-the-park home run. >> rob: he put it in another gear here. >> jim: the coach says we don't need to do that. it is the respectful thing to do. >> rob: yes. >> bob: he's at third base. two outs and mar cake advertise hitter. nick is 3-4 tonight with his 47th rbi. and his batting average has jumped up from .297 to .303. >> jim: he gets into a low period and he'll put four hits on the board like he did last night or the week before last. >> bob: 11 more opportunities with runners in scoring position for the home team tonight. >> jim: and then you get him in when you get the opportunities.
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>> bob: yeah. >> jim: the orioles last night, they had guys on base. they only had one earned run, the same time in 20 innings pitched against the marlins. all of a sudden you get them on, in and thins look a lot better. except true through the eyes of dave trembley. >> bob: when colome gets somebody on base twork rate slows down considerably. >> rob: yes, he goes to the four-corners offense. when somebody gets up there. you had trachsel here for a few years. >> jim: well, i hope he throw as ball because i'll tell you after steve trachsel story. a fellow hall of famer, tom seaver, has his vineyards up in diamond mountain but by kalas stowinga. and fred manfra, and i go up and we get out of the car, and
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tom, who did the broadcasting for the mets when trachsel was pitching for the mets said don't dell me that trachsel is pitch for the orioles. throw the ball! i go, yeah. that's what he used to yell from the broadcast booth. >> bob: so that is the first thing he said to you when you step out of the car? >> jim: exactly. better you than me. >> bob: guys, throw the ball in the eighth inning. i'm outta here. jim hunter on the way back and in downtown baltimore, it is all orioles on this friday night! >> bob: oriole fans, when it comes to tickets you you deserve main league service, so go to stub hub, the official fan-to-fan market place.
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a look at the upcoming schedule tomorrow night and sunday afternoon against the nationals. don't forget on sunday, the game also on wjz and then it is back to american league play for the orioles as the red sox come to town to complete the home stand night games on monday and tuesday and a day game on getaway day on wednesday afternoon. that completes the orioles home stand. there is the line score. guys, what happened? it was a nice tidy 1-1 pitchers' duel when i left? an eight-run inning, that's what did it. oscar salazar in the game now as he takes over for melvin mora who had a very good night at the pallet and here is the new pitcher on matt albers.
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>> jim: matt has been terrific since he was recalled from norfolk. the labrum tear last year, rehabbed it. he didn't have surgery. the velocity is up. he is still trying to command the overhand curve ball. >> rob: so he didn't elect for the surgery? >> jim: no. he tried to rehab it. i think early on his arm, because of all of the rehab, he is actually throwing harder. you can see he's much better -- >> rob: and he has a big whip action to his arm. >> jim: he does, yeah. >> jim: christian guzman is hitless on the night. >> jim: chad moeller, albers is much better away to lefties, hardly ever comes in. it is going to be an adjustment. he to come up with some way to
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get the lefties in. >> rob: a lot of guys are throwing front door sinkers, front door breaking balls right on lefties. it blows my mind. back in the day your coach was don't throw anything like that. if he has a good enough sinker, he needs to throw it right at the right leg of the lefty. >> jim: christian guzman gets on in a lead-off single here in the eighth inning. the first 10,000 fans 15 and under receive a nick markakis batting yes, sire presented by real street staffing, plus all fans are invited to stay after the game. it will be american classics me night presented by the maryland lottery as the movie "field of dreams" will be shown on the center field video board. don't miss this classic night
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at the ballpark. 888-84-birds or online. >> jim: "field of dreams." what a classic, and here. >> jim: an orange balloon got loose and a youngster is very upset. >> rob: somebody's kid is just balling right now. >> jim: 45,024 is the attendance tonight. nick johnson takes low. >> jim: your approach if you're hitting off of matt albers, yes he has a curve ball, changeup, but he doesn't get them over very often. he doesn't throw them very often. you look away. >> rob: and this is probably not the guy you want to look away with as nick johnson loves to go to left field. >> jim: johnson is oh-fer two. he has been hit by a pitch and right to salazar who is playing wide to 2 bag.
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>> jim: that's why they put him in for defense. actually he is in because the orioles are 11-1. >> rob: this is why nick johnson has been hitting so well all year. he get as national and watch him crush this. boom. perfect defense. >> jim: yeah, the atom boll ball. the only thing better is the atom ball with the guys running. >> jim: here is alberto gonzalez. manny acta allowing zimmerman to have a couple of innings off on the hot night. >> jim: i played with cal ripken jr. -- sr., and he said nothing like the atom ball. i'm 18 years old going what is he talking about?
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is he getting into physics? molecular science. the atom ball? there you go. >> rob: that was at his foot. >> jim: 0-2 the count. albers last year left the game at wrigley field interleague game, and that was when it was diagnosed that his shoulder had the issues, and he elected to go the rehab route. last spring troy patton, the pitcher of the orioles, got in the me gel tejada trade. he elected to have the surgery. a base hit up the middle by gonzales. he rehabbed all of last year and now he's in triple a they're bringing him back slowly. it is interesting how two guys had similar-type shoulder issues, one hahway through the season it was diagnosed and the
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other in spring training and matt decided to go the rehab route and it has worked out with him. >> rob: and smoltz had the tear at his age and he had the surgery. i had a ruptured labrum that had to be removed and that's pretty much what ended my career. it is the cartilage on the inside of your shoulder. it is what the ball joint really goes on. the same thing, the cartilage in your knee. once that tears, if they can't repair it, they usually have to take it up or they have to staple it together and to rehab it is just amazing to me because it is just such -- you know how hard cartilage is. it is not going to heal up on
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it own. you to strengthen everything around it. >> jim: and if you have ever had a torn cartilage in your knee, that's when you get the inflammation, the pain. the shoulder the same way. i'm sure the m.r.i. showed maybe it wasn't, at least for matt -- >> rob: it could have been frayed, maybe not as bad. some tears are way worse than others when they have to go in surgically and repair it. it is amaze black they can do with modern science today, like you said. did you play with wayne garland? >> jim: oh, yeah. >> jim: the onuniforms. >> rob: he was my pitching coach in nashville and he had
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the rotator cuff tear and he had a zipper on his shoulder that was 20 to 25-inches listening and that pretty much ended his career. >> jim: that was the conventional at the time, probably 1978, 1979, and they take that along the top of your shoulder, and they actually tax cut cut it and sue it back together and it never gets to the potential strength. i used to talk to him, he signed a pretty significant bonus at the time, one of the biggest ever as a free agent after 1976. there is the foul ball all of adam dunn's foot. he said i never really felt that i ever could have thrown back-to-back days, and my arm just never had the strength.
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now they go in, in some cateses with the outer row scope and it is much neater and they get in there without as much intrusive damage and do the repair and the things they need to do. >> jim: 2-2 on dunn. two on and one out and he got him. the foul tip held by wieters and two out. >> jim: there is your ball up and in. the veal outsity hasn't been a problem for matt. just get ahead and the zoom ball up and in. >> rob: the backside x-mo o. adam dunn here. 95. he ties up his hands. ágreat movement on the pitch. i love that. 500 frames per second. my favorite toy.
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>> bob: the x-mo? >> rob: you can see the rotation of the ball, the changeups. you can also see when a guy hits your best pitch for a home run. >> jim: i thought it was a pitching tool. >> rob: no, no, not at all. >> jim: it can be. >> rob: and fielding balls and guys running, all kinds of stuff. it is great. >> bob: josh willingham batting. the 1-0 pitch. t it is too tight. bergesen, really no bad innings, he allowed three consecutive hits and that led to a run and that was it. three up, three down first. he lad a two-out single in the third, a two-out walk in the fourth and a two-out in the fifth. >> jim: and really elijah
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dukes, maybe he showed the way the inning was going, but nolan reimold did his b.j. surhoff where he made an impression, he went down in the corner and made a perfect throw, otherwise elijah dukes just roars into third base and it looked like he was safe anyway, but the reimold throw made it close enough to get the call. >> bob: 3-1 the count on josh willingham. >> bob: albers has allowed two singles in this inning. the nationals now with seven hits. it is inside, ball four. and he has loaded the bases. so bergesen went six innings, baez one and now albers, and albers has allowed three base runners now with two men down. >> jim: i was watching him the other night, jim, and for a guy, one, he starts below his belt and then goes all the way up. i used to start maybe a little bit higher and george said if
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you're going to bring your hands way up, why don't you just kind of rest your arms. so it looks to me -- >> rob: sometimes less is more. >> jim: way up there. >> rob: his first movement is up. >> jim: so why not start higher. number one, you're quicker to the plate. two, you hide the bat better. you can see because his hands are so low, at least from center field, you can pretty much see what pitch he is throwing, whether it is a sinker or breaking ball. >> rob: and you and i were similar of the arms and legs. >> jim: it is all about deception. >> rob: yes. and less is more, especially as a reliever because you want to get your arm back to the relief point up and it doesn't have to
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catch up. your first movement up dlrks is is a lot going on there. >> jim: 0-2 with the bases loaded and i want is down and away with a slider. what could he improve on with his delivery by doing what you say? >> jim: i think he probably would know his arm as little better. >> rob: bring his hands up, like chest high? >> jim: yeah, right around the letters. >> rob: and take away-see how he goes up? >> jim: the arm' swing get as little shorter and maybe easier to do that. >> rob: maybe you get more consistency in the strike zone. here is the delivery from the side. the first movement up by his ear and then he takes it away and now his arm has to play catch-up. >> jim: we were taught you always try to break your hands over the knee, which he does,
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and it is the route of the arm and it is maybe hard to repeat that. >> jim: and he got him! fastball. the same pitch he got adam dunn on this time to the right- handed batter. bases left loaded. it is 11-1 orioles. >> jim: 11-1 orioles. aubrey huff coming up. our drive of the game. >> rob: aubrey huff in the sixth inning. he is going to hit it over the head of nick johnson at first base a couple of runs are going to come in. aubrey huff gets the ford drive of the game.
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he is hitting about .600 now off of ron villone. >> jim: he came in oh-fer his last 10 and he has a couple of hits. >> jim: a good night to get healthy. aubrey with the baltimore chop with that high hopper. >> rob: you can thank the groundskeeper for the rock hard dirt in important of home plate. >> jim: and you can thank the hitting instructor. >> jim: it is summertime. it bake as little bit. >> rob: i'll give you that. it was 95 all day. >> jim: aubrey huff. deep right. that ball is hooking back and is fouled. time now for you to text in your vote. it is the at&t player of the game. brad bergesen, six strong innings, melvin mora abig night at the plate with four rbi's, and aubrey huff has had a big
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night at the plate. a couple of ribbies, text to have your voice heard, 51862. >> rob: your lefties are a little better than most. >> jim: that is a really good point. huff is is a .278 lifetime batting average against left- handers. a lot of people don't -- obviously you know this as well as i from pitching and doing the numbers as a broadcaster, what usually happens is the slugging average goes down. the home runs, the doubles, the extra-base hits, and markakis and huff, and even scott this year where he is healthy -- >> jim: towards the hole, to the left. second baseman hernandez and he got him! hernandez going as far as he could reaching for it, somehow
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got it to first before he lost his balance. >> rob: i did a game in spring training. i saw him go over to shortstop, some of the greatest range i have ever seen warring like saying robby alomar, and here you see it again. anderson hernandez going over there. now you have to right yourself and make a good throw a good strong throw over to first base. nice defense. >> jim: you want to improve your pitching, you need those type of guys. offensive production and then defensive reduction, i guess. >> rob: and the defense has gotten better. elijah in right and willie harris in center that is one of our faster outfields. >> jim: what is going on with lastings milledge? >> rob: he broke a finger.
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>> jim: is he out indefinitely or for a while? >> rob: yeah, i think he is out a month l two months. >> jim: nolan reimold has had a good night at the plate, a double, a single and a walk. colome on for another inning. and that one just missed outside, 1-1. >> rob: if you see the take away for colome, not a whole lot of work going on there. right from the top to the bottom quickly. >> jim: george has been great. when he simplifies his wind-up, all of a sudden he has been almost -- he has almost been perfect as a closer. >> jim: towards the hole. another base hit for reimold. you use the entire field and you put it through the hole. the orioles tonight now have 15 base hits, and they have 11 runs, but yet the long ball drought, jim, continues. american league low 16 home runs in june, and look at how they have been spread out,
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which i guess is good because that means up and down the lineup. but it is kind of amazing because prior to that when reimold and luke scott were object the home run tear, they were coming in bunches. so only 16 home runs and despite no home runs in this game, the orioles able to score 11 runs. so the singles, especially if you group them vgone up. >> rob: word got out how good they are and a lot of pitchers have had to make adjustments. >> jim: and it starred in late may. those numbers are obviously in june.
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>> jim: hernandez to second and one out. >> jim: it really started when toronto came in here and then the tigers came in and they have one of the best pitching staffs. and then they went to seattle. a tough place to hit. oakland, and then seattle, came back here, and atlanta pitched pretty well. the mets pitched pretty well. florida pitches real well and the only soft spot is in philadelphia. and they swept that series. >> rob: who doesn't pitch well? >> jim: 15-15 games, yeah. >> rob: and given up a ton of home runs. >> jim: gwen, the peaks and valleys have something to do with the teams you're playing. >> jim: here is oscar salazar who has been red hot despite infrequent at-bats. it is amazing how he stays ready.
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>> jim: he can flat ow hit, jim. that's my answer to that question. he was hitting .372. she 7-17. even felix pie, forget the defense, he was 5-11 this month. wigginton is red hot. >> jim: wigginton-13, 26. >> jim: how are they losing? >> rob: pitching. >> jim: yeah. >> rob: everybody needs pitching, though. >> jim: except the red sox. >> rob: had they not picked up brad penny and john smoltz, where do you think they would be? matsuzaka is on the disabled list now. >> jim: and buchholz, masterson would be starting. >> rob: yes. >> jim: they have so many options up there. a lot of depth. >> rob: and even coming off their bench. think have baldelli, and that is like the orioles. the orioles have a tremendous bench. like you just said, wigginton. the last time we were in washington, i think he played tw of the three games. >> jim: he is heating up. the numbers are more to -- yeah. gip and if wigginton is in the game, huff, mora or scott is not in the game because he can play the corners in left field. >> rob: and he can actually play shortstop and second base. the versatility, man, that is outstanding. i have always liked wigginton. >> bob: 2-1 on salazar. the check swing. there is is a strike. >> rob: we had a guy when i was in cincinnati who would play outfield, infield, the switch hitter, and maybe the funniest player i have ever played where always laughing, always happy. always unselfish, but one time somebody got hurt and he had to play every. after about four straight days, he was howling. i can't play every day, this is killing me. some guys enjoy not having to play or maybe not have the


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